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  2. Also looking for a solution to this.
  3. @Astatine-213 Please, check this address. you should get return with the following text: AnkiConnect v.6
  4. Was it something I did? 🙂 Just curious, if this is a known issue or a freak of nature.
  5. @vitor Any .... Ideas? I just want to know where alfred make it storaged.
  6. It said that I'm working without anki connect. But I've already installed the plugin and restarted anki. I also have installed node.js 12+ I'm currently working on Catalina with Alfred 4. Does't anyone has similar issue?
  7. I think there're two aspects where Alfred can improve: 1. Allow user to search for content in the files in a specific folder (i.e. before using 'in' function, user can assign a specific folder as the search scope) 2. Allow user to specify the file type for search. For example, search pdf only in a specific folder. I understand that these functions can be implemented by making workflows, but it's hard for non technical person like me to create one. I wish that these would be built-in function or in the sample workflows.
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  9. Hey, thank you for this - from Down Under. Please stay safe.
  10. I found and fixed a bug that would make the bookmark adding feature fail in many cases, so update to version 1.4.1 if that didn't work for you previously.
  11. Remove this line. It's not correct. But it doesn't do anything anyway because the script finishes after the first return statement and that's the second one. You also don't need the set theQuery ... line because your script doesn't take any input from a previous action.
  12. Hi Team, For some reason I no longe able to see and edit my list of custom snippets and custom URLs for web search. The snippets/search still works when I try to use it, just not able to see them in Alfred Preferences. Is there a way to re-add them somehow? Thank you.
  13. @deanishe thx, the latter is how I am doing it right now. I assume most other user can change PATH if necessary. Thank you @deanishe and @vitor for quick and fast help on that...much appreciated!
  14. Solved it, if anyone else using Things 3 and Alfred who would want to use this AppleScript! on run set theQuery to "{query}" set _titles to "" tell application "Things3" repeat with toDo in to dos of project "Kemi 2" set _titles to _titles & (name of toDo as text) & "\n" end repeat end tell return _titles return theQuery end run Thanks @deanishe for the help!
  15. No. Not when you use /usr/bin/python script.py "$1" in the Script box. A lot of developers have done it that way for years because it's better than pasting loads of code into the Script box. Now there's the External Script option, though. You can already do that by setting Language = /bin/bash and treating the Script box like a shell: PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH python3.8 myscript.py There are also ways to change the global environment Alfred uses if you really want to. But that can cause the problems Vítor mentioned, so Alfred actually takes steps to prevent you from doing that (it won't let you alter PATH in workflow variables) rather than making it easier.
  16. I've updated the workflow to fix the errors. Please try again with this new version.
  17. That would make it worse. When you customise an environment, you’re making it less like other people’s. Alfred’s environment needs to be as bare as possible so that there are as few surprises as possible. That’s presumably why Alfred’s environment doesn’t even include /usr/local/bin in its PATH: that location is too unpredictable. Alfred should and does only rely of what it can trust the system to provide.
  18. This doesn't work in Alfred 4 anymore. I get notification ("Searching for similar images" and that's it. It is super useful, can we get an update? EDIT: spoke to soon. It just took a handful of minutes to open the results page for whatever reason.
  19. It would be really nice if we could use an emoji ( / built-in icon list) instead of having to drop an icon when setting up a custom web search in Alfred. That's all. Fantastic product, as always! -- Pierre.
  20. Change this to tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to search "lp " so it will continue to work with Alfred 5+. Better yet, if it's appropriate for the workflow, change the workflow to run an External Trigger instead of calling itself by keyword. That's much more reliable (a user might have changed the keyword or be using "lp" for something else as well).
  21. Basically, you need to return a string with the title of a todo on each line. I don't have Things, but if you were getting the titles of every Safari tab, it would look like this: set _titles to "" tell application "Safari" repeat with _win in windows repeat with _tab in _win's tabs set _titles to _titles & (name of _tab as text) & "\n" end repeat end repeat end tell return _titles Put that in a Run Script (Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS)) and connect it to your Random Utility with Random = "Word from list" and Words = "{query}".
  22. I found what was causing the error for me. When you open the workflow: - click on the /usr/bin/osascript - change the last lines from if ("{query}" = "scriptlocationnotset") then tell application "Alfred 3" to search "lp " end if to: if ("{query}" = "scriptlocationnotset") then tell application "Alfred 4" to search "lp " end if - then it should work again.
  23. When I go to this page and download the workflow from the "dist"-folder I am able to get it running for Alfred 4. Thanks for fixing it Jay S
  24. Hey! Complete beginner here. Been using Alfred for quite some time but just now starting to get into the more advanced workflows. Basically what I'd like to accomplish is to retrieve all the tasks from a specific project in Things 3 and have Random Utility randomly select one of the tasks. So far, I've found an AppleScript to retrieve the to-dos from a specific project in Things 3, but I can't seen to get any further. tell application "Things3" repeat with toDo in to dos of project "Things" --- do something with each to do using toDo variable end repeat end tell What I'd like to do next is output the retrieved to-dos so that Random Utility can randomly select one of the tasks. Any help is appreciated!
  25. Confused now. Is this approach not binding your workflow to your machine only? @Andrew not sure if that makes sense but an Alfred enhancement to allow users to configure env would solve this problem or am I wrong ?
  26. I'm using Trickster app for tracking recently opened files. Then via Trickster workflow I can see them in the Alfred. For me "Recent Items" workflow never worked in Alfred 4.
  27. You've outdone yourself! Thank you! Will give it a try now.
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