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  3. In Alfred workflows, it would be great to have an "Only continue if exit code is/is not equal to..." option for the 'Filter' block, just like there is one for "Only continue if output...".
  4. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks! I wish Alfred would add a feature “only continue if exit code is (not) X."
  5. Thanks! What I actually wanted is a little simpler: Instead of a built-in search that shows up in Alfred, I just want to search from alfred, but then redirected to the application (for Mac AppStore and iTunes for Apple Music). Like you can do with spotify using "spotify:search:{query}". You know how to do this?
  6. Not with AppleScript, no, but this is how you'd do it. It's important to put the application bundle in /Applications or ~/Applications, so the system registers it for the protocol.
  7. hey Alfred gurus! I've got a workflow that I use frequently to initiate calls via my Polycom desk phone. It's super handy but I'd like to go a step further and be able to use it for clickable tel:// links found on webpages etc. I think what I need is to register a "protocol handler" for this. I assume it would be something like make a small AppleScript that calls the Alfred workflow with the parameter register that App as the protocol handler for tel:// URIs I think I can probably handle step 1 but I'm not sure how to handle part 2. Anyone done anything like this?
  8. @KarenZ Reading through this thread, there's some conflicting information as to what is and isn't working (as you're referring to using Cmd + S in the Clipboard Viewer to save a clipboard item as a snippet, but also saying the Clipboard History isn't working) so could you please pop us an email on info@ with the following information: Screenshots of your Alfred Clipboard Viewer Step by step of what keywords or hotkeys you're using to try to use Clipboard History Step by step of how you're trying to use Snippets, including what keyword you're typing, which app you're trying to expand snippets in An export of the Snippets collection you're using in your example above (right-click the collection and choose Export) We'll then take it from there. Cheers, Vero
  9. I wonder why there isn't a Pastebin workflow - just upload selected text to Pastebin and store link to clipboard. Or, can you recommend a similar service? Thanks!
  10. Not easily, no. The reason is that the workflow uses SQLite's search, but SQLite doesn't support case-insensitive search of non-ASCII.
  11. Thanks for the workflow! I use it all the time. The only problem for me that the search is case-sensitive when searching for notes in cyrrilic. So words Проблема and проблема - diffrent words. Is there any way to fix this behaviour?
  12. Is there an Alfred command to directly go to the Snippets preferences. I can use Alfred to go to the Alfred Preferences, but that takes me to the Default Results. I want to go to the Snippets prefs.
  13. Last week
  14. Thank you. Yep, I know there's a difference. I'm trying to use Clipboard History, Snippets and Text Expansion. Yes, I had already granted Alfred permissions. I am still unable to get any Alfred features to work at all. What info can I provide so you can diagnose my issues, and help me get started?
  15. Well, in bash the exit code of the last run command is $?. Setting variables is a bit tricky because you need to echo JSON to do that, but you could use echo and a Filter Utility to stop the workflow: ./my_script.sh if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then echo -n "FAILED" fi then a Filter:
  16. This workflow toggles the visibility (Opens foreront or hides it in dock) and/or opens an app by its name if it is not running already. To add new apps: Step 1 - Add a "Hotkey" from the triggers menu, configure it to the shortuct you prefer and if it is to run on an specyfic app or globally. Step 2 - Add "args and vars" from the utilities menu. Replace {query} in the "argument" text box with the EXACT NAME (including capitals and spacing) of the app you wish to open. Step 3 - Sequentially connect the modules you created with one another to the script, like in the example. Step 4 - thank me
  17. @kaneru Also, have you tried typing "reload" into Alfred first? This may clear any stale data from the application cache if the apps have already been removed. Cheers, Vero
  18. You have a couple of options. You can remove the directories containing all the borked iTerms from Alfred's search scope, or you can individually add alfred:ignore to the Spotlight comments of each item (via Finder > Get Info).
  19. When I type "iterm" in the Alfred search input, a lot of dead instances of iTerm app appears. How do I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  20. You could set a variable based on the exit code and use that in a test.
  21. How can I stop Alfred from proceeding to the next block/action in a workflow if the exit code of the previous one (a "run script" action) is non-zero? Thanks in advance.
  22. I don't think so, no. Alfred is only really designed to respond to deliberate user actions, not other kinds of events. I believe the closest you can get is creating a Hotkey that runs actions to quit the app and unmount the drive. You probably need something like Keyboard Maestro, which does have an on-application-quit trigger. (But not an eject action, as far as I can see.)
  23. Might be beyond the scope of Alfred but here it goes... Can Alfred eject a hard drive when a specific application is closed? I'm sure there's an AppleScript out there to do that but thought I'd try the Aflred Route first. Thanks!
  24. @Ryan Lv Is this app overriding Ctrl + Cmd + Q? This is the key combo Alfred relies on for the Lock command, and it sounds like your IM client may be stealing it. Try disabling or changing the hotkey in the other application. Cheers, Vero
  25. The Siri shortcut was exactly the issue. Thank you so much! I was going crrrraaazy.
  26. I have something in the works which I think will make you very happy with regards to this. That's all I'm saying for now
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