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    Hot Key List

    Im sorry but that did NOT give me a list, ?hotkey does NOT show a list.
  3. I just upgraded from Mojave to Catalina, and now 1Password integration isn't working at all. As far as I can tell, I have granted all the necessary permissions in System Preferences. Is there some setting that I may have missed?
  4. New to Alfred and trying to create a simple workflow for adding a task to Mac's "Reminders" app. I haven't found any good tutorials explaining how to do this from scratch, and all the pre-made workflows I've tried downloading result in the error listed in the image below. I'd like to build something similar to Jono Hunt's Reminders workflow (listed on Alfred's featured workflow for Fantastical 2) but to upload directly to an "Inbox" reminders list... Any solutions?
  5. I duplicated @Vero 's excellent Dynamic Filesearch to create my own folder and file extension specific searches. If I type the keyword followed a space followed by the filename, the workflow expects me to remember the filename starting with the first word of the filename. For example, if I have a file called covid map texas aug 2020 the workflow expects me to type covid. I can't just type texas or map which makes the workflow useless because there is no way that I remember exact filenames ie the sequence of words. All file search engines work on the premise of name contains searchword, not name starts with searchword Is there something that I don't understand ? thank you !
  6. @JackH This has been part of Alfred since the beginning of times You can enable it in Advanced > History > check both "Store Typed Query" and "Show latest query if within 5 minutes" https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/quick-tip-view-your-recent-query-history/ Cheers, Vero
  7. yeah something definitely got really messed up that time
  8. Sometimes I need to do some unit conversions in Alfred, move focus away to another window or do something, and then go back to Alfred. With spotlight, if you click outside the spotlight window, and then open spotlight again, the text you entered will still be there, selected if you want to type something different in. With Alfred, it all goes away. I find it frustrating because I keep needing to copy and paste what I had written. Could the spotlight-styles behavior be implemented instead?
  9. No, Alfred doesn’t provide that interface for use in Workflows. There may already be a Feature Request for something like it, if you search the forum.
  10. @vitor quick question, is it possible to have a split view workflow similar to the clipboard history? Results on one side, and expanded results on the other side?
  11. Have you done all steps? Have you added everything to the search scope? Does Spotlight find your files?
  12. If you'd rather use a single keyword to pop up a list, create a List Filter workflow instead: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/ Connect it to an Open URL action and you'll be sorted
  13. @rob213 Sounds like you just want a custom search to open the site's URL? Here's how you can create your own custom searches: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/web-search/custom-searches/ Cheers, Vero
  14. @sound_planet Welcome to the forum. This is usually due to issues with the underlying metadata Alfred relies on to return results. If you're using Alfred 4.1, go to Alfred's preferences > Help > Troubleshooting and run the File Search Troubleshooting, dragging in some of the files you can't locate. This will give you more information on whether the metadata for these files is complete, and if they're correctly included in Alfred's index. If the Metadata doesn't show a green tick, you may need to rebuild your Mac's index, which you can do from Alfred's Advanced preferences > Rebuild macOS Metadata. Please provide more details about what the File Search Troubleshooter is showing if you're unable to resolve your issue. Cheers, Vero
  15. @bbq Welcome to the forum You're looking for the "spell" keyword to spellcheck words, e.g. "spell uneceseary", which will suggest the correct spelling. Cheers, Vero
  16. Hello, I post on different forums including Scrivener, Reddit, keyboard maestro, Alfred. I want to create a workflow which would allow me to trigger alfred → type f followed by space → I type in a few letters of forum name (like scr for Scrivener) → URL opens in browser. I would be grateful if someone could put me on the right track to create such a workflow thanks in advance for your time and help
  17. It's for putting code in a separate script file in the workflow instead of in the Script box, which is a poor editor. Also having all your code embedded in info.plist kinda sucks with source control. The only reason not to use External Script is if your script requires option flags.
  18. hello, I would be grateful is someone could put me on the right path to create a workflow to search for files in a specific folder including/excluding subfolders. thank you !
  19. I already checked this but it did not fix my issue.
  20. Hi, when using "define" command, I was getting results even though I had some spelling typos and I used it to find correct spelling, for example I typed "define uneceseary" or something like that, but I still got "unnecessary" as result and could copy it. But since some time ago (not sure when it started), I'm getting almost no results, only when I correctly spell the word. Alfred version: Alfred 4.1.1 Pre-release, Build 1170 macOS version: Mojave 10.14.6 Maybe it's because something in this pre-release build, can I somehow easily donwgrade to stable version? Thanks.
  21. Possibly. If you mean the Command key (macOS doesn't have a Meta key), then yes, I believe Alfred won't let you use ⌘X because that's the global standard hotkey for "Cut". Doubtful. It's a big foot-gun. Alfred tries hard to avoid foot-guns.
  22. Last week
  23. Hi, I am using Alfred Powerpack. Could anyone please help me to find out how to re-map default system shortcuts for switching between apps from Meta+Tab to Option+Tab (like in Gnome or KDE)? It's possible to assign it at the moment but the problem is that when you're holding Option and hitting Tab key once, the list of opened apps is never shown, it's just switching windows back and forth. Is it possible to re-map it the way so the list of apps is shown, the same way when using Meta+Tab until key Option is released? Note: I know about system preferences and ability to re-map modifier keys - it is not an option for me to re-map Meta to Option for all tasks. Thank you in advance, Ilia
  24. Hi, Thank you for the beautiful app! I am trying to create a workflow and add a hotkey to only work in Terminal. I need to hit Meta+X to trigger Ctrl+X in Terminal only (for example to exit nano, like in Linux). I know how to achieve it and how to limit it to particular app and how to re-assign it. The problem is, that Alfred beeps, when I hit Meta+X and doesn't let me to assign initial hotkey. I assume Alfred thinks it's a system wide shortcut and forbids it? The trick is, as it appears, that I can edit the workflow's info.plist file manually by changing previously created Shift+Meta+X and its <integer>1179648</integer> to <integer>1048576</integer> (which matches Meta+X), saving the file, and then it works as expected. Question: Is there a need to limit things around like this, if it's still possible to make it work (thank goodness) by manual manipulations? I wold prefer not to edit config manually and make it work directly from the UI. Is this possible to disable such check on Alfred's side?
  25. I'm not sure the use case for using "External Script", but can see how that would achieve the same thing if that's the "Language" I had chosen. Again, since I'm interested in editing other people's Workflows (for example, updating them to support Alfred 4), I was only commenting on the button next to Cancel. Thanks!
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