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  2. Hello guys, First don't get my title literally... I couldn't find any way to explain it in just a few words. Here is precisely what I want to achieve, hope that helps guiding me in the right direction : - I keep forgetting "snippets" of code, mostly related to coding/VPS administration and such... e.g. I forget how to display the free space on my VPS, how to restart nginx, etc... - So far I've created a couple snippets in Alfredapp but it's far from perfect... Would it be possible to have something like that: - I would first invoque a keyword, fox example "lx" for linux, and then type some stuff that would be analysed as a "fuzzy search". Typically it's a little bit like the way "filter" work but for my code snippets. Any idea on how to implement this ? Do I really need to create 1 Alfred snippet and keyword for each snippet or is there a way to "consolidate" this ? Thanks a lot guys,
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  4. Hi, Is there an example anywhere for how to use AppleScript in a script filter? I also know python, but AppleScript would be ideal. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm trying to build a simple plain text notes workflow that basically clones nvalt. What I've got so far is very good at searching my notes: I have a file-filter fulltext-searching my notes directory, and I can open notes in emacs or byword or marked depending on how heavy-duty my viewing/editing is going to be. Creating new notes isn't as good. Ideally, I'd like to "inject" an additional item into the file filter when it doesn't find a match for my query, which takes the query string and creates a new note in my chosen directory and then opening it for editing. I can see three ways to do this, two of which I know how to do: Replace the file filter with a script filter that runs mdfind and offers the "create" action if it doesn't have any results. Add a "fallback search" that creates the new note based on the current query Somehow append to the "file filter" items in alfred's workflow "language". I don't know how to do this. Anyway currently I've done (2), because (1) seems like too much work. But the fallback search isn't ideal, because it shows up everywhere, not just when I'm invoking my notes workflow, and the "fallback" options clutter the notes workflow. Is there any way to do what I want without going full script filter? Obviously, I could also just write a separate workflow to create a note and modify the text of my query to run this instead once I see that there's no results, but I want something more fluid. Relatedly is there a way to pack more results than 9 on-screen for certain workflows? I could use more information density in this workflow.
  6. I managed to fix the issue by simply changing the Open File object for a Open URL object in the workflow.
  7. hey Vitor thanks for your feedback. I'll keep you guys posted with what comes out of this.. i may pivot 100 times still.. as I'm still struggling to have a detailed vision of how the final product will look like. That said, I'm brain storming a lot. I've created this spreadsheet to list basically all sorts of "commands" that would be nice to exist, that would speed up the workflow of certain people (personas). I may find a pattern or something. Cheers!
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  9. @vitor good to know that Alfred uses Spotlight's database. Now I need to just input "on" instead of "one" to make onenote the first appearing app.
  10. I will begin working on a fully featured workflow for Airmail3. There is an airmail API that is accessible by invoking the airmail:// protocol like a magnet link. For example: airmail://message?[MESSAGE_ID_HERE] will open the application with the message passed through `messageid` Will post link here when search feature is implemented. I am not sure yet how I will go about retrieving matched requests, so feel free to post your insights
  11. @helloc @vitor iTunes contains quite a few keywords in its metadata: Keywords: Music, Radio, Apple Music, Apple Radio, iTunes Radio, Beats 1, Beats One, B1, iCloud Music Library, Apple Music Connect, My Music If you choose the app you want Alfred to open when you type "one", iTunes will make its way down the list of results. Cheers, Vero
  12. Same here. I do understand you’re frustrated, but I’m unsure how to help. Is there any (relatively simple) workflow you can (semi-)successfully use but still have doubts how it works? Maybe from there it’d be easier to explain and make everything click into place.
  13. I can reproduce this! And I’ve never even opened iTunes (haven’t even accepted the agreement). Fun bug (?). I do have a friend near me that doesn’t have Alfred. I’ve asked her to search for “one” in Spotlight, and iTunes was the top result for her as well — makes sense, since Alfred uses Spotlight’s database. This shows, however, this isn’t an Alfred bug.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up Vero. I just updated to the 3.3.1 pre-release and tried a bunch of different themes - the width of the left panel doesn't seem any wider. When you say wider themes - which ones are these?
  15. Just wanted to let everyone know (if they haven't already figured it out) that this workflow doesn't work currently due to SIP (System Integrity Protection). Among other things, It actually says in Apple's Official page on it that "System Integrity Protection also helps prevent software from selecting a startup disk". To disable SIP, and therefore make this workflow function correctly again, you would have to disable SIP. There's a guide on how to do that here, but here aware that doing so will lower your system's security.
  16. Could be either. Did you add the demo Amazon Suggest workflow? Have you looked at the example workflows included with Alfred? Add them in Alfred Preferences > Workflows > + > Examples. TBH, your particular idea (select multiple sites, get input, search) is not simple to do. Alfred currently only lets you select multiple files, so multiple anything-else requires some non-straightforward coding. If you can accept not selecting the sites to search on each run, it is very easy to do. The "Should I watch this movie?" example workflow does exactly this but for movies. You assign keywords, which you search by typing into Alfred (they're default types). With a Web Search there's a Keyword column. With workflows, you add one or more elements from the Inputs menu that support keywords, the most obvious one being the Keyword element. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly where you're getting hung up. You've figured out how the workflow editor works, right? Right-click to add/edit stuff, hover and drag lines from the nubs to connect elements. Control flows left to right.
  17. It should work the same for both methods. And for me it does.
  18. This seems to only work if I have also enabled the feature to automatically expand snippets. What about if I paste snippets using the "sn" keyword in Alfred?
  19. Dude, Vítor quite clearly said he doesn't recall anyone else asking for video tutorials in the years he's been on the forum (and I'm pretty sure he sees literally every thread). I suppose there are multiple ways you could read that, but I'm certain that what Vítor means is that there doesn't appear to be much demand for video tutorials. A few video tutorials would be awesome, or more docs/tutorials in general. But video takes a lot of time and/or money to produce, and the Alfred team has limited resources. I don't think Benny made them himself, though. They're community-made.
  20. Make this workflow: Make the Script Filter code: IFS=$'\n' echo "<?xml version='1.0'?><items>" for line in $(grep '\[.+\]\(.+\)' < 'FILE_PATH'); do sed -E "s|.*\[(.+)\]\((.+)\).*|<item arg='\2' valid='yes'><title>\1</title></item>|" <<< "${line}" done echo "</items>" Replace FILE_PATH with the actual path to your file, and you’re done. Activate Alfred filters results as well, and you’ll get filtering for free.
  21. Thanks for the reply! I disabled all the apps in "Accessibility" and it still not work with Chinese and Japanese input sources. Now it's quite tough to solve since there's no problem on your machine. Here's my settings. All of them have been disabled and Alfred wasn't even in the list before I manually added it, but since it worked fine in English mode and the problem wasn't solved after adding and enabling Alfred in it I guess it has nothing to do with this setting? Any further suggestions?
  22. Alfred Preferences → Features → Default Results → Search Scope. Do You have ~/Library/Mobile Documents on that list?
  23. Sounds good, thanks @vero.
  24. Quite frankly, I’ve stopped reading there. If by now you still can’t understand I’m simply explaining why the request is unlikely to be fulfilled, and not arguing for it not be fulfilled, then it’s unlikely you ever will. I’m sorry I couldn’t (apparently) make my argument clear enough for you, but I also don’t wish to spend more time on this. A sincere wish of a good day to you both (?). I assure you I’m being genuine and saying this without malice, but this is where we part ways.
  25. @zanthony I agree that it can be tricky to know why Cmd + Space isn't available; I'll look at improving the documentation, and we'll make a link to it more obvious from the General preferences in an upcoming update. Cheers, Vero
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