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  2. Did you give the links the correct file extensions? The AZW one looks incorrect. I would expect the Kindle app to properly define a filetype, not have macOS use a dynamic one. Try mdls -raw -name kMDItemContentType /path/to/ebook.azw on a file that isn’t being found in your shell to see what filetype the system has assigned to it.
  3. That was true in Alfred 2, but it hasn't been for years. Alfred used to only work with the {query} text macro for input. Now it also supports ARGV, which is fundamentally better for multiple reasons. What else are we supposed to do? You say the problem only occurs in Alfred, and we can't run code in our heads. You're asking us to guess what you might have done wrong, basically, and that's a waste of everybody's time. I know text encoding in Python extremely well. I know exactly what input Linguee requires because I'v
  4. Thanks for your comments. My problem there was not python, but Alfred as far as I understand it. I had the problem that the German "Umlaute" like ä,ö,ü weren't properly transmitted to the python script, unicodedata did not solve this problem, QUERY=$(iconv -f UTF-8-MAC <<<"{query}") did. When I used Umlaute in a query defined in the script or passed to the script from the terminal there was no problem because as you said python3 is unicode aware but somewhere in a forum somebody said that somewhere in Alfred umlaute aren't properly processed.
  5. `.awz` (amazon kindle) and `.aax` (amazon audible) won't show up in file search. I went to advanced and added both types of files but still none show up. I made symbolic links of them, and added symbolic links as file type to search, still none show up. only files created with `link <source> <target>` show up in search, but files like that can't be opened by the desired application, it just gives you applications that open text files. how to get `.awz` and `.aax` and symbolic links to appear in alfred file search please ? (Attached is a screenshot with three
  6. This is a bit silly because Python 3 is Unicode-aware and takes care of its own encoding/decoding. You should remove it, and replace it with unicodedata.normalize('NFC', query) if necessary. This is suboptimal, too. The best way to run a Python 3 script is to put the script inside the workflow and use Alfred’s External script option, so you aren’t starting an extra shell process for no reason. Certainly, you should avoid using {query} in scripts. That’s a legacy mode for backwards compatibility. “with input as argv” works much better. If you do nee
  7. @raguay.customct We've been using an M1 Mac for quite some time (as have many other users) and the Clipboard is behaving perfectly normally, so it's more likely to be something specific to your Mac. A few things to check out: Does the issue only happen when copying from a website? What happens if you copy text in TextEdit? If it's specific to websites, consider whether your browser is marking the things you're copying as Concealed Data (either because of the website itself, or because of a browser plugin you're using). If the "menu is stuck on something I copied the fir
  8. hey, I need help because I habe no Idea where to find my mistake: I wrote a Python Script to facilitate my vocabulary learning. In the end it is a pretty easy script which takes the word as an input, runs a request, scrapes the translation and prints me this translation on the screen. I didn't want to open my browser every time. In fact this worked pretty well until some time ago and I have no idea why it stopped working. The workflow is pretty easy to: Keyword with argument runs a scipt in my shell which start parses the input in UTF8 and then starts the srcript, the output o
  9. I know the test flight version expires, but I'm not actually sure what happens after this point. It's not a paid upgrade, but I'm not sure if the TestFlight one will get automatically replaced with the App Store version. I'll have a think about this - remember that you don't need to swipe over, you can tap on the page directly in the navigation.
  10. That works perfectly! Thank you, @deanishe for the quick reply. Have a nice day 👋
  11. Value/arg and ARGV are command-line arguments, not environment variables. It looks like you’re using Node, which (I think) puts environment variables in process.env. If you want arg “moved” to an environment variable, so the second Script Filter has an empty query, add an Arg and Vars utility between the Script Filters with an empty Argument field, and a variable with the value {query}
  12. Here is what I am trying to achieve: Script list is triggered and list of countries is displayed User selects a country Selected country value/arg is passed to subsequent script filter This second/subsequent script filter is triggered automatically (after the user selected a country in first script filter) The displayed list (in the second script filter) is customized based on the selected country The input field should be empty The user can still type in the input field to filter the results All this works except steps 5.1 and 6 since
  13. I just received my MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and Big Sur. The clipboard handling seems to be a bit buggy. I can copy something to the clipboard from a program, but it will not show in the clipboard menu for Alfred (Alt-CMD-C). But, it is usable in the clipboard and in the Alfred workflows/snippets. It just isn't showing up in the menu. For instances, when I copy a name from Cielo24.com (a website for getting closed captions done), it will not show in the menu. I do this often because the file names are often longer than their website will show. Instead of looking at the clipboard menu, I ha
  14. BTW: I just received my new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. Switching between the Air and the Pro on remote works great! It would be nice if it remembered the last screen it was on so I didn't have to swipe over to it.
  15. Does the flight test version automatically get replaced with the new version on the App Store? Or, is this version a buy up?
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  17. https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzyfolders/issues/11
  18. Hello! Is there any way to get this workflow to work on Alfred 4 by any chance?
  19. Last week
  20. Hello! Massive Alfred fan here. I’ve been hoping to see support for HomeKit added in now that Big Sur allows apps to request control of HomeKit devices. There’s a workflow out there for HomeKit control already it just needs Alfred to support requesting control of HomeKit. Any chance we can see this in a future update? Reference post: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12513-homekit-workflow/?tab=comments#comment-65950
  21. I didn't use it, because I couldn't figure out how to call it in the Workflow to see what it did. But I essentially did what I'd assume it would do based on its name, but hard-coded my field name into the API call.
  22. Hi @Geri, welcome to the forum. When you have a question, please check if there's an existing thread covering the same topic before starting a new one. There are already several threads about Google Drive. Please post your GD questions in one of those: https://www.alfredforum.com/search/?q=google drive&quick=1 Alfred doesn't index files. It uses the standard macOS system index (the same as Spotlight). The problem is somewhere amongst Apple's APIs for virtual filesystems and Google's usage of them. The only reli
  23. Hay, I've added the Google Drive's mounted drive to Alfred's Search Scope and I was able to search between thousands of Google Drive files within split seconds. It was like living in a dream! But, since Drive updated to version 47 on my M1 based Mac Mini, it looks like Alfred app can not index files on the mounted Google Drive-drive anymore. I've tried deleting and re-adding the path (/Volumes/GoogleDrive), but that did not help. This is just completely throwing my workflow out of the window. Any idea for fixing this? Some short term workaround?
  24. Deleting the Spotlight V100 can make all the difference in ensuring that any background issues in the macOS metadata index are removed, allowing for a fresh reindex to complete properly. How did you get on? @garyinsf Thanks for the update - Glad you're all up and running Cheers, Vero
  25. Hey, don‘t worry. Go to the Environment Variables window in the screen that you are showing. It is the first button on the top right with the Greek letter chi in square brackets. In the window that opens, add your API key for the value of the Environment Variable “lb_freecurrencyconverter_api_key” in the right half of the window. Best Erik
  26. Awesome! Sorry for newb question: I got the API but where do I enter it to make it work?
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