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  2. If I understood you correctly, what you want is a job for something like Karabiner-Elements.
  3. I do something like you propose. Easiest approach is to create Service via Automator and you then can create a shortcut if you wish. I can and do trigger this using Alfred but via Keyboard Maestro as well. This a bit convoluted but works fine. The new shortcuts on Mac will probably make this easier to do. Typing this on the run, …. Can elaborate if of interest, …
  4. Thanks for these great tips, very handy. I tried to use the same method to also trigger going back and forth in query history using my preferred shortcuts Ctrl+O and Ctrl+I to dispatch key combos Ctrl+↑ and Ctrl+↓, respectively, but this does not work, any suggestions? I'm using Alfred 4.5.1 on macOS 11.5.
  5. Hi, I would love to be able to remap 2 of the function keys on my MacBook m1 air. I don't want to change the settings so the F1, F2 etc are the default keys and then remap them, because I use most of the function keys on the regular basis (brightness, dnd, music control...). Is there a way to do it in Alfred? Have a great day, Andre
  6. Hi, #deanishe thank you so much for responding! Yes, there are a couple different "from" and "to" files that I would eventually like to do this with, but by far the most common, is the following. The document would start out at this location: /Users/ian/Dropbox (Ian)/#Inbox And I would want to move it to this location: /Users/ian/Dropbox (Ian)/7. Reference Files/03 LoicClients So, in an ideal world there is a file in my "#Inbox" folder and I highlight it and use Alfred, and two things happen (in this order), 1) the file magics over to "03 LoicClients" and 2) a link is created from the file (in its new location) to the inbox of my task manager program (which is called Things3). Also, there is a keyboard shortcut that creates a link from a file to Things3 so I don't know if that would be part of the code somehow, it is: Control-Option-Space For context, the end objective or motive for me, is that as I go through the process of naming and filing all my new stuff (from #Inbox to LoicClients) I do not have to simultaneously figure out what action to take on that stuff -- I just need to identify if SOMETHING remains to be done with it, and then when I am in a separate mental state, I can go to my Things3 Inbox and figure out what al those somethings are that need to be done. Most of the stuff, will just get filed. But some of it I will identify as actionable and link back to Things3. (That is, later on, when I am in Things3 the link will take me to the file; The link will end up existing in Things3 and take me to the file). If you can put me on the right path I would definitely appreciate that! A disclaimer; some of these forum topics go over my head, for example when people are talking about code, I don't even know where I am supposed to type the code. I've read the intro to Workflows etc, but then there is a big gap between that and many of the forum posts...but I am willing to dig into this, given a starting point. Thank you! -Ian
  7. It can be done, but will only work properly if there are never any dashes in the individual elements.
  8. That's possible, but only in code. Can you be more specific about where the file should be moved to?
  9. I thought Python 2 understood Cyrillic case?
  10. Hi guys, is there a way to make a keyboard shortcut to switch to specific audio output like AirPods? Cheers, Andre
  11. if they are always separate by the same character (e.g. '-') you can use the Split Argument to Variables utility. If you want to assign specific variable names you can add an Arguments and Variables utility
  12. Works! Except for not knowing how to operate my mac (e.g. how to open privacy prefs) without alfred, it worked 😊
  13. Hi. This doesn't seem to want to work for me. I get the message that the start date could not be set. Could it be because it's set up for US date format, or am i just missing something obvious? πŸ™‚ Cheers.
  14. Yes, you can do this with a script filter. Would you want to enter just one of the values (e.g. Cost) and have the other three calculated for you? Or would you want to be able to enter any of the 4? If you search there are quite a few calculator workflows out there: https://www.alfredforum.com/search/?&q=calculator
  15. Hi folks -- Is there an Alfred workflows action or idiom for parsing a string into multiple variables? I'm trying to get something like "2014-09-15 - Wells Fargo - Monthly Statement - Account 1234.pdf" and extract out "Wells Fargo", "Monthly Statement", and "Account 1234" into separate variables. I know how to write the regex for this using groups, but I'm not clear if there is a way to have those groups end up in workflow variables that can then be passed on to subsequent steps in the workflow. Any guidance/tips for me? Thanks in advance!
  16. Last week
  17. @Tom6 Could you please reset Alfred's permissions for contacts? To do this: Quit Alfred launch your macOS Security & Privacy Prefs > Privacy > Contacts, remove Alfred 4 by using the minus button Relaunch Alfred and grant Contacts permissions again Go to Alfred's Features > Contacts > Advanced preferences and ensure "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" is not checked Try searching for contacts once again and let me know how you get on. Cheers, Vero
  18. @Atul Kundaria Could you please pop an email to our info@ address with your Diagnostics file? You can get this file by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred. You can then attach the file to your email. Cheers, Vero
  19. I think the last piece of the puzzle for a flawless experience is using FSEvents to update the index database. If the user has [`fswatch`](https://github.com/emcrisostomo/fswatch) installed via Homebrew, perhaps you could set up a launch agent to update the database as files are added and removed, instead of having to crawl the entire volume each time? That hammers the CPU and can still take a long time on large drives.
  20. My hope is that python 3’s handling of unicode will fix the cyrillic issues in the case converter. Gotta find the time to try it…
  21. I just released version 2.0.4 with a bug fix for an issue that would occur if you had at least one collection in Raindrop.io that did not have an icon manually set for it, so if you happened to turn into this problem you should now be able to have everything working by downloading the updated version here: https://github.com/westerlind/alfred-raindrop-search/releases
  22. I was getting the same issue with the snippet posting double and none of the resolutions above helped. What I found was I had the app downloaded to my PC as well as the browser extension, since the browser extension doesn't allow a lot of account changes. I just needed to disable expansion in the app since I use it mostly in cloud apps through the browser. I hope this helps someone else. Luigi
  23. Up to yesterday It was working fine and today morning. all my workflow and all the settings gone. and even I am trying to reconfigure it is giving me the error. I am putting one screenshot here. Can you please help me with this?
  24. Hello, I stopped being able to search for contacts using Alfred I verified that in Default Results -> Contacts is checked (It used to work, and suddenly stopped) Anything I can check further? Thanks
  25. Oh, right. You're talking about search query syntax. I thought you meant optional actions (βŒ˜β†©, βŒ₯↩ etc.). That's what "modifier" usually means in an Alfred context.
  26. Inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle. Your machines still all share the same prefs bundle, even if they store some of their own preferences in different places within it. If Alfred can't find your synced prefs, it creates a new, empty prefs bundle in its Application Support directory. Compare the sizes of the bundles and the modification dates of the files inside the bundles (not the bundles themselves) to see which is the proper one.
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