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  2. I am very happy using Glosbe translation workflow out of the box, it is ready for english/german translation ende word - will translate from english to german deen word - will translate from german to english but it was very easy to customize the workflow to add new languages, so now I have also enit word - english to italian iten word - italian to english and more... hope it helps, Giulio
  3. This is a post without a workflow. Much of what I have to say is also applicable to SAS, SPSS, Excel, or whatever else you might use to analyze quantitative data. Whenever you're collecting data you want to have a codebook listing all your variables and a longer description of what each refers to, what each means for categorical variables (e.g. 1=mac, 2=windows, 3=amiga os, etc.). Putting your codebook in a CSV has multiple advantages. You can keep your codebook in a single file & merge it (in whatever - I use Nisus) but also use it as a list filter in Alfred. Output the variable name to the clipboard & you're in business. I have three surveys of panel data from 1998, 2009, and 2015. I've created three list filters with the code books for each. So I can type s98 and search for a variable - when I find it, it's copied to the clipboard as survey98$variableName, ready for pasting into R. And rather than opening a codebook file and searching for the variable name to check its description, possible values, etc., it's all right there in front of me in Alfred.
  4. Hi, every time I want to translate a word, I have to open browser and type in 'translate to [language]', is there a way that I can type the word into Alfred and get the result straight? Thanks.
  5. Great workflow! Is it possible to add support for or
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  7. Hi. This sounds great! But your download URL is no longer available. Could you please repost? Thanks.
  8. Thanks. What do you mean by "treat[ing] time in the same way"? Like, if I added support for -2h or +90m?
  9. I've not heard the variation with the off-by-one error before. Even better. You're spot on about the bug report. Should really be in the Alfred-Workflow thread, but the library seems to "enjoy" assumed official status (possibly because of the name?) But that's by the by. You posted an exemplary issue, @Tony_Et. Took me less than a minute to identify the issue because you gave me everything I needed to do so. It's genuinely a pleasure to help posters like you, who make the effort to make it easy to help. It's also a big help with improving AW's documentation: You clearly tried to figure it out yourself first, but the information you needed was rather between the lines. Now I know what I need to clarify.
  10. Vague title, let me explain... The idea is to start a script filter with the keyword "project". The argument would be the name of a project, e.g. "shop" would return the following <items> to choose form: Project Webshop Giftshop Foobar Loyalty shop When you choose a project, is it possible to have Alfred send a new list of <items> related to this project, e.g.: Open in editor Open in browser SSH into server I don't immediately see a way do this in Alfred 2, maybe in Alfred 3?
  11. Any chance of a sister workflow that treated time in the same way? Loving this one so far. Thank you so much.
  12. Ah, yes, one of the two hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. Joking aside, my real reason for posting is to thank @Tony_Et for the great bug report. You really followed the guide! Thank you. If all users followed your example our work here would be incredibly easier.
  13. Dino / Sebastian - Did either of you get zotquery working with Alfred 3? I haven't upgraded yet because of zotquery compatibility concerns. Thanks.
  14. I wish I could help you in return. I can only think of something vanilla like "WorkflowVar" or "Variable3", or something completely inappropriate like "BestClassEverReturnVar" Regardless, thanks for the help.
  15. I should probably split the variables code into a separate class that can be also used in Run Script actions, tbh. The only reason I haven't done that yet is because I haven't been able to think of a good name for the class.
  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, right. I knew there was a facepalm coming my way. There it is. In a fit of frustration last night, I almost used json.dumps() (from what I gleaned from your post on it to shortcut around what I thought setvar() was supposed to be doing, and I completely missed the info that setvar() only works with script filters. Thanks for setting me on the right path! Much appreciated.
  17. setvar() only works in Script Filters. If you want to set a variable from a normal Run Script action, you need to do that yourself by printing JSON as described in the sticked variables thread, e.g.: import json message_str = "this is my message" output = { 'alfredworkflow': { 'arg': 'whatever', 'variables': { 'message_out': message_str, } } } print json.dumps(output)
  18. Hi folks! Long time lurker, first time poster, etc., etc. I'm in the midst of writing a new workflow using Deanishe's wonderful alfred-workflow modules, and I'm hitting a wall in regards to using setvar(var, value). I think that I'm expecting it to work differently than it's working, and that my understanding is flawed and I need some help. In the my workflow, keyword "su newticket" and run script "" is the action I'm concerned with. The upper workflow can be ignored and isn't implemented yet. I'm just trying to call a python script, set a variable, and return it as a {var:<name>} variable. If I use a "copy to clipboard" node, I can see the variable I want embedded in JSON inside {query}, but if I try to access {var:message_out}, there's nothing. This is where I'm falling down Workflow here: Relevant info: Alfred 3.3.2 [818] macOS 10.12.4 (Darwin Kernel Version 16.5.0: Fri Mar 3 16:52:33 PST 2017; root:xnu-3789.51.2~3/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64) Alfred-Workflow 1.25.2 Any non-system language you're using (e.g. nodejs): none Any non-system programs you're using (e.g. ffmpeg or youtube-dl) if they aren't bundled in your workflow: none Any changes you've made to your macOS environment (e.g. via launchctl setenv) or the language you're using (e.g. via Python's or files): none I appreciate any advice or guidance! Thanks in advance and all that -tony.
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    Hello I'm a new advanced user on alfred with powerpack. I use also contact module. A missing feature would be to be able to find in contact details. Some use cases : * looking for identity on a missing call : I can not look for a contact from its phone number * looking for a company contact, when I've forgotten his name * looking for a note : I look for a contact from a keyword stored in contact notes Would be great if it would be available, in particular linked with Google Contacts. We can find this feature, for example, in dashboard pane in macos with contacts widget. This feature is available on Contact Filter plugin but is not resilient : not available to have a kind of "LIKE" operator : if phone number is stored as "+337 27 36 356 22", you will find nothing if you type "7273635622" or "+337273635622" ... Regards
  21. Hi guys, thanks for helping each other out so nicely With regards to language-specific forum sections, that's not something we'll be doing anytime soon; While there are a number of active French-speaking users (myself included) on the forum, we also have users from all around the world, speaking numerous languages. Segregating everyone into language-specific sections would make it much harder for us (and for very helpful and knowledgeable community members - like @vitor @deanishe @dfay to name just a few) to provide help, given we each only speak a few languages. It also means that other users can't benefit from the helpful answer, due to the language barrier. Instead, let's keep everyone together, but just be patient with each other if there's a miscommunication caused by language. If someone's *really* stuck and has to post in their native language, I'm sure a fellow user will help translate a question along the way. Cheers, Vero
  22. That's the reason why I thought it could be a nice idea. ;-)
  23. I seriously doubt there are enough french-speaking users in the forum to justify that.
  24. LOL. Too kind, thanks. By the way, what about a french section in forum?
  25. Yup. Thanks for spotting the error! The script also works as a filter, like grep.
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