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  2. I'd love to see a JSON option for ls and export. Unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon. The last merge was over a year ago. But Version 1.1.0 properly escapes backslashes and double-quotes. I'm storing sanitized fields in separate files, then merging and formatting them with awk.
  3. Just for closure, I want to mention that since changing the the focusing mode from Standard to Compatibility, the problem has gone away. I can make it recur by undoing that change, and I still don't have a clear understanding of the root problem, but Compatibility mode seems to do the trick. Thank you all for your help.
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  5. Here's a zsh script that should work. Run it in a Run Script with Language = /bin/zsh. #!/bin/zsh set -e # Script settings # directory containing all files (only used to set other paths) dir="/Users/nathan/Dropbox/Maintenance/Notes" # the two source files that will be toggled source1="${dir}/obsidian1.css" source2="${dir}/obsidian2.css" # the file one of the sources will be written to target="${dir}/obsidian.css" # where the current value is saved statefile="${dir}/.current.txt" ####################################################################### # End of settings # Don't
  6. @Andy RosenThe best approach I can think of is if you offer a v2 that utilizes the lastpass-cli that integrates last pass dumping out as json. Check the GitHub for the PR which supports this. It would make your workflow so much more fluid.
  7. Hi deanishe, Thanks for jumping in, I appreciate your help. I just tested and unfortunately Obsidian app doesn't work when the the obsidian.css file is symlinked Would you be willing to help work this out?
  8. I'm looking for a way to create a new OneNote in a specific notebook and section and give it a name of the current date and time. I know I can create a note with the following script, but it simply creates it in whichever notebook/section is open. I'm not sure how to specify the notebook and section, or turn the date/time into the title before invoking the tab keystroke. on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 tell application "Microsoft OneNote" to activate tell application "System Events" to ke
  9. No. It overwrites obsidian.css with obsidian1.css, and if that fails, it overwrites it with obsidian2.css. If you want to toggle something, you first need to know what state it's currently in. Personally, I'd make obsidian.css a symlink and change the file it points to, but applications don't always notice when symlinks change.
  10. Oh wait, I'm an idiot 🤦‍♂️ Seems I hacked away an important part of the script: cat So now I've got this: on alfred_script(q) try do shell script "cd '/Users/nathan/Dropbox/Maintenance/Notes/'; cat obsidian1.css > obsidian.css" on error do shell script "cd '/Users/nathan/Dropbox/Maintenance/Notes/'; cat obsidian2.css > obsidian.css" end try end alfred_script So this is doing something now. But it's not toggling between the 2 states. It will successfully copy the contents of obsidian1.css into obsidian.css, but once it's in that state, the workflow won't
  11. Hi dfay, Thanks for volunteering some time to help me out with this, I really appreciate it. The original workflow from the thread you linked is no longer available, so I wasn't 100% sure where to plug in your code. I've stripped out the unnecessary features from your code ( (hopefully correctly?) and plugged this into a Run NSAppleScript node like so: on alfred_script(q) try do shell script "cd '/Users/nathan/Dropbox/Maintenance/Notes/'; obsidian1.css > obsidian.css" on error do shell script "cd '/Users/nathan/Dropbox/Maintenance/Notes/'; obsidian2.css >
  12. Yup! I'm trying to find a fix for that too, but the LastPass CLI isn't making it easy 🙁
  13. I guess that's fixed till somebody has a double quote in a field, then
  14. I'm currently working on a workflow that I'd like to copy multiple lines of text to the Clipboard. I noticed if I do multiple `pbcopy` calls from a script, the Clipboard history will only display the most recent text. There seems to be some sort of polling frequency it uses. I'm just curious, is there a way we can change that setting? I'm working away from copying multiple lines to the clipboard programmatically because the behavior of the Clipboard history seems inconsistent.
  15. Yes, I believe the backslash is part of the string. But it's only for display in the Alfred window (title, subtitle, autocomplete, match). The only fields relevant to the workflow's functionality (uid, arg) are LastPass internal IDs, which are always numeric only.
  16. Nice workflow, thanks. A couple of comments: Some functions, like factorial (5!) for example, don't work. Any way to change trig functions to use degrees, not radians? Any way to set variables for calculations? I realize the last two are probably not trivial, but hey, you have whetted my appetite.
  17. something like this should work - basically there are two versions of the file and Alfred calls a shell script to copy one or the other into a third active file. I found that was easier than trying to parse file contents.
  18. Hello! Thanks for all your work on Alfred. I'd like to request the ability to make smaller notifications. Imagine something like "large type" but a LOT smaller, or with a customizable font size. I know we can use Notification Center but I'm looking to show these in the middle of my screen. My use case: I created an Alfred keyboard shortcut triggered workflow to mute and unmute my Mic. I want the pop-up to quickly show up saying if I just muted it, or unmuted it. The "large notifications" work well (especially because I have "escape" automatically sent 0.5 s
  19. Last week
  20. I get this error when attempting to use sf > login My guess is my company's sfdc admin is not allowing local connections through OAUTH, which is a shame. I'm escalating internally but wanted to at least write this down in the thread in case anyone else receives similar errors. Workaround is a 'dumb' search not through alfred by leveraging another SFDC worflow:
  21. I'm pretty sure the backslash is part of the string. It needs escaping, not removing.
  22. @Terminal I hadn't really considered LastPass having strings that are not JSON-compliant. Version 1.0.3 strips backslashes, which should fix your problem. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for enlightening me. For me the email search was THE feature until it disappeared. Anyway, thats that.
  24. On the Mac, where apps do not require Apple’s approval to be sold (outside of the Mac App Store), if you can find a way to accomplish something using a private API (which is “something which exists, but which Apple does not intend for the public to use, and therefore does not document or offer any support for”). However, building a tool like this is like building a house on sand. Apple can change that private API at any time which may break your “solution” because it relies on something that Apple does not consider itself responsible for supporting/maintaining. For example, it coul
  25. It looks like Houdah is using a plugin within Mail to provide search results. Apple doesn't actually provide a public API for this, and they don't officially support Mail plugins. Using unsupported or private APIs means that any changes made by Apple can kill the feature at any time; Hacks often quickly prove themselves to be unreliable as Apple make regular changes to macOS. I don't want to detract from Houdah's choice to add it, but there are no features in Alfred relying on hacks, which is why you can expect Alfred to be stable and predictable. As such, this isn't so
  26. That is unfortunately the only parameter that can be changed. Notion doesn't have an option to only search titles as far as I can see and this workflow is bound by the same restrictions and options that Notion's own quick search has (which I believe doesn't allow title search). Perhaps when Notion makes the API public we'll see an option for this.
  27. How is this going to go live if Apple doesn't support it? I am asking, not questioning, lest you misunderstand. And can we not do the same?
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