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  2. I'm having a problem on ONE of my Macs (M1 Mini) where results are showing up that I don't want (from ~/Library subfolders, see example screenshot). I've tried rebuilding Alfred's metadata cache but it didn't resolve this. Strangely, on my Intel Macbook Air this problem doesn't manifest. Both systems are running the same version of MacOS (11.5.1) and Alfred (4.5.1252) and are sharing synced preferences.
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  4. What backup? Alfred doesn't have a backup feature.
  5. @AndrewIt works!!! Thanks But it would be nice if it is automatically moved with the backup
  6. Apologies for not replying to this, I didn't get notified of the replies. External triggers would work, but this was partially about just bringing up a list of set hot keys regardless of if it's my workflow or a third party one and not having to add external triggers to each one. I was able to work around it by running with Applescript instead https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/blob/main/workflows/hotkey-list/src/run.sh (I had some issues running it directly hence the temp file being generated which is not ideal but does the job).
  7. You're in the wrong place, I'm afraid. This forum is dedicated to the Alfred launcher application for macOS, not the camera software you're talking about.
  8. Hi, any one else find that other operators deleting videos and not letting on, or turning off motion recordings with iOS phone not being able to make primary user etc how can u tell the above?…
  9. Thank you! This took me an entire day to decipher but I got it to work. So awesome. And yea, your way was much easier! Again, thank you so much.
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  11. There you go. Either type divide followed by your number, or select/copy some text and press the Universal Actions shortcut.
  12. I was surprised this wasn't possible, but today I wanted to drag 2 items I had collected in Alfred's buffer to another app that can receive file drops. I found out that it only seems to allow dragging 1 file at a time from the buffer area. Am I missing something or is there any way to do this? Yes I know about "actioning all items" to send buffer contents to a workflow but I specifically need to drag them in this case. (Alfred 4.5 b1252 by the way...)
  13. thank you @deanishe adding lower() to the if statement did not work, but it works when added before: ext = file.split('.')[-1].lower()
  14. I guess Alfred with Karabiner running is the problem. https://github.com/pqrs-org/Karabiner-Elements/issues/366 If I quit Karabiner-elements, Alfred sleep command works.
  15. Hello, I bought my new M1 iMac recently and installed Alfred4 today. When Alfred is running, I found out that my iMac does not go into sleep mode. It wakes up right after the sleep. After quitting the Alfred, then the Mac goes to sleep well. I am embarrassing because this kind of problem does not appear in my MacBook Pro (late 2018).😨 Any ideas to solve this..? Thanks
  16. Hoping someone could help me with this as I am new to programming and workflows. I have to multiple times per day enter a number and divide that number by 1.08. Currently I use the built in calculator, but i'd love it if I could trigger a workflow to be able to enter that number and have that calculation show up without having me to keep typing it in. Any help would be appreciated!
  17. Connect a File Action Trigger to a Run Script Action with the following in the Script box: mv "${@}" 'YOUR_ASSETS_PATH_HERE'. Replace YOUR_ASSETS_PATH_HERE with the path to the destination directory. You can get it by selecting the directory in the Finder and pressing the Universal Actions shortcut (the same you use to get to Copy To…) followed by Copy Path to Clipboard. Repeat that for as many assets directory you’d like to make specific shortcuts for. If you want to copy instead of moving, change mv to cp -r. The above won’t work exactly as you’ve asked. It will use the Universal Actions shortcut instead of you typing “move to assets” in Alfred, but this approach also works when navigating inside Alfred and is easier to implement.
  18. @alfred_jon It works perfectly for me (i.e. show me the tasks lists and i can execute them with enter) and the workflow debugger has no errors. Are you getting any output at all when you type this in terminal? "/Applications/Carbon Copy Cloner.app/Contents/MacOS/ccc" -i Above should show you the tasks and their statuses.
  19. I can't tell you anything from that video. Use Alfred's workflow debugger to see what's actually going on.
  20. What do you expect me to do? Guess the right location?
  21. Hi there, Thanks, but: It doesn't work for this workflow: The pasted text is stayed in clipboard.
  22. @Benben Alfred has to use the clipboard to paste text, however, there is an option to restore the previous clipboard content in the Advanced prefs:
  23. Alfred uses the macOS metadata index for internal file search, so I'd be interested in knowing what Spotlight's behaviour is for you. Does Spotlight find the files by content in these scenarios?
  24. Numpad features have been added in Alfred 4.5, both recognising and dispatching numpad keys, and new popup menu options on the key combo editor for adding numpad keys on a Mac which doesn't have a numpad. Let me know if you have any issues
  25. @danielgomez22 Alfred stores the clipboard history locally in your home folder in this location: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Databases/clipboard.alfdb If you quit Alfred and copy this from your old Mac to new Mac (or copy this from your backup), then Alfred should see your previous clipboard history again Cheers, Andrew
  26. If I use a keyword element in my workflow. and use (for example) the keyword "pure css triangle" and set it to "no argument, Then when I search Alfred for "pure" I will see this workflow in the results. But if I will type "css" or "triangle" in Alfred I won't see it in the results. I think it really should be showing in the results when you type a part of a keyword and not necessarily the beginning of the keyword. People who use workflows usually use a lot of them and can't remember the exact keyword they set.
  27. Is it possible? I know i can take the current clipboard object and save it and then add it to clipboard again. but i'm asking if there's a smiple way to that :)
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