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  2. Ok, so could you please update your Reddit workflow fixing the autocomplete issue? 😁
  3. I haven't! It's all gone a bit tits-up as I've massively revised the AwGo library, so no rebuild without a non-trivial rewrite.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi, I think I've managed to fix the workflow and adding new cities is possible again! More changes: Added a keyword to open list of the cities in an editor _timezone edit. Thanks to that you will be able to quickly delete not needed lines. When displaying the list and pressing Alt, you can remove a single city (this is fixed now) Unfortunately, you will need to create your list of cities again... But this will also clean up your list as in previous version it got messed up. Download version 2.0 I hope you will like it Note, that major parts of the app have been rewritten so I could expect also new bugs... Please let me know in such cases. Best regards, Jarek
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply, Vero!
  7. Same here. Tried regular and alternative version. Any updates?
  8. Items are copied to Alfred's clipboard if: They're not from an ignored app (see Features > Clipboard > Advanced) They're not marked as transient data or ConcealedType by the app (e.g. when passwords are copied from a password app) If LastPass correctly identifies the copied passwords as transient or concealed, they wouldn't be included. Unfortunately, we've sent that info on to them quite a few times and have never heard back. Cheers, Vero
  9. @Bhishan, this is the general form the AppleScript code will take when trying to access a menu bar icon and its menu: use application "System Events" property P : a reference to the process named "Mathpix Snipping Tool" property M : a reference to menu bar item 1 of menu bar 2 of P property I : a reference to the menu item named "Get LaTeX" of menu 1 of M click M click I It doesn't work for every single menu bar application, and there's an annoying 5-second delay between the first click command and the second. This is a known, persistent feature that has various documented so-called solutions, none of which are reliable, but you can have a Google and see what works for you. Don't forget to make sure Terminal (or whichever program is executing the above script) has accessibility privileges granted to it.
  10. Hi, Any news on this topic? I meant, don't allow Alfred copying passwords from LastPass browser plugin to the clipboard?
  11. evanfuchs

    Recent Documents / Apps πŸ˜‹

    Cool workflow. Thank you! Can I change the date from dd/mm to mm/dd?
  12. Thanks for reporting it too. Not a good sign if the problem exists across OS versions. If an admin stops by this thread, perhaps s/he could rename the thread to append "issue with spaces in filenames."
  13. Thanks that appears to have done it. It was "q=..." part I had wrong. Cheers Mark
  14. Last week
  15. The above method stopped working with 1Password 7 because 1Password mini no longer exists. Here's an updated AppleScript which should help others. open location "onepassword://extension/search/{query}" tell application "System Events" to tell process "1Password 7" set frontmost to true delay 0.7 key code 48 delay 0.2 key code 124 delay 0.2 key code 125 delay 0.2 key code 36 end tell Basically this opens the "mini" like app that actually runs as an extension in the main 1Password 7 process, inputs the query from the first object (or you can hard code it to search for a specific app), sends the tab key code to select the first search result, sends right arrow to select the username, sends down arrow to select password, and sends return key to copy it to the clipboard.
  16. Southgirl

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    Awesome workflow, works beautifully!
  17. Thanks for the help, Jarek. I was able to add the new city
  18. I'm still getting the same "no such table: ZSFNOTE" using the latest workflow version 0.3.2. I tried uninstalling the previous version and installing the latest but I still get the error.
  19. Hi @Vero Thanks for the quick response. I was pretty certain that wasn't the case as I had already uninstalled TE but I checked the Mac keyboard shortcuts too and they were fine. I was perplexed until I realised that it was only happening in Chrome. Turns out I was running "Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome" and had completely forgotten about it! Works a treat now. Thanks Neil
  20. illukthegreat

    File Search not finding partial filenames

    I have the same issue on 10.11.6 as well. Every other word seperator like dashes or + seems to work fine.
  21. LynneS

    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    Wow, that was fast. Thank you!
  22. biomarx

    Gmail in Chrome Workflow

    Hi @AlfredFreak the link has expired again. Thanks!
  23. chrisbro

    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    And we're fixed now @russcore ! Download the latest and install from here.
  24. You’re giving site as a special URL parameter and it isn’t β€” it’s part of the search. What you want is https://www.google.com/search?q=site:agilepainrelief.com+{query}.
  25. Your URL is wrong. It isn’t /search?query it’s /search?q=query
  26. So I'm struggling to automate a simple google search and worst thing is googling is almost an exercise in recursion πŸ™‚ I've written alot of blog posts over the years and I frequently want to run a google site search to find specific posts. If I have a search bar the following syntax works: "Site:agilepainrelief.com {query}" In alfred I configure an "open url" object with: https://www.google.com/search?site:agilepainrelief.com {query} I've tried playing with encoding the space or the colon assuming their incorrectly coded. No dice I always end back at https://www.google.com/webhp with no search having been run. Cleary I'm missing something. Any ideas? Mark
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