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  2. Find, filter, open Git repositories

    Works perfectly for me. The workflow's behaviour is entirely dependent on your settings file, so could you post the relevant parts on here, please? Enter "reposettings" in Alfred to open your settings.json file.
  3. The Clipboard Viewer doesn't allow you to include/exclude applications, but the Hotkey trigger in a workflow does. So you use a workflow's "smart" Hotkey to call your Clipboard Viewer's "dumb" one. (Note: It's super important to do step 4 before step 5.) Delete your Clipboard Viewer Hotkey In a new or existing workflow, add a Hotkey trigger and configure it with your preferred Clipboard Viewer keyboard shortcut and included/excluded applications Connect the Hotkey trigger to a Dispatch Key Combo output Assign the Dispatch Key Combo the weirdest key combination you can think of Set the Clipboard Viewer Hotkey to the same weird key combination
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  5. Ah, so bittersweet. Such a great new feature, but so much stuff to update as a result… What would be your approximate best-case scenario on 3.6.1 hitting the "stable" update channel? See if I can get my libraries ready in time…
  6. Exclude applications from Clipboard Viewer

    Exactly Can you help me with defining this workflow?
  7. When making a request or a bug report pertaining to specific workflows, please do so in their specific threads. Making a new thread, while it seems like it’ll give your problem visibility, will only fragment the discussion and make it less likely the authors and users of the workflows (the people that can actually help) will see it. Please read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to make a report with a better chance of being addressed. I understand that in this case you may feel like this is a more general problem, since several Workflows broke, but it’s just as likely you’re using old versions of the Workflows or that they have some incompatibility with High Sierra. For example, the original Top Processes hasn’t even been officially updated to Alfred 3, and it has been broken for a while, as a consequence. By instead asking in their respective threads, you may at least find an alternative. I don’t use Dial with iPhone, but as an alternative to Top Processes you may try ProcessControl (disclaimer: I’m the author), and as an alternative to linguee-alfred-workflow you may try @deanishe’s Duden.de Search Workflow.
  8. Thank you so much! It works great!
  9. Hi, I have just upgraded my mac to 10.13 via fresh install, then installed Dropbox, waited to finish sync, installed Alfred and fetched all my workflows. Now I realize that a few workflows are not working anymore Examples: "Dial with iPhone" - When entering the API-key from Prowl, I receive a confirmation notification, but when hitting "dial 00493042018191" I will be prompted to re-add the API-key. After 3 times adding the key I gave up. "linguee-alfred-workflow" - When I enter the keyword "de", the Alfred modal is showing that the workflow has started. But as soon as I start to enter the first digit of the query, that this workflow ought to work on, the standard workflows are displayed again (Search Chrome for "searchquery", Search Amazon for "searchquery" etc.) "Top Processes" This is not working at all … Anyboy here who has similar experience or someone to help me? Thank you and kind regards, Sascha
  10. System > Lock opens "Sequel Pro.app"

    @Andrew Thanks for this info. I hadn't thought of checking the Alfred workflows. And lo-and-behold, I found it. There is a workflow that has that key-combo set. (The hotkeys.firedev.com package) So in this case Alfred could have known So yeah, i think the latest change you described let this issue bubble to the top. I've deleted the package (as I don't like key combo's anyway) and the lock functionality is working fine again.
  11. System > Lock opens "Sequel Pro.app"

    @bertg there is no way of Alfred knowing if this behaviour has been overridden (other than if you are doing it directly within Alfred with a workflow). From High Sierra and onwards, trying to type this combo to set as a hotkey in Alfred will be intercepted by macOS and your Mac locked, so this will prevent people from accidentally setting this combo. It's likely that this combo was set on your Mac before High Sierra? As for finding what is launching this - check your Alfred workflows for a hotkey linked to a launch app. Do you also have any other keyboard or automation related 3rd party apps installed you can check? It's unlikely that I'll be changing dispatching this combo back to the old behaviour, as the pre-10.13 way of locking now causes macOS High Sierra to hang.
  12. That is exactly how it works already. By default it uses ⌘↑ and ⌘↓; if you want to to use ← and →, go to Alfred Preferences → Features → File Search → Navigation → Shortcuts (tick the first box).
  13. Hi, With Launchbar it was very easy for me to add Edovia Screens 4 recent connections to the search results. This is particularly useful for quickly starting up a remote screen connection. I've not been able to get this to work in Alfred. Hopefully someone has a clever idea how I can do that most effectively. Thanks, Jan
  14. Cannot Enable Alfred Snippets

    @schaefera Can I confirm that you're all sorted now that you've added the Alfred Text Service manually? I've re-tested this on our various OS versions and it's working as expected, so I'm not sure what happened in your scenario, but if you're all set up and able to use snippets now, that's what matters Cheers, Vero
  15. System > Lock opens "Sequel Pro.app"

    @Andrew This indeed seems to be the case. It is a bit surprising that a changed keyboard shortcut changes the behaviour of Alfred. I would recommend changing it back; or giving the user feedback that the shortcut doesn't do what it says it would do. In a related question. I have no clue what or how this change came to be. Is there a way I could figure out which app/setting is doing this? The app in question has no customisable Keyboard shortcuts, so I doubt it is causing it. Or is there a way I can restore the default behaviour?
  16. Currently, "Copy to..." and "Move to..." file actions only support navigating the destination directory by typing the path or name manually. Sometimes this is inconvenient because (1) the path may contains non-English characters which lead to input method switching, and (2) when the path is deep, one may not clearly remember each parent directories. So I hope the navigation function can be enhanced. For example, when I press right arrow, it will enter the selected folder; when I press left arrow, it will enter the parent folder; when I press enter, it will use the selected folder as the target directory and the copy or move actions are applied. This can be extremely convenient. What do you think of this idea? Thank you.
  17. It appears the author has forgotten to include his API key for the Google url shortener. I've created a patch for the author. Hopefully he'll accept my patch and release it on the official channel. For those who want the patch now, here's the link. Please note: This release contains the MIT License that is passed on from the Author and covers all legal matter regarding warranty and any loss or damage. By using this release, you agree to these terms.
  18. Trying to make a workflow that passes selected text to Merriam-Webster.com. The Trigger hotkey is set to "Opt-M," the Action is "Pass through to workflow," the Argument is set to "Selection in macOS." I want to set the Action to M-W but it’s not in the popup menu. Does anyone know how to make this work? TIA, Chris
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  20. Mapping arguments in Workflows

    Wow thank you so much for this! Clearly my testing of the List Filter was very flawed as I didn't realize it works this way. This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for!
  21. I went ahead and created the workflow for you using dummy data. You can download it here. As per your description, it's triggered using the keyword `wcp`, which accepts a single argument, currently `product1`, `product2`, ... , `product55`. Upon selection, the URL referenced by argument entered gets passed to the next action. There's an Open URL action waiting on the workflow's workspace, not yet connected to the trigger. Instead, a Large Type output receives the URL, allowing you to preview the URL fully for testing purposes.
  22. @.ed , I have updated the link in my post above. Just try again and it should work now
  23. Is there a way to combine a list filter with an

    Playing around more with Script filter looks like it will work. I think I can capture the input plus set a variable for which option a user clicked so I should be able to do it all in one step.
  24. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the feedback, no I don't have this issue with any other app, only with Snagit. Thanks, Michaël
  25. Hello, my very first post here. id like to know how to achieve this, but the example link has broken. Can anyone help to elaborate or upload again? Thanks.
  26. @lemikeone are you experiencing this with any other images from other sources? Alfred asks the clipboard if there is data of type NSTIFFPboardType, then creates an NSImage image out of this data. I'm wondering if Snagit is providing multiple data types, but incorrectly populating the NSTIFFPboardType. Cheers, Andrew
  27. This is now fixed in the 3.6.1 pre-release. I've newly written Alfred's CSV parser to adhere to RFC 4180, and will create a document page to cover how Alfred deals with the ambiguities surrounding quoted lines with significant leading spaces. Essentially, for a line to be quoted (allowing for newlines and commas), the " needs to be either at the very beginning of a line, or directly after a comma. If there are spaces after a comma then a ", this field is not treated as quoted, and any " marks are treated as literal. I spent some time looking at how some of the online CSV parsers (differently) dealt with this specific ambiguity, and felt that this way best covered all bases As mentioned earlier, Alfred's CSV parser never discards significant spaces, but the List Filter subsequently trims the title and subtitle fields. Cheers, Andrew
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