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  2. @sawhney Please keep all posts relating to Big Sur issues to the appropriate Bugs forum. I've moved your thread to it. Could you please give more details on exactly which beta of Big Sur you're using? Links to the exact workflows you're trying to import? This is a very early macOS beta, so issues are bound to crop up, so the more detailed your report can be, the more useful it will be. Cheers, Vero
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  4. I am running alfred 4.9. I just bought the powerpack for alfred and am running the beta versino of macos Big sur. Whenever I try importing any workflow frrom packal or github, I receive an erro message syaing, "Oops, unable to import" "The workflow you are trying to import is invalid." I tried using one of the templates and creating a workflow on alfred and then exporting it out and importing the exported file after deleting the workflow from alfred. In this case, it actually managed to import. I need help on this.
  5. Wanna share these 2 new themes: Palenight (Inspired on Palenight theme for VSCode) Halloween (Inspired on FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream cards)
  6. Hi @Tate4963, welcome to the forum. It was probably this workflow.
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  8. I've merged your thread with that (now this) one. Better to keep the discussion in one place.
  9. What do you mean? In any case, FSNotes isn't scriptable, so all you can do is activate it and fire simulated keypresses at it to create a new note. The following AppleScript will activate FSNotes (launching it if need be) and create a new note. Put it in a Run Script action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) on run tell application "FSNotes" to activate tell application "System Events" -- wait up to 5 seconds for FSNotes to activate repeat 100 times set _name to name of first process whose frontmost is true if _name = "FSNotes" then -- show main window keystroke "\\" using command down -- create new note keystroke "N" using command down exit repeat end if delay 0.05 end repeat end tell end run
  10. @deanishe Thanks for the link to that thread! It all seams to be a mess really. - The Catalina Beta release notes said at some point that all the scripting languages will be removed eventually, but there where nothing that indicated that in the actual OS - Big Sur Beta does not say anything about that in the release notes (not that I could find anyway), and all scripting languages are still there - PHP's and Python 2's version info in Big Sur says that they will be removed in a future version (which they didn't do in Catalina) - Python 3 wasn't even there before Big Sur, so it was added right now, and does not say anything about being deprecated, so it would look like that would stay then I guess? Seems to me like Apple might have changed there minds to not actually remove all scripting languages anyway, but only some of them that in their minds doesn't fit in a desktop OS for some reason, which would be PHP and maybe something else, and then of course Python 2 that is more obvious to remove as it is end of life now, and seems to rather finally be on it's way to be replaced by Python 3 even in macOS. (You still get Python 2 when you run the python command without any version number in the command though, in Big Sur Beta 1)
  11. Hi @Andrew Can you kindly provide an update on when we can expect version 2.
  12. Hi there. I'm new to Alfred and am trying to learn how to create workflows. One thing I'd appreciate your help with is: a way to trigger Alfred to open FSNotes (if it's not already launched) and then create a new note. FSNotes does not offer a way to shortcuts. Thank you in advance.
  13. I'm very new to Alfred and have a quick question. I've been watching a few videos on how to use Alfred and in one video I noticed that when for instance I use the shortcut key on an image file the results had a google search for the action. I have Move to and Delete checked in preferences but there is no option for google search. How do I add that to the list?
  14. It's not just PHP that's being removed. See the existing thread:
  15. I installed macOS Big Sur Developer Beta 1 on a secondary partition to try it out, and one unexpected thing I found out by doing that is that PHP is now marked with information that it will be removed in a future version of macOS. When I run "php --version" in Big Sur Dev Beta 1 I get: WARNING: PHP is not recommended PHP is included in macOS for compatibility with legacy software. Future versions of macOS will not include PHP. PHP 7.3.17-(to be removed in future macOS) (cli) (built: Jun 6 2020 07:41:43) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group Zend Engine v3.3.17, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies Running the same command in Catalina gives me the following (so the message above is new in Big Sur) PHP 7.3.11 (cli) (built: Apr 17 2020 19:14:14) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group Zend Engine v3.3.11, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies I guess that there is some official information about this from Apple somewhere too that I could not find, but having this disclaimer in the version information in the actual software seems official enough to me though. I thought this might be interesting for you all to know about, as many Alfred Workflows are using PHP. We will obviously be able to install PHP ourselves manually even after it isn't included out of the box anymore, which itself could take years (and I guess it could be included in Alfred itself to minimize the impact when it is actually removed), but it might be a good idea to not create new workflows in PHP anymore, and maybe think about rewriting existing ones in, for example, Python instead. (I will probably rewrite my Raindrop.io workflow in Python at som point because of this)
  16. JulianW

    macOS Big Sur

    Hi, currently using the macOS Big Sur Beta and was styling Alfred for the upcoming makeover of the macOS UI. I prefer a look as close to the system UI as possible. Light: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/eHfgpMFvON/ Dark Mode: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/NWnuAKel02/ A little unfortunate, that there is no option to round the corners on the selection background elements, they appear very pointy in the new environment of even more rounded corners in macOS Big Sur. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Thank you for helping me to better understand. As a new guest here, it was never my intention to violate the rules of the forum. Again, I am glad to support developers, and I am still just hoping to have a better understanding of the capacity and power of this program. My intention is to start an application, such as quicktime, and open a file. In order to automate this routine work flow, I would like the application to start with a folder that has been designated rather than the last folder opened. So the workflow would be to open folder x to start looking for the file. In the below example, I would like TV to be the preferred folder to open, rather than going all the way back to the root of home folder. Thank you for listening and hopefully understanding my request.
  18. Whats up, @vitor and @deanishe, all is ok. Thanks for your help, and don't bother me any comment. I am newbie here and really appreciate all your help. See you in my next doubt.
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  20. Yeah, I know it's Spanish. I wrote that I don't speak Portuguese for the same reason I said that "dente azul" is Spanish. Thanks, I know. I know enough French and Latin to get the gist of what they're saying.
  21. No. You need to contact the application's developer and ask them to make the app tag the data it puts on the clipboard appropriately.
  22. Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101), Alfred 4.0.9 [1144]
  23. Interested in this as well! @luckman212 let us know!
  24. @briansurg When you say "the file menu", do you mean Alfred's File Navigation? Or the macOS menu? It's possible, with the Powerpack, to create workflows to perform different actions depending on which app is currently in focus. If you clarify exactly what you want to achieve out of the process, we'll be able to confirm what's possible. With regards to the post being hidden - I'm the one who hid it temporarily, while trying to manage the forum from my phone on a Saturday afternoon. I'd misread the post at a glance and read it as though you were declining to provide a Powerpack license. I now see it's a case of reading too quickly, and your thread is visible again. I will however take the liberty of closing and hiding your other thread debating with @vitor the merits of my decision. This is a friendly forum where we, as the creators of Alfred, and the community do our best to help users. There was no ill intent, and the thread in question is no longer relevant. If you opt to buy a Powerpack license, and fill in your forum details accordingly, at that stage we'll be able to help you create a workflow for your use Cheers, Vero
  25. @deanishe I'm using Rocket to shorthand enter emojis (typing after a colon). The rocket app is not focusable, but it evidently uses the clipboard to paste the searched emojis. Is there a way to mark Rocket's activity as transient?
  26. Hi there, This is not working for me. After selecting 'call' (contact), it simply opens FaceTime with no actions. Is this a permissions issue?
  27. When you do cp -a /Users/, the shell knows that cp, -a, and /Users are different arguments because they have spaces between them. So how is the shell supposed to know that Dropbox (Personal) is part of the same argument, and not Dropbox and (Personal)? The answer is quoting: cp -a '/Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template' '/Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/'
  28. Hi all, I have also a problem using the workflow: [16:02:06.391] Logging Started... [16:02:12.148] Evernote[Script Filter] Queuing argument '' [16:02:12.590] Evernote[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [16:02:12.594] ERROR: Evernote[Script Filter] Code 1: 0:90: execution error: mkdir: /Users/cgoetz/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data: No such file or directory (1) any suggestions? Christian
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