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  2. My sincere thanks. I am learning a lot about how Alfred works from your replies. However, I still have an impression that if Alfred allowed prefixes to be turned on in individual workflows, it would not interfere with other workflows, unless the user makes it interfere. Actually, I don't have a Workflow. I just have these 250+ Web Searches in the relevant tab of Alfred settings. I will think if I am able to transform these into a workflow (but I don't even see an option in Alfred to copy or export these searches). If it wasn't clear already, I don't know anything about coding and the technology behind Alfred. The attached screenshot shows what I mean by "cycling": the possibility to type ;a and to see all my prefixes starting with ;a. It seems to me that it's a behaviour that cannot be replicated otherwise. But perhaps I'm wrong?
  3. There is another argument in my post: That translates in a lot of time spent designing, testing, and refining the feature in a way that works acceptably. No, my argument was that it is not worth it because the amount of interest is not higher than the required complexity and work to implement the feature. I also mentioned this has been discussed before. None of those previous posts was able to overcome the discussed barriers. It would. What do you mean “cycle through”? Change the Workflow. I’ve given you the most complex option precisely so you can edit it to your needs. Want to have Alfred open while you change Keywords? The have just ⌘← and ⌥→. Heck, you can even add a ⌫ in there if you want to just delete a letter. If you have that many Keywords, you should rethink the design of your Workflow. Consider a List Filter or a Script Filter instead. You’ll only have to memorize one Keyword, and can access all of them at once. Again, you’re only thinking of your needs for the feature. Not everyone (I’d best most people) would want to use workarounds and have to type specific characters. That clashes with the rest of the Alfred expectations. Some people already double space as part of their normal writing; this would intrude on them. Also, a double space on macOS and iOS by default produces a period followed by a space, so that intrudes on an OS feature. Again, optionality is irrelevant, you still need to design and implement the feature. It’s also optional that Alfred transforms into a web browser — that doesn’t make it simple or a good idea. You’re only considering what you want and what would be convenient to you, not the implications of that on everyone else. Alfred has to cater to many more users and is a two-person team, only one of which codes. We’re trying to get you solutions to your problem. Adding suffix support is unlikely to happen. You can either use a workaround or redesign your Workflow. We can provide support for either of those, which is what we’re doing.
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  5. You have good arguments for not using such optional suffixes. But you have only one good argument for not implementing such optional suffixes: lack of interest. It’s not worth it to spend time on a feature that won’t be used by many. However, I would argue that a thread such as this is not representative. People may not even realise this feature is possibly useful. We are very much used to prefixes as keywords. On the other hand, perhaps it wouldn’t be very difficult to implement? I have no idea. @vitor 1. Thank you for the workflow. Indeed I didn’t realise that it would work that way. I will use your workflow, but it doesn’t solve the crucial issue: I cannot cycle through all my keywords that way (and memorising all 250+ of them it's just not worth it). This would be possible only with suffixes. 2. As we both now these interfering keywords are easily avoidable by the use of non-word keywords. One general solution would be to require a double space before the keyword. Fast to type and efficient. Anyway, such prefixes would be optional.
  6. Ah, good to know! Then command + . Is the recommended key binding. : )
  7. Actually I thought suggestions would work like the ones in google search or Amazon search. So when you choose a suggestion it opens up in a browser.
  8. Welcome @boyd, Small note: it’s not. Alfred strips hotkeys on importing/exporting Workflows, so a user installing your Workflows will always have a blank Hotkey that they have to set up themselves. This is by design, to not cause conflicts with other keywords on a user’s machine
  9. That would be a ton of work and might give results out of the desired order, making results more difficult to see. Furthermore, the way Alfred works, even if you have multiple Script Filters with the same Keyword, if you pick one (say, press ↵ to get it to autocomplete) it will only run the one you picked, not the others with the same name.
  10. Maybe you can set the same keyword for several workflows so you can see all the suggestions from different workflows only writing one keyword.
  11. What you need to take into account is that this is not as easy as flipping a switch. Adding that new interaction will fundamentally change how Alfred interacts with Workflows and what it expects from them. I have a Workflow whose keyword is coffee. If I have another workflow that messages people (with keyword msg), now I’m typing “Let’s grab coffee msg” and Alfred is running the coffee Workflow before I finish typing, which I don’t want. And you can’t tell Alfred to only run the command after you press a certain key, because you’d be breaking the interaction model of filters. There’s also the issue that Alfred’s command can have multiple words (i.e. you can have a Keyword with spaces in it). Which is fine if you’re you, but not everyone is and Alfred has to cater to those people as well. Adding prefixes to Alfred triggers seems to be the minority. In the end, the complexity of adding this feature and making it work with the existing model (it doesn’t matter if it’s optional) is likely to not be worth it, considering the tiny amount of people that want this. I’m not sure you understood @deanishe’s suggestion. It doesn’t require you changing any keyword. His suggestion will work with your Workflows as they are. You make a new Workflow, something like this: I’ve uploaded a ready-made version. Setup the Hotkey and do this: Call Alfred and make your query, like you need to now. Dismiss Alfred’s window. Press the hotkey you just set up. Alfred’s window will open up and your previous trigger word will be selected. Type to overwrite it and run something else. Looks like a bug with the forum software. I can’t even select any text from your post below the first quote.
  12. Why can't I edit my post? Although I can edit this one?
  13. I am a bit disappointed by your suggestions but thank you anyway. I already make use of the keyboard shortcuts you mention. But if I didn’t consider it a problem, I would not have asked about the possibility. I use Web Searches for 184 dictionaries, 34 library catalogues, 11 research tools as well as other things. To this can be added several workflows that are based on search queries. It means that I use Alfred searches in my research several hundred times a day. A huge proportion of this searches is performed through invoking Alfred, returning to the beginning of the line and changing the prefix. This in itself is enough for me to advocate for implementing the optional suffix-model. The suffix-model would allow not only to modify the search keyword more quickly but also to be able to use all the suggestions. Example: my prefixes for dictionaries are coded as `{;}{first letter of language 1}{first letter of language 2}{first letter fo dictionary’s name}`. For instance: `;aew` for Arabic–English WordReference. It allows me to first choose the language pair and then cycle through all available dictionaries. Now, having suffixes would allow me to use this extremely helpful cycling feature also while the word is already in Alfred search box. Believe me, I never choose a dictionary BEFORE knowing what word I want to look up. Moreover, having suffixes would allow having a global keyboard shortcut for taking the text selected in Alfred and then choosing what to do with it, while taking advantage of keyword cycling and their easy replacement. My prefixes always start with a special sign (for example `;` for dictionaries), so this problem can hardly ever occur. And one's keywords are all one letter, no problem, I propose this as an optional feature. Unfortunately, not possible, because my keywords have between two and five letters and I don't feel like making them all five letter.
  14. Yeah I just gave up on it. Even opening the mail through Alfred is buggy, pops a new email window instead of just the interface.
  15. Hello! I previously used some apps that helped hide the visibility of the macOS desktop but wanted to take on creating an Alfred workflow that would do the work for me. All of the existing workflows I found relied on typing out commands to explicitly state if you wanted to show or hide the desktop icons. I think that's silly. Instead, this workflow first looks up whether the desktop is currently hidden, and then uses that data to do the opposite. No typing out explicit commands, just use the same keyboard shortcut to toggle the desktop on and off. Easy peasy. The recommended mapping is: command + . This hot key doesn’t conflict with system defaults and also logically mirrors the hot key for showing and hiding hidden files in the Finder (command + shift + .) The hotkey can easily be set by editing the workflow in the Alfred preferences UI. Grab it from Github or Packal. https://github.com/andrew-boyd/alfred-hide-desktop-toggle http://www.packal.org/workflow/hide-desktop-toggle Hope you enjoy!
  16. It has to do with the output of the Run Script not being sanitised. Add a Transform Utility to Trim Whitespace between the Run Script and the Arg and Vars, and it’ll work. But the Workflow is more complex than it needs to be. Some easy quick improvements: in the first Arg and Vars, get rid of the {query} in Argument; it’s not doing anything. Delete the second Arg and Vars and set {query}{var:FILENAME} in the Filename section of the Write Text File.
  17. I have set up a simple workflow to create a new file from the clipboard into the frontmost finder item, but somehow it appends "?" sign in front of the file name. When I output LARGE TYPE, there is no "?" sign prepended, but when I write something it is prepended. How this can be fixed? I have shared workflow in Github: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/Shared/blob/master/Alfred_questions/New File from Clipboard.alfredworkflow?raw=true I am using Write Text File Aflred object with file path as {query}.
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  19. You might be able to get a copy of the workflow from https://github.com/hzlzh/AlfredWorkflow.com/tree/master/Downloads/Workflows but note that it has not been updated since 2013 and might not work correctly anymore.
  20. Oh, yeah. I was thinking more generally. It's just kind of ingrained to hit ⌘← to go to the start, even when just ← will do. If sending the same query to different workflows is something you do a lot, why not implement a Hotkey that simulates ⌘←, ⌥⌦? That should cover the majority of cases.
  21. That’s a good question. Alfred’s forum is powered by Invision Power Board, and all the links I’m finding regarding account deletion is users requesting they add that as a feature. Contact @Vero. As the admin, she may be able to delete your account.
  22. You don’t even need ⌘, considering @Jakub Sypiański’s example: That brings the query with all text selected, so ← suffices. I haven’t seen a Workflow require that since the early days of version 2 of Alfred. Alfred allows for customisable (and automatic) delays before performing searches, so adding . isn’t really necessary (and was always a workaround). I agree with the other posts. This has been discussed a few times in the past and we always reach the same conclusion: for Alfred’s methodology, the current method is preferred.
  23. Then you can hit ALT-FN-Backspace to delete the prefix.
  24. Right, sorry, the error is thrown with the "video" volume. Can you check the permission on "video"? About "Magic", I'm not sure why Alfred can't search in it since Spotlight can. Maybe I'm going to give you a trivial suggestion, but could you try to perform a fresh install of Alfred? You should not only remove the application, but also the various files associated with it.
  25. It did not throw an error using the drive Magic. Nevertheless Alfred does not show any results from Magic.
  26. Since it throws a 403 error, the only thing I can think of is some sort of permissions problem. How are permissions set on the Magic shared folder?
  27. Wouldn’t work, imo. If I want to search Google for “world map”, I’m going to start seeing a load of search results for “world” from the workflow whose keyword is “map”, which isn’t what I want at all. This is exacerbated by the fact that a lot of workflows/users have one-letter keywords. It’s not exactly a great chore to hit CMD-LEFT to move the cursor to the beginning of the query, either.
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