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  2. I am having the same problem as meeffe and Menthos above. That is, the Filter Tabs Filter is not working correctly. It takes two minutes to go to the tab. @deanishe I PM'ed you the server.log file and the results of the debugger. Thanks!
  3. Dear Vero, Thanks for this answer! This is very helpful! I would suggest that allowing the user to bind some sort of completion key (whether tab or something else) to snippets would be a great feature! The methods that you showed are great, but can be a bit inconvenient when there are many dozens of hard-to-remember snippets!
  4. @jy364398 There are three ways to access your snippets; 1. Text auto-expansion, which is the quickest and most efficient but requires that you remember your keyword 2. The Snippet Viewer This is a great way to learn your snippet keywords for next time, as you can search for the snippet by title, keyword or content, and you'll see the keyword at the bottom of the preview. This is also convenient if you need to browse by collection when you're not sure of the snippet itself. Hit return to paste it. 3. The "snip" keyword
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  6. I believe the Basecamp token does expire after a bit, I don't remember exactly how long. There may be a way to refresh that token automatically, or provide some better feedback about what is happening in the future.
  7. That did it. Thanks @johnthepink! I wonder what caused it to go bad?
  8. I am using the "Snippets" feature. However, when typing my snippets, it is hard to remember the keywords themselves. Obviously, I can lookup the keyword itself or snippet name, but that is laborious and somewhat defeats the purpose of it being a snippet. Is there a way to enable autocompletion (e.g. TAB completion) of the snippet keyword itself? For example, say I have a snippet like this: "my_greeting" -> "Hello! It is nice to meet you! I hope you are having a good day!" Thus, when I type "my_greeting", it will be replaced with "Hello! It is nice to meet
  9. Thanks Jan - I've tried the new node package and I can confirm it's working on M1. Thank you 🙂
  10. I’ve no idea what the problem is. The delay appears to occur when the workflow sends an “activate tab” command to Firefox, which means there might be more information in the server log file (net.deanishe.alfred.firefox-assistant.server.log). Use ffass workflow:cache to open the cache directory in Finder.
  11. No. The issue has already been reported in the workflow's own thread, and I have no idea what the cause is. In future, please only ask questions about a specific workflow in the workflow's own thread.
  12. Hi, Alfred is checked off in Full Disk Access. Does the fact that the other search scripts (Bookmarks and History) function properly but Filter Tabs does not provide a clue here? I was using Alfred and the workflow and it works fine on my Macbook. I backed up the HD and restored it to a new Mac Mini M1 and the issue began there. Perhaps that also is a clue as to what is causing this? Thanks, Pete
  13. Alfred can’t drag and drop things for you. It could theoretically paste the images into your document, but that would be pointless because you can paste directly from screencapture.
  14. @bin31 Thanks for filling in your details. Alfred won't double-expand your snippets, so it's likely that something else on your Mac is causing this duplication. You've already done a good job identifying that the issue is only happening in Chrome, so the next step is to establish what makes Chrome different to your other apps. Do you have any browser plugins active in Chrome? If you disable the plugins, does text expansion happen normally? Do you have any other text expansion apps running? Make sure these are quit (and also check that their invisible "helpers" that may
  15. Hej Gordon, I realized we spoke about two different workflows. The current version of the Alfred-bear workflow is discussed here: thread and I was now able to test this on a M1 and it's working. Kind regards, Jan
  16. This is what I am doing now. 1. screen capture 2. drag and drop those images to the scrivener article. The problem is that I capture al olot of images. How can i make a shorter workflow using alfred? What I want is to make those 2 stpes to 1 step. Can I make it happen? please help me out, gurus!
  17. Here's the link to my own workflow: https://bit.ly/3sH84bD It doesn't matter, it's my own workflow or any other, but Post notification windows doesn't work. In case of my Caffeinate workflow, when you type "caff on", there will be just a sound, but previously, when it worked, it was showing a small window at the top right location of my screen. MacOS 11.1 Alfred 4.3, build 1205.
  18. Well at least I know that much more than I did. Thanks!
  19. Firefox Assistant shouldn’t need automation permission. It talks to Firefox via the browser extension, not automation, because Firefox has no support for automation. It’s more likely Full Disk Access if it’s a permissions issue.
  20. Updated for Big Sur and removed support for older macOS versions. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater. If you’re still on pre-Big Sur, download an older version of the Workflow and delete the node labeled OneUpdater.
  21. Better to post a gif to display.
  22. 😀 Hi there, It took me a while to find this awesome workflow, I compared several ones but this one seems to be the best one. However, whenever I finish installing the NPM package,Restart Alfred, I don't see anything called polyglot. I am kind of tech savvy, but I feel a little stupid. Could someone please guide me and tell me how to actually use this workflow? I am running Alfred 3.8.6, and the NPM installation worked flawlessly. Many thanks🙏
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