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  2. Browser History Search

    Before posting a feature request, please use the forum search to ensure you're not posting a duplicate request or asking for something that already exists. This is both. Safari history search for Sierra and earlier. Safari history search for High Sierra.
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  4. Browser History Search

    This is pretty straightforward feature request. Since Alfred 3.5 there is an ability to search through your browser bookmarks. It's super nice, except it is only bookmarks. Wouldn't it be awesome to search through entire browser history in addition to bookmarks? This is how pretty much all modern browsers search bars are working, and there is a reason for that, it's really useful and convenient, considerably speeding up the time you need to enter URL. Right now, I often find myself going back to enter URLs/search in Safari, shy away of using Alfred for this type of functionality, since there are more relevant suggestions when I'm using Safari.
  5. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    I think that's still the case, yes.
  6. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    Used the info on that link to create a symlink for the bookmarks file I wanted. Thanks a bunch! Below is some info which might help in troubleshooting: - I deleted both my profiles (on 2017-10-22) - Which deleted the profile folder `Default` - And when i added both the profiles again (same date), two directories `Profile 2` and `Profile 4` was created in /Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome - Think that the current Chrome version is calling the folders not by my profile name but as `Profile 1`, `Profile 2`, (like a profile ID) - But there is no `Default` folder - And think Alfred is looking for the bookmarks in the folder `Default`
  7. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    I think it’s Alfred. https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10766-unable-to-find-bookmarks-with-new-bookmarks-feature/?tab=comments#comment-55388
  8. Anytime. I saw how you set it up. That is a much better way to do it. You seem to be quite good at this stuff
  9. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    > That's not quite the same as "cannot search through chrome bookmarks"… ~Got it, will update the title of the post.~ --Okay, not able to do this Also, the searching through one profile occurred only after seeing your question about the number of profiles, so. So, removed the `Work` profile and just having my `Home` profile on Chrome. Still not able to search through the bookmarks present in the `Home` profile (which is the only profile on Chrome now) Feels more like a Chrome issue though. Is it?
  10. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    That's not quite the same as "cannot search through chrome bookmarks"… AFAIK, Alfred doesn't support multiple profiles yet. It only reads the bookmarks in "Profile 1", which is presumably "Work".
  11. Lol ok. No worries, thanks for your patience with me. See you around.
  12. That's not necessary. That would be a silly way to do it when multiple variables are already supported.
  13. Wait!!! It works!!! Oh sweet as hell. I'm out at the moment, but I'll make a video and run through it later. Thanks so much for your help man
  14. Launchbar Inspired Themes

    While Alfred takes the cake when it comes to functionality, Launchbar certainly has a polished aesthetic. Here's my best shot at adapting its themes to Alfred. Light Theme https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/gd0PV7UnCW/ Dark Theme https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/7ouF832MyU/
  15. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    - macOS: High Sierra 10.13 - chrome version: Version 62.0.3202.62 - num of chrome profiles: two (`Work` and `Home`) - able to search through bookmarks in `Work` profile but not `Home` - removed both profiles and added them again in order: `Home` and then `Work` - even now, only able to search for bookmarks in `Work` profile Note: Not sure how to check which is the default profile
  16. Yeah, it doesn't matter. I was going to do something in Zapier where I format the text via it's "Transform" feature. Below is a screenshot of the kind of stuff that the Transform feature does. The data from Alfred could actually just be one long line of text, (which might easier)? I would have to see how the data is displayed from Alfred, but it's likely that I could split the text via a character or via a space. In the example we have above - "[ABC] + [XYZ]" the repeatable character I could use to split the text is the "+" Then I could organise [ABC] and [XYZ] as separately, which is what I need to do. Thanks for the list. I'm looking forward to reading up on all of this
  17. Cannot search through `Google Chrome` bookmarks

    Which version of macOS are you running? Which version of Chrome are your running? How many Chrome profiles do you have? Are you trying to search the default profile?
  18. Sorry. What I meant specifically is "what data format does Zapier expect?" Is [ABC]+[XYZ] the way to tell Zapier to put ABC in one column, and XYZ in the next? It doesn't matter. I've looked at the documents myself. You need to POST your data to the webhook endpoint, either as JSON or x-www-form-urlencoded. What are the field/row names: Assuming your fields are called URL and Text, your curl command should look like this: curl -ssL -X "POST" "$ZAP_URL" \ -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8" \ --data-urlencode "URL=$url" \ --data-urlencode "Text=$selection" I don't think it's necessary to pay for a Python course. There are loads of free resources. https://www.reddit.com/r/learnpython/wiki/index#wiki_new_to_programming.3F
  19. alfred version: Alfred 3.5.1 issue: - cannot search through chrome bookmarks - can search through safari bookmarks
  20. Hi all, is anyone else excited by the concept of a Cardhop Alfred workflow? One that works, I imagine, like the fantastical workflow. Is such a thing even possible? It seems like it would be incredible.
  21. This workflow is for SEO, and it would help me with the emails I receive for "guest-posts." People often write the article title they prefer in the emails they send to me. So the [Text I select] is most likely to be something along the lines of [The X best things to do with Alfred.] Rather than copying this title, finding the correct row in my spreadsheet and pasting it in manually. I wanted to do something cool with Alfred to help me. I guess it wouldn't save me that much time but feels like a nice way to get into all of this. In Zapier, I need to use a "unique identifier" to find the correct row, and I already have the message thread URL in my spreadsheet. So having the message thread URL in my Alfred output would act as Vlookup does. Then, once Zapier has found the correct row it would paste the article title into the correct column for me. (I am certain that all of this can be done without Zapier, but this is the idea I have for now as my knowledge is so limited). The data I'd like adding to the URL would be [Dear Mike,...] like above. (Which is how it was in the original workflow). It's just with the way I set it up, Zapier returned only the actual letters "URL" and you explained why above. I'd be happy to make a quick video at the end of all this to fully explain everything working :) Thanks Deanishe * On a side note - I'd really like to learn python through practical application. I found this course - https://www.udemy.com/automate/?couponCode=50_PERCENT_OFF#curriculum. I'm guessing you haven't done the course itself, but do you have any similar resources, recommendations for places to start?
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  23. Can you change the Snippet Sound?

    You don’t. This breaks the app signature and Gatekeeper won’t let it run.
  24. I've no idea how Zapier works, but could you explain what this is supposed to mean: Like, why would you want [http://mail.google.com/...] + [Dear Mike,...] added to a spreadsheet? There are two chief problems with your workflow: You're trying to add {query} to the URL, but {query} isn't set. The data are in the variables, so you'd use $url and/or $selection instead. You can't just add arbitrary data to a URL and expect it to work. It needs to be URL-encoded first. I'll fix the workflow if you can explain exactly which data you want adding to the URL.
  25. Can you change the Snippet Sound?

    But how am I supposed to hack the resources? :-)
  26. "top" does not list anything anymore... using Alfred 3.5.1 and macOS 10.13..
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