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  2. Could there please be an option to make Playlist (cmd-6) the default when opening iTunes mini player. Thanks.
  3. Mine is set to this: For similar reason as @vitor. GraphQL servers use cmd + space to get suggestions. I never press those keys though so I activate Alfred by either pressing j and l keys together or with a single press of right command (configured with Karabiner). Although I don't often activate Alfred alone as I have everything bound to an external trigger with Karabiner. I really dislike the overhead of keywords and want to activate my stuff fast. Maybe it works for you too. Although it probably is not as common to do it this way. 🙂
  4. Yesterday
  5. Mine is ⌃␣ (Ctrl + Space). I’ve switched from ⌘␣ because design software tends to use ␣ for a temporary pan tool, ⌘␣ for a temporary zoom in tool, and ⌘⌥␣ for a temporary zoom out tool.
  6. The default hotkey is ⌘Space, but since code editors use this shortcut for auto-completions I want to use a custom one. Can you help me choose one? What are the most common custom hotkeys that people use?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately didn't worked for me. Tried added that tag as a cmd+i document/spotlight comment, a Finder tag. I also added the folders to Spotlight Privacy. I reloaded cache via `Reload` command, and by `Settings > Advanced > Reload Cache` -- Does this work for you? Maybe I just need to `rebuild macOS metadata` or actually restart my machine.
  8. @Thomas_U Make sure keyword latching is turned on in Alfred's Advanced preferences > Learning > "Top Result Keyword Latching" You should then only need to select it a couple of time to tell Alfred you want "1" to be associated to 1Password Cheers, Vero
  9. Thanks! I repeated it 10 times and then 1Password was first again.
  10. Update: solved, see below Hi, I'm new to Alfred workflows, and I'm trying to do the following. I'm using a list filter to quickly enter the admin url of WordPress websites we make. The keyword is 'wp-admin', and the List Filter is configured (for example) to let the Title 'client1' return the Arg https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/, and Title 'client2' would return the Arg https://www.client2.com/wp-admin. This works fine when I attach the 'Open URL' action to the list filter. However, what I really want to do, is type a second command, for example 'posts' to visit the the url with edit.php attached to it, or upload.php to visit the media upload page. Example: typing [wp-admin] [client1] [pages] would return https://www.client1.com/wp-admin/edit.php I thought of using two list filters, each followed by an 'args and vars' element to save each query to a variable ('url' and 'type'), and end with an 'open url' that opens {var:url}{var:type}, but it doesn't work. Whenever I hit 'enter' after typing the client name (or selecting it from the dropdown) it fills the base url. See screenshots step1.png and step2.png. Also, here is a link to my example workflow. Who can help me out? Update: solved it! In the var/arg box after the first list filter, I had to remove {query} from 'Argument' to prevent the query from being passed as a query to the next step - that's what caused it to paste the query into to the Alfred input field.
  11. garthk

    Will the real Alfred please stand up?

    They're all the same /Applications/Alfred 3.app, but I do use the Emoji workflow.
  12. Last week
  13. Connect a Hotkey Trigger to a List Filter Input. Add items to the list with the names you want. Then there’s a few options, depending on how the games are organised. If the games are all app bundles you can launch by double clicking in the Finder, an option is to have the Arg be the full path to it. Then connect that List Filter Input to a Run Script Action with open "${1}" in the Script box (leave everything else as the default).
  14. For reference, it works fine in Alfred 3.
  15. Send the selected or entered text to Deepl for translation. Hotkey Ctrl+T Or Keyword translate It's a very very basic workflow but it works great and I wish it should have existed before I create it. See it here alfred-deepl on GitHub
  16. [I'm sure this has been addressed before, but with keywords like "menu" and "launch", it's hard to search.] I'm trying to design a launcher that will open apps from a menu choice, much like some Siri Shortcuts I have designed. An example might be: A hotkey triggers a Games menu. A selection from the games menu will open the specific game. Another hotkey would open a Utilities menu. Again, the selection from that menu would open the specific utility. And so on... I've been using Alfred for a very long time, but just have never gone into workflows. I'm sure this is simple, but I'm not clear on how to do it. Your help is appreciated. Tony
  17. It's happening mostly with VSCode, that's the only program where I made good use of this feature. Thank you @Vero and @vitor, I'll try both suggestions!
  18. Thanks @CJK. @Gevor Due to heavy workload I can't currently commit to finding a fix for this bug but I am, like I previously said, open to contributions from the community.
  19. BigTrees

    Contacts not showing in Alfred

    @Vero Good afternoon (your time), you bloody genius! Unchecking "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" has resolved the issue. Curiously, do you have any idea why showing Contacts in Alfred has worked all these years that I've been using it, and why it would suddenly stop? Previous to today, I'd never touched the "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" box. Ta!
  20. Alfred 3 workflow to convert between gross and net income for Austria. Github | npm Install via Terminal/npm: $ npm install --global alfred-brutto-netto-rechner-aut
  21. Vero

    Contacts not showing in Alfred

    @BigTrees First, launch Alfred's Preferences to Features > Contacts > Advanced and ensure "Use Spotlight metadata for searching contacts" is not checked. By default, Alfred uses Apple's Contacts API for searching contacts, and these open in Alfred's Contacts Viewer. However, if you've checked the Spotlight metadata alternative (under Features > Contacts > Advanced), the results will include all sorts of contacts files (e.g. from old backups, or your Downloads folder) which will always be opened in the Contacts app. Cheers, Vero
  22. Erik Hansen

    Keep clipboard history forever

    +1 I and several others at my company would love to have an option to have a longer (or unlimited!) clipboard history.
  23. Have a look for yourself: Those are three of the time-related triggers: the top one (cron entry) gives you fine, precision control over when to run a macro (the equivalent in Keyboard Maestro of a workflow in Alfred), down to the times, which days of the week in which months and in which years, and absurd patterns like whenever the 14th of the month falls on a Sunday, or stuff like that (I currently have it set to 7PM daily); the second trigger there is the periodic trigger, that executes the macro at regular intervals on selected days; and the last one is simply a set time on selected days. Other time-related ones (or system-event driven ones, really) allow you to trigger macros when the computer is simply idle (i.e. not being used); when the computer wakes up from sleep; or just before is goes to sleep. Then there are triggers for when the wifi network changes, the audio output device changes, folder contents change, a USB device is inserted, a hotkey is pressed, etc. The one main trigger is lacks is a good mouse trigger, for which Better Touch Tool is the go-to application for mouse-driven automation. Regarding actions, Keyboard Maestro can interface with iTunes, interface with Chrome/Safari, press buttons or menu items of specific applications without needed them to be focussed, run scripts (Swift, JavaScript, AppleScript, shell), detect images on screen (pixel matching—some people find this useful for identifying objects to click on that don't have names, but I personally loathe any sort of automation that involves simulating keypresses or mouse clicks), manipulate windows, and a bunch of other stuff. There's a good Wiki that explains all of the features in detail. Given how your expectations for Alfred weren't met before you paid for it, I'd suggest this time doing in-depth research before you invest in buying Keyboard Maestro or any other software (a good rule of life, in general). I believe KM has a trial period that allows you to use it for free so you can see if it does what you need.
  24. Well, at least you're offering real solutions. Will this operate on a timer?
  25. Hi smart people, When I search and find contact in Alfred (v3.7), it launches Contacts instead of showing it in Alfred like it used to. I'm running 10.14.1 (Mojave), and have Accessibility, Contacts and Full Disk Access checked/allowed in Privacy under Security & Privacy. Within Alfred, "Open Contacts in Alfred" is checked under Contacts and Default Results. Any help in resolving this will be appreciated! Thanks!
  26. Welcome @davidsword, There are some good solutions to that problem. See the following post for the previous discussion.
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