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  2. Confusing? Using modifiers to perform different actions is a standard feature… No. It would search the workflow & Script Filter names the way it does now. It would just be less strict about matching (it currently only uses "name/keyword starts with" semantics).
  3. @deanishe I have a url like: ``` http://localhost:8888/notebooks/Dropbox/Data_Science/Untitled.ipynb ``` I want to open the url: ``` http://localhost:8888/notebooks/Dropbox/Data_Science/ ``` Which excludes the last part after "/". When I copy paste this url, it works good in Chrome, but When I open using "OPEN URL" of Alfered, it opens blank tab.
  4. But then there would need to be 2 separate actions: "execute" vs. "edit". I guess you could have something like hold down command/option to go to the editor, but that seems like it could be even more confusing. How would that lookup work though? You'd have to enter in those additional keywords somewhere in the workflow anyway, no? At that point I don't see what's worse about it.
  5. Because PHP was a very stupid language that is trying to be less stupid while not breaking things too much. Constant names and array keys without quotes have been deprecated for many years. I guess Catalina includes a newer version of PHP that finally makes that a real error (or it's configured to make it an error).
  6. Thanks! That fixed it. Hmm. I wonder why it worked for years 🤔
  7. OP wants multiple keywords because he often forgets the right ones. Being able to look up the right one is a better solution than adding aliases and hoping you can remember one of those instead. Ideally, you would also be able to launch the workflow directly from the search results, but like I said, the feature currently isn't very useful.
  8. Right but it doesn't execute them, it just opens them in the workflow editor... unless I misunderstand the OP, the request is about setting up multiple keywords/aliases to trigger a workflow (mnemonics)
  9. I can't tell you why an Excel file I've never seen isn't working.
  10. The search (keyword ?) shows your workflows' keywords and hotkeys…
  11. Hello, I hope I'm not missing this elsewhere—I've read through the documentation, but I'm not having success with exporting a date format. I've included the DATE_FORMAT in the environment variables, and even tried additionally including it in the Script area of the filter I'm using the date for: Environment Variables: In the specific script filter I've tried having the date column in the workbook set as a Date in the YYYY-MM-DD as well as having it set as "general" non-specified. Regardless, I have the same result where what is copied to the clipboard is not formatted. Example: Date Published: 2014-09-24 When copied through the workflow, it goes to the clipboard as: 41906 I'd appreciate any help getting the YYYY-MM-DD to copy properly. Thank you! If it's needed: I have Alfred 4.0.4 Running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8030)
  12. But this is about running workflows, not about finding preferences -?
  13. TBH, I think this feature wouldn't be at all necessary if Alfred's Preferences Search worked in a usable way.
  14. It has nothing to do with macOS or Alfred. Your PHP code is incorrect. You haven't used quotes in your defines, i.e. define(BASE_DIR, ...) should be define("BASE_DIR", ...)
  15. Hello, Both Alfred and Spotlight no longer show any other app than Apple's own. I have tried to re-index (via MacPilot, via Terminal, via Privacy pref's), clear Alfred's cache, tried the rebuild MacOS metadata, used the 'reload' command, ticked the box for MacOS application folder, added custom paths (applications, utilities), did a permission check, verified with Disk Utility. All to no avail. My system runs on Catalina v10.15 and Alfred is on v4.0.5. At first, right after the upgrade to the latest versions, Alfred and Spotlight ran as expected. However, Spotlight did no longer provide any results within Outlook. I am now in an escalated support cycle with Microsoft, which has me rebuilding profiles, re-indexing Spotlight and verifying permissions etc. Since the last re-index/rebuild session, both Spotlight and Alfred no longer show any app's other than Apple's own. FYI: Spotlight also no longer gives me any search results other than its own database/index information (Dictionary, Reminders, Calendar, Notes, Messages). I used to see OLK15Messages (the Outlook mail message type), now I only get Apple Mail results. Is this a known issue, something logically related to a known issue, or am I just looking at a unique situation? It seems to me that Apple has increased restrictions (just like it is no longer possible to have 3rd party app's access mail, calendar and reminders items) and locked up locations. Can you help me out? Thanks. Dansmans.
  16. FYI: high sierra and latest version of Alfred (previous had the same issue)
  17. Hi, Does someone have an opinion to help to fix those contacts displayed 2, 3, 4 times as shown on the screenshot thank you
  18. @Vero Thank you for the v4.0.5 update. Everything is now working as expected under Catalina.
  19. I too am seeing this, but it's not limited to Mac mail... but more with specific Mac native applications: Mail, Calendar, Calculator. I have the same settings as above, and this started happening once I updated to Catalina
  20. I just updated to Alfred 4.0.5, and I've had to force quit it 3 times because it locks up when trying to use snippets. How can I roll back to the previous version?
  21. Yay - works 😁 you rock Andrew! bet you'll get that artwork figured out now you got me wanting to play with this new api... https://developer.apple.com/documentation/applemusicapi/artwork
  22. Hey, I'm trying to setup keyboard shortcuts to open my apps and I want the ability to open two possible apps from the same shortcut, such that, after pressing the required combination you then press an additional key to open the app you want. E.g. I want to use "CMD + SHIFT + P" to open either Photoshop or Premiere Pro (as they both start with P). The idea is after pressing "CMD + SHIFT + P" I then release the keys and press either h for Photoshop OR r for Premiere Pro. I know this is possible as there's an app called Apptivate that does exactly this but I cannot use it as it's recently developed a bug so want to setup Alfred to do it instead. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  23. Hi - Could someone please explain why Alfred does not return any results from Mac mail? I'm on Catalina and a PowerPack user. Thanks! Paul
  24. Thank you! I did a quick search but didn't see that post.
  25. Related suggestion: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/13777-keyword-aliases/
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