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  2. I recently switched to MacOS (after 25 years using Windows) and am attempting to follow the workflow tutorial here: http://alfredworkflow.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorial_1.html It says to: In Finder I see the path is /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.15D29E23-6534-4970-BC77-5C00522BE05E Using Atom I create a new file and click Save however I don't see the Library folder. After some googling I realize that the Library folder is hidden by default. Should I try to unhide the Library folder or is there a way to save Alfred workflows in a different location? What is best practice?
  3. I have no idea how this File Stream works, but no, If Spotlight doesn’t know about the files, neither does Alfred. If you can enable indexing on the volume, then it will work with both. I suggest you google that, or ask on a Google forum or macOS forum, like Ask Different. Someone on here might be able to help you, but at heart it’s a Google Drive/Spotlight question, not an Alfred one.
  4. Offline Unit Conversion Workflow

    I don’t think semver is particularly relevant: workflows don’t usually have a public API. Sure. You can increment it on every release if you want. Google Chrome’s on version 64 already. As a rule, new major versions tend to be synonymous with paid upgrades, which isn’t relevant to free software. If your workflow is associated with an app, you might use the same major version as the app for workflow versions that work with that app version. Otherwise, I don’t think it matters much as long as the version numbers always go up… I tend to go with “significant rewrite/new features = new major version”, but only because that’s what I know from most apps. I haven’t actually tried to develop a concrete concept for versioning.
  5. @Beto From the README: You can do whatever in your script. Since what you want to do is always the same, you can setup the script to do your actions. You can even save said script in TemplatesManager itself!
  6. Notes

    Ah yeah, I tried that. I was hoping for something a little more rich and that I can use with my iPhone when on the go, so quick sketches and checklists are easy to use on my mobile while I can quickly add to while on my mac. Seems like the Notes app is this weirdly feature rich, but neglected application that Apple kind of wants to make cool, but then doesn't make it easy to customize or quickly access.
  7. Offline Unit Conversion Workflow

    Deanishe, sorry for hijacking the thread for a simple question. But what versioning criteria do you use to release a new major version? I have read about SemVer that a new major version should come out when "any backwards incompatible changes are introduced to the public API". What can this mean in terms of an Alfred Workflow? Would it be the case of a new version for Alfred 3 that becomes incompatible with Alfred 2? Can I release a new major version just because of significant new features?
  8. Hello. Thanks for your reply. No. Spotlight does not find the files. So a Google Drive File Stream volume is not an afp:// volume? --> And thus macOS will not index that volume. ---> And it will not be searchable in Alfred (or Spotlight).
  9. Does Spotlight find the files? macOS doesn't index remote volumes (except afp:// ones).
  10. Notes

    @mburchett2 If you're not attached to the Notes app, and are simply looking for a text file you can add to, which can be synced between devices using Dropbox, then the Write Text Output object may be sufficient. You can append to the same note stored in a Dropbox folder. If that interests you, take a look at the "Simple To-Do List" built-in example workflow (where I've included three lists, which you can customise to your own needs) and the Write Text Output page: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/outputs/write-file/ Cheers, Vero
  11. @keenan411 Welcome to the forum Could you please take a look at the first post in this thread, and check that you're using the correct version of the workflow for the version of Evernote you're using? Assuming you're using Alfred 3, you should be using Evernote 6.x directly from Evernote.com, not from the Mac App Store, in order for the workflow to be able to find your notes. Cheers, Vero
  12. Hello. I have just installed Google Drive File Stream and a new Volume was added that contains all the files. I have added the volume in Alfred Search Scope, but I cannot search for the files in Alfred. In the Drive File Stream volume I have some files that are available offline and som that are online only. I saw in the forum another person who had the same issue, and the recommendation was to add the new volume to the search scope in Alfred. I have done this, but it is still not working. Any help is appreciated. BR, -Niclas Alfred 3.5.1 Pre-release MacOS 10.13
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  14. Notes

    I'm assuming there's no way to append to an existing note. I'd like to be able to just have one note that I'm always adding to. Sort of like a checklist that I keep up to date quickly. Ideally, it'd be neat to have your notes added to "default" note that you've created, but then have an option to create a new note by holding down a modifier key. Example: n remember the milk > remember the milk as been appended to Note: Checklist Especially with the new features in the notes app, I could see it being very awesome as a kind of "flow of ideas" manager that doesn't require a bunch of keywords to get what you need out of it.
  15. Terminal Control Workflow

    Strange. I'm on my 10.12 mac here with the prior version of the workflow, and it's not working for me, and as far as I'm aware, it's always been a known issue. I'm testing here with macOS 10.12, and iTerm2 build 3.1.2. Maybe you have a newer version of iTerm on your new machine, and the old one had the prior Applescript behavior? Check the versions on your old mac, are they the same as the new mac?
  16. Shameless plug, but I made a workflow of my own that tries to solve this by simply including every website you can possibly search for in one big list. Added Baidu to the list too. 🙂
  17. It's not quite that simple. A favicon is often tiny (max. 48px), as it's meant to be displayed in browser tabs or bookmark lists. Alfred icons are (ideally) 256px. I agree that it would be pretty cool if Alfred tried to fetch an icon for web searches that don't have one, but if you check the output of RealFaviconGenerator, you'll see that favicons are fairly Serious Business. There's quite a bit of effort involved in extracting the right favicon from an HTML page (assuming an appropriate one is even available). Disagree, tbh. Alfred is fundamentally an English-language tool (its UI is English-only, so Alfred users pretty much need to be comfortable with English). As such, it makes sense to include a bunch of English-language searches, as they're likely to be at least useable for (if not useful to) all users. If Alfred went down the "Baidu rabbit hole" and included Baidu and Yandex etc., there would be a lot of clutter that is of zero interest to the majority of users. What I would suggest instead would be a stickied thread in the forum where we can keep a list of the best web searches for different languages. That way, someone could add a whole bunch of searches for the language(s) they're interested in within a couple of minutes. How does that sound?
  18. When I call up ens in Alfred I cannot hit spacebar and then type a search as usual. It just kicks me into google search mode. ent/enn/etc. have the same problem. Other workflows seem to be ok. Before and after screens are attached. I searched a few pages in this thread and could not find this issue. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Thanks for any help provided.
  19. @Green Ginger Update to 3.5 (or 3.5.1 pre-release) and either use one of the default themes, or set your theme blur to less than 50%. Cheers, Vero
  20. Alfred 3 Lag on High Sierra

    @AJCrowley As Vitor said, there's a High Sierra issue affecting a small proportion of users when using high window blur. Simply lowering the blur resolves the issue. Take a look at the "lag" headline here: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/alfred-3-5-ready-for-high-sierra/ Also, please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile. Cheers, Vero
  21. ascii codec can't decode

    Moving this thread to "Closed". It's not an Alfred bug, and I've fixed the issue with the workflow.
  22. Offline Unit Conversion Workflow

    Sorry, I forgot to reply to your message. Use "PHP", not "php". Lowercase currencies only work as long as they don't conflict with built-in units. As far as pint (the library that does all the converting) is concerned, p is the prefix for "pico" and hp is "horsepower", so "php" means "picohorsepower".
  23. Hi, I'm currently using this workflow and it works perfectly, although I use it mostly on 1 folder "Projects" where I create a project folder with a defined structure. Thing is, the folder is created on the active finder window as intended. What I would like to do is: Call Alfred and my template gets created in a defined folder /home/projects/(create here) always, and then the finder opens a windows with the folder selected allowing me to easy rename and start interacting with it, any clue on how to do this? TIA.
  24. Offline Unit Conversion Workflow

    Update to v3.0.2. Works around an incompatibility of the pint library with non-ASCII paths discovered by @Canor.
  25. Alfred 3 Lag on High Sierra

    Cool, well as long as I can use another theme, it's a minor inconvenience, rather than making one of my favourite apps barely usable. I can live with that.
  26. Alfred 3 Lag on High Sierra

    They are. But there’s a good possibility it’s a High Sierra bug that cannot be fixed from Alfred’s side.
  27. Alfred 3 Lag on High Sierra

    That's exactly what the issue was. I built my own theme back when I first started using Alfred and it's always worked fine for me. Any idea if the developers are working to fix this? Thanks again!
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