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  2. Good News: After reaching out to Google Drive's support, it looks like they've fixed the problem. The account-specific urls - specific above - are working again! Case closed ... Ha
  3. @xeric Thank you for the reply and offer to help! I followed the instructions above and for some reason, I get no debug output... after 10-20 min it still reads "Starting debug for 'Outlook Search'" Any ideas?
  4. Update: Added a preview of parsed fields of the card by ⇧[shift]. The data is updated every time when the field text will save.
  5. Shawn (the developer of Packal) had a field for a PayPal email or URL (I don't recall exactly). That would presumably require user accounts, though. I don't think donation links for workflow authors is important, but I think you really ought to at least mention the workflow authors. Every comparable site I know, from packagecontrol.io to npmjs.org to packages.debian.org lists the developer/maintainer. Have you tried Vítor's workflow? It's tuned for this forum and the awful, buggy Invision editor. You might get used to it, but I don't think anybody likes it. It's riddled with annoying bugs.
  6. 2Do developer here - working for me. I've tested this with "Auto expand" snippets and I have no issues.
  7. @mjwalfreds Have you thought about open sourcing Pacmax? Is there a reason you wish to keep it closed source? I ask because I see no value in keeping it closed source unless you somehow plan to make money off this that is not just donations. If the tool was open source, it would be much easier to actually make it the 'best' tool all Alfred users use and love. I or some other Alfred user/developer may chip in and maybe add a PR for a proof of work spider or some UI/UX changes. List goes on. I think it's one of the reasons Packal died off. The maintainer got busy with life and had no time to support Packal in a meaningful way. Open source solves this issue if there is any interest in the tool and I reckon there is an interest in a tool like this unless @Andrew has something official planned for the future.
  8. Hi all, I am thrilled to see this post & that my original post was unhidden. Sorry for the late reply; I had no idea it was visible or that this post was here until this morning. I'm going to do my best to follow up on each point now; please let me know if there is anything else that I can touch on more. Thanks for the mention @Vero and @nikivi for posting this thread! Understandable—I've been a long-time lurker and have been talking some via email with an Alfred admin (who has been great, by the way). I've been excited to hear from the community at large, which is why I wound up posting what I did to Reddit. Hopefully, now I'll be able to better communicate here. This sounds great and if you're interested I'd love to learn more about that. With the spider being a hit or miss, that was my major concern and why I opted (for now) to have things be manually submitted; automation has absolutely been on my mind though. And, even the possibility of having major contributors be given more control over adding packages to PM. Anyways, I am all ears and would love to learn more. I agree with Deanishe that the AAW repo is a different matter; I've actually recently contributed to Awesome Alfred Workflows because I think it's great and wanted to see it be a little sharper. I believe in making the adding of packages more accessible for not just developers but non-developers; which is where I think I was sort of coming from when I decided to undertake a sort of Packal-like site. As an aside: That XKCD is too real. Haha. I see what you mean and that is definitely an oversight on my part. Honestly, I added it because I felt like once and a blue moon someone might help pay for even a portion of the web hosting which really isn't much; I've probably invested more time than anything. How would you suggest I add Donation options for the developers? I'd love to incorporate this. I've also been working on making it more clear on each post who made what and where they can find more from them. In closing, I want to do anything and everything I can to automate the submissions of packages & better highlight the developers. This is new to me, but I do want to make the most of this. I know I started out with the aim to make a more usable site, and I think I'm in the right direction, but I look forward to improving it further. It was great reading the above and I look forward to more! If anyone would like to reach out to me about more in-depth feedback or feature suggestions, about anything we've discussed here or otherwise, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message here or at hi@pacmax.org. Cheers, Max P.S. I apologize for my wonky formatting here. I wrote this all in MD and it didn't convert very well. I am sure I will come around to the editor here in the forums. I also didn't maybe go as in depth as I'd like to but I have a few projects going on for work that I need to get to now. So, to reiterate, please reach out if there's anything I can improve on.
  9. Maybe an emacs guy with evil mode ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)!
  10. I would like to be able to add modifiers keys to be able to decide in which browser I want my search to be opened when I search using modifiers keys. For example: I type "Alfred" in Alfred search bar with Google Search as the first of my Fallback searches then hit the Cmd key to open Google search in Google Chrome. Hitting Ctrl would have opened Safari. I know something similar is possible with workflows but I would prefer to not have to have to use a trigger as it adds one more step. Plus, one has to create one specific workflow for each fallback search which means more keyboard shortcuts or keywords to remember. What do you think @Andrew
  11. @linlishuo Welcome to the forum There are a few results for various tools called EasyFind online, so it would help if you could provide a link to it, so that we're definitely looking at the same tool. Fellow users can then help you work out whether there's a way to pass the search to EasyFind or not. Cheers, Vero
  12. Morning all! I've suggested to @mjwalfreds to join this conversation, so he can chat with some of our most experienced and active community members, so I'm sure he'll come and introduce himself soon Cheers, Vero
  13. Love this tool, be on the lookout for a pull request soon! I don't know if you're a pilot or not, but as a pilot, I have some small lexical changes I'm going to make so the information is more uniform with other sources of information pilots are used to. I wouldn't be making edits if I didn't already love the project.
  14. I'm having the same issue with Alfred fails to search anything when Synology Nas AFP server is added into search scope.
  15. Thank you guys! With the great Alfred 3, I can open webpage, mailbox, search internet and do translate work in a smooth and quick way. Here is one function I would like to request - I only use Easyfind to search files on my mac. It would be very helpful if I type some words in Alfred and then showed a shortcut in fallback results which reads "Search on Easyfind". When clicked, it will run Easyfind and do search the search work. Sorry that I know only little about Workflow, but is there any possibility that it could be done with Alfred?
  16. @Joe O. Please follow below step to get some debug log, then I may dig into what happens: * goto Alfred Preferences -> Workflows and choose Outlook Search in sidemenu * click most right 'bug' icon button in main windows toolbar to step into debug mode * try to trigger Alfred input with your hotkey and input text and something else (at least three characters), you will get some debug information in debug console. Please anonymize some sensitive information in debug info you got. In your case, there may be something wrong with the database path, what you will see in debug log something like: /Users/{yourAccount}/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/ try to access this path you your local file system and check if the path is existing or not.
  17. Last week
  18. That's a fair point. Still, it seems a bit odd to post a site that you say you don't want to submit your own workflows to. Now I look more closely, I think it questionable that the site doesn't mention workflow authors at all. Every page says "Maxwell Jordan White" but never mentions the people who're providing the content that makes the site anything but completely pointless. Notably, there's also a big "Donate to Me!" link, but none for the workflow authors (which Packal always had). Quite likely an oversight by Max, but all the same, not super cool.
  19. It’s not: Why do we need a website to fill Packal’s void? What’s wrong with the Github lists? Why not just grab one of those and make a website (automated)? Also, people are still submitting to Packal, so there’s no void yet, just a badly plugged leak. Unrelated, if you post in a row you should edit your post instead. Otherwise the thread quickly becomes hard to read.
  20. To get a discussion going and hear what the community thinks. I am not the one to judge what people should do, they can decide for themselves. For all we know, the tool might be using some crawler (spider) under the hood already or has one planned. And for another point, it's currently the best website to fill Packal's void. And it has a search that works. Packal is also closed source for whatever reason.
  21. Why did you post the link in the first place, then, if you think it's a bad idea to submit workflows there?
  22. It would be cool if the author made Pacmax open source so maybe we improve on that. I also don't want to submit workflows to some closed source tool that I have no control over.
  23. I think my alfred workflow list is a bit cleaner than Dave's but thats my opinion. The tool I wanted to build was also what Dean had in mind. It should be automated to get info from GitHub first and foremost with additional submit ability. I wanted to build some hook in system to map a workflow to github releases and have the site update from that. Although not all distribute workflows via github releases and some dont distribute via github at all.
  24. Yeah. In that regard, I'd be much more amenable to a fully-automatic, no-user-input site that just scans for GitHub repos tagged with alfred-workflows. Workflow discovery is definitely a problem (a forum is a pretty crappy format for that), but "here's another site to submit your workflow to" worsens the situation, rather than improves it, even if the site itself is good. The "Awesome Alfred Workflows" list is a different matter, imo, as it's a curated list, not a free-for-all (and importantly, maintained). And given decent curation—and I believe Dave is doing a good job in that regard—there's definitely value in it.
  25. Not really, no. Like I said, this isn't an issue with Alfred. Alfred is getting the bad UTI (dyn.ah62d4rv4ge80g55r) from your system. There's nothing Alfred can really do about that. And if this only happens with folders under your ownCloud directory, then it's most probably an issue with ownCloud (or ownCloud+Mojave). In any case, the output from Alfred's metadata tool (which Vero linked above) might be of some interest/use. FWIW, dyn.* UTIs aren't random. This one means "file extension = com".
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