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  2. You don’t need it in gists. The file extension in the file’s name suffices.
  3. @deanishe, that solved it for me! I had never used system() before. I updated the gist with the working code and provided a downloadable Alfred Workflow there. I feel empowered! (Although I'm impressed with Ruby's brevity!) Thanks to both of you!!!
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  5. Yes, it's the one that comes with the OS. Bundle ID is 12603.1.29
  6. As a side note, in ruby one can also give system a single string, but that launches a shell to interpret the command. In the multiple arguments version, no shell is launched. That’s a good thing as ones doesn't have to worry about shell command injection and escaping.
  7. Type bt to toggle bluetooth and its menu bar icon. Optionally give it a number to toggle, wait that number of minutes, and toggle back. Download | Source
  8. There are a few questionable things about the script, but the obviously broken bit is your incorrect usage of system(). If you look at the relevant docs, system() takes the command as a single string. You need system("open $url");
  9. Nothing, really. I just built the binary with Sierra as a target version and never tested on the El Cap. So if it works — great!
  10. Well I tried this in Alfred's PHP scripting and it didn't do anything: (the opening PHP tag is there only to enable syntax highlighting; it's not actually added in my script) I'd guess that the syntax for PHP is the same as your Ruby because of PHP's system(). I also tried exec() and passthru() but none of these 3 worked. If someone could please advise how-to in PHP, I'd surely appreciate it just for learning's sake. However, @vitor, you've been a great help. Thank you so much for that.
  11. I found the problem. Very interesting. In the System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies > HTTP & HTTPS, I had prefixed `http` to my proxy, which caused an issue. If anyone reports this issue, this might be a silly reason. Thanks for the help!
  12. What about this workflow is problematic on El Capitan? I tried it, and it seems to work for most apps (Spotify the only window that didn't show up in the list). It is indeed much faster than the one I've been using.
  13. This is indeed embarrassing!! I had in fact used that combination in a workflow.😟 I apologize to the forum for entering such a foolish entry in “bug reports”. I thought I had checked the workflows but completely missed it. Sometimes I can’t see trees while standing in the forest. Thank you Vero & Vitor
  14. Welcome to the forums, @anguyenrex. The problem is in your first line. You’re ending it in [query] (square brackets) instead {query} (curly braces).
  15. I set up a custom web search 'wiki'. When I type 'wiki' it works but once I enter a space, it triggers a google search! Help please! Thank you!
  16. @19000 Taking a look at your screenshots and your license, it looks like you're still using Alfred 2? I've tested this issue with Alfred 3, but please bear with me a few days and I will aim to test this further in Alfred 2 as well. In the meantime, I would recommend creating a temporary second user account on your Mac, and checking whether you encounter the same behaviour without the other apps you have installed on your primary user account. This will help narrow down whether it's a conflict issue with another app. Cheers, Vero
  17. Is it the Safari installation that comes with the OS? Or is it a Tech Preview (a separate installation)? If possible, what's the bundle ID of Safari on your machine?
  18. @Andrew Thank you very much, sir! Top quality support, as always!
  19. @m3adi3c If you update to the 3.3.1 b806 pre-release, Alfred should now behave much better with this
  20. Hi, I tested this approach, but I can't do what I wanted to. I want to create a new entry, not star a timer. Something like: tgp "project name" "time for this entry" No timer needs to start o finish. Thanks!
  21. Yeah. If it's designed in a reasonable way (e.g. parseable output), it should be possible to build a workflow around it. Totally understand that. But if you're setting out to build something for the community at large, nodejs is a really bad choice.
  22. Bummer - big reason not to use iCloud vs Drive/DropBox IMO. Thanks for your help!
  23. @Andrew I know, I do that sometimes, but maybe I'm impatient enough to choose the file-search method.
  24. @m3adi3c It's also worth mentioning that Alfred's file cache is actually fed from the file search, so if an app doesn't show immediately, usually re-searching for the app (without the space or apostrophe prefix) will find it.
  25. Alright, thank you, then!
  26. @m3adi3c that's enough info thanks! I can see where that is happening now - I'll have this fixed today thanks Andrew
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