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  2. Then I think you might not have fully embraced The Alfred Way. Under the hood, Alfred uses the exact same search index and API as Spotlight. What sets it apart is the ability to create laser-focussed searches that are lightning fast, precisely because you're not searching everything. If you treat Alfred like Spotlight, you might as well just use Spotlight. Alfred's docs strongly encourage creating multiple, tightly-focussed searches, rather than one great-big one. You can treat Alfred as a Spotlight replacement with a few added smarts, but you're missing out on a lot by using it that way. It's possible I'm at the extreme end of the spectrum with 15+ different File Filters, but I honestly doubt it. That's how you're supposed to use Alfred, and as a rule, it will serve you better if you use it that way.
  3. Yeah that's a lot. I don't have different files searches, kinda defeats the purpose with a file search for me.
  4. @Jasondm007 There's something unusual going on here. Alfred will let you re-assign standard application shortcuts (I've re-assigned ⌘⌥M to @vitor's MarkdownBulletin workflow in Safari and Chrome, even though it's the standard shortcut for "Minimize All"). I suspect either Alfred or the system is special-casing ⌘W and preventing you from assigning it. It might also be because it's a shortcut that exists within Alfred Preferences (you also can't use ⎋ as a shortcut). EDIT: Also, there's no need to "page" everyone like that. Anyone who's posted in the thread will get a notification regardless.
  5. Keep recent written text in Alfred

    Thank you
  6. Keep recent written text in Alfred

    @moritzholzinger Welcome to the forum Pop Alfred's preferences open to the Advanced preferences, and check "Store query history" and "show history if within 5 minutes" and you'll be good to go! Cheers, Vero
  7. See Troubleshooting File Indexing Issues.
  8. keyboard shortcut conflicts - How do I change them?

    @Andrew @horncologne @greggluhring I have a slightly different, but related question to this thread: Is it possible to create a workflow that uses an existing system shortcut (like cmd+w) as a hotkey in Alfred that is specific to a particular application? While Alfred allows you to tie a hotkey to a specific application (i.e., a related app), I can't figure out how to assign an existing shortcut as the hotkey when it's already assigned elsewhere. In other words, is it possible to assign a hotkey that might conflict with an existing shortcut, but where Alfred is smart enough to know that it takes primacy? In most cases, I would just reassign the system shortcut that is creating the conflict, so that Alfred can use it. But in this case, where I only want the action to behave differently for a specific application, it doesn't make much sense. If this won't work as a hotkey, are there other ways to tackle this in Alfred? Thanks for your help!!
  9. Keep recent written text in Alfred

    Hi, Alfred is so so good but I can't stand one thing that makes me hate Alfred, this feature is even there in normal Spotlight Search. If you activate alfred, you type for example: "hello text", then close alfred again, then open it, the text dissapeared. I can recall with via pressing the "up" button, but I want the last result to be here immediately. How to activate that? Thanks, Moritz
  10. When I search for known files in Alfred, it fails to find them, as you can see in this image comparing Alfred's results with the Finder's results of a search for "yoga". The movies exist on an external drive, called /Volumes/2TB\ SSD\ encrypted/ I have added this volume to the Alfred preferences to be searched. I have reindexed the drive with the movies that Alfred does not see. What is going on? Thanks
  11. @loudestnoise Download only the main.swift file from my GitHub. Then compile it to an executable on your Mac either with Xocde or in Terminal.app by running swiftc main.swift -o alfred-chrome-fixed or whatever output name you want. I'm not sure if you need to install Xcode for that. Then right click on Alfred Chrome in the Alfred Workflows Tab to open the workflow directory in Finder. Copy the compiled executable there and change the script Alfred Chrome is using by right-clicking the "cr" and / or "chrome" Script Filter, then Configure Object and then changing the Script File to your new file. That's what I did, hope it helps.
  12. TBH, I put all of my File Filters in the same workflow. No need to fill up Alfred with two dozen workflows that are 70% identical.
  13. Ah now I think I understand. For me there should only be one File Filter, that's the only "input". The suggestion was to add multiple "outputs" only. One for OPTION one for CMD one for SHIFT etc.
  14. Just type the keyword ww and hit ↩ on the tab you want.
  15. The same as you have done. There's no need to make copies of your actions (unless they're different). You can connect multiple Script/List filters to a single action, and assign a different modifier to each connection. All a Junction lets you do is make the connections a bit tidier, which can be helpful if you have loads of actions and/or filters.
  16. hey man, if they do not work after refreshing page, reinstalling and restarting the browser, so then it is likely that the video sites have been upgraded with the new encryption algorithm. In this case, you need to wait for an official update (perhaps a long wait) or seek an alternative to DownloadHelper: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/video-downloadhelper-not-working.html or http://alternativeto.net/software/downloadhelper/alternatives/?platform=firefox cheers
  17. converting HHMMSS to Seconds

    See also this which uses conversion to seconds as the basis for a time calculator
  18. This workflow sounds great, but I don't understand how to use it. Could someone explain?
  19. Last week
  20. Start your query with a space (you’ll see a '). It’ll look in your system. Search for the name of the parent and it’ll allow to drill down the path in greater detail.
  21. I don't know how to do that, but it sounds useful. If you feel like modify and upload the workflow it would be much appreciated.
  22. Atlassian Confluence Quick search

    Doesn't work when the user is a 2FA user.. 401 unauthorized
  23. Where in the linked page is it stated? I don't want to navigate through whole path (query start with "/") I want to open folder/file using some part of its path - mostly to skip hinting folders with the same name. Anytime as I type "/" in my querry, Alfred offers Search with Google, Amazon, Wikipedia...
  24. converting HHMMSS to Seconds

    Hey, thanks Vitor! I'll give that a go
  25. converting HHMMSS to Seconds

    Something like this, in ruby: require 'time' t = Time.parse(ARGV[0]) puts(t.hour * 3600 + t.min * 60 + t.sec) Here’s a Workflow.
  26. clipbox

    @arsenty, @jhopper28. Thanks for the details. I figured out what was going on -- i'd forgotten to include an environment variable in the package when I uploaded it. It should work now, if you're willing to download the new version and try again.
  27. @aheidelbergDownloaded the zip from your Github fork of this workflow, but it's still not triggering with 'cr' or 'chrome'. Any ideas? 10.12.5, Alfred 3.4.1
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