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  2. Can you follow those steps http://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/articles/support/ to send me a debug zip file, I'll have a look. Please detail in the email what you are observing (screenshots and/or video might help) because it is not clear why you would not be able to use Alfred because of my workflow
  3. Update. Two interfacing changes. When marking an item as watched without playing, do not refresh Alfred. When playing an item, do not close Alfred. Both changes are meant to allow acting on multiple items fast. For example, when opening a video, the player will steal focus from Alfred and close it anyway, but until then you have the chance to ↵ on other items, setting up a short queue. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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  5. You should definitely not try to install it yourself. duti has been abandoned several macOS releases ago, and Homebrew patches the included version to work on newer versions.
  6. I keep getting this error code when entering the server info. Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break". Did you mean to use "continue 2"? in /Users/User/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.AEDEDEB0-6F44-4E15-B877-B146BF172306/plex.php on line 265 ERROR: No Plex server was found at' to Post Notification
  7. It is. There are a couple ways that I know of. The first one depends on our settings. If I have a full-screen app going I can go find the other app I want on that screen, click its top window handle and hold, then command-uparrow to see my desktops. Then I just drag it to the window and it will split the screen between them. The other way is to click and hold the full screen button on the app's window bar. This lets you pick a side to put it on, then click any other app on that desktop and it will split between them. In either case, you can drag the bar between the windows to divvy up how much screen each gets. And you can only do this with two windows. As to doing it programmatically, I've never tried that and I suspect you can't. But it is possible otherwise.
  8. hi, I am new here. In appearance theme designing, I want to use some fonts (like Helvetica) for english text and another CJK font family for japanese and chinese text. But it seems that it can only select one font. (search box and result box can be different but it can't separate english and non-english fonts) Is this achievable?
  9. When first installing the workflow it worked very nicely, but it started to open the spotify desktop app, not really being able to run anything using Alfred anymore. I've tried removing and adding the workflow (including related folders) and reinstalling Alfred. Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you for helping So I managed to find script on Python, watched a video on how to run python script with Alfred but with no luck. No surprise since I have 0 programming skills. Could anybody please help me to create this workflow? Find my attempts here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkuQBe-rRIt9ocgDf74x8uamsWcFaQ?e=y4zelt
  11. What zip package? You mean the source code? You don't. Install it via Homebrew.
  12. Open the workflow, then open the /bin/bash script action. There's only one line in the script. Edit by removng the '3' and replacing it with an 'X'. Click 'Save'.
  13. Cool. Will try that. I'm not familiar with loading command-line tools. How do I install this zip package?
  14. You can use duti to change the default handler for http/https. It's available via Homebrew. Should be very simple to build a workflow based on that.
  15. So this may be a stretch. But is there an app/code (or Alfred workflow) that would automatically change my Mac's default browser? I ask because I use Edge for work 🤨 and Firefox for home and I'd like something to preferably change my system's default browser to Edge in the morning and then back to Firefox after I'm done with work stuff. Maybe a program that switches based on time of day? I know, i know 'just switch it in each browser's preferences' but something going behind the scenes would make my workday a little easier. Thanks
  16. now Previews only can work on file search,but I need it to run in Dictionary,when I search a word I need to previews, now it only can show pronounciation
  17. Hi everyone I recently switched over from Spotify to Apple Music. Love the fact that Alfred has Mini Player built in. However on a reboot, when I tried to start Mini player (using hot key, or "iTunes" keyword), it just crashes Alfred. To the extent where hot key used to invoke Alfred stops working. Activity Monitor lists Alfred has still fine. I'd have to kill Alfred from Activity Monitor, and restart it for Alfred to work again. Seem to only happen if I try to start Mini player when iTunes isn't already running. I'm used to how Alfred Spotify Mini Player will try to start Spotify if it's not running, wondering if this correct behaviour for Alfred Mini Player? Running on Mac Mojave (10.14.6) Alfred v 4.0.9 [1144] iTunes Version
  18. @Andrew thank you for reaching out. I think I must had some setting disabling the option. I am now able to tab from a selected to get the contextual menu and from there get to the "Recent Documents..." item, so all good now. Thank again and sorry for the false alarm.
  19. @christianboyce hmmm this is very strange indeed, and undoubtedly a bug in Contacts.app on Catalina. Alfred is simply calling the addressbook:// url scheme which is passed off to macOS. The behaviour after this is entirely outside of Alfred's control. The good news is this is super simple to reproduce, so it'll be easy for me to raise an Apple bug! Cheers, Andrew
  20. @Luis Martins I've just tested in macOS 10.15.4 and Alfred 4.0.9 with Apple's TextEdit.app and am seeing recent documents, so this should still be working as expected. Does it work for any apps, such as TextEdit? or does it not work at all? Which versions of Alfred and macOS are you using? Cheers, Andrew
  21. @JamieKeene I suspect that the actual update is failing to occur. Note that Alfred and the preferences are two separate apps contained in one package, so the main Alfred app may still be on an older version and thinking it needs update. Could you re-download the dmg directly from our website, delete Alfred.app in ~/Applications/ and replace with the version from the dmg. This should flush out any permissions issues which may be causing the issue. Cheers, Andrew
  22. Sorry for dig an old topic. Just trying to start using Alfred again and sure enough this is the first issue I bump into. I have given Alfred full disk permissions and still no ability to drill down to any app recent documents. Any tips?
  23. Last week
  24. Yeah, the code that does the conversion could be pulled out and used in Alfred (or more generally, anywhere), but that is a browser script. With JavaScript, it's important to understand the difference between the language and the browser. Scripts aren't run the same way outside a browser, and a lot of common functions and APIs are provided by the browser, not JavaScript itself. The script uses a CSS selector target and document.getElementById() for all its input and output, but document and elements and CSS selectors are a part of the browser environment, not JavaScript itself. All Alfred scripts must follow the UNIX model, and use ARGV and STDOUT/STDERR for input and output because that's what's available in the environment the scripts are run in.
  25. Sorry, I think I misunderstood you. I was writing in the last posts, before your question, about the new feature coming any day now (and available on the github dev-version already) that makes it possible to add new bookmarks, and that feature does let you search for collections to add the new bookmark to. You can't search for collections and list the bookmarks in them. At least not at the moment. I had not even thought of that until right now, but It is not a bad idea I might add it later, but no promises about that right now.
  26. Oh that's fantastic! I can't see to get it working though. Only pulls up bookmarks for me. Am I missing something? Thanks
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