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  2. Just published 2.1.5 which should fix errors relating to the folder names.
  3. All this rhetoric is totally unnecessary as there are no problems in the App and it works beautifully. However, all of this can be dispelled with a simple answer of whether we can expect an update in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc..... Just a rough guideline since there has been no feedback on this for a very long time - over a year now. As I have stated in the past, I would like to see a new updated version for the iPhone with the latest iOS features but understand that Andrew has to allocate his time appropriately. I personally am willing to pay for such an update.
  4. Welcome @MattDKerr, This is a duplicate of another post. For other password managers to be supported, they need to support the feature, not Alfred. Locking to not split the conversation. If you have any further questions, please make them in that post.
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  6. I like that 1Password is supported but personally I use LastPass- it would be nice to have that as a supported alternative
  7. i don't own a HomePod, no idea how that looks in Music. i have an AirPort Express though that i use daily, and the volume is changed on that output. what happens in your case? any error message in the Workflow debug?
  8. What problems? From a cursory glance at this forum I only see feature requests for the Remote, no bug reports. If you have an issue, please report it so it can be looked at and fixed. The developer is the one who defines an app as abandoned, not the user, because it’s them who know if they’re still working on it or not. Time passed has no bearing on it at all. The app still works on the latest version of iOS, the latest version of macOS, and the latest version of Alfred, just like it did the last time it was updated. The app doesn’t need an upgrade, you want an upgrade. Which is fine, but it doesn’t give you any credence in calling it abandoned because it hasn’t been upgraded in some arbitrary time frame. Whether it’s abandoned or not is not your call to make.
  9. It don't works it you are controlling the HomePod from the Music application.
  10. Last version is from 4 years ago. How many years has to have an application with no new versions and with problems to be considerered abandoned? More than 4 years? Sure?
  11. @mrgordon Take a look at Alfred's Preferences > Features > File Search > Navigation. Is this the hotkey combo you're looking for? You can change it, or simply remove it by selecting the field and pressing backspace. Cheers, Vero
  12. I'm definitely amenable to adding in options to prevent placeholder expansion. I'll have a think about the appropriate scope of this as I don't want to over complicate what will usually be considered as a corner case. Cheers, Andrew
  13. If I press on: CMD + Option + - Alfred opens my home-folder: I could not find any settings for this keyboard shortcut in Alfred-preferences. I dont use any custom Workflows in Alfred. Is there a way to change this behavior as this keyboard shortcut is used for zoom-out in many apps. Thank you for any help. Edit: Alfred 4 with powerpack (happens on alfred 3 too), OSX 10.15.5, Austrian Keyboard
  14. Alfred: Notable An Alfred workflow which allows you to create new markdown files suitable to use with Notable App. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/notable GitHub: https://github.com/ruddra/alfred-notable-workflow Prerequisite First you need is to download and install the Notable app from the official website. Then download the workflow file and install it in Alfred. But you need to purchase powerpack before running this workflow. By default this workflow will create markdown files in ~/.notable/notes folder. If you want to change it, add an environment variable named notable_folder in the workflow. Usage Press alt+space(or the shortcut you have selected for alfred). Then type note Name of my note. Then it should create new markdown file named 2020-07-13-name-of-my-note.md inside noteable direction. Template By default the markdown file will be generated with a basic template. If you do not want to use a template, then add no_template in environment variable. You can use your custom templates as well. Just add a template.txt file inside notable app's notes directory(where the markdown files are being created) with your favorite markup.
  15. Post below has details - still no script filter equivalent though, but it’s a lot closer than iOS has ever gotten before. https://talk.macpowerusers.com/t/ios-14-favorite-features/18248/14
  16. I have a related problem with my Markdown to BBCode workflow. I write posts on this forum in Markdown and then convert them for the forum software. And every time I write a {date:…} macro or similar to show someone how to do something, Alfred expands it when I run the converter workflow (it turned that example into … so I had to rewrite it). The culprit in my case appears to be the Copy to Clipboard action, which is executing placeholder expansion on the contents of {query}. I appreciate the utility of being able to insert dynamic placeholders into script output and have them expanded by Alfred, but an element like the Copy to Clipboard action should be configurable to put the text I pass it on the clipboard without altering it.
  17. updated with the new 4.1 goodies. i'm tracking different versions now, so you can get 4.0.x, or 4.1.x. by default it will download the latest version available.
  18. I just published version 2.1.2, which now supports returning more than 15 projects. I also confirmed it is working fine with Alfred 4. However, you may need to update a folder name depending on what is currently installed on your system. See this issue for the fix: https://github.com/johnthepink/alfred2-basecamp/issues/10
  19. I'm making a snippet for Roam Research that involves their {{date}} command. However, when the snippet pastes {{date}} it inserts today's date. I'd like it to stop doing that. It could be just as easy as adding an arbitrary symbol in front of {
  20. Yesterday
  21. Don't know. In any case, if I've understood correctly, I don't think that will work. Alfred bases its rankings on how often an item is actioned (for a specific query). Informational items typically can't be actioned, so if you assign UIDs, they'll sink to the bottom, not rise to the top.
  22. You're welcome. There is no AppleScript default. It depends entirely on which application or API you're getting the files from. Sometimes you get an alias, sometimes you get a file, sometimes you get a POSIX file, sometimes a POSIX path.
  23. You are assuming wrong. Lack of response on a release date is in no way confirmation that it’s not being worked on. Alfred’s team is small—two people, and only one codes the apps. The answer you should assume to the question “when will anything be released” is “when it’s ready”. Software release announcements are notorious for missing the deadline; announcing a date for a free upgrade would be all downside, no upside.
  24. FYI @deanishe I brought this up in my enterprise renewal for box.
  25. I knew it was possible, but as someone who touches Apple Script maybe once every few years, it's very non-obvious. It would be nice if Alfred could simply handle whatever file type that Apple Script uses by default.
  26. Thanks, @deanishe, I followed your suggestion and it works reasonably well. Do you know what happens if two results have the same UID? One way I could simulate this "top order fixed" behavior is to have the fixed items share UIDs. Quite soon, they will be the most popular follow ups and will show as a group at the top, ordered by the order they were seen in responses. But this strategy hinges on how repeated UIDs are treated. --Abhijit
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