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  2. Gotta throw my +1 in here. This is the only reason I am keeping TextExpander on my machine. (and the fact that it can run javascript snippets, but that's something I don't use as much). Thanks for your consideration.
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  4. I use the feature of adding custom urls to alfred many times a day.. to the point where I would really like to do it as a hotkey. This is what I do manually 1. hit my alfred launch hot key <kbd>⌘</kbd> 2. hit bottom key 3 times to go to web search 3. click on add custom search button 4. fill in the details of the page 5. use mouse to click on save Is it possible to have an alfred hot key that simply launches a prompt where i enter simply the url and the keyword.. click on enter and that's it! if not possible is at least possible to have a hot key to launch the last screen where i immediatly add a new custom search?
  5. It’s in Utilities → Delay. Connect it in between the last two nodes. Start with a big delay (say, 10 seconds) and if it works gradually bring it down until you find the sweet spot (shortest delay that still works reliably).
  6. Thanks Vitor. Could you please be a little more specific. I don't do know where to put a delay or how it is done. Sorry, but I am not a programmer. Would that be an Alfred "Action?"
  7. Hi @deanishe, do you think it is a good idea to put these build scripts into its own repo instead of just maintain as gists floating around? I was running into the symlink problems today and came across your scripts while scouring the forums. Having a widely-available set of scripts can be quite useful for enabling other Alfred workflow developers like me to avoid some of these issues. Thank you.
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  9. Hard to know without all the pieces (that’s just s screenshot and I don’t have Quicken), but it might be that the Key Combo is firing too early, thus not being recognised by Quicken since it hasn’t finished launching. Try adding a delay between Quicken and the Key Combo.
  10. I have a snippet that generates a test email for me to use. It has some dynamic text inside that includes the current date and time using placeholders ex. myrandomemail{date:KKmmssaYMMMd} Is it possible that as soon as I use this one snippet, it copies the output to my clipboard manager?
  11. Have created a hotkey which opens an application. Want to add to it an Alfred command which activates a menu item in that application. Copy of my workflow is attached Have added to my workflow a keyboard command which call the shortcut keystrokes for that menu item. Workflow I created doesn't do that. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  12. I’m fine with marking this as resolved. The original request is fulfilled, and my use case can be solved in two different ways. Thank you for the swiftness in addressing this!
  13. @vitor perfect use case for clipboard history placeholder, and in fact, better than the new option I added in the Advanced preferences to buffer and restore in the Advanced prefs which can have minor memory implications.
  14. @koolio I've just done an Alfred 2 maintenance release which includes the updated LinkedIn search along with other updated web searches
  15. I have the latest release 10.12.2 and it works okay. I will have to wait until 10.12.3 is not in Beta and is released.
  16. Thanks for these, mickaphd
  17. Great, thank you! I confirm that it's working fine now, the file is kept intact with just true/false being changed. Very convenient.
  18. Thank you, let's hope it's easy to fix.
  19. In Alfred preferences, under 1Password, I have checked “Enable 1Password Bookmarks” and entered a keyword “1p” In Alfred, I have enabled integration in 1Password by going to “Advanced”. There I placed checkmarks in “Integrations” - Enable Third Party Integrations, and “Web Browsers” - Verify browser code signature. I have set up an Alfred hotkey. After launching the Alfred hotkey and typing 1p BOOKMARKNAME, the bookmark is not recognized, website opened and the 1 Password stored password username entered.
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  21. Hi guys, I love the improvements made to snippets in Alfred 3, glad I bought it. It is already super easy to: 1) create a snippet from an existing clipping (simply cmd+S on it) 2) explore current snippets, directly from Alfred However, it is painfully difficult to: 3) edit an existing snippet Let's say I'm exploring my snippets, found one I want to edit... then I have to first remember some keywords to find it back, then go to Alfred preferences, find back the snippet, click edit. All that could be made so simple if only I could directly edit the selected snippet directly from Alfred, while I'm exploring my snippets. Why not use the same Cmd+S shortcut to do this for example? Currently, cmd+S on an existing clipping makes it a snippet, however cmd+S on an existing snippet makes nothing. It would feel very natural if it just opens the snippet for editing. Thanks! Big Alfred fan here, Vermeer
  22. I don’t think that claim can be substantiated without data. You’re arguing that from every person that buys Alfred’s powerpack, more bought an extra app and use a particular feature of it than all that use an Alfred native feature. Even if it were a niche feature, then it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t call it that much anyway for it to be an issue. It’s so easy to change the shortcut (in either app), and there are so few complaints (just this one?) that I don’t see it as a real necessity. Furthermore, I use the same shortcut in both apps, and never get confused: my brain just assumes that being in Chrome or the Finder will call one or the other. I’m not opposed to changing the default, I just have my doubts that argument holds as a reason to do it.
  23. It might be good to change the default to move away from the 1Password one? This is a fairly niche feature, and there is likely to be a large overlap between Alfred and 1Password users.
  24. I thought it would’ve gotten that capability with the latest pre-release, but apparently that action didn’t. No problem; easy fix. Just leave everything as is (including the{query} in the Open URL) but add a single Run Script between them. In it, leave everything as is but make Script: read pbpaste.
  25. Unfortunately, after using {clipboard}, I am just getting{clipboard}. I tried both checking and unchecking the box for "Use UTF8 encoding."
  26. I have a workflow that has the "Open URL" action to With a "hotkey" trigger input, I can set the argument to "macOS Clipboard Content," and then enter{query} for the URL. Now I want to do the same thing with a keyword input... but I don't see any way to do that. Is it possible to use the clipboard as an argument in the case of a keyword input? I want to do a keyword input instead of a hotkey because I have several workflows like this and it is too hard to remember the hot keys; keyword inputs are much easier because I can search for them using Alfred just like anything else.
  27. I switched to notes from evernote just because this workflow exists! Thank you so much for it! @surrealroad, thank you so much for this!!!
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