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  2. @deanishe, could you make a new release now you added support for VSCode?
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  4. I swear I recall you being able to save clipboard history beyond 3 months, but in the clipboard settings, it only lets you choose up to 3 months. Did this change recently?? Being able to look up things I copied 6 months ago was literally one of the main reasons I used this app. On version 3.8.2.[963]
  5. Alternatively you can use Fake, http://fakeapp.com/ , by the developer of Fluid, which lets you use Applescript to control browser interactions. I use this in a lot of workflows to semi-automate interactions with Blackboard courseware.
  6. Released as a proper Workflow, with extra features.
  7. Call qapps and all apps excluding the ones you set in the keep_alive Workflow Environment Variable will quit. The Finder is added to the exclusion list by default, unless you set kill_finder to true. You’ll need to use the exact names of the apps as they present themselves to the system. To prevent multiple from quitting, separate their names with commas. qprocesses will kill all processes, subject to the same keep_alive and kill_finder settings, meaning even things in the background that you don’t see will be asked to quit. Note both options ask the apps to exit (SIGTERM) instead of telling them (SIGKILL). If you need to force processes to terminate, consider ProcessControl instead. Download | Source
  8. Welcome @dougaitken, AppleScript has no concept of what’s inside the webpage. What you need is to use AppleScript → to tell the browser → to tell the frontmost tab → to execute JavaScript → to focus the field. If you want more specific help, you’ll need to give us those details.
  9. I'm looking to have a workflow where I can set a keyword and on triggering it, it opens a site and focuses on a certain textfield then pastes the contents of my clipboard into that text field then optionally press the button beside the text field. I cannot for the life of me find out how to focus on the text field. I'm using AppleScript I've tried this but it's probably missing things since it throws errors. set focused of text field to true Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  10. Howdy everyone, It has been a long time since I poked my head in here, (an equally long time since I have had a chance to maintain my workflows). After changing jobs earlier this year, changing environment, and for a plethora of other reasons, I am now looking to pass the baton so to speak for a number of my workflows and repositories in the hope that one or more people can give them the time they need. Namely these include: LastPass Alfred Workflow - https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflow Custom iTerm Applescripts for Alfred - https://github.com/stuartcryan/custom-iterm-applescripts-for-alfred Rapid Browser Tabs for Alfred - https://github.com/stuartcryan/rapid-browser-tabs-for-alfred Default Browser workflow for Alfred - https://github.com/stuartcryan/defaultbrowser-alfred-workflow Advanced Google and Apple Maps workflow for Alfred - https://github.com/stuartcryan/advanced-google-maps-alfred-workflow When it comes down to it, a career change, organisation change, working environment (Mac to PC) change, has left me with less and less time to focus on these, and I feel it is time to take a step back. This is not to say I won't be back in the future (and I certainly hope I will), but, simply have other areas of focus in life at the moment where I am focusing my efforts. If you are keen/interested/open to taking the baton, please shout out below which of the workflows interests you and I will have a chat with you! Thank you everyone in advance! Cheers, Stuart (also a HUGE shoutout to the work of Andrew and Vero for their continued awesome software!)
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  12. @salimanov Could you please share the snippet you've created? These placeholders must be used in a snippet (created in Alfred's Preferences > Features >Snippets), and won't expand if they're simply typed into a Word document. You can install the "Dynamic Placeholders" example snippet collection here to see how the dynamic content can be used within a snippet: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/snippets/ [Moving to Discussion & Help] Cheers, Vero
  13. @salimanov Pressing the spacebar in Alfred won't show QuickLook, it'll simply type a space into the text field; Alfred's QuickLook key is the Shift key. Could you please provide a screenshot of what you're looking at (before using QuickLook) so that I can see what you're doing? This will allow me to help you out better [Moving out of Bugs forum into Discussion & Help] Cheers, Vero
  14. I can confirm that this method works to add individual applications to Alfred search results.
  15. Hi there I noticed another bug which is easily recreated. I cannot use snippet placeholders {date}, {time}, {datetime}. I tried to type them in MS Word, in Apple Notes and nothing happens. At the same time, the other added snippet collection expands okay, e.g. (exclamation mark)human expands as: "To err is human, to blame it on somebody else shows management potential." - Anonymous MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 Alfred 4.0.3 [1092]
  16. Hi there, While studying your software, I noticed a bug, which is easily recreated. The Quick Look feature is not working, when a file is selected and then the Shift key is pressed. At the same time, when I select the same file and then press the Space key, it opens the file for Quick View. I guess, you have either an error in you Help section, or in the code.
  17. +1 I'd be willing to pay >another $30 on top of my existing Legendary license for unlimited clipboard history, and I'd fully accept any CPU/Memory hit necessary to get it. I use Clipboard History as a general buffer for everything in my life, and losing everything beyond 3 months is a frequent source of headache. Here's a small sample of a few recent things I've lost due to history expiring: flight confirmation details commit summaries with commit ids (detached commits that are hard to find due to deleted branches) important UUIDs ssh public keys many many many file paths (lots of obscure config file paths that I never bother to remember) entire config files blog post drafts comments on social media form fields on websites It's always stuff that I don't realize at the time would be important later so it would be pointless to try and use snippets for most of these. Having a massive index of every meaningful string that's passed through my brain is incredibly useful. If needed you could hide "6 months" "12 months" and "unlimited" behind an "Advanced settings" pane and display a big warning about potential performance downsides. For now I just periodically back up `~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/Databases/clipboard.alfdb` to a separate folder, and merge the rows in it with a main database. This at least allows me to query further back by querying the merged database directly. Maybe I'll build a workflow to do that if I have time, but no promises. I've created a script that handles the backup of the db, merging it with an infinite-history sqlite db in my home folder, and searching functionality. /* Delete any items that are the same in both databases */ DELETE FROM merged_db.clipboard WHERE EXISTS( SELECT 1 FROM latest_db.clipboard latest WHERE $UNIQUE_FILTER ); /* Insert all items from the latest_db backup */ INSERT INTO merged_db.clipboard SELECT * FROM latest_db.clipboard; Full source: alfred-clipboard.sh (it's a fully functional infinite-history solution for Alfred, with backup, search, exporting, etc.) One thing I want to try is periodically overwriting the Alfred internal db with my merged one, and translating all the older timestamps so that they're artificially set to something within the last 3 months, that way I can accumulate infinite history without Alfred attempting to expire anything. In theory it should work fine, I'll probably update my script to do that sometime in the next week. One thing I cant figure out though is the format of the timestamps (e.g. `584601195`), they're not valid UNIX timestamps, they must be offsets in seconds from some custom hardcoded date. When I tried prepending `1` to make it something like `1584601195`, it becomes a valid unix timestamp, but the time is ~4 months in the future! If anyone has more info on the schema, let me know. I also tried hacking around the limit by changing the Alfred binary directly but unfortunately I was only able to find the limit in the .nib file (which is useless as it's just the GUI definition). I'd have to properly decompile Alfred it to find the actual limit logic... $ ggrep --byte-offset --only-matching --text '3 Months' \ '/Applications/Alfred 3.app/Contents/Frameworks/Alfred Framework.framework/Versions/A/Resources/AlfredFeatureClipboard.nib' 12590:3 Months (Now I just have to convince the Google Chrome team to also allow storing browser history longer than 3 months... then the two biggest sources of data-loss pain in my life will be eliminated).
  18. @Vero hmmmm it appears that launching the application once by double clicking in the Finder is doing the trick. Launching from Spotlight will not do it. I've successfully tested this with 7 applications. Thank you!
  19. Hello, did anyone try if the version by @Russell Davis is running with Alfred 4? I’d like to upgrade Alfred but I use EggTimer almost every day, so I’d hate to break it…
  20. @Nazzaro If you launch Spotify once manually, then take a look in Alfred, can you then find it? It seems something is still amiss with the index, as Alfred returns results from the macOS index, and this may be enough to force macOS to correctly include it in results.
  21. Potential feature suggestion: Ability to toggle on/off background download of link thumbnails for any links saved to clipboard: so that when you go through the clipboard manager, they show up on the image preview. This would be useful if you have lots of youtube links in your clipboard, for example, and want to make sure you're pasting the correct one. Example attached 💪
  22. Didn't know that one. I'll have a look. Thanks for the pointer!
  23. If you happen to have Keyboard Maestro, it can trigger a macro based on the system clipboard.
  24. Bummer. So I didn't miss something. But thanks for the clarification.
  25. Hi @tcurdt, welcome to the forum. Not directly, no. Alfred only responds to explicit user action (hotkeys, snippet triggers). This is by design. If you want Alfred to "watch" your clipboard, you'd need to create a hotkey (e.g. ⌥⌘C) that triggers a copy command (by simulating ⌘C) and then looks at the clipboard.
  26. I’m seeing the same behavior. Most of the time if I open an app manually or through Spotlight it’ll then show up in Alfred. It doesn’t appear to work for everything though. [Edit] Looks like the main thread for this is here:
  27. Thanks for instructing me how to report the crashes: 1. I am very unfamiliar with Mac OS app development. Currently I am using Alfred in my Laptop (Mojave). Alfred has crashed few times in last few weeks (may be once or twice but not much). I looked at Console.app but I am not sure how to find the App specific log files. There are folders like a. ~/Library/Logs b. /Library/Logs and c. /var/log. I looked inside them and did not find any folder named Alfred, so I am not sure how to find the related log file of Alfred. 2. The alfred crashes in my office computer (Yosemite) when I run Markdown TOC (http://www.packal.org/workflow/markdown-toc) on large github markdown file (not much large, just about 50 headers). But the workflow runs good in Mojave. I have experienced Alfred crashing multiple time crashing in Yosemite when using that workflow. Also, I had lots of snippets 2000 (latex snippets) + 2000 (other snippets) = 4k snippets. And when using text expansion, I have seen Alfred crashing in Yosemite. So, I moved all snippets from Alfred to aText. Now When I click Features/Snippets in Alfred it opens much quickly in both Yosemite and Mojave. Previously it would take me about a minute to open just the window. I also cleaned not used Alfred Workflows and backed them for future use if ever wanted. Now Alfred opens fast and I have not seen crashes yet. (Its been two days). 3. Talking about cleaning app, I use Google chrome extension Click&Clean so many times whenever there are caches or browser histories accumulated. To clean the Mac, I use Dr. Cleaner everyday. But I use Dr. cleaner only in my laptop, its not been installed in office computer where the Alfred crashes much often. Now, after crashing Alfred, I have moved all snippets out of Alfred and use another text expansion software aText. and also cleaned currently not used Workflows. I have not see any crashes. If I see any crashes I will post Console.app log files.
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