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  2. Currently for snippets and for the "Copy to Clipboard" output in workflows we can choose between "Plain Text" and "Richt Text". I would like to see a third option "Paste HTML". Typinator allows exactly this and the good thing is, that it allows me to easily write text including links with titles to Microsoft Teams. For example if the following text is pasted to teams as HTML, the text will use Team's default text format and will include a titled link: Try out <a href="https://www.alfredapp.com">Alfred</a> – a super cool productivity solution for macOS. The only workaround at the moment is to write the required text in Teams with the link, copy and paste it into the snippet and paste it as "Richt Text". Unfortunately this does not support generating dynamic links and further it produces links in Microsoft Teams which do have the standard text color instead of the expected link color.
  3. add /System/Applications, Select MacintoshHD
  4. Workflow isn't working on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 for some reason. Any chances of updating this workflow? Worked flawlessly in the several years I've been using it. =/
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  6. @brunoc Previously, I asked about the possibility of adding Global Smart Groups to your workflow, which I'm sure is quite the Herculean task given how different they are from the standard groups the workflow currently searches for. Would it be possible - and perhaps much easier - to, instead, add an option for the workflow to search for local smart groups (similar to how you've added an option for searching tags)? Personally, I've started using these a lot lately. And, since they don't have the same sidebar section as global smart groups, your workflow would be great for quickly accessing them. Thanks for your consideration! I use this workflow religiously these days!!
  7. Not with Alfred alone, no. By design, it only runs things when you tell it to. You may tell it to do it when the Mac wakes from sleep, but you’ll need another app to discern when that is, and have that invoke Alfred.
  8. Likely it could. But there is also https://appmakes.io/paletro
  9. And now, after telling Alfred to rebuild its cache as one last whim, even though I've done it 5 times already, Spotlight seems to have fixed itself. Maybe it was my reboot. Maybe it was luck. But in any case, it seems to have fixed itself, so I'm all good.
  10. I would like to run a bash script when my Mac wakes from sleep. Is that possible?
  11. Hi all, Hope you're well! I'm on a new computer due to my previous one dying without a backup (my fault, I know!), and trying to set everything up the way I had it before. Previously I had the Spotify Mini Player workflow set to a double tap of my Cmd button, but for some reason it's not registering any double tapped modifier keys - the field just stays blank. Weirdly, every other extension seems to accept this as a hotkey (don't worry, I have deleted it from other apps before checking it again on Spotify). I contacted the developer of the workflow and he was able to get it working no problem, so I think the issue is either with my computer or, somehow, my version of Alfred. Has anybody run into this issue before? I'd hugely appreciate any ideas or advice.
  12. I know this isn't directly related to Alfred, but since it's affecting my use of Alfred, I thought someone here might have some insight. An external drive of mine is acting up in that Spotlight won't index the subdirectories of some of my directories. Alfred finds (because Spotlight has indexed it), for example, /Video/TV Shows, but not /Video/TV Shows/anything-in-there Same with /Video/Movies, that top level shows up, but none of the folders within. The only thing fishy is that I've explicitly added /Video/TV Shows and /Video/Movies to Alfred. If I remove them from my settings, Alfred doesn't find them (my guess is because Spotlight isn't working) I tried forcing Spotlight to re-index the entire drive, which it looks like it finished because the "Indexing..." in Spotlight is gone, but there's no .Spotlight-V100 file on the drive, like there is with other external drives. I tried forcing it to index with sudo mdutil -E / which shows "Indexing enabled". I'm stumped and wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on what I can try.
  13. Hey guys, I Use Alfred for a few months now and today I decided to buy the powerpack to get access to the workflows. The main reason is the following workflow: https://github.com/wookayin/alfred-latex-symbols-workflow to make LaTeX easier to use. So I happily installed the workflow but when I tried to use it, it did not work. When I type the keyword "tex" in Alfred, the option "Search LaTeX Symbols" shows up as intended, but not even for a second and then It vanishes and I can't use it. So I tried other workflows. The following was up next: http://www.packal.org/workflow/copy-url But the result was very similar. The keyword is "url". When I type "ur" the option shows up, but when I press enter, it just autocompletes to "url" and the option vanishes. When I type the whole "url" keyword, the option shows up for a very short time and then vanishes. I then tried this: With the same result. The option shows up for not even a second and then vanishes. So this is my problem. None of these Workflow works for me, but I'm pretty new to this topic, so I have no idea, where my problem can be...I Hope there's somebody who can help me! It may be worth mentioning, that I also tried the in-built workflow, that just creates a todo list. So, this workflow worked...this confused me all the more... So I hope you have solutions or advices, thanks in advance! Johannes Edit: So I recently found the debugger. I attach some pictures of these. I can't get any helpful information for me The Latex Workflow: ... The iMessages Workflow: The Copy-URL Workflow:
  14. Rocommend a GitHub repository to contribute i18n
  15. Would it be possible to set it as the default Alfred quick search? I would like to search just for folders by pressing [spacebar] followed by my query. I tried combinations of enabling/disabling quick file search mode with different workflow keywords but I did not succeed.
  16. I find this discussion still very relevant and would also like to request its implementation. @chris clearly explains its use (and qualitative difference in implementation from the other thread mentioned). When the Alfred launcher is activated, that search window gains focus and should be able to present TouchBar buttons. These could easily just be a list of buttons matching Alfred's list suggestions (in title and icon), and their action corresponding to activating those suggestions (like the hotkeys Command+2, Command+3, etc. but saving a keystroke). The idea is not overly complicated, the implementation would not necessarily be either and it would nicely integrated with the MacBook's ability. Alfred is after all about using your computer to the fullest potential, adding where the OS has not; this seems a perfect opportunity. I hope other users and developers also provide their vision on this feature here!
  17. The problem is Only the {query} macro is expanded in scripts. Question is I need that variable {var:code} One way is, I put it in the query, split inside the command
  18. You need to add http:// or https:// in front of www.ilsr.org.
  19. And I told you the obvious problem with the code. The other problem isn’t in the code.
  20. Fascinating, I wasn't aware of this workflow! The only bummer for me is that I like the workflow that uses Fantastical to parse because it takes natural language input. For example, I can say "Testing today 9pm /home" and it gets the topic, date, time, and list correct (although not the location of the URL, as noted). I did try your reminder workflow, but it only sort of worked. IT shows the URL in Reminders, but as part of the title, not the URL field. See attachment. So it didn't do what I was expecting, but I have to say that I really appreciate the effort given that I have no idea how to write this kind of thing myself!
  21. +1 Just ran into this use case where I needed to drag & drop 3 files in the same directory that are similarly named (so I searched for the naming pattern).
  22. It's my fault, now, only {var:code} is not work when echo in script I have pasted code.
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