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  2. [This is a reignition of an old thread from 2013.] Thank you for Alfred, it's been an awesome addition over all these years and continues to improve. I should have been an affiliate as I've generated numerous new customers over the years:) But - see this screenshot from an iMac Pro 27" and you see the problem users with larger monitors and/or high DPI settings have: 1. Alfred is *still* after all these years - limited to 9 results, and now it's become a problem - is it on the roadmap to add the option for more results? 2. I've developed a homegrown productivity system, and Alfred is just one of many solutions running on different macs and linux instances. I would love to see the option for my apps to connect to Alfred, submit a search term (like "mdi iconname") and get returned whatever Alfred itself is returned from its plugins and itself. Is this possible or on the roadmap? If not; is there any documentation for me in order to implement a rudimentary Alfred workflow parser/execution environment for text input only? (i.e. file actions, clipboard etcetera not immediately necessary as this will be dispatched from another machine or terminal than Alfred itself). Thank you. Greetings from Oslo, Norway - Storm
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  4. Welcome @MikeyBikey, That’s easy to do with a custom web search. Open the following link to load it (it uses w3 instead of /// to not conflict with Alfred’s file browser: alfred://customsearch/What3Words/w3/utf8/./https%3A%2F%2Fwhat3words.com%2F%7Bquery%7D
  5. What3Words is fast becoming a way for individuals and emergency services to pinpoint exact locations in a way that street addresses and postcodes cannot. What would be great is if Alfred were to accept "///" followed by three words and then go to that location on the what3words website - exactly as it does if you use "maps" for google maps e.g. ///pinks.cherry.beams would take you to https://what3words.com/pinks.cherry.beams - which in this case is in Trafalgar Square, London
  6. I'm creating my first Alfred workflow. It takes a keyword, and creates a new outgoing message in Mail.app using AppleScript. Something like this... on alfred_script(q) set theSubject to q tell application "Mail" activate set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {visible:true} tell theMessage set subject to theSubject set content to theContent end tell end tell end alfred_script This works fine when I explicitly set theContent to be a text string set theContent to "this is my content" However, there is more complexity and conditional statements in my actual script, and to keep things organised I want to set theContent to read from a text file. set theContent to paragraphs of (read file "the_content.txt") This doesn't work! I'm very grateful for some pointers to help me get my first workflow up and running: Where should I place "the_content.txt"? In Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.123? Would I need to define the absolute path to "the_content.txt" in my AppleScript? Or will a relative path suffice? Am I reading "the_content.txt" correctly?
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  8. (I don't work for Resilio nor was this sponsored in any way, just a good hearted recommendation from a happy user!) I wanted to post a suggestion to anyone looking for a reliable way to sync your Alfred prefs among multiple Macs: Resilio Sync: https://www.resilio.com/individuals/ Resilio Sync is based on Bittorrent so it syncs privately without using a public cloud, great for anyone concerned with privacy and performance. i've been using this to sync not just my Alfred prefs but lots of other things and it's been working great for a couple of years now. Right now they have a 50% coupon code going so you can get it for a great price- this is a 1 time purchase not a monthly subscription coupon code: Back2School
  9. @AndrewThank you, I have received the email with license code !
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! So looking under the hood, the scripts included in the package seem harmless?
  11. @yoyodi I've just checked our mail logs, and your incoming mail server returned a 550 Mail content denied error and blocked it. Véro will reply to your email as soon as possible with your code. (we have a large number of emails to handle at the moment, so please be patient). Cheers, Andrew
  12. I bought a powerpack license(£39) yesterday, and I have received an email about Alfred Powerpack Receipt. However I have never received the other mail with license. I have tried to send an email but no reply. Please send license to me as soon as possible.
  13. @blacs30 Could you add notifications for login? Like "Login successful" / "Cannot login - Incorrect password" ? Also: Is there any clipboard wiping done after a few seconds? Other security measures in place?
  14. No. Workflows are pretty safe in practice. If you wanted to distribute nasty software, an Alfred workflow would be a very poor way to do it, as you’re typically not going to reach more than a few hundred people. It’s far more likely you’ll have an issue due to a bug than deliberate enemy action.
  15. Does this workflow seem to pose any threat? It's beyond my skill to know what I'm seeing. Any help would be most welcomed, as this is a GREAT looking workflow for writers. Thanks! Brian
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  17. Cool. I agree for now. Thanks for your input.
  18. It wouldn't work. There's no application that can (usefully) open every kind of file. So you're basically asking for a feature that is fundamentally broken in a very important way. Such features do not get added to Alfred.
  19. Go to Franz in Finder, right-click and choose "Get Info". Add "slack" to the "Comments" or tags. Then Alfred should also find Franz for the query "slack". You might have to reload Alfred's app list first (keyword "reload").
  20. It's not working in alfred4 because the directories in the "include.sh" doesn't exist anymore. _______________ Edit: I managed to make it work in Alfred 4. After installing the workflow, open it in finder to find where it was installed. Then edit the scripts to fix the old directories. Don't just copy and paste what posted here since the dir is dependent on your user account. include.sh: EGGPREFS="/Users/<your account>/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8A3F635-78EA-479E-8EE1-6AEE187E68FC" EGGWD="/Users/<your account>/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/user.workflow.B8A3F635-78EA-479E-8EE1-6AEE187E68FC" I'm not sure if naming it the same as the workflow is necessary. But I made the folder in the Cache then edited the include.sh file. That's probably an unnecessary step since the first_install.sh has mkdir "$EGGWD" line in it. first_run_check.sh "/Users/<your account>/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8A3F635-78EA-479E-8EE1-6AEE187E68FC/version" a file called version will be created by the first_install.sh login_check.workflow - This will open in automator "/Users/<your account>/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.B8A3F635-78EA-479E-8EE1-6AEE187E68FC/eggwd.txt" eggwd.txt is again a file that will be created by first_install.sh
  21. Cool. That's very nice! I now can use these steps: - search file - use up/down arrow to select file if file is not first search result - tab to open file action - choose file action I still wish I could simply do: - search file - cmd + number to select and open file in the editor I want It'd be nice if configurable.
  22. Title is confusing, what I want to do: If you type `slack` I want the first option that shows up to be `Franz`. Sounds backwards, but the reason being, I'm trying to use franz vs slack and I have muscle memory I can't shake. (I keep typing slack when I mean franz.) This might be a really out of the box solution and might not work, thought I'd give it a shot and ask anyway. Thanks!
  23. Try updating your npm. After brew update the above command worked for me. But I don't think it's compatible with Alfred 4 😞 (after "install" it is nowhere to be found in the list of Alfred's workflows) In the meantim I'm using OneHighlighter - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onehighlighter/id1131580917
  24. @multicolor thanks for raising this interesting idea, if possible, could you please open an issue in Github project? https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook/issues I'll try my best to find if I have way to do this and keep tracking base on Github issue.
  25. Brief Instructions: 1. Import it. 2. Set snippet. 3. Use it with keyword to copy URI link to clipboard and paste where you want, or with snippet in your text editor. Support Applications: OmniOutliner,OmniFocus,Evernote(Chinese users: Yinxiang Biji),Mail,Finder, Safari Web Donwload&Detail instructions: Web:URI Alfred Workflow Everywhere – Knowledge Work Tool
  26. Looks like 2.12 is the latest: https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred/releases/tag/v2.12
  27. I don't get what you're trying to do or what the problem is. Are you trying to get it to highlight the right one ? My version ( 2.0 ) will only show the matching results. Maybe you could upgrade ?
  28. Hi! I love this workflow, thank you for making it. I'm having a problem with some cities. "tz los angeles 5am" works great, but when I use some other city names like turin, it does not work. I've attached screenshots.
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