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  3. I have some files stored using Dropbox Smart Sync (tldr it's a slightly hacky lazy filesystem). Whenever I have files which are stored remotely rather than locally, I cannot use Alfred's File Navigator to touch these files at all. More specifically, if I navigate to one of these files and then press Ctrl, Alfred will hang (on the main UI thread) while Dropbox downloads the file. Obviously this is a slightly annoying situation, since Dropbox isn't exactly integrating particularly well with macOS in this respect, but at least I would like Alfred to be able to do a bit better than flipping out entirely and having to be killed. Ideally what would happen in this case is similar to what happens in Finder when the file is selected but not opened: the file is not downloaded, and instead the local attributes are displayed and it can be manipulated accordingly.
  4. Thanks so much, Vitor! That was quick - and very welcoming - much appreciated: I'll download, buy and try for myself (have bookmarked those to URLs), asking again if (I may) if I run into difficulties. I knew I did the right thing by going with Alfred 🙂 .
  5. Welcome @MSealey, Yes, that’s easy peasy for Alfred. Simplest way (no coding required) would be to connect a Keyword Input to multiple Open URL Actions, but we can help you with the details when the time comes. See you soon on this side of the PowerPack!
  6. Hi - completely new to Alfred 🙂. Before buying the Powerpack, I'd like to know, please, if it can automate one of the routines I do most often: open Safari and about a dozen Safari tabs to switch between the sites I visit most often. Very grateful for any help/advice - and ideally confirmation - that Alfred 3 + Powerpack can do such things…
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  8. You can. I don’t see anything in Bunch that can’t be accomplished in Alfred. But yes, you are correct:
  9. Yup, you're right. I was wrong. Sorry, That notwithstanding, as you say, the script won't run without at least one argument. I don't know. What are you trying to do?
  10. Thanks for the reply! I guess the first step would be to edit the workflow so that it doesn't need the query? Currently it looks like it's set so the argument is optional which I took to mean that it doesn't need a query? See attached screenshot. Or is it in the Run Script action?
  11. The workflow is set up so that you must enter a query before it will run the script. And the script itself won't work without any input (it requires at least one argument). If you're trying to figure out how a workflow works, you can't just look at the workflow in Alfred Preferences or the source code. You need to consider both.
  12. The Launch App's Files (LAF) is definitely powerful! With LAF I don't think you can launch url's with shell scripts, while also launching files, hiding others. That said these are all things that are doable with Alfred, but I think the simple configuration required to do those things is what makes Bunch (a Free App) very intriguing. Example: If I wanted to make a Bunch that opens the Alfred Forum to this link while copying my GitHub url for this project to the clipboard and then also opening my slack app, closing my mail app and opening drafts, ALL WHILE Hiding all the other apps in my environment. That looks like this. @@ * set the clipboard to "https://github.com/kjaymiller/Bunch_Alfred" https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12731-quick-launch-for-brett-terpstras-bunch-app/?tab=comments#comment-66697 !Mail Slack Drafts IMHO, that is easier to update and maintain than adding many blocks into an Alfred workflow. That said I Love Alfred and think that the two can coexist in my workflow.
  13. I've been watching Brett's posts on this -- what advantage does this hold over using a Launch Apps/Files object in an Alfred workflow?
  14. Hello! Do you think it would be possible to add reccuring tasks support? I use them a lot and i would veery much appreciate it thanks in advance.
  15. This workflow takes advantage of Brett Terpstra's Bunch Application. Bunch is a workspace loader that you can use to quickly open/close applications, urls, documents, and more to come. This workflow utilizes Bunch's URL Scheme x-bunch:[BUNCH NAME]. And gives you all the bunches in your default bunches folder ("~/bunches") Directions: b - Top Level Bunch Selector b <bunch filename> - Runs the Selected Bunch b edit <bunch filename> - Opens the File in the Default Application b display <bunch filename> - Displays the contents of the Bunch in Large Text b refresh - Refreshes your Bunch List (It does this by opening the app so you will be in the Bunch app once the workflow completes.) The workflow can be found on my GitHub. - https://github.com/kjaymiller/Bunch_Alfred Below is an example of me loading iterm using Bunch (via Alfred).
  16. That is correct. I haven't made a release with the new feature yet. I'm still ironing out bugs and want to add another feature or two before the next release.
  17. Hi deanishe, Thank you for this workflow! The README on github (that's linked to from the extension) describes the new quickadd feature, but it looks like the latest .alfredworkflow release available on github predates those additions. Is there a release with the quickadd feature available? Thanks again!
  18. Still, it is possible (even if a terrible idea) with sudo --stdin /Applications/Marta.app/Contents/MacOS/Marta <<< PASSWORD_HERE.
  19. Brilliant, the Applescript way is just what I needed, thanks! Case closed
  20. You don't because that would be very bad from a security perspective. Either you use AppleScript: do shell script "/Applications/Marta.app/Contents/MacOS/Marta" with administrator privileges Or you edit your sudoers configuration, so you don't need to enter your password to use sudo. The former is a better idea, security-wise.
  21. Thanks! Just one thing - how do I pass my root (admin) password so I don’t have to enter it manually upon invoking the command? TY EDIT: I’m just using the Terminal command action to do this, with a simple "sudo -b /Applications/Marta.app/Contents/MacOS/Marta"
  22. Got it. I really have to level up my Python skills so I can generate proper JSON. Right now my script filters are all limited to Bash/XML which does not support the match property.
  23. What you’re looking for is the match property of the Script Filter JSON format. Populate it with every word you want your search to match.
  24. Hello @braveheart1980, There are other options to try in the troubleshooting steps. Have you gone through the list?
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