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  3. Turn on sync and you should be fine. But like I said, after you open the downloaded .alfredworkflow and import it, you can throw away the file. Think of it like downloading a zip file and then unpacking it somewhere; after it’s done, you no longer need the .zip.
  4. Thanks, Vitor - and there's no preferred way to back .workflows up as such in the Alfred Preferences? Yes - you're right about an extension: I whitelisted this site in 1Blocker and all is well 🙂 . All appreciated!
  5. A .alfredworkflow is essentially a .zip with a renamed extension. When you import it, it’s unpacked to your preferences and you can throw out the original file, yes. You mean that the arrow keys don’t work in the forum text box? Nope, not a bug I’ve seen mentioned. Maybe you have an extension causing the issue?
  6. Great! Thanks again, Vitor 🙂 . I think I've got it amended as you kindly suggest - BUT what I obviously now have to do next is go back to your docs and work my way through them. Which will be a pleasure. One quick thing, if I may, that seems more immediate: what's considered good practice with .alfredworkflow files - does it matter where they're kept once I've imported them? is there really no need to save any workflow etc? Two little things actually: is it a known bug (apparently) that the arrow keys don't work when editing here on this forum? Thanks again! Is there anything which Alfred cannot do!
  7. Wait. Is the volume you’re trying to index named “video” or is it “Magic”?
  8. You don’t need to connect things in a straight line; a node can connect to (almost) any other node, and as many as you’d like. So instead of connecting the Hotkey to the Keyword, connect it directly to the Open URL. And instead of having the Open URL connect to each other, make the Keyword connect to them all. To keep everything tidy, use the Junction Utility. You did a good job with the screenshots, but keep in mind for the future (not needed this time) that it’s better if you upload your Workflow somewhere so we can tweak it directly. I have a Workflow (UploadFile) that makes it easy to share files, but any method and any link is fine. Since you’re a Safari user, you may also want to check @deanishe’s Safari Assistant for further ways to control your browser. And above all, have fun playing with and building the Workflows! If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Welcome to the community.
  9. Thanks again for offering to help! I set up a Workflow as per the attached grab. I think I got everything I need. Can you see anything I may have missed out, please; or any improvements I could make? 🙂 !
  10. Yes. AFP. //user@DiskStation._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Magic on /Volumes/Magic (afpfs, nodev, nosuid, mounted by user) I'm using MacOS 10.4.5.
  11. Have you performed the previous step and created the `/private/var/db/Spotlight-V100/Volumes/` folder? Which connection type are you using? AFP, SMB or others?
  12. @baglio thanks for posting your solution I get an error message, after running this command: /Volumes/video: Error: unable to perform operation. (-403) Server search enabled.
  13. That's not what it's for. It doesn't solve the problem of not being able to assign the same Hotkey in different workflows, but it's very handy for context-dependent behaviour in a single workflow. It doesn't force you to recheck. It allows you to do different things depending on which app is active.
  14. Ok, I found a solution. I hope it could also help others. I was trying to enable indexing on my network volume by typing in the terminal mdutil -i on /Volumes/myvolume-name but unfortunately the terminal always responded with "Indexing Disabled". After some research I found the following solution: In order to enable spotlight indexing - and therefore be able to take advantage of Alfred - on network drives I had to create this folder with root permissions: sudo mkdir -p /private/var/db/Spotlight-V100/Volumes/ And then re-enable the indexing with sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/myvolume-name You can immediately check the indexing status by typing something in spotlight; a progress bar titled "indexing" should appear on top of the results. Bear in mind that I'm not using the latest operating system, but macOS 10.12.6, and I'm not sure if the aforementioned method works with other versions.
  15. Hi Vitor! Yes, I mean that, an incognito browser window, with the results of my specific query. For Chrome. I had that workflow in the past and it was very useful, but I have deleted it for mistake. Thanks!
  16. Welcome @canino19, What do you mean by “private Google navigation”? Do you mean a google search in an incognito browser window? If that’s the case, it’s not hard to do as long as you’re not on Firefox (they don’t support the necessary feature). Which browser are you on? But do please keep in mind that if that is what you mean, an incognito window won’t really make your query private to Google, only to your machine.
  17. Separator is now always a thin space. Rationals now also displayed as nearest fraction. Released on github
  18. Given that Alfred is a workflow program, I have to say this is a terrible workflow solution. Only in a minority of the cases the same shortcut in different programs is part of a single workflow. In most cases we need to set shortcuts in different programs, and they do different things in different workflows. The whole point of shortcuts is being context-dependent. Right now I have no sane shortcut left anymore, and I only have a handful of workflows (but heavily shortcut-dependent). I want to be able to get rid of most of my automator workflows (which are essentially apple scripts in disguise, just for shortcut purposes), and have everything at the same place in Alfred. Moreover, Alfred already knows which app is the active app. Who should it force us to recheck the app when we are creating app-dependent shortcut?! It sound a bit redundant, doesn't it? Any news about allowing the same shortcut for different apps in different workflows? Btw, for all the others on this thread: Just edit the `Info.plist` files for your different workflows externally, and assign whatever shortcut you want. The restart Alfred, just to be sure. Alfred imposes the shortcut limitations only at the workflow creation interface. It won't recheck possible redundancies when reloading the workflows.
  19. Hi there! Does anybody know a worflow that opens a private Google navigation with an specific search? I mean for example you use the hotkey to add a search and open a private navigation on Google with this query. Thanks!
  20. Last week
  21. I have some files stored using Dropbox Smart Sync (tldr it's a slightly hacky lazy filesystem). Whenever I have files which are stored remotely rather than locally, I cannot use Alfred's File Navigator to touch these files at all. More specifically, if I navigate to one of these files and then press Ctrl, Alfred will hang (on the main UI thread) while Dropbox downloads the file. Obviously this is a slightly annoying situation, since Dropbox isn't exactly integrating particularly well with macOS in this respect, but at least I would like Alfred to be able to do a bit better than flipping out entirely and having to be killed. Ideally what would happen in this case is similar to what happens in Finder when the file is selected but not opened: the file is not downloaded, and instead the local attributes are displayed and it can be manipulated accordingly.
  22. Thanks so much, Vitor! That was quick - and very welcoming - much appreciated: I'll download, buy and try for myself (have bookmarked those to URLs), asking again if (I may) if I run into difficulties. I knew I did the right thing by going with Alfred 🙂 .
  23. Welcome @MSealey, Yes, that’s easy peasy for Alfred. Simplest way (no coding required) would be to connect a Keyword Input to multiple Open URL Actions, but we can help you with the details when the time comes. See you soon on this side of the PowerPack!
  24. Hi - completely new to Alfred 🙂. Before buying the Powerpack, I'd like to know, please, if it can automate one of the routines I do most often: open Safari and about a dozen Safari tabs to switch between the sites I visit most often. Very grateful for any help/advice - and ideally confirmation - that Alfred 3 + Powerpack can do such things…
  25. You can. I don’t see anything in Bunch that can’t be accomplished in Alfred. But yes, you are correct:
  26. Yup, you're right. I was wrong. Sorry, That notwithstanding, as you say, the script won't run without at least one argument. I don't know. What are you trying to do?
  27. Thanks for the reply! I guess the first step would be to edit the workflow so that it doesn't need the query? Currently it looks like it's set so the argument is optional which I took to mean that it doesn't need a query? See attached screenshot. Or is it in the Run Script action?
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