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  2. I want the clipboard to pop up at the mouse position, like clipmenu
  3. Hi, I'd like to do the following in snippets: {random:You are amazing, thank you, Thank you} i..e "You are amazing, thank you" OR "Thank you" one of the two should be pasted. But how do I escape the comma?
  4. Hi, I found it very helpful, but the download is not available now.
  5. Hi, I just updated my note taking workflow for DEVONthink 3. It's aimed at withing with PDF files, annotations and making notes with markdown. Here the the readme: Alfred Keywords: dn create/open associate markdown file dns associate an exsisting markdown file with a PDF dp open selected PDF with default application dpc open selected PDF with Clearview dph open selected PDF with Highlights dpp open selected PDF with Preview dm open selected markdown with default application dmv open selected markdown with Marked 2 To configure this workflow you will need to alter the "viewer" variables in the "Args and Vars". If you leave viewer unset the system default will be used. Please change the keywords to whatever makes sense or delete unnecessary launchers. The commands can now be configured to support multiple content types. The main reason this is necessary is because DEVONthink uses 2 types for PDF, one with text (PDF+Text) and one without (PDF Document). It's a bit annoying if your're writing a plugin like this. Anyway, the "content_type" will now accept multiple semicolon separated values. This workflow supports my process, which is,: Use a PDF viewer with good support for annotations to directly highlight, underline and make notes on a papers content. I particularly like Clearview for this, although, Highlights has merits too. Export the notes into a convenient format for editing and expansion of and further comment on the notes already made and embedded into the PDF. Finally, pull together the different notes into a cohesive form. This helps me with the first two items; providing the following features: Extra shortcuts for launching specialised PDF viewers, with the dp (default), dpp (Preview), dpc (Clearview) and dph (Highlights) keywords. Creation and association (using the URL property of the PDF's record) of markdown files in a subgroup, called 'pdf notes', which is a sibling of the PDF in question. Using the dn keyword. dns (DEVONthink Pro notes set) can be a nice shortcut with Highlights; it can export annotations as markdwon. It will associate and existent markdown file with the selected PDF. It is a two step process: select the PDF, activate dns and select the markdown file; finally click Ok. The markdown file is moved to sibling "pdf notes" group. Opening the markdown file via the hyperlink, wherever it has been moved to. Using the dn keyword. Opening markdown with two keywords: dmv and dm. The first, dmv, is intended to open the markdown file with a viewer; Marked 2 for example. The second is intended to open it in an editor; the "viewer" variable is unset so the system default will be used. The features described in (1) and (4) use the current selection in DNtp to decide which PDF or markdown file to work on. The other three, (2), (3) and (4), do so too but indirectly; the PDF which is associated with the markdown should be selected to open or set the markdown association.
  6. Yesterday
  7. @TJung Despite my post above, I ultimately couldn't get EggTimer 2 to work consistently. Having tested all of the Alfred-managed timers, I now use SandwichTimer, the only one that works (at all) for me. Fortunately, it works well and have been pretty reliable so far.
  8. Andrew has a huge list of potential features and improvements, and you've just explained why this suggestion belongs very near the bottom…
  9. Wondering if it is possible to exclude results from a recent items list if the parent folder has a specific name (*not necessarily a specific path*)? With Ableton Live 10, automatic backups are made every so often and so they now populate the recent items list. Each project has a separate folder called 'Backup' that I'd like to exclude the results from. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance! 😄
  10. Here's my video guide, personal workflows and how to use Alfred to maximise your productivity on your mac. Enjoy!
  11. Is there any workflows available for Google Keep ??
  12. You have a point although there are very few people who like me consume workflows via external triggers. Most people do it via keywords and hotkeys. So I don't think adding such a global setting would cause trouble as most wouldn't even notice its effects on daily Alfred operation.
  13. Thanks so much. How kind. I have also been trying out Hazel. What a great community this is. Very much appreciated!
  14. Cue the complaints: why is Alfred littering my file system with random 0 byte files with no extension?
  15. I’d be surprised if there are nine more people in the whole user base who want this feature. Given that, if I were the one building Alfred I’d outright refuse it. This is one of those features that is just asking for people to turn it on to see what it does, and now it changed their Workflows and they don’t understand why, cue bug reports. I strongly believe this is one of those features that on the whole would consume human time, rather than save it.
  16. Update. New features: ⌥↵ opens the selection in Finder, while fn↵ clears the cache for rda and rdz. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  17. I really dislike how the Placeholder title appears when you call workflows via external trigger. Often it appears briefly only to disappear when actual results come in. This is quite annoying so what I do now is add a JSON Config object with this content: { "alfredworkflow" : { "arg" : "{query}", "config" : { "title" : "", "runningsubtext" : "", "subtext" : "" }, "variables" : { } } } To make sure the placeholder doesn't appear and I get a clean prompt on my workflows that I call with external trigger. I really wish there was a global setting in Alfred that would apply above filter on external triggers so I didn't have to add and readd it on all workflows I use (all updates to other people's workflows will remove my custom objects). I really do enjoy having clean prompts and the icon is enough indication for me to know what the workflow does like below for searching PDFs: I hope such option can be added to Alfred. 🧡
  18. Even nicer although not necessary would be if you could create both folders and files if multiple separator paths are provided. Like so: Where test is a directory and myfile.csv is the file.
  19. I have no idea what that means. I don't use Zotero and never have. If you want me to add some feature, you're going to have to explain it very clearly.
  20. The new update and release will be made on Github, not here. Pls go to the Github page if interested in this little one. It won't have frequent updates but I think it is somewhat mature now.
  21. If you are in file explorer and are typing a name that has no matches. It would be great if you could press return or cmd+return to create a new file with default text editor. So if inside here: I do: And press return. Alfred would create that file at that path and open it in my editor (VSCode for me) so I can fill it with content. I know I can create a file action on a folder to create a file but the above scenario would be more useful to me in terms of UX. Hope this can be added.
  22. It would be nice if I could press right arrow here: To see file contents of the workflow like: Of course it would have to only work on workflows and not triggers/lists and other results that ? search provides. Would be super useful. It would also be really awesome if one could add modifiers to the search as I would like to with a modifier press also export the workflow to my Desktop for sharing. Like I do with this workflow. Perhaps what would be easier is exposing this search to users so users can build workflows on top of the results provided by ?. Like adding fuzzy search too and the like?
  23. Is it possible to have a quick cite copy and use the style set in Zotero? I only have access to citation styles and not export formats.
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