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    Looks like the issues with the OMDb API are resolved. The workflow should work smoothly once again.
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    Hey there, Just wanted to share my Most Clean Alfred theme! Download via Github!
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    Hello and welcome to the forums, @casadetrevino. I’m not sure you realise this, but Alfred’s entire team is officially two people. The last thing any of us want is them wasting time producing video tutorials, especially since it’s common for old features to introduce new options. In addition, since features work in conjunction with each other and not in a vacuum, videos can be pretty useless since they’ll just be showing the same you can read by looking at the feature itself. Also, I believe you overestimate the desire for video tutorials. Just as you think they are loved, they are equally hated. It’s common for power users (who Alfred targets) to loathe video tutorials.
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    @Srisri You'll need to configure the search fields for the filter to look at text content. Select the Advanced tab of the file filter config sheet and from the + button, select kMDItemTextContent. Remove the other items so it looks like the following: Then, just use the file filter's keyword and search terms. Hope this helps! Cheers, Andrew
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    @Overload119 The easiest way to achieve this at a generic level is to have a single separate hotkey defined to show Alfred with the currently selected text in macOS, and place the cursor to the left. i.e. my Alfred hotkey is alt+space, but I have ctrl+alt+space (workflow hotkey trigger by itself) setup as the following, which puts Alfred in a state (cursor to the left) ready for me to type the keyword: This way, you only need to remember two hotkeys - One for Alfred by default, and one for Alfred with selected text. Cheers, Andrew
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    It is my first Alfred Worklfow - especially first bash I've ever wrote for a reason deserves to share with people. As you know, BitBar is a cool plugin which helps you to manage your Menubar. At last 3 weeks - I was crazy busy by dealing with tens of different things in an hour. That is why I create this script to manipulate BitBar Plugin text by using Alfred Workflow. Installation is not easy but I'll help you: Install BitBar first. Create a directory under your Documents/BitBar-Plugins, move .sh file into this (~/Documents/Bitbar-Plugins/write-into-menubar-bitbar-plugin.1s.sh) Give execution permission to sh file by running this command in terminal: chmod +x ~/Documents/Bitbar-Plugins/write-into-menubar-bitbar-plugin.1s.sh Alfred Workflow: https://github.com/yigitkonur/write-into-menubar/raw/master/write-into-menubar-alfred-workflow.alfredworkflow BitBar Plugin: https://github.com/yigitkonur/write-into-menubar/blob/master/write-into-menubar-bitbar-plugin.1s.sh ReadMe: https://github.com/yigitkonur/write-into-menubar/blob/master/readme.md Github: https://github.com/yigitkonur/write-into-menubar/ Download All Plugins: https://cloudup.com/csuF0DX90nf Packal URL: http://www.packal.org/workflow/write-menubar-bitbar-extension If you face with any problem, mention me on Twitter / @yigitkonur - create issue on Github - reply by here.
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    So I was hopeful you might have found a better way of finding contacts but it looks like you're still using my script almost verbatim right now. My way works but it's necessarily slow (I even had to add that .5 s delay in there for stability) and doesn't handle multiple numbers on a single contact or allow you to set the results' icons to their corresponding contact pictures if they have one. Stay tuned though because I'm rewriting mine currently in python to handle these cases.
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    @helloc @vitor iTunes contains quite a few keywords in its metadata: Keywords: Music, Radio, Apple Music, Apple Radio, iTunes Radio, Beats 1, Beats One, B1, iCloud Music Library, Apple Music Connect, My Music If you choose the app you want Alfred to open when you type "one", iTunes will make its way down the list of results. Cheers, Vero
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    Wow, nobody else wants what you want - therefore your opinion is not valid? Seriously? I thought the response the OP made was light, enjoyable and respectful. It was clearly not received by someone with a sense of humor. I am nervously wading in here to unfamiliar waters but I can't see being told that your question never has been asked here before and therefore it is a pointless question. If I don't ask, I don't learn. I don't have it all figured out in life and I am not afraid of asking questions when I either don't understand a thing (as was indicated by my recent post on workflows), or asking for what I want that might be a good idea for an improvement to an app that I am also using. No need to make it personal. Some products have legions of “how to” videos and I observe that some of the things which Alfred can do are rather obscure - unless you already “get it” and of course, what would be the point of someone who already gets it wanting to see a video? Someone who already gets it would want the development team to spend more time developing the advanced solutions that he wants, and not wanting them wasting time on what he does not need. But please bare in mind that there are other levels of user experience here, beginners as well as expert. My observation is that Alfred is much more powerful than what you see at first blush. The more easily understood it is, how to access that power, the more version of Alfred Powerpack the team will sell. The more they sell the more money they will make. I want them to succeed. I want the power of the app to be more easily understood. Then they can hire out a video production group to make even more videos, etc. The more I learn, the more I like Alfred. That is what I an doing here on the forums, hopefully not getting accused of asking a stupid question but trying my best to learn. Luminar is a photo editing app I just purchased a license for. It has many videos on the web that explain exactly how to use it. Alfred does not. MailMate is an email app I recently purchased. It has many videos that explains exactly how to use it. Alfred, does not. I have stayed in the shallow end of the pool with Alfred since version 1 using it primarily for finding files and showing them in Finder. I do much better when things are explained to me in a right brained - usually visual, manner. I was searching on YouTube before posting on not understanding workflows. I was searching high and low for a video that could explain how to get started with a workflow. Lots of people showed how cool their workflows were and how great Alfred is. And I learned a good deal from that too. But nowhere have I found a clear video or even written example on getting started in a workflow. You can visit my recent post on trying to understand workflows if you are interested.
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    No one claimed Alfred couldn’t be used in an enterprise context, just that it has no features geared for it. Similarly, no one claimed you had to sell on the forum or Packal, just that the forum is likely the best place for discovery. In the end, you did ask for our opinion, not our confirmation. In me and @deanishe you have the two most frequently present Workflow developers on these forums — it’s likely every new post gets a response from at least one of us. What we can give you best is our view of Alfred’s community. You’re conflating people/average joe with company/startup. Those are pretty different. If you’re talking about selling it to your startup clients (as a consultant?), I’d argue you’re not actually selling a Workflow, you’re selling a tool that just happens to be packaged as a Workflow. You can sell anything to clients you’re already servicing as long as you make it valuable to them — technology is irrelevant. So either the conclusion is our opinion doesn’t matter anyway, because you’re selling to your clients and you know their needs better than we do; or that no, we don’t think selling Workflows full-time to random people will be very profitable. From your answer, it seems you would still try either way, so best of luck! And don’t forget the write-up if it ends up working out for you.
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    All the same, you'll struggle to find someone willing to pay even minimum wage for time you spend on a workflow, let alone anything like a developer's hourly wage. There might be some money to be made selling workflows at $1-$3, but probably not very much. And I don't see how that would work with open source code. On top of that, unless your workflow is complex (to implement), it's quite likely that someone else will release a workflow that does the same thing as yours, but for free.
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    Thank you for the clarification. I was pretty sure that I did not have to input password earlier, I must be remember wrongly or there was something peculiar with my system. Anyhow, to input password for this workflow works well, since it is typically not used frequently. Thank you again for making this convenient workflow.
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    Try this. When you activate the keyword, it simply grabs whatever is on your clipboard and makes the modifications. Namely it deletes any § that is at the beginning of the line, and substitutes all § with , .
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    Shorten URL (v1.1) - download here Github Page: https://github.com/hzlzh/Alfred-Workflows This workflow support URL shortener like below. You can use Hotkey to trigger without open Alfred input window. goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/ If you want more URL shortener services added, please let me know, . How-To: Choose some long links (e.g Command + A), then press `Command + Shift +L`, choose goo.gl and you will get the short link in your clipboard with notification center triggered. Tips: How to use this workflow without copy/paste? Just use trigger HotKey, check out this wiki issue here: https://github.com/h...kflows/issues/1 Screenshot:
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    alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Find all information on dedicated website: alfred-spotify-mini-player.com Follow on Twitter @TheMiniPlayer to get all news Features Example PS: If you have a problem with the workflow, do not spend time reading the forum post, the workflow has been rewritten many times! Follow instructions from here http://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/articles/support/ instead
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    FWIW, you can create a Safari History search with a File Filter pointed at ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History
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    Also if you want to go further here is a whole command-line time calculator library I wrote in python some years ago. The code above does the conversion to minutes rather than seconds but it's basically the same as the input_time, to_seconds and base_time functionality below. def to_seconds(i): seconds=int(i[2])+(int(i[1])*60)+(int(i[0]) * 60 * 60) return seconds def from_seconds(raw_seconds): seconds=abs(int(raw_seconds)) minutes=0 hours=0 while seconds > 59: seconds=seconds-60 minutes=minutes+1 while minutes > 59: minutes=minutes-60 hours=hours+1 if raw_seconds<0: hours=hours*-1 return [str(hours), str(minutes), str(seconds)] def input_time(): time = raw_input('enter time in h:m:s format: ') time_list=time.split(":") return time_list def add(base_time): increase=input_time() return(from_seconds(to_seconds(base_time)+to_seconds(increase))) def subtract(base_time): decrease=input_time() return(from_seconds(to_seconds(base_time)-to_seconds(decrease))) def multiply(base_time, multiplier): return(from_seconds(to_seconds(base_time)*multiplier)) def divide(base_time, divisor): return(from_seconds(to_seconds(base_time)/divisor)) def milePaceToKMPace(mile_pace): return(multiply(mile_pace,0.621371)) def kmPacetoMilePace(km_pace): return(multiply(km_pace,1.609343994)) def decimal_equivalent(base_time): return(to_seconds(base_time)/3600.0) def negative(base_time): return(multiply(base_time,-1)) def display_time(i): if len (i[1])==1: i[1]="0"+i[1] if len (i[2])==1: i[2]="0"+i[2] print i[0]+":"+i[1]+":"+i[2]
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    I have recently updated my github repository with quite a few workflows that I use added to it. I still have quite a few to add and will update it with time but there is still quite a bit there I think. All the ones that have ✨ next to them are ones I heavily use and recommend. Each of the links is clickable too. And here it is as a live mind map. It is part of my bigger mind map where I try to document my knowledge and curations in an open and easily discoverable way. I will also add descriptions to each of the workflows and add gifs where appropriate to get a better idea of what each of the workflows can do. Hope it would be useful to some.
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    I used Gemini 2 a lot about a year ago when I replaced the mechanical HD on my iMac with an SSD and 2nd HD, and cleaned up several hundred GB of photos in the process. It worked fine for me but I switched to using SnapSelect for photos since it does fuzzy matching of similar but not identical photos. No complaints with Gemini 2, though. The bigger trick is to set up your work process so you don't end up with dupes in the first place
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    @dennis.a It looks like you've actually spotted a bug - if you have fuzzy set to "Fuzzy capital letters" in Alfred's Advanced prefs, this works as expected, but when set to fuzzy from word boundary, the behaviour doesn't match the default results as intended. I'm going to move this to the bugs forum and have it fixed for the next release Cheers, Andrew
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    @zachx08 There are a few ways you could do this. Firstly, if you are using the "Launch Apps / Files" action, there is a checkbox at the bottom which toggles visibility. This will allow you to, for example, have one hotkey connected to this action with a single app, then use the hotkey to toggle between the app showing and hiding. Alternatively, you could use some AppleScript to hide or minimise specific apps in the "Run AppleScript" action, e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/a/3564215 Hope this helps Cheers, Andrew
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    I've created a small workflow that automates something that I've find myself doing very often: copying a website as hyperlink text and pasting it into the footnote of my notes to track my sources. Simply type copylink to see a list of open browser tabs (currently for Chrome and Safari only). Then, select one to copy the title of the page linked to the URL. Download v1.1 | Github See Github page for release notes. Hope you'll find it useful. Let me know of any bugs or feedback below. — Charlie
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    It's nothing to do with Alfred, it's the way OS X works. When you send keypresses to an application (i.e. paste), the system doesn't wait for the application to handle them. Your call returns immediately. So what's happening is that you're restoring the keyboard before the application can act on the paste instruction. You need to put a delay between pasting and restoring the clipboard to give the paste time to complete. That's one of the reasons why it's a terrible way to automate applications. I'm 99.5% certain Alfred also simulates ⌘V. I'm also pretty sure Alfred doesn't have the same problem (it breaks if the user is holding other modifier keys) because it uses Carbon, not System Events, to simulate the keypress. This JavaScript function simulates ⌘V via Carbon and should also ignore whatever you've got your fingers on: ObjC.import('Carbon'); // Simulate CMD+V keypress via Carbon. Unaffected by other modifiers the user may // be holding down. function paste() { var source = $.CGEventSourceCreate($.kCGEventSourceStateCombinedSessionState); var pasteCommandDown = $.CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent(source, $.kVK_ANSI_V, true); $.CGEventSetFlags(pasteCommandDown, $.kCGEventFlagMaskCommand); var pasteCommandUp = $.CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent(source, $.kVK_ANSI_V, false); $.CGEventPost($.kCGAnnotatedSessionEventTap, pasteCommandDown); $.CGEventPost($.kCGAnnotatedSessionEventTap, pasteCommandUp); }
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    Enable limiting the File Scope for a File Action (as you can with a File Filter). I'd like to have the File Action only appear on the file action list when within a specific folder. See related post:
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    ALFRED TODOIST WORKFLOW v3.1.4 Hi! I wrote this workflow mainly because I was annoyed with todoist quick-add feature not having support for natural language date strings. It didn't seem like any of the other workflows had that either. Perhaps some of the other cross alfred-todoist users like this workflow. Add tasks to your Todoist inbox or list upcoming tasks straight from Alfred. I nicked the idea from Ruben Schmidtmann'stodoist-alfred-workflow, and further expanded on it. It uses Todoist v6 API. The task listing feature relies on javascript (sorry no PHP, perl of ruby foo) which means it works from Yosemite and up. The task adding feature should work on any Mac OSX version. Installation Download from Github and import workflow. Or Download from Packal and import workflow COMMAND t Some magic will happen when you run the t command, like creation of files and refreshing of todoist data cache. Other than that use it to configure the workflow. One Time Config t:token {api token} (no default) Example: t:token 2d2e2a334c5f36e7a7c43b46e t:language {language} (default: en) Example: t:language nl t:items {max list items} (default: 9) Example: t:items 9 Token* Your Todoist api token, get it from Todoist Preferences => Account => API-token (should be 40 characters) Language This is relevant for parsing date strings ('tomorrow @ 9pm', in en). Valid languages are: en, da, pl, zh, ko, de,pt, ja, it, fr, sv, ru, es, nl. Max List Items This parameter limits the amount of tasks shown when using the todo command. Node.js is required for listing todos Node.js Node.js is required for listing todo's. Working with JSON API's in batch is no fun and the JavaScript force is strong in my, yet none of the other forces (ruby, PHP, python etc.) are. If you decide you want this feature there is an install function included. This will install Node.js as well as a package manager called Homebrew to install Node (all other ways of installing node require admin permissions or leave files on your computer). This has the added benefit of making it easy to uninstall as well. Example: t:nodejs => ENTER Uninstall Node (terminal): brew uninstall node Uninstall Homebrew (terminal): ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/uninstall)" * Required COMMAND todo Add a task todo {task}, {date}, {project} {priority} and {labels} can go anywhere Example: todo Get stuff done, tomorrow @ 9, work Example: todo Build tree house, tomorrow @ 9, home !!2 Example: _todo Get milk, tomorrow @ 9, home @on_road @5min Task Can be any string as long as there are no comma's in it. Markdown in the string will be parsed, but anything else won't. Date See the Todoist documentation for supported date formats. Project* Add task to an existing project. If no project is selected the task will be added to your inbox. Labels* You can now add labels to your tasks. Any string that has a @ before it will be checked against your existing labels. If it matches (case insensitive) the label will be added. The labels can be added anywhere in the todo command so these are all valid: Example: todo Get stuff done, tomorrow @ 9, work @delayed Example: todo Get stuff done , tomorrow @ 9 @delayed, work Example: todo Get stuff done @delayed, tomorrow @ 9, work @delayed Priority A number between 1 and 4, where 1 is the lowest and 4 would be the highest priority. The priority tags can be added anywhere in the todo command so these are all valid: Example: todo Get stuff done, tomorrow @ 9, work !!2 Example: todo Get stuff done , tomorrow @ 9 !!2, work Example: todo Get stuff done !!2, tomorrow @ 9, work * Relies on node.js to work Hacks Use a comma to separate the parameters, leading or trailing whitespace is ignored. If you wish to change the delimiter with which the parameters (task, date and priority) are separated, you'll need to change a line in the bash script. For instance if you'd like to use ';' as a delimiter, change: IFS=',' read -r -a items <<< "$query" to: IFS=':' read -r -a items <<< "$query" COMMAND todos List tasks (and mark done) todos (+ navigate and hit ENTER) Search tasks (and mark done) todos + {query} (+ navigate and hit ENTER) Query Any search query one character or longer. Uses fuzzy search to find the tasks. Example: todos car => finds (because of fuzzy search): Rent car New cat recipe's Cut Gras tomorrow Changelog View CHANGELOG.md
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    DOWNLOAD (For Alfred 2) DOWNLOAD (For Alfred 3) For those that need to see/copy info from the system. Just open Alfred and type "about" To RESET the workflow type "xabout" FN+ENTER will copy the selected entry to the clipboard. SHIFT+ENTER will paste selected entry to front most app. CTRL+ENTER will take you to Apple's support website (based on your hardware). OPT+ENTER will take you to Apple's hardware specifications website (based on your hardware). February 1, 2017: Added Macmini7,1 to xml for icon support. August 15, 2016: Added icon and updated script for macOS Sierra. Made a new version for Alfred 3 removing older Operating Systems to fall in line with what Alfred 3 supports. I am leaving the Alfred 2 version alone for those who still want to use it, but, it does not support macOS Sierra. June 3, 2014: Added Yosemite Icon (also updated script) for those using the Developer Previews so the System Version line shows the correct image. July 23, 2013: Added Mavericks Icon (also updated script) for those using the Developer Previews so the System Version line shows the correct image. July 9, 2013: I found an error in a line of my workflow which on most systems is a lenient one, but on some results in the Human Readable Machine in line 1 of the results to simply not show up. The error also made the links to the support site and hardware specs site not function correctly. I have corrected this line in the workflow. PLEASE NOTE: On SOME systems, and even on the current build of Mavericks, the plist file the workflow reads from is protected in a slightly different way. This means the permissions need to be changed on the plist. I have included the Terminal instructions in the 'readme' tab of the Workflow. To access this, load Alfred Preferences, Double Click on the Workflow in the left sidebar "About This Mac", and in the window that pops up, click the Readme tab ... and read! May 16, 2013: Added Model Identifier beside system name in top row. SO for MY system it now shows "iMac 27-inch, Mid 2011 (iMac12,2)" April 17, 2013 : Fixed a couple minor issues with incorrect selectors in the script. Serial number should show now, and 'GB' after memory size will show again. Added a system check for those that have multiple computers accessing one workflow folder (thanks DJay for pointing out that not everyone has only one computer). Removed randomUID generator for items, as the latest version of Alfred2 makes it possible to NOT have to specify unique IDs. SO, if you want an ordered list, please update Alfred to 2.0.3+
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    Take a look at these for examples of how to proceed: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2180-case-converter-including-title-case/#comment-12226 https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4818-code-case/#comment-29475 (this may be the best model if you want to be able to preview the output) Also this one that I use but which never posted: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6601556/Alfred/Text cleaners.alfredworkflow
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    It's a beautiful theme. Great job and it's now my default of choice. Only minor challenge is the blue selector combinations on the right hand side. My personal feel is they would look better in white. https://db.tt/FLe3nUK8sE
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    Worked like a charm, and I really appreciate the explanation! Why my search attempts to find this answer failed me was due to me not including anything in the replace section. Duh. Cheers!
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    Precisely. Hence my question, @mrapplegate. If it’s not working for you, we need to know exactly what you’re doing in Alfred to diagnose what you’re doing wrong. Funny you mention that, because I have found one recently. In it, %20 counts as a literal space, but + counts as a literal + and even appears as such on the page. %2B produces the same result. Only reason I noticed was I was getting wrong results when URL-encoding a string to search.
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    @deanishe Nice, I like the cmd modifier for an incognito window - Beats the Chrome workflow I previously had @mrchow19910319 The workflow seems to work fine for me. Are you typing a complete URL (e.g. https://www.alfredapp.com) or a partial one (e.g. alfredapp.com)? Cheers, Vero
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    Alfred 2.6, January 2015. In your Script Filter, click the Run Behaviour button. You can choose whether Alfred should wait for or kill an already running script, and you can choose how long it should wait for user input before executing the script.
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    Big fan of Apple Music (iTunes). Not a big fan of switching windows each time I feel the need to "Love" a song or add it to My Music. Is there not a workflow that accomplishes either of those tasks? Would someone be interested in creating one? Thanks for the help.
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    resolved: It seems it is caused due to the response delivered from Google Map API is an image which leads to some strange behaviours. I implemented it now in a way were I save the image first and then use it in quicklook. With this workaround the image will be displayed quite fast.
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    I am using 10.12.3 on a late 2013 Mac Pro and the Dualpane workflow functions fine for me. Two Finder windows line up correctly as specified by the default "bounds" with my default set to "icon" view.
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    Simple command to Flush DNS cache. Compatiable with 10.6 through to 10.12. Takes no arguments but asks for system password to run task as an admin user. Available on packal.org Any issues, please let me know. Update 12/1/2017: Support for macOS Sierra 10.12
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    @David Done! I just updated the crap out of this theme. See the original post for deets!
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    Introduce my new v3 theme for Alfred, Yo Alfred Features: Alfred main color (dazzling purple) Dark and light theme Blur Transparant Large Icon How to Download Click the download link below the theme name Save as the file (keep the extension to be .alfredappeareance) Dark Theme https://raw.githubusercontent.com/deerawan/yo-alfred-themes/master/Yo Alfred Dark.alfredappearance Light Theme https://raw.githubusercontent.com/deerawan/yo-alfred-themes/master/Yo Alfred White.alfredappearance Interested in Material Design Theme? http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9242-material-design-theme-alfred-v3/
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    A better unit converter Download V0.6 contact thijs@designandsuch.com for questions, bugs, ideas and such try out the demo There are more unit converters available. but i didn't like the lack of speed due to the feeds. Thus i redid one myself which calculates everything on your mac. It fetches new currency data once in a while.. that's the only time when a second delay might appear. And in my humble opinion it's already better than all other unit converters around. I might add more units in the future but so far it has: - 7 units temperature ( celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit etc. ) - 21 units on length ( km, miles, nautical miles etc. ) - 15 units on weight ( kg, lb, etc. ) - 8 units on time ( days, hours, years months etc ) - 18 units on digital memory ( GB, MB TB bytes, kilobytes etc ) - 5 units on speed ( km/h, miles per hour etc. - 90 units on currencies ( euro, dollar, pounds, dinar etc. ) that's 164 units It has a nice blind rating system. so the more you choose for one answer, the more it will be likely that that one shows up in the suggestions. Automatic updates from a currency xml file I am working on an automatic update on the whole workflow so i could add new features while you use it. But that is not finished yet.. and i thought.. let's start sharing maybe ill get some nice feedback for possible cool ideas. * designed the icons myself, probably could work some more on those too. it doesn't need explanation... if you'll just start typing "5 kilometer to miles..." or something you will figure out how it works. some screenshots:
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    Changed the workflow a bit so it works with airmail 3 now. Here: https://github.com/dr-adrian/alfred-airmail
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    iOS Simulator Alfred Workflow A simple workflow for fast access to your iOS Simulators and apps. It saves you time during iOS development when you have to deal with Simulators' folder structure. Installation Download and open file or download from my GitHub account. Usage To trigger the workflow you have to type sims Features Simulators Show applications (⏎ enter). Launch in simulator (alt ⌥ + ⏎ enter). Show number of applications installed (⇧ shift). Reset contents and settings (⌘ cmd + ⏎ enter). Apps Show content in finder (⏎ enter). Launch app in simulator (alt ⌥ + ⏎ enter). Show app details (⇧ shift). Reset content of Documents, Library and tmp. (⌘ cmd + ⏎ enter).
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    Zip: compress files and folders within Alfred Overview Zip files and/or folders Finder and Alfred File Action supported Unique filename Remove .DS_Store files Triggering keyword zip - after selecting files and/or folders in Finder, bring Alfred and type zip. You can optionally type the zip filename. You can optionally hold control key to select the zip file folder destination. hotkey - after selecting files and/or folders in Finder hit the hotkey. A new zip file will be created based on selection. Alfred File Action - select files and/or folders in Alfred file browser to zip (see screenshot below). What’s new in version 4.0 Alfred 3.0 supportWhat’s new in version 3.0 Select the destination folder by holding control key (keyword zip) Updated to Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Alleyoop 2 support Download Version 4.0 Release date: 08 Jun 2016 Requires Alfred 3 Download Now Zip for Alfred 2 Version 3.0 Release date: 23 Apr 2013 Requires Alfred 2.0.3 (187) Download Now
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    I know Alfred can be movable by click and hold at certain area. By "certain area" I mean a very thin and tiny frame indicated below in red, making it very difficult to interact with cursor, and even more mission impossible if using customised themes.
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    Description Merge, split and slice PDF files. Usage Alfred PDF Tools can be used by the following file actions: Merge: Merge the selected PDF files and move the source files to trash; Split by Page Count: Split the selected PDF file by entering the maximum amount of pages for each new PDF file; Split by File Size: Split the selected PDF file by entering the maximum file size in MB for each new PDF file; Slice: Slice the selected PDF document by entering start, stop and step arguments separated by commas (e.g., "10, 20, 1" will create a PDF file from pages 10 to 20 of the source file). Credits This workflow relies on PyPDF2 library currently maintained by Phaseit, Inc. and Send2Trash package by Virgil Dupras. Download | Source
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    create a trigger that connects to the following applescript: tell application "iTunes" set loved of current track to true end tell This didn't used to work with Apple Music, but it does now. Adding an Apple Music track throws up error "iTunes got an error: current track doesn’t understand the “add” message." number -1708 from current track So that's not easily possible at the moment.
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    This seems to have broken in the latest build of Alfred 3 Any chance that it will get fixed? Edit: This one was one of the cases where the .sh file had to have Alfred-2 replaced with Alfred-3. Works fine now.
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    It still works with Alfred 3. It's likely you haven't enabled Accessibility for Alfred 3.
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    Hi Blake, I quickly put together something which may be what your looking for: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45099771/CIR-Example.alfredworkflow Use "cir" with a keyword to perform a search. It will copy the result to your clipboard and display a notification. I used the https://github.com/mcs07/CIRpy module linked above. If you right click the addon > show in finder, you will see the source. Modify script.py to output whatever you want (see the print statement). You may want to change the desired output representation (again, see the github module documentation). I'm sure you can figure the rest out