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    eric roch

    Alfred Remote for iOS Widget

    I love the remote feature of Alfred. I use it to control Spotify, iTunes, and resize windows from my phone. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I have to unlock my phone and navigate back to the remote app to use it. This proves problematic, or at least inconvenient, when I am watching a movie and want to play/pause because someone came into the room, but it takes 15-30 seconds to get the app open. I would love to see a widget in the notification center of iOS that allows users to select remote buttons to display from any screen on their iPhone/iPad. Ideally, this would be resizable so one could have a single row (such as play/pause, vol+, vol-, mute) or multiple rows to control other things as well. This would be a swipe and a tap away rather than the current fingerprint (and passcode when it it doesn't work), swipe, tap the folder, tap the app, wait for it to load, tap the button. I think we can all agree on which option is better...
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    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    @td. Thank you for the suggestions! I think they're great ideas that I'd like to implement, so I've created enhancement issues on Github to track them. A couple sound tricky but I do love a good challenge. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any other ideas!
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    It doesn’t. A detailed and researched bug report (like yours) shows the exact opposite: that you care about the app and want it to work perfectly. Bad bug reports are the ones where the reporter did not try to fix/diagnose/reproduce, and as such give a lot of extra work to the developer to even try to figure out why it happens. A lot of the time it’s due to user error, not a problem with the app. Good bug reports, however, give enough information to make the developer predisposed to fix it, and help them reach a cause sooner. Bad bug reports cause developers to burnout and the app to die. Good bug reports make the app thrive and be better for everyone.
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    Go To Here

    Jump to files and folders when opening or saving This is based on http://blog.qsapp.com/post/72195815293/go-to-here-again coming from QuickSilver, I use this script alot, I converted it to work with Alfred 2 You can download it @ http://www.packal.org/workflow/go-here
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    Path doesn't get open in an app

    All my released Workflows have forum postings. I have no ideia where you got that one from, but it looks very different from the original (RecentDownloads). The one you posted is a bit of a mess in comparison. As to your problem, it seems to me like you were not paying much attention. All the information is there. You have it set up completely backwards. I think you tend to rush a bit with these problems. Instead of immediately asking for help you may benefit from stepping back and looking at the problem again after a while. Maybe start over. That’s how one usually finds their own mistakes,
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    Open links from csv document.

    Then use this script instead: # encoding: utf-8 import os import subprocess import sys csvfile = os.path.expanduser('~/Desktop/links.csv') count = 0 if len(sys.argv) > 1: count = int(sys.argv[1]) urls = [] with open(csvfile) as fp: for i, line in enumerate(fp): if count and i == count: break urls.append(line.strip()) for url in urls: subprocess.call(['/usr/bin/open', url])
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    The right-hand box doesn't support regexes (beyond $1 etc. references to match groups). You'll probably have to use a Run Script box and do it in code.
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    Markdown to BBCode syntax conversion. The conversions it supports (I can add more via request) are: Bold → **example** Italic → *example* Bold and italic → ***example*** Horizontal rule → --- or - - - or * or * * with as many - or as you’d like, as long as they’re at least three Strike through → ~~example~~ Images that send to an external URL → [![](link_to_image)](link_to_website) Images → ![](link_to_image) URLs → [description](link_to_website) Quotes → start lines with > and a space Code blocks → triple backticks on one line, write code, triple backticks on another line to end Inline code → with a backtick at the start and another at the end, by default it’ll convert the text to a monospaced font with grey background Differently sized headers → start lines with # or ## or ### or ####, and a space. End them with any number (including none) of spaces and # characters Unordered lists → precede items with + or * or -, and a space Ordered lists → precede items with a number, a period, and a space Footnotes → [^1] (where 1 is any number) anywhere in your text, and again at the end as [^1]: with the footnote’s text Changes that span multiple lines (code blocks and lists) should be preceded and followed by empty lines (except it they’re at the beginning or end of your text, in which case the extra empty line at the top or bottom, respectively, is not needed). All the code is in the script inside the Workflow — it’s one line per substitution and they’re all commented so you shouldn’t have much trouble changing anything you’d like to be handled a different way, even if you don’t understand regular expressions (you’ll mostly need to care about what’s on the right side of the commas). Download | Source
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    One keyword for multiple snippets?

    Easily doable. You’ll need to make it a workflow. Connect a Snippet Trigger to a List Filter will all your emails (leave Keyword blank) and connect that to a Copy to Clipboard.
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    Not really, no. Alfred can't possibly guess which URLs you want to open, so you have to write them down somewhere. A better solution than snippets would probably be a List Filter.
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    How to avoid web page result

    More like Mr. X....Frozen X McFrozen sounds like a burger lol xD
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    ... it's also worth noting that it would be super simple to create a workflow which adds a File Action for "Move to Applications", set for type Applications only. This could be a super simple script which removes xattrs and moves to /Applications/ Cheers, Andrew
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    How to avoid web page result

    That's why I use File Filters or workflows for all file searches.
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    I'm going to move this to the Workflow Help & Questions forum, as that's where it belongs. I'd also like to refer you to the thread on asking for help with your workflow. The TL;DR is: if you want help with a workflow, it's usually best to post the actual workflow so we can see what you're talking about. Here's a guess at one way you might do that (no idea if it's appropriate without knowing your workflow): If all your websites are using the same software (i.e. the CMS login page is always at the same relative URL), just add a second Open URL action after your List Filter and add the appropriate relative URL to {query}. Then double-click the connection between the action and your List Filter, and set it to run when CMD is pressed. That way, ↩ opens the website and ⌘↩ opens the CMS login page. If that's no good, please post a copy of the workflow, so we can actually see what we're talking about. Make a copy and fill it with dummy URLs if need be.
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    Alfred my mind

    Yeah, you made 2 silly mistakes. You haven't checked "Alfred filters results" in your Script Filter, which is why search isn't working. I'm surprised it even works at all, as your JSON isn't even valid: Trailing commas aren't allowed in JSON, but every object within items has a trailing comma after the autocomplete item. I can only assume that you still aren't using a real JSON library, or at least not using it properly.
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    selection in macos + keyword

    Hi @Misha, I did a small workflow as example to show you multiple ways of doing it (using a: File action, a Hotkey or a Keyword). This way you can use the way you find it best for your use case. Myself I would use the file action since you want to work with files and this is made for that... but any method should works great Here is the workflow: https://nofile.io/f/O7scHb0o3rm/File+Selection+&+OCR_Keywords.alfredworkflow Hope this helps!
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    Sure, i am using a library called file-queue (which tbh i only audited very roughly) where i'm reading the downloadable items from the queue using `tpop` (transactional pop) .. file-queue uses a maildir structure with a 'tmp', 'cur', 'new' path, to get new data from the queue the 'cur' path is used, during a pop "transaction" the file is moved into the 'cur' directory, once it is committed it is deleted, when an error happens it will be reverted into the 'new' directory. From my code: https://github.com/hpoul/alfred-openclipart/blob/master/lib/QueueWorker.js#L20-L31 (tpop makes it imediately invisible for all other download processes), ie "locked" From file-queue documentation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue#transactional-popping From file-queue implementation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/lib/maildir.js#L115-L139 "this.fs.rename(newPath, curPath," (file-queue tpop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L57) uses tryPop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L76) which calls maildir#process Hope that makes sense..
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    selection in macos + keyword

    Not easily, no. If you're using a keyword, then the active application is Alfred (as you're entering your query into it), which isn't where you want to get your selection from. You can work around it in a workflow by attaching your keyword to a Run Script action that simulates a ⌘C keypress and then uses pbpaste to grab the contents of the pasteboard. That doesn't work quite a smoothly as using Alfred's built-in feature, however. Your best bet is therefore to use a Hotkey.
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    @tullyhansen Welcome to the forum Items are copied to Alfred's clipboard if: They're not from an ignored app (see Features > Clipboard > Advanced) They're not marked as transient data or ConcealedType by the app (e.g. when passwords are copied from a password app) I'm not that familiar with Fluid, but check for either of the points above. Whether or not the app has no dock icon doesn't make a difference. You may also want to update to Alfred 3.4.1 pre-release, which you can grab by going to the Update tab and choosing "pre-releases" at the bottom. Once you've done this, go to Clipboard > Advanced and uncheck "Ignore clipboard data marked as Concealed" to test whether this allows you to copy from Fluid, in case Fluid is wholesale marking its data as ConcealedType for some reason. Cheers, Vero
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    Pass clipboard to keyboard maestro

    Your workflow works, more or less. The main issue is that your Run Script has Language set to /bin/bash but you have AppleScript in it. Change Language to /usr/bin/osascript (AS) There's probably also a second issue, however. My MailTo workflow that you've based this on doesn't output a list of email addresses, it outputs a command. That is to say, if you choose two recipients, e.g. bob@aol.com and dave@hotmail.com, the output won't be bob@aol.com, dave@hotmail.com, but rather compose 'bob@aol.com, dave@hotmail.com'. You will probably also need to change line 241 of mailto.py to alter the output. I imagine you'll want it to say arg=recipients,
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    send-url workflow replacement?

    Easy enough. Connect a Keyword to a Run Script (/usr/bin/osascript (AS)) with tell application "Google Chrome" to set theUrl to URL of active tab of front window tell application "Safari" to open location theUrl
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    Ask, Create, Share

    Short tip on the gif. Instead of cutting it so harshly at the edges of the app, move/hide all your Desktop icons and set a completely white background. Then, when recording keep a bit of the app’s shadow. When played back on a page it’ll look more natural, as if the app itself is there. See the method in action on Homebrew-Cask’s README. It may look a bit fuzzy to you1 but the idea is there. Also, you should do things slower. I can’t read anything on the gif; it’s hard to keep up. 1. It appears you may have a retina screen and the gif had to be recorded on a VM made by an app that cannot display in retina resolution.
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    Excel formulas

    That can be automated by simulating typing with AppleScript. This script should do the trick: tell application "System Events" key code 44 using option down -- OPT+/ delay 0.5 keystroke "sum" delay 0.5 key code 36 -- Enter end tell Simulating keypresses, especially like this, is a last resort, however, as it just fires key events at the application without any idea if they're working. You may need to increase the delays if your machine is slower (or reduce them if it's super-fast).
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    Ascii Search Alfred Workflow Quickly search through silly ascii faces and kaomoji (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Direct Download Source code in case anyone's curious: https://github.com/iansinnott/asciilib-workflow --- If you want to add to the list of search results feel free! Community contributions would be great. There are currently only about 300 search results in total, which is surely not near all the awesome kaomoji out there. To add something check out this repo where the actual data lives: https://github.com/iansinnott/asciilib
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    Excel formulas

    There's no direct shortcut, but a workaround would be to use the Help Search fonction in the menu... Select the cells that you want to sum then press "Option+/" to access the Help Search menu and type "sum" and the focus would be on the "INSERT FUNCTION: SUM" function. Just press Enter and you are set. This also has the benefit to easily access any menu item by name and working in other Google applications like Docs and Slides
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    Excel formulas

    CMD + SHIFT + T ?? There's already a keyboard shortcut for that in Excel if I clearly understand you question... Here is a list of shortcut for Excel if you want to find some others: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Excel-2016-for-Mac-acf5419e-1f87-444d-962f-4e951a658ccd
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    Alfred allows users to select multiple files in finder and press command+option+\ to run file action in Alfred file browser. Alfred also allows users to add files to buffer, but only files from Alfred file browser. I am wondering if Alfred could add files I selected in Finder to buffer.
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    Airmail workflow

    Edit: 2014-05-23 Added some more search context options: subject and starred. Also adjusted the triggers to keep them shorter and simplier to trigger Edit: 2013-12-23 The 1.3 update to Airmail seems to have broke the way this workflow worked. I'll work on getting it fixed. I know there is a thread going on in the help portion so I figured I'd share my current Airmail workflow. Right now it has two components: new mail and unified search(Big thank you to David Ferguson for helping me with this one). Compose new mail: Super basic as all it does it switch to Airmail and open a new composer window. Syntax: airmail new Unified Search: This relies on Applescript and has two caveats: 1. you have to have unified inbox enabled and 2. if the search field is active it wont work Syntax: airmail search {query} At some point I plan to make the compose mail workflow more robust and utilize the Airmail Applescript support, and also expand the unified search to check if the search field is active. I'm just on limited time right now but I at least wanted to get what I have out to peope. Feel free to add or help if you want! Download: https://github.com/fspinillo/alfred-airmail
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    This Alfred workflow lets you select any Firefox profiles found in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/. It lets you open different FF profiles in parallel. This workflow is written in Ruby which I never worked with before. I think there are better ways to do it. Anyways, I am using it on a daily base. https://github.com/mikezahno/alfredworkflow-ffp It is not yet on packal as I am new to the community. Any suggestions and contributions are very welcome.
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    No, you really can't. Indentation is semantic, so you have to indent your code properly. There are no anonymous functions or cryptic, Perl-/Ruby-like shorthand. The language itself lets you do crazy things if you really must, but it makes hard-to-read code more difficult to write than easy-to-read code. There are plenty of linters that show warnings if your code isn't PEP-8 compliant. They just don't rewrite the code for you, like gofmt does. The benefit of gofmt isn't to help write code, it's to help read other people's. If you don't even format your code properly, you should stop coding because you are definitely doing far worse things.
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    I'll close this bug report, as it's not an Alfred issue.
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    Smart calculations with Numi

    Hey, I've modified the workflow and removed the need to prefix everything with n it is much. So now you can just write in Alfred: 5$ to EURO and it would work. Workflow link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/56snihnggq4s5yh/Numi.alfredworkflow?dl=0 If that looks good to you, please feel free to update official Numi package.
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    Great Workflow! Thanks a million.
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    Searching video on alfred

    @martynaskairys Welcome to the forum! Rather than adding video files to your default results, which clutters results when you want to do simple things like launch apps, try using the "open" keyword (or pressing the spacebar, which is a shortcut for it) For example "[spacebar]rolling" brings up relevant .mov and .avi videos on my Mac. If you're new to Alfred, take a look at this guide to searching using Alfred, which shows you the difference between searching for apps and for general files: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/beginners-guide-to-alfred-searching-your-mac-and-the-web/ Cheers, Vero
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    Quiver Workflow

    Just got a new version to upload. It should work on any system now. I had problems getting my Haskell program to statically compile. But, it is now. I've updated the one in Packal.org and GitHub. Please download and give it a try.
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    Can you be more specific about that? The workflow uses my Python library, which should take care of gzip content-/transfer-encoding transparently.
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    Safari Reading List

    This workflow allows you to view, open and add Safari reading list items. Features: View all your reading list items (keyword: RL). Search for specific items: Entering "rl apple iphone" will return reading list items whose page title or URL contains both "apple" and "iphone". View (and search) only unread reading list items (keyword: RLU). Add new items to your reading list (using keyword RLADD or hotkeys). Open all unread items (keyword: RLALL). Direct download Packal page This workflow uses the awesome Alfred Objective-C framework. Updates: v1.1: Option to view only unread Reading List items (default keyword: RLU). v1.2: Option to add new items to your reading list (keyword: RLADD). If the currently active app is a browser (Safari, Webkit, Chrome, Canary and Chromium are currently supported), you can just press Enter to add the URL of its active tab. You can also add URL's by typing or pasting. The workflow uses AppleScript to add new reading list items, so it requires Safari to be running. However, if Safari wasn't running, the workflow will quit it after it's done. (If you had no open windows in Safari, you won't even notice anything). Additionally, the workflow checks if the URL you are trying to add is valid by trying to download the <head> element of the corresponding page. So if you are disconnected from the Internet, or the page you are trying to add is unreachable, the workflow will consider the URL as invalid and won't add it. To make it add that URL without checking it for validity, use the modifier key (⌃). v1.3: Option to open all reading list items (keyword: RLALL). v1.4: The open all feature has been modified to open only unread items. (You can still open all your reading list items (including the read ones) by pressing Option.) v1.4.1: Fixed a typo v1.4.2: Fixed yet another typo
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    Ulysses workflow

    Turns out the guy who wrote the Workflow workflow that I was looking also has a GitHub repo with a python version for the Mac: https://github.com/rovest/UlyssesReportAndMarkdown I haven't had a chance to check it out in detail.
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    Ulysses workflow

    Well I got a version of ul working last night, but it requires manually loading all the sheet titles and URLs into a list filter. From a CSV that's generated by a workflow in Workflow for iOS. Working as a proof of concept . Since there seems to be no way to get a sheet identifier from the sheet file itself, it seems we would need to use Ulysses get-root-items callback URL, and parse the whole library. I began to pick apart & try to replicate what the Workflow workflow does (it came from here: https://workflow.is/workflows/84934276b51643678643e1aa326637bd , & I modified it to output title, identifier, [title](ulysses url w/identifier) to a CSV), and convert it to write JSON which can then be read by a Script Filter. The xcall utility linked above was really helpful at that stage. Where I ran into trouble (and went to sleep) was at the stage of parsing the JSON. Here's the code I was running (in CodeRunner -- had to manually authenticate with Ulysses first, too): #!/usr/bin/python import json import os tmp = os.popen('/Applications/xcall.app/Contents/MacOS/xcall -url "ulysses://x-callback-url/get-root-items?recursive=YES&access-token=your token here"').read() ulyssesLib = json.loads(tmp)['items'] print (ulyssesLib) When I look at that output, it looks to me like it's a (long, messy) list of dictionaries but running type(ulyssesLib) says it's unicode.
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    Open office hours for talking Alfred

    Inspired by Zach Lieberman, I’d like to try open office hours. I’ve never hosted or participated in any, so it’ll be a learning experience for me as well. The goal is discussing Alfred (or anything you want, really). I’m not an extraordinary developer, but I do have extensive experience with Alfred and coming up with solutions to make workflows do what we need. We may or may not talk code, but time would likely be better spent discussing how to make your ideas fit a Workflow. If you’re interested, reply to this post, send me a direct forum message, or tweet at me. Tell me if you have preferred days of the week and times. I’m in Lisbon (Portugal), so please give me your times in GMT (and if it falls at 5AM, you’ll know those aren’t suitable). Also include if you’d like to discuss alone or are fine with other people joining in. If you don’t have anything to talk about and just want to assist, that’s also fine; just say so and you can sit in on the conversations with the people that say they are fine with others joining (if any). After (if) I get a few people interested, we can schedule a day and times from there. I don’t have a Skype account, so we’ll talk via appear.in. It’s like Skype, but you don’t need an account or installing anything, just a web browser. It also allows easy screen sharing via a Chrome extension that can be installed on demand. It supports up to eight people at once. Emulating Zach, I’m thinking twenty to thirty minutes per person, over a couple of hours. At least for the first time, having just a few people might be best, to know what works and doesn’t.
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    Gmail Client for Alfred

    Hi folks, I'm working on this new workflow which allows you to control your Gmail emails with Alfred. Features Quickly access your latest emails with Alfred Supported actions:Mark As Read/Unread Archive Move To Inbox/Trash Quick reply Add label Automatically uses a dark or light icon set depending on your current Alfred theme Background cache refresh Uses the official Gmail API to securely access your Gmail account Uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize the workflow Saves your access_token securely in OS X's keychain Feel free to give some feedback! Github: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail Download-Link: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail/releases/latest
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    Wunderlist Workflow [maintained]

    Wunderlist Workflow for Alfred Create tasks in Wunderlist more effortlessly than ever before with this Alfred workflow (requires Alfred 2 or 3 with Powerpack license). Beginner and advanced approaches to adding a monthly repeating task beginning the following week: Setup Download here After downloading, simply double-click to install the workflow in Alfred. Use the wl command in Alfred to activate the workflow, or assign a hotkey in Alfred preferences. The workflow will guide you through securely logging in to Wunderlist and will even let you know when an important update is available. Documentation and Examples My apologies, but it is not feasible to keep documentation in this thread in sync with the project page.
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    Airmail workflow

    Changed the workflow a bit so it works with airmail 3 now. Here: https://github.com/dr-adrian/alfred-airmail
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    Just wanted to pop in and say... This is exactly why we love our Alfred community from all over the world. Not only are you helping each other out, but you're nudging each other to remember to be kind and friendly. This thread made me smile this morning Cheers, Vero
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    OK, please forgive me, but you know, I'm italian, and some kind of a respectful chatting is in my DNA, I'll shut up now
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    well, at least a little sign of appreciation... In have seen Vero and Andrew answering you like two little Gandhi... please, try to be 'amazing' a little you too, just some little 'thanks' or 'regards' or 'cheers' or 'hi' or 'thanks' while you are posting your questions would be appreciated ( from me at least, but maybe I'm too much sentimental ) Giulio
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    Add to Fantastical

    Based on a previous extension for Alfred 1, made a quick workflow to add reminders to Fantastical: http://cl.ly/0c071F2h2K41 It allows the full syntax as it is normally used in the app input.
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    Obscure Password

    Alfred supports only plain text, so... no. If you want to have a password box, then you can use CocoaDialog's Secure Input.
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    I've written a fairly detailed tutorial on writing Alfred Workflows in Python as part of the documentation for my new Python Workflow library. Might be of some interest to budding Python Workflow developers, and possibly an interesting trick or two for older hands.
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    Open URL in Chrome's current tab in Firefox

    1. Go into the Workflows panel of Alfred's Settings. 2. Select Firechrome-Workflow. 3. Double click 'Run Script' action. 4. Delete Code and insert tell application "Firefox" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "l" using {command down} -- Highlight the URL field. delay 0.5 keystroke "c" using {command down} -- Copy the URL field. delay 0.5 do shell script "Open -a 'Google Chrome' " & (the clipboard) end tell It's not very fast, but the simplest solution I could find right now. Ok to you? (sorry for delayed answer, have to figure out how to receive an email when someone quotes me)