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    This just creates a new note in notes.app. To keep it simple, it just uses the first folder in the first account it finds. You can change this behaviour by editing providing the respective names in the "properties" in the applescript. Usage To search existing notes, type "n search_term" into Alfred. E.g. "n something I wrote yesterday" To create a new note, just type "n note_text" into Alfred. E.g. "n something very important I will probably forget" To create a note from the clipboard, type "nclip optional_note_name" Hold option to open the note in a new window after creating it. iCloud Notes on OS 10.11+ As of Mac OS El Capitan, you are given the option to upgrade iCloud notes accounts. Once you do this, with the normal Notes workflow you'll start seeing duplicate lines in notes. The reason for this is that prior to the upgrade the "Title" of the note and the "Body" of the note were displayed separately. After the upgrade, Notes assumes the title is *not* also included in the body, which is different behaviour, and led to the apparent duplication. Sadly there's no reliable way for the workflow to detect whether your Notes account has been upgraded or not, so fixing it would entail breaking it on installs that have not undergone this upgrade. Therefore I have opted to make a separate Workflow which is to be used by anyone who has upgraded to the new iCloud version of Notes. You will find that download link below. Changelog: Tuesday, 5th July 2016 - Fixed a regression where "nclip" would not work if a custom title was provided Thursday, 30 June 2016 – Compatibility for users who did not previously have Alfred v2 installed Wednesday, 27 January 2016 – Fixed an issue with notes from clipboard not working; existing iCloud notes are now searched too (thanks, Vero!) Friday, 16 October 2015 – Added a new Workflow for iCloud upgraded notes in OS 10.11+ (Thanks Nikita!) Monday, 27 October 2014 – workaround for apple bug #18734006 on OS 10.10 Monday, 13 October 2014 – Hold option to open note window after creation Tuesday, 17 September 2013 – Updated q_workflow module to latest version Thursday, 18 April 2013 – Only first line is used as a title when using "nclip" with no arguments Sunday, 7 April 2013 – Properly escape illegal characters in query Friday, 5 April 2013 – Fixed an issue where a temporary file was getting written to the wrong place, sorry about that! Thursday, 4 April 2013 – Combined into single workflow; renamed to "Notes"; fixed an issue with clip keyword; nclip now pastes HTML if possible; workflow will notify if updates are available Saturday, 16 March 2013 – First version Download (Alfred v3 and iCloud) http://bit.ly/295yGdh Note: this workflow will notify you if a newer version is available. To disable this functionality, change the property "shouldCheckForUpdates" to "false" Alfred v2 It's not currently known whether the latest release will be backward-compatible with Alfred v2. If you are using Mac OS 10.11+ and have "upgraded" your iCloud notes, you should use this workflow: Notes for Alfred v2 (iCloud) In all other cases, this is the one to use: Notes for Alfred v2 (non-iCloud) Source: https://github.com/surrealroad/alfred-notes
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    This workflow helps search your Google Chrome/Chromium bookmarks realy fast with unicode support. For more info please see: http://mdreizin.github.io/alfred-workflows/#chrome-bookmarks
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    alfred-mountain-lion-builtin-sharing ========================== Use built-in sharing introduced in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion directly from Alfred! Description This workflow is using the amazing command line terminal-share You can call directly share command (or use a hotkey) if you just want to share a message. If you want to share a file (image, video or any other kind), you can select it using a File Action, or set a hotkey. It currently supports all services except sinaweibo,youku and tudou (I can add them in a future release). Based on the type of the selected file, services proposed will change. Here are some examples: Screenshots Download the workflow Download the workflow below and open in Alfred. Download Workflow History 1.11: Move to GitHub 1.10:fix AllayOop version1.9:Added hotkeys to call built-in facebook, twitter, imessage and email 1.8: Fix problem introduced in version 1.7 with files names with spaces1.7:Fixed a bug where image was not displayed in the sharing window1.6:Start Droplr if needed before trying to upload1.5:Added support of droplr (using cmd modifier). It will upload selected file to Droplr, and then paste at the end of the message the url. It only works with facebook, twitter, imessage and email (other services don't use message).1.4:Improve handling of special characters1.3:The terminal-share is now included is the workflow Twitter issue is fixed Minor fixes 1.2:Added abilitity to cancel file sharing by selecting the Selected file entry1.1:Support of Alleyoop1.0:Initial VersionCreditsterminal-share
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    In light of replacing other text expansion tools with Alfred, I am missing two features in the beta version of Alfred 3: I need the feature of having a text entry field after having triggered a snippet so that I can fill in missing information "at expansion time", e.g. a snippet like "Dear {name}, ..." should allow me to enter a replacement for {name} during expansion of the snippet. There is support for dynamic placeholders, but it seems that this is only for date, time and clipboard and not for "on expansion time" values since they would require a UI to enter the missing values. Here is an example from another implementation (Dash): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ztnzp22reoa8b9l/Sample_custom_dynamic_snippet.png?dl=0 I need (basic) rich text snippets which allow me to format parts of my snippet in bold, as list item etc. It looks like I can format the complete snippet as a whole only as of now. I am really looking forward to the next iteration of the snippets feature.
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    Quick reference for when you need to tell application "System Events" to key code in AppleScript. Call it with kc. Type a search term to filter keys. Download | Source
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    Hey there, Just wanted to share my Most Clean Alfred theme! Download via Github!
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    List the contents of your ~/Downloads directory and act on them. Call the workflow with rdn to sort from newest to oldest, or rdo to sort from oldest to the most recent. To act on the selections, use the shortcuts you’re already used to, with Alfred. You can activate file actions, dive into directories, preview files, add them to the file buffer — whatever you want to do that is supported by Alfred. Download | Source License The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially).
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    Inspired by Zach Lieberman, I’d like to try open office hours. I’ve never hosted or participated in any, so it’ll be a learning experience for me as well. The goal is discussing Alfred (or anything you want, really). I’m not an extraordinary developer, but I do have extensive experience with Alfred and coming up with solutions to make workflows do what we need. We may or may not talk code, but time would likely be better spent discussing how to make your ideas fit a Workflow. If you’re interested, reply to this post, send me a direct forum message, or tweet at me. Tell me if you have preferred days of the week and times. I’m in Lisbon (Portugal), so please give me your times in GMT (and if it falls at 5AM, you’ll know those aren’t suitable). Also include if you’d like to discuss alone or are fine with other people joining in. If you don’t have anything to talk about and just want to assist, that’s also fine; just say so and you can sit in on the conversations with the people that say they are fine with others joining (if any). After (if) I get a few people interested, we can schedule a day and times from there. I don’t have a Skype account, so we’ll talk via appear.in. It’s like Skype, but you don’t need an account or installing anything, just a web browser. It also allows easy screen sharing via a Chrome extension that can be installed on demand. It supports up to eight people at once. Emulating Zach, I’m thinking twenty to thirty minutes per person, over a couple of hours. At least for the first time, having just a few people might be best, to know what works and doesn’t.
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    You can grab RecentDownloads (disclaimer: I wrote it) and go into the top Script Filter and change the directory listed on the second line of code. Instead of ${HOME}/Downloads, change to whatever your target directory is. That still won’t automatically open the most recent file, but it’ll list everything on that directory with the newest thing on top.
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    I was able to make the workflow work with Alfred 3 by editing `virtualbox_control.sh`. You can find the file in Alfred preferences, right click on the workflow in the sidebar, open in finder. Open the file in your favorite text editor and replace the `Alfred-2` occurrences by `Alfred-3`. Magic
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    One feature that I miss a lot when switching from spotlight to Alfred is the native spotlight currency conversion introduced in Yosemite/El Capitan (not sure which). Right now I'm using a workflow called "conv", it works, but it's not as natural or as efficient as the spotlight's one. Using conv I need to now the exact currency names like "USD" or "BRL" so that I can do "conv 1000 usd brl", while on spotlight I can simply do "1000 dollars in real".
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    Technically yes, but only to an extent and it’s a huge pain. Part of the reason all the youtube videos suck is that AppleScript itself sucks. It can only do basic stuff and makes you do so in a convoluted way that doesn’t translate well to most other languages. Simply put, most people don’t waste time trying to be proficient with it, because it isn’t worth it. You use it for what’s absolutely necessary and get out as fast as you can. This isn’t really the full answer to your question, but I strongly advise you to ignore AppleScript when starting out. Resources are few and its power is small. Learn another language first, and then it’ll be easier. Start by learning your shell, bash as it’s kind of a “glue” that can stick together many other apps. You can do real useful things with your files faster, and it will teach you some important concepts.
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    That’s the fastest way to get the new version. No need. Try installing the new one, and the old one will be overwritten. Yes. Simply :downvidservices twice in Alfred. The first will offer to uninstall the ones you already have, and the second will install the updated ones. You’re welcome!
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    Update. Fixed macOS Services. At some point I made a change to how URLs are added for download, and forgot to update the Services accordingly (thank you @GhostTheSavage for the notice). Also made a small change as to how to install the Services. Now run :downvidservices instead, and it’ll detect if they’re already installed, offering to uninstall them if they are. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days (15 or less) and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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    Sure can, check out the help document, specifically the Unicode LDML formats for dates, which is a little verbose, so I'll just give you the fish: {date:MMMM d}
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    Alfred only applies fuzzy matching to Apps, everything else is keyword or word based throughout the rest of Alfred which is why the actions panel doesn't employ fuzzy matching. This has been by design in Alfred since the start (at a framework level), so is unlikely to change any time soon, but I'll make a note of this thread for possible considerations in the future. Cheers, Andrew
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    @dgbeecher you can actually do this without any configuration using the file selection hotkey under Features > File Search > Actions > File Selection. I have set this to alt+f. I select a file in Finder, hit alt+f which shows Alfred's action panel. You can select "Open With" from there Cheers, Andrew
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    I was under the impression that Alfred sometimes drops queued actions on the floor if an earlier actions is still running. Just tested and I was wrong. I didn't look at the workflow you posted because I was on my phone earlier.
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    Hi @nikivi & @dunkaroo especially, I've uploaded a new version to packal and github. By default groups are now opened in two pane view (Sheets) and sheets in 1 pane view (Editor only). There are two commands to change these 'u:setgroupview' and 'u:setsheetview'. For this to work Alfred needs accessibility access: the workflow pops up a message if it does not. Release notes: @katie, didn't get to better searching yet, but it shouldn't be a biggy.
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    When making a request or a bug report pertaining to a specific workflow, please do not open a new thread to discuss your issue. Making a new thread, while it seems like it’ll give your problem visibility, will only fragment the discussion and make it less likely the author and users of the workflow (the people that can actually help) will see it. Instead, search for the official post of the workflow and ask your question there.
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    Went through my workflow section again and noticed on one of them, the far right section of the window wasn't fully showing. So expanded the window and lo and behold the infamous command + r showed. Changed it and am god to go. Thanks much for your help!
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    Probably best to drag your backup folder into Spotlight's Privacy pane in System Preferences. That stops Spotlight indexing the folder at all, so your backup files won't show up in Spotlight or Alfred.
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    Create a simple workflow link trigger "Hotkey" to action "Launch app / file"
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    Thanks. It worked. For anyone who is too lazy to do it themselves, here is how to do it.
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    @lavalcas I'm guessing that Dropbox's latest change in policy where the "Public" Dropbox folder is no longer shared has gone live, so @Carlos-Sz will just need to update the link to the workflow. In the meantime, here's a download link using the copy of the workflow I had on my Mac I'll remove this link as soon as the official one is updated: [Link removed - See first post of this thread to get the latest version of this awesome workflow!] Cheers, Vero
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    @elgrayso This isn't an Alfred feature, it's down to OS X itself; As you said yourself, Spotlight can't find the file either. Having said that, you could search by adding a wildcard (the star symbol), so that your search goes as follows: "[spacebar]*metabolic" You could even create a workflow to help you speed things up by upgrading to the Powerpack. Cheers, Vero
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    thanks a million! haha i was dancing with a 100 things trying to figure it out. THANK YOU THANK YOU
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    I don't have InDesign to test but if you're passing from a File Action to AppleScript you need to begin the script like this: set myNameFile to POSIX file "{query}" See https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/ReferenceFilesandFolders.html
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    Very handy! Download link currently points to the wrong workflow, btw
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    I think this has come up before but it's a great idea. Alternatively the keystroke for Alfred Preference command-, could just be context-sensitive.
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    Thanks @vitor, this could be super useful!
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    @FroZen_X you can delete individual items manually using cmd+backspace in the clipboard history viewer. If you could set Keyboard Maestro to use a transient marker when populating the clipboard, then Alfred's history will ignore this. Alternatively, you could setup an Alfred workflow to do a similar task, and Alfred's Clipboard output object can set the text as transient. Cheers, Andrew
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    I use this script so often. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing it.
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    It's easy to open an new URL in Safari programatically, but Reader mode and copying the page can only be done by simulating user action. Put the following script in a Run Script Action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) connected to your Hotkey/Keyword. It grabs the clipboard text, and if it's a URL, opens it in Safari, waits a bit, activates Reader mode, waits a little bit more, then triggers Select All and Copy. Uncomment the two lines at the end of the script to also close the Safari tab/window afterwards. The big issue with this script (and this kind of scripting in general) is that there's no way to know when the page has loaded (Reader mode isn't available till it has), so the script just has to hope the page has loaded when it tries to enter Reader mode. Adjust the waitForLoad and waitForReader (both delays in seconds) settings at the top of the script if it's firing too quickly or too slowly. -- How long to wait for page to load in Safari before -- trying to activate Reader mode property waitForLoad : 5 -- How long to wait for Reader mode to finish its animated loading property waitForReader : 2 on run (argv) tell application "Safari" -- Get clipboard contents set theText to (the clipboard as text) -- Ensure it's a URL. This might fail if the URL is uppercase... if theText does not start with "http://" and theText does not start with "https://" then log "Invalid URL: " & theText -- Fail! return 1 end if -- Open URL in Safari log "Opening " & theText activate open location theText end tell tell application "System Events" -- Activate Reader mode. -- Now it gets tricky. We have to guess how long to wait for the page to -- load, as Reader mode isn't available till it has (if then). delay waitForLoad -- CMD+SHIFT+R activates Reader mode keystroke "r" using {command down, shift down} -- Wait for animation delay waitForReader -- CMD+A to select all, then CMD+C to copy keystroke "a" using command down delay 0.2 keystroke "c" using command down log "Page copied to clipboard" -- Uncomment the lines below to close the tab when done -- delay 0.4 -- keystroke "w" using command down end tell end run
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    @ckotte Don't post your API keys on the web. Especially not keys for APIs that cost money. Delete that API key now and create a new one.
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    @nikivi Metadata all looks healthy. Have you tried simply renaming your file to something more specific? It's likely that there are just too many results for "math" and the file hasn't been used as recently as the other results. Alfred presents you with the 40 most relevant results for the file name; I can see you've got a huge number of files that will match "math" so see if renaming it will help you narrow down your search by typing a more precise file name. Cheers, Vero
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    First, install Hammerspoon. Then run "hs:install" in the Alfred prompt. Whatever hotkey you assigned Alfred to, press that. The default is <command>+space. You should then be able to use the rest of the commands in the workflow. Have fun!
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    I adapted the applescripts posted in this thread so you can google in a new window (not just open up any url), no https needed https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5845fept41djm7/Google in New Chrome Window.alfredworkflow?dl=0
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    wow amazing !! this fixes all my problems ! when I was back to choosing the right reminders tool among huge amount of options, i found this upgrade ! this works perfect with my alfred ! thank you !
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    It can self-update from there by calling :updateoneupdater. You can, by running the workflow and looking at the debugger. Currently, you’ll see [ERROR: action.script] You need to set a workflow version in the configuration sheet.. So you need to fix that. Also, on the remote_plist variable you’re not actually linking to the plist, you’re linking to a github web page. You need to link to the raw file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-my-mindmaps/master/info.plist
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    Hi all i am looking for a workflow, which helps me do these 2 scenarios: - search for Emails in Outlook in the inbox folder from a specific sender (eg: "Emails in inbox from Tom") - search for Emails in Outlook in the sent folder to a specific sender (eg: "Emails sent to Tom") thanks a lot, that would help massively
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    Thank you. It turns out that through my random and haphazard approach to problem investigation, I had actually gone through the steps outlined in the TroubleShooting Guide. (Or not. See update below.) I have the Non App Store version of 1P, and indeed when Discover Automatically is checked, the /Library/Caches/Metadata/1Password/ is properly located and used. In examining that folder, I see there are only 11 entries, and examining the entries with TextEdit, I can see data corresponding to the 11 entries in the bookmark listing on Alfred's Features/1Password preferences. (I should have noted previously that my bookmarks list was not empty, but only had a very small fraction of my vault.) So I am going to head over to AgileBits and see how the 1P Metadata can be rebuilt. *** Update: Grrrrr. Turning off and on "Enable 3rd party app integrations" in 1P is indeed what rebuilds the cache. I thought I had done that at one point but well, to quote Dan Quayle, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste....or something..." 1) Toggled off Enable 1Password Bookmarks in Alfred. 2) Toggled off and then on "Enable 3rd party app integrations" in 1P (I could see the new metadata entries pop up in Finder.) 3) Toggled on Enable 1Password Bookmarks. Voila. May not have needed to toggle the Enable 1Password Bookmarks, but I wanted to be sure there were no intermediary caches that might foul things up. Thank you for your help on this. *** Update 2: And just to cap it off, the correct quote is: What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.
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    @robdbirch Go to Alfred's preferences, under Appearance > Options (bottom left), you can set "Show Alfred on..." and choose from the dropdown menu either default screen, mouse screen or active screen. Set it to your preferred one for the behaviour you'd like Cheers, Vero
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    Hey Dean Did you have any time yet to try and implement Quora search? I think it would really be quite awesome.
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    I personally use Alfreds file search in combination with the "Quick File Search Mode", but i've made you a small workflow that let's you select a file/folder to create a alias for and then a folder where you want it to be saved to. Here you go(I assume you have Alfred 3): https://www.dropbox.com/s/g4clxs0pmy7p14l/Create%20Alias.alfredworkflow?dl=0
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    You could probably do this via a script assigned to a keyboard shortcut. If I were trying to do this, I'd do it in four steps: Use AppleScript to send the key presses ⌘⇧← then ⌘X to select the current line and cut the text to the pasteboard. Use a custom script to replace the characters in the cut text with the characters on the same keys when the target keyboard layout is selected, e.g. going from an English layout to a German one, that would mean replacing "y" with "z" and ";" with "ö". Paste the altered text (also using AppleScript). Use this script to switch to the desired input source. For use outside Alfred, I guess you'd want to skip the ⌘⇧← bit and select the text yourself.
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    This is intentional, as a number of users have reported issues when using the Dropbox Apps folder. I'd recommend using another folder in Dropbox, e.g. create a ~/Dropbox/Alfred/ folder but if you really want to use the Dropbox Apps folder, here's how you can do so: http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:dropbox-apps-folder