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    The State of Alfred Remote app

    The simple answer to this is Alfred Remote *will* get a major update, but I can't give you a timescale. To keep Alfred's quality as high as possible, we are extremely selective over which features bring the most value to our wider user base. Alfred Remote constitutes a minor part of this user base, so while we have continued to add features to Remove via updates in Alfred itself, the core Alfred Remote app has remained as is. While it would be nice to do a minor update to Remote to include some of the newer iOS features, Apple has evolved iOS significantly since Remote was originally released, with some technologies deprecated, and some new ones introduced, so Remote would need an overhaul to fit with within Apple's framework and "vision", all while trying to keep Remote backwards compatible with Alfred 3. Over the past number of years, I've been keeping a close eye on Swift and Swift UI, and this may provide a perfect platform for a complete Alfred Remote rewrite, but it could be too early to allow this to work on a wider number of older devices. As I said before, when Alfred Remote version 2 comes out, I'd like to keep it as a free update for all current Alfred Remote users.
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    An Alfred 4 workflow for quickly compressing and resizing images using TinyPNG. Simply select a collection of images or a folder in Finder and activate the workflow. Installation and Getting Started Install alfred-tinypng workflow. All further updates are handled automatically. You will need to configure the workflow with an API key from TinyPNG. Type tinypng_api to get a link to the pagewhere you can get your API key and to actually set the key when you have gotten it. Usage Select either a folder, image file or a number of image files in Finder. Afterward, open Alfred and type tinypng. You are presented with the following choices: Choose an item based on what you want. When selected, the workflow will start compressing/resizing the image(s). After it is done, they will be saved to the same directory and with the same filename as the original image. The original image will be preserved with .bak prepended before the file extension. I.e. if compressing img.jpg, this will now become img.bak.jpg and the compressed image will be saved as img.jpg. Refer to the TinyPNG documentation for a full explanation of the different resizing options. Why? Another TinyPNG workflow already exists It doesn't support choosing the files based on what is selected in Finder (which I personally prefer). Only simple compression is supported whereas all TinyPNG compressions and resizing options are supported in this workflow. It seems to be abandoned by the creator (has not been updated since 2015). Credits The workflow makes use of the following: OneUpdater by vitorgalvao for handling automatic updates. TinyPNG Python API Code and more can be viewed on the associated GitHub-repo. If you find this workflow useful, stars are appreciated.
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    Hello, I use the dictionary feature a lot, and I think it would be great to have the option to view the full definition right in Alfred, instead of a single line which rarely ever provides useful insights. This makes me open the Dictionary app every time, which is very inefficient. This is the default Spotlight behavior (phrases using the word and etymology are also included, and it's really useful) and it works well. Lacona does this too. Thanks!
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    What might work nicely would be if Alfred showed the full definition in its Large Type window (i.e. you press ⌘L on a result).
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    Just updated my workflow as @deanishe suggested. A huge thanks! It should now be Go-free and self contained. If you have any other suggestions, it's more than welcome. Also, feel free to contribute directly on Github too.
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    "Save as" menu

    I'm bumping this because I had this exact same thought yesterday and started thinking about implementation options. Amazing to see this has been done before e.g. in Chrome, all PDFs that I want to download have a save prompt with default location "downloads" – using this shortcut I can now easily download into the needed directory without having to open a finder window and drag-and-drop its icon into the save prompt. "sheet" trigger works flawlessly. 6y thanks, @Tyler Eich! EDIT: sometimes I seem to get a double entry i.e. the filepath is entered in the cmd-shift-g prompt then entered as file name then saved immediately. I bruteforce fixed this by adding a slight delay before the 'return' key is captured tell sheet 1 keystroke parentFolder delay 0.1 keystroke return end tell
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    Microsoft Teams

    If it's an Electron app, then client-side scripting is probably out of the question: Electron doesn't support AppleScript. Guys, just posting "+1" is very unlikely to get you any closer to having a Teams workflow. There are plenty of people who’ll help if you write the workflow yourself, and others will write you a simple workflow based on an API you've found. But not many will look at a thread of “+1” posts and decide to do literally all of the work for you. Put in a bit of effort yourselves (e.g. go find out if there's an API), and someone who can help is much more likely to reciprocate.
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    you can have a try. Now, it is only simplified, right click=》 share=》airdrop operation https://github.com/alanhg/alfred-workflows/blob/master/airdrop/Airdrop.alfredworkflow
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    Thank you for the feedback. Please, try the following version. It removes Alfred 3 references. Download Recent Items 4.3 beta 2
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    open a forum URL from a selection

    If you'd rather use a single keyword to pop up a list, create a List Filter workflow instead: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/ Connect it to an Open URL action and you'll be sorted
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    open a forum URL from a selection

    @rob213 Sounds like you just want a custom search to open the site's URL? Here's how you can create your own custom searches: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/web-search/custom-searches/ Cheers, Vero
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    Tried this right now and it worked for me: On the Mac, I turned on Optimise Mac Storage on the iCloud Drive preferences. On the iPhone, I went into the Photos app, picked one and on the Share Menu did a Save to Files and saved to iCloud Drive. The photo showed up on the Mac undownloaded. The important steps should be to turn on Optimise Mac Storage on the target Mac and then adding a file to iCloud Drive from a different device.
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    Why would you assume that? You’ve been part of this community long enough to know we don’t shy way from questions, no matter how simple. You should instead assume no one had the chance to look at it; or is busy; or enjoying a break; or missed this post; or doesn’t know; or can’t test. I doubt there’s a single post on this forum from the past half-decade (likely longer, probably ever) that was left without a reply for having an obvious answer. I’m optimistic you didn’t mean anything negative by it, but I am also surprised you’d entertain that idea as a genuine possibility. I, for one, don’t have any of those undownloaded iCloud files to perform tests on and it’s not like you can give us one. I’m also too weary of iCloud Drive behaviour to risk playing with letting them be deleted or not, but even if I were to do it it’s not like we have control over it. Posting multiple times in a row also doesn’t help. From an outside view (e.g. checking on posts via RSS), frequent posting seems to indicate a discussion is going underway, which tends to mean progress is being made. Try changing the file association, as mentioned. If you can’t do it via a GUI, try duti (available on Homebrew). You may need to run mdls the file for useful information.
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    I saw this has been asked a few times before (e.g. here) but there wasn't a clear answer. Since Alfred 4 is coming soon, I would like to throw this into the pot to see if it might be possible. My brain is getting old. It's hard to remember all the different keywords and hotkeys I've set up. To aid myself I like to be able to use multiple keywords to trigger the same workflow step. Example, I have a workflow for connecting Bluetooth devices, that I trigger using `bt` instead of just "bt" I'd like to add a few more keywords, e.g. "blue", "connect", "audio" etc. I know I can duplicate the script filter opject and connect its Output to the same step—it's a poor man's workaround, but it'd be cleaner and better to allow multiple keywords, such as this:
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    Roam Weekly Plan

    https://github.com/kylestratis/roam-weekly-plan http://www.packal.org/workflow/roam-weekly-plan The last of my Roam workflows I am sharing tonight! This one generates a weekly plan for the coming week for use in Roam inspired by Nat Eliason's Effortless Output with Roam course. When you load it with notes/todos, they will show up in the appropriate day's notes.
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    Bitwarden Alfred Workflow https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow Features * Completely rewritten in go * fast secret / item search thanks to caching (no secrets are cached only the keys/names) * cache is encrypted * access to (almost) all object information via this workflow * download attachments via this workflow * show favicons of the websites * auto update * uses the [awgo](https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/deanishe/awgo?tab=doc) framework/library * many customizations possible Installation - Download the latest release https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/releases - Open the downloaded file in Finder - Make sure that the Bitwarden CLI https://github.com/bitwarden/cli#downloadinstall is installed - If running on macOS Catalina or later, you _**MUST**_ add Alfred to the list of security exceptions for running unsigned software. See this guide https://github.com/deanishe/awgo/wiki/Catalina for instructions on how to do this. - Yes, this sucks and is annoying, but there is unfortunately is no easy way around this. macOS requires a paying Developer account for proper app notarization. I'm afraid I'm not willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to Apple just so that this (free and open source) project doesn't pester macOS Gatekeeper Usage To use, activate Alfred and type `.bw` to trigger this workflow. From there: - type `.bwauth` for login/logout/unlock/lock - type `.bwconfig` for settings/sync/workflow update/help/issue reports - type any search term to search for secrets/notes/identities/cards - modifier keys and actions are presented in the subtitle, different actions are available depending on the object type Advanced Features / Configuration Please see the README in the git repository, the table is better formatted over there https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/blob/master/README.md Develop locally 1. Install alfred cli <br> `go get -u github.com/jason0x43/go-alfred/alfred` 2. Clone [this repo](https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow). 3. Link the workflow directory with Alfred <br> `cd workflow; alfred link` 4. Install dependency and run the first build<br> `make build` Colors and Icons *Light blue* Hex: #175DDC <br> RGB: 23,93,220 *Darker blue* Hex: #134db7 <br> RGB: 20,81,192 Get icons as pngs here https://fa2png.app/ and this is the browser https://fontawesome.com/cheatsheet Licensing and Thanks The icons are based on [Bitwarden Brand](https://github.com/bitwarden/brand) , (https://fontawesome.com/) and [Material Design](https://materialdesignicons.com/) Icons. Parts of the README are taken over from [alfred-aws-console-services-workflow](https://github.com/rkoval/alfred-aws-console-services-workflow) Source that helped me to get started - [Writing Alfred workflows in Go](https://medium.com/@nikitavoloboev/writing-alfred-workflows-in-go-2a44f62dc432) - [Example of the awgo package] (https://github.com/deanishe/awgo/blob/master/_examples/update/main.go) - [awgo package](https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/deanishe/awgo?tab=doc) Troubleshooting - "I'm seeing the following dialog when running the workflow" Per the installation steps https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workfloww#installation, you **_MUST_** add Alfred to the list of Developer Tool exceptions for Alfred to run any workflow that contains an executable (like this one)
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    File Buffer enhancements

    @flowflow The workflow objects I describe allow for what you describe: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/actions/file-buffer/ and... https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/actions/action-in-alfred/ You can configure an Alfred hotkey to take a selection in any app and add it to Alfred's buffer. As for the CLI, you can use an External Trigger or Inbound Configuration to provide scripting access using AppleScript / Javascript (from the command line) to any point within a workflow, including the file buffer: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inbound-configuration/ https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/external/ The thing you can't do is single out an item in the buffer to action though.
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    Alfred on macOS Big Sur 11.0 beta

    In case nobody has found the solution yet, it's the language input switcher. If you go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, in the list on the left there should be "Input Sources". The shortcut you need to untick is in there. If the "Input Sources" isn't shown on the left, then go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources (tab at the top) and add one, any will do. This will make the shortcut appear in the list now.
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    This is so blatantly a bug in Apple's API for opening files, as it should never be asking for the app to open their own .iCloud files. Have you tried associating .iCloud files with finder? As Finder seems to download these files before opening them. Alternatively, perhaps some AppleScript to tell Finder to open the .iCloud file to see if that instigates the download. I can't see how to get my Mac to force offload a file to iCloud (to get a .iCloud file), so I can't test this for myself, but if one of these methods works, I could look at adding a workaround into Alfred.
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    Only show collection snippets

    @obadiahcruz No, it's not possible to see just the collections. However, they'll always come to the top of the list above individual snippets. Cheers, Vero
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    @jopemachine - You need to enable Applescript in Chrome. Please check requirements in my original post. @politicus - Looks like the YouTube Music tab is not found in your Chrome browser. Can you share a screenshot of the title of your YouTube Music tab?
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    Maybe I've just been filing a lot of bugs lately, but it would be handy if I could create auto-expansion snippets for well-known and environmental variables, in particular my OS version, i.e. "macOS 10.15.6".
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    @timkro Yes, there sure is. You can do so by setting an environment variable in Alfred for this workflow: https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji#set-skin-tone
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    Was looking for the same topic, so trying to bump this. Is there any way of increasing the results window for "define" so that more of the definition could appear? The results are usually not useful because they are so cut off.
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    Was looking for the same topic, so trying to bump this. Is there any way of increasing the results window for "define" so that more of the definition could appear? The results are usually not useful because they are so cut off.
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    Hi @jackchuka, welcome to the forum. Workflow looks good, but there are a couple of issues. The packaged workflow contains multiple nested copies of itself. It looks like you're putting the exported workflow in the same directory as the source code, and then exporting it again. Also, would you consider including the jira executable with your workflow? A lot of users don’t have a clue how to install Go, build go binaries, or figure out where GOBIN is.
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    Hi everyone, I've made some simple workflow searching chatting room of Kakaotalk. You can download and try it on below repository. https://github.com/jopemachine/alfred-kakaotalk-workflow
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    Alfred Markdown Notes

    @pdazero My first prio was to upgrade to Python 3 which I released now. I will look into your issues afterwards. I am thinking of implementing custom note title patterns similar to the data format setting. But for now you need to live with your hack or maestro script, sry.
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    Preferences folder for Alfred 4

    That's not the settings file, that's the Alfred Preferences application. You can tell by how it's name ends with .app.
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    Hey! Unfortunately, I've given up on this. I just switch to iTunes and add the song directly to the playlist. I used to love to this via Alfred, but the hours I've spent trying to automate everything are simply not worth my time or anger. Apple needs to kill Applescript.
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    Run sounds to list the audio in /System/Library/Sounds. ↵ plays the sound. ⌘↵ Removes it from the list and refreshes, sending the sounds above to the bottom so you continue where you left off. Download | Source
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    Yes it is described here:
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    I Sheet You Not: Plug Excel into Alfred

    ummm it might be the spelling of your query term...
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    Alfred 4.1 Is Now in Pre-Release

    A few moments ago, we popped Alfred 4.1 on the pre-release channel. It's a big release with lots of tasty stuff for you to sink your teeth into. New workflow objects for integrating with files and the File Buffer Shared Hotkeys for workflows Embedded Snippets Contact Actions Built-in File Search Troubleshooting from the Help preferences And loads more! Take a look at the Update tab for a complete change log, as there's a lot in this release, which is free to all Alfred 4 Powerpack license holders. We'd love to get your help in testing out the new features before the general release! To get started, launch Alfred's preferences to the Update tab, choose the "pre-releases" option and grab the latest build Cheers, Vero
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    Overview Workflow to display recent Finder files and folders featuring: 5 default categories 2 custom categories Favorites, including a file action Keywords and hotkeys for Favorites and all categories apart Interaction with Open/Save dialogs and Finder Go To Folder Preview, reveal, open or use Alfred file actions Usage Show Alfred and type the keyword rec: You can also use the category keyword if you prefer to access the recent files directly, without an initial menu: Now: keyword now Folders: keyword fol Applications: keyword apps Documents: keyword docs Downloads: keyword dow Custom Category 1: keyword c1 Custom Category 2: keyword c2 Favorites: keyword fav In addition, there is a hotkey for the keyword rec, Favorites and all categories apart. Note that all keywords, as well as the hotkeys, can be changed (go to Alfred Preferences > Workflows). Finally, once inside a category you have the following actions: Return key: open the file or folder Command key: reveal the file or folder in Finder Option key: pass the file/older path to an open/save dialog or Finder window Control key: add/remove an item to/from Favorites Shift key: preview (Quick Look) the file or folder Custom Categories You can set up to two custom categories: Show Alfred and type the keyword recpref Select a category to configure and press return key Type an unique category name with at least 3 characters Type one or more (separated by comma) file types e.g.: com.adobe.pdf,public.plain-text To find a file type you can use Alfred Metadata Analyzer. To remove a custom category press command key while highlighting one of them in recpref. Favorites All files or folders set as a favorite item will remain in the list no matter how old they are. To add an item to Favorites just highlight a file or folder, hold control key and press return key. To remove an item go to Favorites, highlight an item, hold control key and press return key. You can also add items utilizing Alfred File Action (accepts multiple files). Note that Favorites has also its own keyword (fav) and hotkey. Interacting with Open/Save Dialog or Finder You can pass a recent file or folder path, or an item in Favorites, to an open/save dialog or even the current Finder window to go to that folder: when an open/save dialog is displayed type the keyword rec or any other category keyword find an item (a file or folder or an item from Favorites), highlight it, hold option key and press return key wait a bit so the workflow can load and paste the item path Default Folder The workflow remembers the last path used per application. To use the feature just type the keyword df when an open/save dialog is displayed. If the workflow was never used for the application, or the path does not exist anymore, then the keyword rec will be automatically triggered so you can select a path from a file or folder. There is also a hotkey to make things even faster. Make sure to give the feature time to process because e.g. if you hold keyboard keys way too long then the feature may not work as expected. What’s new Up to 2 custom categories (keyword recpref) Downloads category Keyword for each category Hotkey for each category Multiple files in Add to Favorites file action Changed Auto-path to Default Folder (keyworod df) Changed Just Now category to Now Added Help (keyword rechelp) Update to Alfred 2.3 features Several internal improvements Download Version 4.3 beta 2 (removed Alfred 3 references) Release date: 12 Jul 2020 Requires Alfred 4 Download Version 4.2 Release date: 19 Jun 2016 Requires Alfred 3 Download
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    Question concerning Alfred License

    @franco-allemande Apologies for missing your post last week! Yes, you'll be able to use your license on your new Mac. With the Single User license, you can activate on two Macs concurrently, provided they're for your own use and not shared workstations. With the Mega Supporter license, you can activate on up to four Macs, again, provided they're for your own use only. If you're getting rid of your old Mac, you can deactivate your license by popping up Alfred's preferences to the Powerpack tab, viewing your license and choosing Deactivate. Cheers, Vero
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    Here’s a quick and dirty solution in Ruby. You can paste it into the Script box of a Script Filter with /usr/bin/ruby as the Language and it should work: require 'json' require 'pathname' files = %w(~/.aliases ~/.functions ~/.commands) search_query = ARGV[0] script_filter_items = [] files .map { |f| Pathname.new(f).expand_path } .each { |f| f.readlines .select { |l| l.include?(search_query) } .map(&:strip) .each { |l| script_filter_items.push(title: l) } } puts({ items: script_filter_items }.to_json)
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    Is it always pin the files or folder in the buffer? When I restart computer.
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    How do I turn off syncing in Alfred?

    When it can't find your synced preferences, it creates a new, empty prefs bundle in the default location. It does sound like something got a bit messed up during the changes in Alfred 4. There probably should be a "turn off syncing" button to make this whole process more straightforward. Yeah. It's selected by default when no "sync folder" is set. But seeing as Alfred doesn't give you a way to unset the "sync folder", there's nothing else you can do AFAIK.
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    Alfred AirPods Pro Connector

    excellent. enjoy! ☀️
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    Are there any good Giphy workflows?

    Alfred doesn’t provide an interface for using that in Workflows.
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    Resize Image

    Seems to be an issue with Image Events under Catalina: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/124420 To fix there is a simple solution: https://darjeelingsteve.com/articles/Fixing-"Image-Events"-AppleScripts-Broken-in-macOS-10.15-Catalina.html
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    PHP Undefined Constant Error in Catalina

    Because PHP was a very stupid language that is trying to be less stupid while not breaking things too much. Constant names and array keys without quotes have been deprecated for many years. I guess Catalina includes a newer version of PHP that finally makes that a real error (or it's configured to make it an error).
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    Toggle Alfred Hotkeys/Workflows On & Off

    The correct solution is to not use such hotkeys, tbh.
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    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)

    Hey Carlos, it seems the clipboard image can't be used to create a note. The clipboard text is fine though.
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    Introducing Pacmax.org

    Discussion continuing in
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    I think my alfred workflow list is a bit cleaner than Dave's but thats my opinion. The tool I wanted to build was also what Dean had in mind. It should be automated to get info from GitHub first and foremost with additional submit ability. I wanted to build some hook in system to map a workflow to github releases and have the site update from that. Although not all distribute workflows via github releases and some dont distribute via github at all.
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    RPN calculator

    Haha it only took four years for someone to take an interest in this I've updated the link -- hope you find it useful.
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    This screen capture workflow in Alfred makes taking quick screenshots easy. Screenshots are saved to your Desktop or to the Clipboard based on the option you select. Download from here and give it a whirl.
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    Adding Localization/Translation

    I understand your point of view. But, please, take a look at http://crowdin.net 1 Password Team for example uses that service to translate their great app (4 version). It's an incredible and simple tool that helps a lot developers and not interfere or slow down developer work. As said take a look please at that and rethink about it I'm here to translate your invaluable app in italian ...
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