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    Just as a little sneak... native support for assigning the same hotkey to multiple Hotkey Triggers throughout the same and different workflows is coming to Alfred 4.1
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    Powerthesaurus Search

    Yep, I'm getting this issue as well. Something to do with verification failure of Power Thesaurus' SSL certificates. Will shortly release a hotfix for this. If this persists, please open an issue here. Edit: I've released the fix for this which can be downloaded from here. Will update the packal page with this update later.
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    Powerthesaurus Search

    Thank you. As a writer, this is one of my most used workflows!
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    Firefox Assistant

    Like Safari Assistant, but for Firefox. Download from GitHub. Search Firefox bookmarks Search Firefox browsing history Run bookmarklets Activate & close tabs Add you own custom scripts The workflow requires you to install a corresponding Firefox extension in order to communicate with Firefox. After installing the workflow, run ffass > Install Firefox Extension to get the extension. Once the extension is installed, everything should just work. The workflow is fairly customisable. You can add your own URL actions via scripts, set custom icons, and assign URL & tab actions and bookmarklets to alternate hotkeys. See the documentation for details.
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    Alfred will do this under certain circumstances, for example, if you wire the script filter directly into another script filter, Alfred will KNOW that the window shouldn't be closed, but with another object in between, Alfred can't assume that you want to keep the window open. I've gone in depth into this in the past, and can't find the conversation about it, but essentially the "don't close Alfred window" is exactly for the use case of needing Alfred's window to stay open when you need to wire from a script filter via other things to another script filter. It boils down to a timing issue, as if you don't select the option to keep Alfred's window open, Alfred is requesting macOS to close Alfred, then just so happens to _catch_ it just in time to show Alfred again for the next script filter (sometimes with a flicker). When using QuickLook, it looks like macOS is doing something weird and changes the timing so unfortunately this lucky _catch_ doesn't work. By selecting the option to keep Alfred open, Alfred doesn't ask macOS to close the Alfred window after actioning the result. Does this make sense?
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    Update. Added a Hotkey to open a random unread bookmark. Useful to start dealing with your unread bookmarks without having to deal with choosing them. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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    Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that just before that comment I updated the Workflow’s dependencies. Though I was expecting it to still need further fixing for Catalina, but great that it’s working for you! Let’s see if it’s working for @deanishe as well.
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    navi An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line and Alfred. Download link and instructions: https://github.com/denisidoro/navi navi allows you to browse through cheatsheets (that you may write yourself or download from maintainers) and execute commands. Argument suggestions are prompted to you. Pros it will make you type less; it will spare you from knowing CLIs by heart; it will teach you new one-liners. It uses fzf, skim, or Alfred under the hood and it can be either used as a command or as a shell widget (à la Ctrl-R). This project was originally intended to be used in the terminal but I found out that it was quicker to call most actions via Alfred instead.
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    Applications not being found

    Alfred 1 is ancient, get version 4 from https://www.alfredapp.com.
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    With the new features in Alfred Snippets, I'm considering consolidating all my snippets from aText into Alfred. One feature that I use often in aText is the ability to embed a snippet inside another snippet expansion. This allows me to treat smaller snippets as variables that can be reused in other larger snippets. Is this possible with Alfred's Snippets?
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    For those who love Notion.so (really great documentation & more tool), you will know how useful it would be to get instant search results from Notion in Alfred. To that reason I've created a workflow that does exactly that, allowing you to search your Notion.so workspace from Alfred, showing instant results, and the ability to open the browser to your selected page. There are two env variables required (the notion search api isn't documented), these can be obtained by inspecting the network request from a notion search, as documented in github below. Check it out and download here: https://github.com/wrjlewis/notion-search-alfred-workflow/blob/master/README.md
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    Couldn't find 2 in /local/bin, so ended up trying /usr/bin/python2.7 (the nearest one to what you asked, and I had available) and it worked!!!!!! Thanks soooooo much @deanishe!!!! Thank you so much for writing this and helping me figure out @wrjlewis!!
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    Alan He

    we need chinese edition

    Rocommend a GitHub repository to contribute i18n
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    This emoji workflow scrapes Unicode.org to pull down the latest set of emoji!!. On the first run, you must be connected to the Internet so that you can generate the initial Emoji set. As new emoji are released you are able to re-query unicode.org to download the latest emoji set. There may be situations where you have emoji that do not display correctly on osx but would render correctly on ios . This is because the emoji list on ios and osx are updated at different times. Commands: init emoji e <search string> The first time you run this workflow use the command init emoji to start the download process. To trigger an emoji search you use the e button and start typing a search term You can get funky and use - to exclude something such as in this case https://github.com/jeeftor/EmojiTaco/releases Releases: * 0.9.6 - Added new commands like: * 0.9.28 - New Icon * 0.9.29 - Auto-Init if no emoji is loaded yet * 0.9.32 - Updated to support new Unicode.org file format * 0.9.36 - Added support for automated testing to detect changes in the Unicode source document. A recent change disabled the plugin. * 0.9.38 - Extra headers - Supports latest Unicode File format change * 0.9.54 - Latest and greatest - works and has been working for some time now * 0.9.55 - Updated documentation to match what we have now Commands alt/option (⌥) - Show Unicode Values cmd (⌘) - Show Python String ctrl (⌃) - Show Python String decoded shift (⇧) - Display the image in QuickLook
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    Calculate Anything

    Hi everyone. I don't know what's the best way to notify about updates to the users? do I simply put a comment here? do I update the main post? I just want people to know that the workflow is maintained in case they want to use it. Anyway the workflow was rewritten, added cryptocurrency support, there was 3 or 4 updates with bug fixes and improvements since the last time I published a comment here in the forum.
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    alfred-cheat: manage your own cheat sheets

    Hi, thanks for the workflow, I find it great. You mention on github that you are open to suggestions, so here are three of them: — would there be a way to add invisible comments in the file? Now I just put #comments and then two line breaks, but this could probably be nicer. — without adding the possibility of modifying the cheat sheet in Alfred, maybe could ⌘O directly open the file in the user's favorite text editor? — based on the file, there may be a way to automatically generate an hmtl cheat sheet that could be seen with quicklook when pressing ⇧, what do you think? (I am thinking of stuff like https://www.mediaatelier.com/CheatSheet/ or https://www.ergonis.com/products/keycue/)
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    The workflow Open URL action only has one custom option, which is whether to use the default application or pick a specific one. It would be great if it supported the other options available when opening URLs, most notably the ability to open a URL without bringing the application forward.
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    It took a little tinkering, as you suggested, but I got it to work, and it works beautifully! Saves me TONS of time since I have to input text in this format multiple times each day. Thanks SO much for your help!
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    Alfred AirPods Pro Connector

    Out of interest - and this is probably not the right place for this question - have the Alfred creators considered offering a formal in-app curated repository of trusted and/or managed workflows with one-click installs (with the obvious disclaimer that these are third-party provided, etc)?
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    Hi! Just tweaked my own alfred-appearance and wanted to share it with others! PS! Remember to disable the alfredimage too Download: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/oaCoNBspM6/ Have a great day! Martin
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    Great workflow!
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    Thanks for all your help over email Andrew. For others, it looks like my folder structure was abnormal (possibly due to user error) which is why this issue happened. FWIW, this never happened when I upgraded to Alfred 3 either.
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    You missed my point. Use Alfred to launch and control the other applications. The 'div' workflow does that, just behind the scene so you don't realize it. I like my Hammerspoon workflow because I can add functionality easily, but run everything from Alfred. The power of Alfred isn't that it does everything, but that it can 'glue' the smaller programs together to make life easier.
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    snippet expansion

    This thread may be of help:
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    Don't use Run NSAppleScript. Use a regular Run Script action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) instead. Run NSAppleScript is executed on Alfred's main thread, which is why it's blocking.
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    @Yourname the migration should essentially be effortless if Alfred 3 is still installed, and from what you've described, it's difficult to know what's currently configured and where. Could you pop an email with your backup tar.gz file so I can make sure all your Alfred 3 settings are fine, then I can help you correctly migrate them to Alfred 4 Cheers, Andrew
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    Roman Numeral Converter

    Roman Numeral Converter Convert between roman numerals and arabic integers Installation To download, visit the latest release at GitHub. All further updates are handled automatically. Description This is a fairly simple workflow for converting between roman numerals and arabic integers. This has been made before by Tyler Eich (Packal link), but hasn't been updated since 2015 and stopped working on my computer during an Alfred or macOS update (can't remember which). But I had an use case for this, and therefore I made a new version written in Python for this simple task. In Alfred, type rn and enter either your roman numeral or arabic integer. Selected result is copied to your clipboard. The expression is being evaluated as you type it. If the expression cannot be evaluated, for example if you are using illegal characters, user will be notified about that. Note The workflow doesn't support incorrectly written roman numerals, i.e. "IC", and will also notify user about this: Credits The workflow makes use of the following code to focus on the implementation of the conversion between the number systems rather than focusing on a lot of Alfred Workflow related stuff. OneUpdater to easily check for updates by vitorgalvao. Alfred Workflow Feedback XML Generation to easily add items by lrrfantasy.
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    Vinay W

    JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

    Just Watch - Alfred Workflow Alfred workflow to easily find where to stream your movies/tv-shows. Based on an unofficial JustWatch API. ⚛ Features Find where to stream your favourite movies and tv shows in an instant. No more logging into each of Netflix, Prime Video et al to check where a movie or tv-show is available. Search by region. Default region: AU (see instructions below to setup your region) Quick look - to enlarge movie posters or preview listing urls. ✅ Install Download and open the workflow file using Alfred. Get the latest release from here : https://github.com/vinaywadhwa/justwatch-alfred/releases P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use this workflow. 🛠 Setup: Set your Country Code in the workflow variables. Default country code/locale : AU ..and that's it. Start discovering right away! 👬 Contribution Report issues Open pull request with improvements Spread the word Reach out with any feedback PS: Thanks to @deanishe for the workflow libs and thumbnail loading ideas.
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    JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

    Yes, 100% for Unbelievable. If I type slowly, I get hits on "U", more hits on "UN" and it errors when I get to "UNB".
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    # add separate appended item with tab # Customize hotkeys for each separation action # keeping history always
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    No, it isn’t. That’s setting the program argument tracklog, not the shell variable $tracklog, which is what you were trying to pass to the -geotag flag.
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    Again, try ${clip} directly, like the example I gave you. -geotag expects a file path (check man exiftool). You’re conflating bash variables with user parameters, which are meant to be used for tagging (again, manual).
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    I would prefer a configurable separator.
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    A Script Filter can handle several tens of thousands of results no problem. IIRC, when Andrew implemented it, he was testing it with 50K+ entries.
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    This is a really good idea, but I had to edit the workflow quite a bit to make it useable. The workflow is fundamentally broken on my machine (navi: command not found) because I don't use bash. Sourcing ~/.bashrc does nothing. This is probably true of all new Macs (as well as many older ones) because zsh is now the default shell. So I replaced all calls to navi with $navi and set a workflow variable set to the full path to navi instead. I've also replaced the Terminal Command with a Copy to Clipboard action. When I'm looking up a shell command, 99% of the time, I want to paste it into my current shell (and possibly edit it before running), not start a new shell and run the command there unchanged. I've also added a Snippet Trigger, so I can call the workflow directly from my shell (the Alfred interface is nicer than the fzf one).
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    JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

    Great job with all of this so far! Way beyond the NOOB status!
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    Vinay W

    JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

    @Bemawr Got some suggestions from the community. Trying to make the most of quarantine time 🙂 Auto-Update is one of the things i added in the 4 updates 🙂 .. So you need to manually update one .. last .. time ! and then it'll auto update forever.
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    I'm not getting any results. Is this still working?
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    Request: Google Meet Workflow

    @richardsison, wow, that's great news! Just when I started to think how can I hack the Web UI via injecting JS and inspecting DOM Here's what I came up with: GDrive Link. It also should handle cases when the Chrome isn't opened or when multiple windows of Chrome are present. That's my first Alfred Workflow though, so let me know if something is wrong or can be improved! Now I'm bashing my head against the following issue: I want to have more control over windows focus. In particular, I'd like to be able to open Chrome (if needed) and then open URL in it without losing focus of the current window. Scenario: I chat with my colleague in Slack, we decide that we should have a quick call in Meet, I invoke Alfred Workflow, everything is opened in background, URL is copied into clipboard, I immediately paste it into the chat box. Currently, workflow calls `activate`, so after invoking it you're switched to Chrome window, then URL is copied into the clipboard, and then I'd need to switch back to Slack. Yes, that's like one keystroke, but we're automating things here, right? I'd appreciate any tips here -- I've found that I can launch application in background through shell invocation `open -ga "Google Chrome"`, but it still steals the focus for me. This seems to be a Chrome(-ium) specific thing though, some of my applications (say, Sublime Text) launch in background perfectly with `-ga`.
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    @chris Ah, I'd completely overlooked this. I'll get this fixed in the next release Cheers, Andrew
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    JustWatch - Alfred Workflow

    Works like a charm, thanks!
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    Search Apple/iCloud Notes

    Version 2.2.0 is now released. It adds error handling, auto-updating, and fixes problems related to the toolbar search in Notes. Let me know if there are any issues!
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    Bluetooth Controller

    Thanks for the pull request and input! I've added a new release now with your improvements, so everything should work smoothly on prior macOS versions as well now.
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    Hi all! I appreciate your help with this challenge. This may be super obvious and easy. How can you add a workflow to default search? Here's what I mean. I added an awesome workflow called Notion.so Instant Search Workflow so that typing "ns {query}" will search my Notion account. I love it. I hope to also include these Notion workflow search results in my Alfred searches for everything: - I hope to just type my query into Alfred and then see a mixed list of local files and Notion pages. - A second best option would be if I could type a different keyword to do such a query. Possible approaches: - Maybe I should add an additional trigger to the Notion workflow to represent another query? - Maybe I should make a change somewhere in settings so that the Notion workflow is added to the default search? Ultimately, I hope to add 3-4 workflows to the default Alfred search, so that I can see matches from a few different places: local files, bookmarks, Notion, etc. Thanks so much!
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    Not really. The best macOS version for a particular Workflow is bound to be whatever version the Workflow author is in, because that’s the one they’ll make sure it works in. That said, I agree here. Mojave is the newest non-completely-broken macOS. I’d bet Alfred’s team has multiple macOS versions available, to be able to evaluate reported bugs. I’d also bet they have little choice but to run the latest (Catalina in this case) most of the time, because those only gain more users while the older macOS versions lose them, and the teams needs to chase new bugs. More than we’d like, unfortunately (I see them added to Homebrew Cask). Authors of new open-source native apps tend to target Catalina (as in “I’m starting now, I’ll only support the newest”) and there are also commercial apps whose newest point releases are Catalina-only. It’s also common to see “our app is now discontinued, as it will never be updated to 64bit”. I have seen iOS app authors go iOS 13 only and then backtrack and readd support for iOS 12, but haven’t heard of anything like that on macOS.
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    Remember the Milk

    Hey SHF, I posted this earlier but the Fast Milk workflow still works in Catalina and requires a lot less technical expertise: https://github.com/chocopie116/alfred-remember-the-milk Sincerely, John
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    Dashlane Workflow

    Yes, nice script! i added a little extra to "auto-copy" the value, if it has found a unique value. Since i am not an AppleScript expert it might not work in some cases, but for now, i get good results here. on alfred_script(q) set appname to "Dashlane" tell application appname to activate tell application "System Events" repeat until (exists window 1 of process appname) delay 0.1 end repeat keystroke "f" using command down keystroke q delay 0.5 keystroke "c" using command down end tell end alfred_script Hope this will help you guys a bit too.
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    It'll be great useful if we can use snippet groups only when some specific applications activated.
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    Find a file on an external drive?

    Alfred uses OS X's index, so adding paths to the search scope tells Alfred where you want him to look. Adding the external drive is the right way to include it in your Alfred search. You could also create a file filter workflow if you want to specifically search for files on your external drive without seeing anything from your main drive. Here's a tutorial on creating file filters: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2014/04/24/tutorial-creating-an-alfred-workflow-without-a-single-line-of-code/
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    highlight the custom search in the web search tab and press delete key. It'll ask you to confirm.
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