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    Hi all I've purchased 500mb of webspace which I plan to move the repo over to. This should improve the general speed of accessing the repo. I'm also currently re-writing the icon caching code to download the files asynchronously which will further improve responsiveness. As far as increasing the filesize limit - what kind of size do you guys think you'll need? We've already got 102 workflows in the repo (most of which are tiny - in fact we're only using around 8mb in total). If people start shipping huge caches with their workflows this could run out fast. I've got my day job and an art project to work on as well as this at the moment so development will be a little slower than it has been. Please bear with me. Ta
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    Question - get file icons?

    Alfred actually makes this quite easy for you, you can add a type parameter to the <icon> part of the XML to show file types e.g. <icon type="filetype">public.jpeg</icon> ...to show the icon for the UTI. If you want the actual icon for the file, you can use e.g. <icon type="fileicon">~/Desktop</icon> ...to get the actual icon used for the given path.
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    Mail Actions Workflow [Updated v0.7]

    Introducing Mail Actions Go crazy minimal with Mail.app and still stay functional thanks to the power of Alfred 2 Workflows. See it in Action here Features Use Alfred to: Navigate Mailboxes from Alfred. Drill down to the Mailbox you want and action the result. Move/Copy selected emails with Alfred. Type a few keywords to choose the desired folder. ↩ to move, ⌥+↩ to copy. Optimisations In order to limit the overhead of always having to query and generate a list of all Mailboxes, the workflow store the information in a plist file that is updated every 7 days. The file is located at: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.palobo.mailactions/mbCache.plist Installation Download and import or alternatively use AlfPT. Usage Keywords mm - Move the selected messages to the chosen folder; mm - With ⌥ as modifier copies the messages rather than moving mg - Go To the chosen folder. mgu - Show list of mailboxes with unread messages minfo - Choose to view either Info & Usage or Change Log. Tries to use Marked otherwise it will use your default app for .md files. Hotkeys ⇧⌘A - Toggle script to Move/Copy messages ⇧⌘Z - Toggle script to Go To Mailbox; ⇧⌘R - Mark every unread message in current mailbox as read; ⇧⌘D - Delete every message in current mailbox!! (USe with caution) ⌘U - Show list of mailboxes with unread messages Todo Implement an action to update the cache on demand; Add history feature, showing list of last X used mailboxes for quick access; Filter list of mailboxes with unread mail; Integrate other useful workflows such as send to evernote/taskpaper etc.; Changelog 23-04-2013FIXED: Code optimisation by Carlos-SZ. Results are now limited to 20 mailboxes at a time. XML Encoding has also been optimised (Initial work by Carlos-Sz, improved by Ursan Razvan). 04-02-2013FIXED: Unread count was getting stored with folder list and not being updated on each run; NEW: Hotkey to mark all messages (unread messages in current mailbox) as read; NEW: Hotkey to delete every message in current mailbox (useful for me anyway) NEW: Keyword/Hotkey to show list of mailboxes with unread messages 03-02-2013Now shows unread count next to mailboxes that have unread emails. 29-01-2013Added Support for Local Mailboxes Added a new Action to view Info & Usage or Change Log 28-01-2013Fixed small encoding bug where special characters weren't encoded thus forming invalid XML. 27-01-2013Fixed wrong information in the Go To action (Thanks CarlosNZ); Uploaded to AlfPT (Forgot to do that initially)
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    Old Book

    Modeled off the red and black from the title pages of old books. Screenshot: Download: http://cl.ly/MWjz
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    Hot damn. I just wish this had come along before I bought MailHub!
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    Ugly Blue/Green theme [download]

    Hi Chaps, I have a strange orange background. I have an equally strange blue-green Alfred theme. The colours are supposed to contrast nicely, according to some algorithm on some website somewhere. The algorithm in my brain agrees. Screenshot Download Enjoy!
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    UPDATE by Vero (Alfred's mum): The AlfPT site was a pilot project for an installer/updater by Tom Hunt and is no longer available. AlfPT was a wonderful idea by an Alfred user, Tom Hunt, to create a way for workflows to be updated and gathered in one place. However, Tom has decided to take the project offline (due to school/work commitments and the bandwidth requirements of that project). As such, documentation in this thread is now outdated. Here's what's coming soon: - Other users are working on their own repositories for workflows - We are working on an official v2 Extras site, which will include curated workflows (which we've tested and checked) and themes We'll also be publishing a few blog posts with our favourite and your favourite workflows very soon, so keep an eye on the blog for the links to the above! The Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository Hi all Introducing AlfPT - the easy way to install and update your Alfred v2 Workflows. Download the AlfPT workflow here Workflow Users Once you've installed AlfPT use the following commands: alfpt install {query} : to find new workflows to install alfpt install {query} -a {author} -b {bundleid} : filter results by author/bundle id. Both flags are optional. alfpt update : to list any workflows you've installed through AlfPT that have new versions available. Select one to update. alfpt update -f : to list all of your workflows, regardless of whether there are new versions available. Select one to update. Workflow Developers Want to get your workflows into the repo? Visit the AlfPT homepage to register and start uploading workflows. If there are any files in your workflows that you do not want to be overwritten during the update process (config files and the link) prefix them with an underscore e.g _icons It's very likely that the AlfPT workflow will be updated regularly over the next few days so keep alfpt update-ing to get the latest release. If you run into any problems just let me know. Happy workflowing! Tom
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    I've found that Finder's "Open With" menu can accumulate some duplicates over time (e.g., with WebKit's and TextMate's nightly builds). So, after searching for the Terminal hack to reset the database involved (source), I thought of creating an Alfred Workflow to avoid googling for it every time and to allow for a quick reset. Download the Alfred Workflow [Works in OS X 10.8]
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    Hey, I was experimenting with workflows that allowed "drilling down" into an result to provide more options, and here's what I came up with. Firstly, a workflow that uses omdbapi.com to search for movies, actioning a result shows you more information and actions. Download: here or via AlfPT As a second workflow using this I built an alternative client workflow to Tom Hunt's Alfred Workflow repository. It has some performance improvements over the "official" AlfPT workflow, and a few extras like updating all workflows, uninstalling and opening workflow folder from within the workflow. Download: here or via AlfPT
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    Will be fixed. I've already been cleaning it up and making it work a little better. Will be released soon.
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    Clean (Alfred 1 Port, with download)

    Hello, long time user first timer poster here. I thought I'd share a conversion of Mo Lawson's “Clean” Alfred 1 theme. Apart from the shortcut font (for legibility), nothing was changed: Get it at http://cl.ly/MW6G
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    You could always make it an optional input script which filters the options presented to the user when they type - this then works a bit more like Alfred does
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    Ugly Blue/Green theme [download]

    +5 awesome points for the description alone
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    Can't search for Core Services

    Spotlight doesn't show these by default. You have to set "System Files" to "are included" in the additional parameters. I assume Alfred's search only includes the default Spotlight search scope, which is probably the sensible thing to do. You can easily set up a "File Filter" workflow to do this search though. The "system files" checkbox is right there:
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    alp: A Python Workflow Module

    I spent the rest of the evening adding Keychain support, which the GitHub repository and the README now reflect. The method to modify a saved password may still be a bit shaky, but the rest seems quite solid. Check out the link above for more details.
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    Oy, with the reasonable and intelligent solutions! Keep that up and you might find yourself completely indispensable. (Which is to say, "Thanks, good point!")
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    Hi, I'm using this one to look up the selected text in dictionaries, or if nothing selected, with prefix keyword "define" added in the search bar. I moved everything in v1 to v2 except this..
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    Tiny theme

    Aaaand here is the update of my tiny theme. I have added the gray color for the selection for better readability. You can download it here.
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    Any chance you'd make a web interface so that we can browse / search the workflows?
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