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    Would be wonderful to implement workflows with Preferences into the Alfred Feature Preferences. Workflows like Dropbox Evernote Notes with New Text File UniCall and others...
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    Steep.it Tea Timer Workflow

    As I started to ween myself of a disturbingly growing coffee habit, I looked to tea as a source of comfort and caffeine. However I often found that I would go to the kitchen to prepare tea, and then go back to standing at my desk, entirely forgetting about the cup I left brewing on the counter. I came to enjoy using Ben Lew’s steep.it website to solve this problem. The website allows you to set a web-based timer for specific types of tea or at minute intervals. I loved using it so much I decided to integrate it into Alfred and created a workflow to let you easily set a timer for different types of tea or for a specific amount of time. Read the blog post for full details.
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