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    [Mavericks] Merge all Finder windows.

    Hi guys. The build-in Finder tab feature is awesome in Mavericks. And here is a little workflow to merge all current Finder windows into one single window with tabs. Hope it can help. Download it.
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    As of now, youtube-dl's extractor for Bandcamp media is basically broken. Luxinate can download Bandcamp media if: The URL is similar to this "http://brove.bandcamp.com/track/alone" The song is listed as free on Bandcamp The webpage refers to bandcamp, not some other site Sorry that I can't fix this to work on all media available on Bandcamp. If youtube-dl's extractors get updated Ill make sure to find a way to modify the extractors for Bandcamp.
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    Mavericks SideDock Theme

    Nice. Good song choice too.
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