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    Manpages (using explainshell.com)

    Helps you lookup what shell commands mean using http://explainshell.com. Your OS X installation should have PHP 5.3.3 or newer installed. Lion or Mountain Lion should meet the minimum requirements. If not, you can install the latest version of PHP with MacPorts or Homebrew. Download! Requires Alfred 2 and the Powerpack. Updates can be found and installed using Monkey Patch, or the older Alleyoop (discontinued).
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    Open Chocolat Project Bookmark workflow

    I just love the tasty Chocolat app for coding and other text editing tasks on the Mac. I created this Alfred workflow (see attachment below) to open Chocolat app project bookmarks. To Create a project bookmark, open a folder in Chocolat and select "Save Project Bookmark..." from the "File" menu. This saves a tiny .chproj file which tracks info about your project. Once you install the Alfred workflow, you can use it by calling Alfred up and typing "chocp". "chocp *" will return all project bookmarks. You can also type other file name partials with wildcards included as needed. Open a project by selecting from the list of choices and pressing return. You will then see all of your files open nicely in Chocolat. I like using project bookmarks with this workflow because I have limited the search scope of this workflow to only return .chproj files. This just makes it quicker and easier to open the right project more quickly. Direct download link: http://mark.shropshires.net/sites/default/files/Open%20Chocolat%20Project%20Bookmark.alfredworkflow More details and screenshots can be found here: http://mark.shropshires.net/blog/open-chocolat-project-bookmark-workflow
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    Generating Feedback in Workflows

    Is there any chance that JSON feedback will be supported? It's far nicer to work with in most languages (such as Python) and should produce cleaner Workflows.
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