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    Workflows are awesome! I've made a number of workflows for myself recently. I'd like to be able to share my workflows with other members of my team. The main challenge to doing that is that many of my workflows are user-specific or account-specific or require some kind of settings value. I would love for each user to be able to type in their own username or account name as a "variable" item in the workflow configuration screen. My dream is that there would be a new type of "Workflow Input" called "Variable" or "Setting". You could give it a name and then there would be a simple text box to let a novice user type in a value for the variable/setting. I could then connect these input variables to my more complicated/generic scripts and have those scripts use the user-defined variables. I imagine these would be available to my scripts the same way that the "{query}" variable can be used. Just to clarify, these variables are not things that the user would type into the Alfred search box. They are more like "settings" or "preferences" for my workflow. They would be set up by users in the workflow configuration screen. The values only needs to be configured once. Thanks for considering.
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    Recent Downloads Workflow

    This workflow shows the contents of the downloads folder, sorted using file meta-data so that the sort is exactly the same as the "Date Added" sort on the Downloads folder (This sort is often the same as the last modified time, but is not always.) It provides a convent way to view the most recently downloaded files and you can scroll through them all or type part of the name of a file to find a specific one. Click here to download.
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