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    Implementing IDE-like Searches

    Tyler is right. These are exactly the things that are fairly easy to do with a bit of programming knowledge and the Powerpack. Actually, all you would need to do is leverage mdfind in a script filter specifically aimed at ".groovy" files. There are similar workflows that already exist and could be modified. If you want to see the sort of things that are possible with the Powerpack, then browse through the "Share Your Workflows" forum, or head to www.packal.org, and take a look around at the workflows that are available there to download. Granted, you need the Powerpack to use any of these.
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    If you are setting a 2-step verification on Google, I believe the default option will be to send the code to your phone (SMS). After you setup it, Google will give you another option to "Get codes via our mobile app instead". On that screen, if you click on "Switch to app", you'll see a popup panel: "Set up Google Authenticator" with instructions to scan a barcode. Before you scan the bar code, if you want to see your "secret", click on the link: "Can't scan the barcode?" and than the secret key will be displayed. The google secret key will look like: "abcd efgh ijkl mnop qwer tyui uiop ab3c"
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    I added some links in the original post for Google, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, Github, Facebook and Evernote
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    Tyler Eich

    Implementing IDE-like Searches

    Workflows would make this a lot easier. File Filters are specifically designed for this: add the folders to search to the Filter's scope and assign a keyword. You'll get results only from those folders you've specifically added, leaving your main search scope unaltered. For example, I have several File Filters that will only search e.g. ~/Desktop or ~/Downloads. I simply type "desktop {what I'm looking for}" or "dl {what I'm looking for}" and I've got instant, narrower results.
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    Asana Quick Task

    @Jonathan What does "tasks not showing up" mean? Were you adding tasks with QuickTask, and they weren't showing up in the Asana app? Also, that error is occurring because the Asana API is not returning any workspaces, which means either you don't have workspaces or there is a problem with your API key. The "tasks not showing up" problem would also support the possibility that there is a problem with your key.
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