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    Make PopClip Appear

    This workflow makes PopClip appear when pressing a keyboard shortcut. PopClip won't usually appear if the user uses the keyboard to select text, with this shortcut it will. Very simple workflow with only one line of AppleScript, but it does the job. Download workflow!
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    Search, Download and Install mac apps

    Download and Install mac apps. update 1.1 : There is now a progress window that shows the download update 1.2 : Uploaded to Packal update 1.3 : Fixed broken link, fixed download URL A simple workflow based on the community managed app list at homebrew-cask Usage : Install <app-name> If the app is in brew-casks directory, workflow will download/extract/mount and install the app. *It won't run over your app though, so if you want to update, remove the app first. Download (Packal link : http://www.packal.org/workflow/install-mac-apps) As always, feedback is more then welcome, help me test this guys, this took my whole weekend Doesn't support pkg. yet, will soon. Supports aleoop for updates
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    Going Back to Search after Selection

    You can press the Esc key to return to the list of search results from the file actions screen
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