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    Hello, I'm David, an English teacher. I have a question. I often need to look up the phonetic transcriptions of a word (for example, alfred = /ˈælfrəd/). This can become a laborious task, even when using websites such as photransedit and phonetizer. I was wondering if there were people in this world clever enough to create an Alfred workflow to speed up this process. Ideally, the process would be something like: Invoke Alfred Type a keyword (such as IPA) Type dog *magic* Press enter to copy phonetic transcription (/dɒɡ/) to clipboard Navigate to document Press paste I have no coding ability whatsoever. Could you help with the *magic* part? Let me know if you can Thanks, David
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    If you add Last.fm scrobbling to the iTunes Mini Player, I wouldn't need to run a third app such as Coversutra or Bowtie, which otherwise provide the same controls as Alfred's Mini Player. This would help Alfred take over my computer.
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