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    Although this is not an Alfred bug, Alfred relies on the spotlight server (I believe) to index so I am not getting any indexed results. I am not sure how I managed it (although I think it might be because I had spotlight disabled before upgrading to yosemite), but my spotlight server seems to be disabled. Trying any mdutil commands result in: -07 08:55:25.673 mdutil[2360:239343] Metadata.framework [Error]: mdsCopyStorePaths failed: (268435459) (ipc/send) invalid destination port Spotlight server is disabled. All of the forums out there that have instructions to stop and start spotlight seem to reference plist service files in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons that do not exist in yosemite :-(
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    Forgot to mention that Spotify has removed the notion of 'starred tracks', which is now kind of replaced by Your Music. So the playlist list does not return the starred playlist anymore. All you have to do is to create a new playlist, I called it 'Starred' and copy all your starred tracks in it. And the new version now supports 'Your Music'.
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