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  1. Strike Workflow for Alfred For those who doesn't know Strike, is a torrent search engine with a clean and nice interface and a complete API (used in this workflow, of course) I've made a workflow that allows you to search torrents inside Alfred, showing the size of the file, the seeds and leechers, and the category. For start downloading with your default torrents client, just press enter. Download. I hope you like it * Thanks to the developers of qWorkflow library and JSON Helper, that saved me a lot of time.
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  2. Just want to say thank you so much for this! This workflow is what made me purchase an Alfred Powerpack license. Been using Alfred for ages but never really looked at workflows. I was looking for a way to run a mini type Spotify app, from the taskbar, as I find the actual spotify app to get in the way and disruptive to my work. Anyhow, my trek through the internets I discovered this and mopidy, voila ! Again, cheers matey!
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