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    Switch Between audio input and output

    Audio Switch ================================================================================== Switch between your input sources and output devices. To install just download (or my github) and doble click the .alfredworkflow file.* To change your input source type input (it could take a little bit to load your sources), then select the one you desire The same for the output device, just type output then select your choice Since I don't have any audio device or source connected to my laptop only 1 (the default) device and source are shown.
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    Google Flights Workflow

    Here's the workflow packaged up if someone can use it. http://deadesq.com/f....alfredworkflow Usage is as follows: MAD,LAX,2015-06-17,2015-07-01 Note the use of the commas. You'll need to know the airport codes for the airports, and the date is self-explanatory. I search Google Flights multiple times per day when I'm trying to book flights, and this workflow has already saved me time. I hope others benefit from it! Thanks to user Danishe for the assist on the syntax to use for the workflow.
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    Sonos Playback Control & Search

    I was hoping to find a playback controller for the Sonos desktop app but only found Jeff Johns's "Sonos Sound Controls" workflow, which unfortunately only offered volume control hotkeys. I tend to do a lot of playback control using keywords, so I set some up for Alfred. I'm an AppleScript noob, and Sonos doesn't really support AppleScript, so this was kind of a pain, and pretty hacky. There were some useful posts from 2008, but otherwise, I was kind of stabbing in the dark. Download here. There's support for the following commands using the 'sonos' keyword: search, play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, and mute. Feedback and suggestions welcomed.
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