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  1. steyep

    Jira Workflow

    I've noticed a few threads on the forum that integrate Alfred with JIRA but wasn't quite able to find one that did everything I was looking for so I decided to try my hand at writing my own (in Node.js). Here are a few of the features: List issues assigned to you List issues that you are "watching" Search JIRA Assign an issue to a user Transition the status of an issue Quickly add a comment to an issue View an issue's priority Watch/Unwatch an issue Open issue in a web browser I'm still in the process of developing the workflow so I haven't yet created an .alfredworkflow file. That said, if you'd like to install and test the workflow for me, instructions can be found on my github page. If you have suggestions/features those are certainly welcome as well.
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  2. Hi Sean, To preview a snippet, pop up either the Clipboard History viewer or set a hotkey for the Snippets Viewer (in Features > Snippets, set a hotkey). When you press that hotkey, you'll be presented with a list of your snippets on the left, and a preview of its content on the right. You can find out more about Snippets and text expansion here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/snippets/ Cheers, Vero
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  3. mcskrzypczak

    [1.11] Install App

    Download get Install App workflow from Packal get Install App workflow direct download Introduction The Install App workflow speeds installation process (or rather copy) of applications downloaded outside of Mac App Store. The workflow is completely written using Bash Script. How it works? There are two ways to invoke that workflow: through keyword — install — which shows all eligible files/packages (.app package, .zip archive, .dmg image and .pkg installer) found in specified folder (default is ~/Downloads) and copy, run, mount or extract them dependably of what kind of file/package we choose; you can also use install name so Alfred will narrow results; through File Action Install App which behave in similar way as above. The Install App workflow behaves as follow: if you choose .app package it will be copied to /Applications folder; if you choose .pkg file it will be opened; if you choose .dmg file it will be mounted and searched for .app or .pkg to copy or run them; at the end the image will be unmounted; if you choose .zip file it will be unzipped into folder which will be searched for .app, .pkg or .dmg to copy, run or mount them; at the end the temp folder will be deleted; at the end of whole process you will be asked if you want to remove the source file. Tips to change folder to search for mentioned files you need to edit Script Filter element of workflow → uncomment SEARCHDIR variable and edit its value Release info 1.11: improve mounting dmg files – now works with images with EULA 1.10: displays app icon if user has that app already (eligible for app updates files) 1.9: bug fixes dramatically reduces workflow size (from ~700 KB to 150 KB) workflow now searches in subdirectories of main directory if workflow finds .app package it will display that app's real icon (not a placeholder) 1.8: bug fixes following last update the workflow will open installed application if it was opened 1.7: workflow checks now if app is already running and if so it asks to quit it 1.6: fixed file matching fixed post-install notifications 1.5: unmount .dmg image after copying/installing app, remove temporary .zip folder after copying/installing app, ability to remove source files after copying/installing app (the dialog window will appear). 1.3 initial public release. Thanks I would like to thank Franz Greiling who inspired me to make this workflow with his own version.
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