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    Oh, also like the second option in case you're trying to put numbers into your reminder note...
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    Wow, pretty slick! Still getting used to the syntax, but it's pretty darn smart. But what have you done with J*** J****?!?!!
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    The workflow generates an ssh URL based on the hostname, port etc. (in this case ssh://zzzz@x.x.x.x:yyyy). As such, ssh will read the options for Host x.x.x.x, not for Host myserver. I'll look into changing the workflow, so hosts read from ~/.ssh/config will have URLs matching the Host, e.g. ssh://myserver instead of ssh://zzzz@x.x.x.x:yyyy.
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    Increase width of toolbar

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    Normally when hovering the mouse over the search text, the themer will display "Search Text Colour." Holding the 'fn' key when hovering over the search text reveals "Search Selection Text Colour"
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