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    eric roch

    Alfred Remote for iOS Widget

    I love the remote feature of Alfred. I use it to control Spotify, iTunes, and resize windows from my phone. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I have to unlock my phone and navigate back to the remote app to use it. This proves problematic, or at least inconvenient, when I am watching a movie and want to play/pause because someone came into the room, but it takes 15-30 seconds to get the app open. I would love to see a widget in the notification center of iOS that allows users to select remote buttons to display from any screen on their iPhone/iPad. Ideally, this would be resizable so one could have a single row (such as play/pause, vol+, vol-, mute) or multiple rows to control other things as well. This would be a swipe and a tap away rather than the current fingerprint (and passcode when it it doesn't work), swipe, tap the folder, tap the app, wait for it to load, tap the button. I think we can all agree on which option is better...
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    Sure, i am using a library called file-queue (which tbh i only audited very roughly) where i'm reading the downloadable items from the queue using `tpop` (transactional pop) .. file-queue uses a maildir structure with a 'tmp', 'cur', 'new' path, to get new data from the queue the 'cur' path is used, during a pop "transaction" the file is moved into the 'cur' directory, once it is committed it is deleted, when an error happens it will be reverted into the 'new' directory. From my code: https://github.com/hpoul/alfred-openclipart/blob/master/lib/QueueWorker.js#L20-L31 (tpop makes it imediately invisible for all other download processes), ie "locked" From file-queue documentation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue#transactional-popping From file-queue implementation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/lib/maildir.js#L115-L139 "this.fs.rename(newPath, curPath," (file-queue tpop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L57) uses tryPop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L76) which calls maildir#process Hope that makes sense..
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