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    Modified date calc based on input

    Try this new version. I changed main so it always counts from the right start date: start = date.today() + timedelta(days=n) data = { 'ordered': start.strftime(DATE_FMT), 'd10': add_days(10, start), 'd12': add_days(12, start), } Now it gives you the same delivery date for an order placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
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    Modified date calc based on input

    If orders can be placed on any day of the week, and weekdays/weekends are only a factor in the delivery time, then yeah. Change the line that says 'ordered': add_days(n), to 'ordered': (date.today() + timedelta(days=n)).strftime(DATE_FMT),
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    Modified date calc based on input

    Here's a version of your workflow that ignores weekends. It doesn't know anything about public holidays, though.
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    v1.6.0 now has custom snippet support. Thanks to @deanishe for the suggestion. https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/releases/tag/v1.6.0
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    Here is what I just created. It's a simple file action. Hope it can be a little helpful. https://github.com/Shana601/Alfred-Mail-with-Spark
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    SQLite query object for workflows

    Forget this comment. It's completely wrong. This one was right: I thought the workflow looked interesting, so I had a closer look at the source code. It doesn't actually use SQLite for searching, just as a "dumb" datastore. It still loads every repo into memory on each run and filters it with go-alfred's MatchesTerms function. This kills the main performance advantage of using SQLite (databases get much of their speed from not loading unwanted stuff into memory), so the only speed tradeoff would be AwGo's fuzzy search vs go-alfred's simpler "contains" search (which is still significant, but shouldn't be super-noticeable for ~4000 items). I'm 99% certain that using an SQL query similar to what I posted above would be the fastest of all, but you'd have to change the database schema to include the full name of each repo, as that is what you want to search against, and it currently isn't stored in the database.
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    From the Emoji keyword library: https://github.com/muan/emojilib
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    Automatic Updates are now part of v1.4.0. Enjoy! https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/releases (this will be best realized when new emoji are released)
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    v1.3.0 now has automatic paste support into frontmost application if ⌘ (cmd) is pressed!
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