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    When designing or developing I regularly need some fake data : a name, an email address, a credit card number, some dummy text, etc. I used the wonderful Faker package by Francois Zaninotto to create an Alfred workflow for those moments when I quickly need some fake data. Check out my blog post to download the workflow and to learn how to use it : http://blog.g-design.net/post/121829216975/an-alfred-workflow-to-generate-fake-data I hope this will be of use.
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    [SOLVED] Appending text to a project log

    Hi @MattB and welcome to the forum Take a look at the "Simple To-Do list" workflow, which you'll find under Workflows > Examples (at the bottom of the sidebar), you'll see a workflow that essentially does what you have in mind. In this instance, the log being created is a to-do list, but it can easily be repurposed. To try it out, install the workflow, then type "todo" and the task, e.g. buy bananas. Choose which list you want to add it to and it'll be appended to the relevant text file. Once you've created the lists and added content to them, you can type "vtodo" to view your list. Based on this, you can either modify that workflow or create your own using the same principle of List Filters to choose which list to add to, and Arg/Vars to store your query. Cheers, Vero
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    Search for typed query history

    It should be easy to implement and very useful. Once you have typed lots of queries, you probably just keep repeating.
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    I have a set of workflows that I use to process videos on our website and attach SRT files to them. Usually I just up arrow to the one before the last command to recycle through them. But, I some times have to execute other commands in the middle. Then, I either have to retype the older command or up arrow until I find it. It would be nice to type in the first two letters and then up arrow through the history that only starts with those two letters. Just like I have my zsh configured to do. For example: My History has: dp:nextfile eh:openSRTfile dc:disable The first two commands are the two that I cycle through, but I then disabled DwellClick with the dc:disable. To do the dp:next file, I would have to retype it or up arrow 3 times. But, with this feature I am proposing, I would type 'dp' then one up arrow and it will jump to the dp:nextfile command. In this example, it doesn't really save much time. But in other situations, it will.
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