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    Alfred 4 is coming in June! :D

    In case you haven't seen our tweet from a few days ago... Prepare your keyboards and stretch those finger muscles, Alfred 4 is coming in June! We've posted a very high-level list of just some of the features and improvements you can look forward to here: https://www.alfredapp.com/v4/ You'll answer find answers to questions about upgrades, and an email signup if you'd like to hear about Alfred 4 as soon as it's available!
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    Alfred Markdown Notes

    Markdown Notes help to manage Markdown files in a directory with powerful full text search (supports & and |), tag search or search for todos ( - [ ] or * [ ]) . It also allows to quickly create new notes based on custom templates. I started to write this to replace the ton of Note taking apps that I used a while ago. I spent a lot of time to get this to work and the setup is a bit complex but once you went thru the steps it can indeed replace your note taking app. The best MD Editor for this purpose is Typora but any other MD editor works as well. Download at Git as usual: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-markdown-notes
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    Mac App Store Search

    Search the Mac App Store and view search results with artwork previews right in Alfred. Open search results in App Store.app (default behavior) Quick Look search results' preview pages right in Alfred (press Shift, the Quick Look feature must be enabled in Alfred's preferences) Open search results' preview pages in your default browser (modifier key — Command) The workflow's preferences (keyword — masprefs) allow you to set the maximum search results limit and preferred store country, as well as clear the artwork cache. Additional keywords allow you to open the App Store app's Purchases (“masp”) and Updates (“masu”) tabs. Download
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    I have something in the works which I think will make you very happy with regards to this. That's all I'm saying for now
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    First party sync service

    CloudKit may work just fine for applications that manage their own data using its APIs, but that isn't Alfred. A lot of the files being synced don't belong to Alfred: they belong to workflows. As a result, Alfred isn't in a position to manage (via revisions or whatever) the many sync conflicts iCloud's crapness causes because Alfred doesn't have sufficient information to do so. Alfred's current sync Just Works with any software that can reliably sync files/directories, be it Dropbox, rsync, Unison, Seafile or whatever. You're talking about completely rewriting Alfred's sync/file management in order to use a service that has a long history of losing data. Replacing a system that works wonderfully (if you're using reliable sync software). The new limitations to Dropbox's free accounts suck, but I'm not convinced that's a sound reason to ditch a working, platform-agnostic sync solution for one that's tied to a legendarily unreliable service.
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    Alfred preferences fails to open

    My local kebab shop always puts up a notice when they're on holiday that says "back in two weeks".
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    @Luciano Santana (and anyone else following along), there are a few commands (Create New Timer, Create New Alarm, and View Recent) that are still broken in Alfred 3. I have a branch that fixes them. (I also submitted a PR to Luciano's repo.)
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    Change Default App for filetype

    Dependencies Default App uses duti to change assigned apps. You need to install duti first before you execute the Alfred Workflow brew install duti Usage dapp ext 1. ext you can type any extension, the workflow will ask for confirmation to change the assigned app 2. Choose one of the Apps to assign the extension to. Download on Git https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-default-app
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    Do Not Disturb, Limited

    My first (exported) workflow: Do Not Disturb, Limited - Toggle the macOS Do Not Disturb feature, optionally for a specified length of time. I was really inspired by CalmNotifications but I always forgot to toggle it back. Plus, I really wanted the indicator to reflect the current status, which didn't happen when the "set a plist value and kill NotificationCenter" method is used. Releases | Source
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    Just saying thanks!

    Hey all! 😁 I only found Alfred yesterday, thanks to a YouTube video where the guy mentioned it as a 'must have' Mac OS app. Thank you all for the work on Alfred, workflows and everything else I am finding on this forum. forums are so damn good when ppl get together like this and share the good stuff 😃 Thanks folks! These workflows and stuff are incredible.
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    Speed and compiled workflows

    The thing with Python is the startup time. If you’re using my library, for example, it takes ~0.05s to load Python and import the libraries. 0.05s is definitely perceptible. As far as optimising Python workflows goes, I focus on caching and lazy imports. They're always going to be noticeably slower than compiled workflows, though. I mostly use Go these days. It’s somewhat more effort to write than Python, but 20x faster.
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    Workflow for Outlook V16 Search

    I create a workflow for searching mail from Outlook for Mac V16 (A.K.A. 2016). Now it support searching Mail sender, Subject and Preview Content with below format: olk [keyword] And also you can search with multiple keywords: olk [keyword1] [keyword2] [keyword3] To limit search scope in one attribute: olk from:[keyword] olk title:[keywords1] [keywords2] ... By default, this workflow searches mail from all folders and with default page size 20, for results more than 20, you can click last item 'Next 20 Results...' to go to next page. You can also configure the search: olkc pagesize [number] for change search result in one result list. olkc folder then you can get a list of all your Outlook folders, choose one to limit search scope. Project hosted in Github: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook Download latest release workflow file from: https://github.com/xeric/alfred-outlook/releases Welcome your feedbacks!
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    It's called Pacmax. Saw it posted on Reddit. I was actually thinking of building it but glad that I don't have to. 😅
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    Use the Image coordinates in map File Action to open an image’s location in the maps provider of your choice. The map_provider Workflow Environment Variable defaults to Apple, but also supports Google. Download | Source
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    Yeah, I mostly use neovim. But of course I use Xcode, too. If I want to write a good GUI app, then I should start with a good GUI library. And then I use the editor/IDE that works best with that library. I'm trying to write halfway decent software, not have a great time writing a turd. I don't see any point in epic productivity gains if, in the end, that leads to producing crap.
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    That isn't what Andrew meant. Try this: /usr/local/bin/shuf -n 1 ~/Downloads/One_Liner_Harvey.txt
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    Need this super program on Windows

    If I had to pick some things that are never going to happen, Alfred for Windows wouldn't be much further down the list than my baldness spontaneously curing itself.
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    Need this super program on Windows

    Either work on Alfred for Windows already started, or it hasn’t. If it has, registering support does nothing because it would happen anyway. If it hasn’t, even if work on it started today it would take so long (with the current team), that by the time it was done there would be no guarantee all the people asking for it today would still be interested. Over years there’s only been a handful of people expressing interest in this, not nearly enough to justify the commitment to support a whole new platform. Alfred Remote for Android would make sense way before Alfred for Windows, and that is unlikely to happen as well (there’s another thread on it). Yes, in theory it could happen. In practice, you shouldn’t get your hopes up in the slightest.
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    Running the below command in Alfred fixes this issue for me.. bs workflow:reset
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    Open the workflow in Alfred Preferences, click the [𝓧] icon and do this:
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    Roman Numeral Converter

    Okay, I didn't know that - thanks for letting me know! The workflow is now updated to use JSON. I'll agree with you, that is much cleaner.
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    Basecamp Workflow

    Right-click on the workflow in Alfred Preferences and choose "Open in Terminal". If you did the above, Terminal should have opened a new window set to the workflow directory. Just enter bundle install --standalone and hit ↩.
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    I added a workflow to go with this set of Themes, you can find it on the same Github repo in the Workflows folder It features two commands : "theme" : toggle between Dark & Light themes for both macOS & Alfred. "theme red" : switch to the Red Accented Alfred Theme. Here is a screenshot of the MojaveThemeSwitcher and its options:
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    Search email?

    Have you read the help page for Mojave? Particularly the bit about granting Alfred "Full Disk Access".
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    EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]

    Download the zip file from the repo (Clone or download > Download ZIP) and extract it. Go into the new directory, select all the files, right-click and choose "Compress 11 Items". That will create Archive.zip. change the name to Archive.alfredworkflow and double-click it.
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    I've been recently playing around with launchbar and switch back and forth between it and Alfred. One thing I noticed that is pretty killer in launchbar, is the ability to use macOS services. Launchbar is indexing them by default and lets you use them either with normal text or files. A proposal could be: Type some text (or use a workflow to get the selected text and propagate the alfred window with it) Hit CTRL Select "Use Service" (or directly suggest them) Hit enter on a service to use them And the same with files. Hit CTRL and propagate the actions window with services that support the file type, next to workflow actions and default alfred actions I think this would make Alfred a lot more powerful without the need to create custom workflows. A lot of apps (the majority?) already exposes services, and being able to use them directly within alfred would be great. For example, some workflows that I manually wrote that would be possible with a service: DEVONthink: Add notes or files Delivers: Add a delivery from a text string Fantastical, Cardhop, Things: Add new entry directly from text Screenshot of available services enabled on my system when selecting text: Screenshot of available services when selecting a file:
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    Thought I should share this workflow I created earlier to search Mail.app Use the following keywords to search: emfrom to search the sender's name and email address em for a general subject + content search emsubj to search specifically for a subject line You can download it here. Enjoy! [Edit: This is the Alfred 3 version of the workflow, updated in 2018]
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    Script Filter Contact Output

    Thanks! Not really. Pass the details to the second Script Filter via variables or arg (perhaps as JSON-encoded data), or read them from cache. After that, it mostly depends which actions you want to connect the contacts to. For phone and email, I think you can just tell Alfred to open a tel: or mailto: URL respectively. Message/IM might be a bit trickier (dunno; never tried it).
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    Night VS Light

    I found it on unsplash.com, but I could not find the original link now. Here is the original BG link: https://i.imgur.com/TWjo8GL.jpg
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    The State of Alfred Remote app

    When Alfred Remote 2 comes out, it'll be a free upgrade for Alfred Remote 1 users
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    adding to list filters via Alfred

    It only does the conversion if the json file doesn’t exist or if the modification date of the csv is newer. The files I use it with only have 80-100 entries but I haven’t noticed any performance issues when I have changed the csv.
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    Bumping this. Is there a way?
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    Welcome @Eno, ⌘, isn’t a global shortcut, but a common way to show the preferences in most macOS apps. To open Alfred’s Preferences with the shortcut, you need to have Alfred’s window as the frontmost window before pressing it. Alternatively, you can invoke Alfred and type preferences. If that is what you’re doing and it still doesn’t work, can you post a video? You can record your screen with QuickTime Player.
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    It's not a valid workflow. See the GitHub thread for details.
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    Python 3 Support?

    Nothing material has changed. Until Apple starts shipping Python 3 with macOS, I personally won't consider adding Py3 support. If someone else wants to do it and submit a pull request, that's a different matter. There are two related reasons for that: Firstly, it's a lot of work just to end up with a library that works exactly the same as it did before. Secondly, the net result of Py3 support would be to increase developer convenience (no more UnicodeDecodeError) but at significant cost to users (Py3 workflows can't run out-of-the-box on a vanilla macOS—users must first get their hands dirty installing developer tools). That is antithetical to the way I approach workflow development. When faced with the choice of using a preferred language/tool that isn't pre-installed or using one I don't know or don't like that is pre-installed, I have always chosen the latter. Developers having to mess around with development tools they don't like is (almost) always preferable to workflow users having to mess around with development tools at all. That's not just a philosophical position. Look in the threads belonging to Node-based workflows and they're full of users asking for help with getting the damn things running. I don't really want to be the guy who turns Python workflow development into a similar tragicomedy. All that said, I imagine Apple's next OS will have Python 3 and the above becomes largely moot.
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    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    Not easily, no. The reason is that the workflow uses SQLite's search, but SQLite doesn't support case-insensitive search of non-ASCII.
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    Hi guys! The bug is as in the title. I have no other text-expanders installed. A reboot fixes the issue, but it gradually re-appears over the next day. I've tried increasing the clipboard delay to 0,9 seconds to no avail. Running alfred 3.7 on 10.14 on a 13" MBA 2012. Any tips? ? Thanks! Martin
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    @politicus put the absolute path to shuf, wherever you have it installed. Cheers, Andrew
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    I’ll stress OneUpdater isn’t a solution for monorepo updates; it’s a method-agnostic solution. The whole point of OneUpdater is to not tie you down in any way. That’s why it’s a single node you can copy and configure to get working, and getting rid of it is as easy as pressing ⌫ on said node. It works just as well for monorepos, no repos (any server works), and github releases.
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    My main issue with Packal was always that it required me to do everything twice. Every time I updated a workflow, I had to update it on both GitHub and on Packal. The later bugginess aggravated this, but having to do everything twice was always the sticking point. Pacmax has the right idea with "paste repo URL here and that's it". Unfortunately, it doesn't currently do the right thing(s) with repo URLs.
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    Pocket for Alfred

    Fabio still does bugfixes, but I don't think the workflow is in active development any more. He was studying computer science and has moved on to "bigger" things. As best as I can tell, he's heavily into Smalltalk these days, and that (or Lisp) usually means you're heading for a PhD in computer science.
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    Div — simple windows manager

    Div — simple windows manager This is simple Alfred workflow to help you manage opened windows. It is simple (50 lines of applescript) but powerful tool. It allows you to create your own layouts, custom sizes and custom proportion. Requirements Some of the mac OS apps are non-scriptable which means they are not working very well with applescript. Fortunately "SystemEvents" can handle them really well. Few simple steps are required to enable Alfred's access to Accessibility tools. 1. Open System Preferences 2. Go to Security & Privacy 3. Go to last Privacy tab 4. On the left panel choose Accessibility 5. Unlock access to preferences by clicking lock in bottom left corner and pass your password 5. Click small `+` icon and add Alfred from the list. 6. Done Other windows managers requires similar procedure. It is not related with Div only. If you use older operating system than El Capitan, have a look at great instruction on [Mizage website](http://mizage.com/help/accessibility.html). Download Download Div from Packal How to use I published a detailed instruction on my personal website. Have a look if you are keen to understand a full potential of Div. Choose predefined layout Simply type `div` in Alfred window and choose layout from predefined list. Custom bounds Choose custom bounds by passing 4 space separated values. For example `div 20 20 80 80` will place top left corner of an app 20% from top and 20% from left edge of a screen, and bottom right corner 80% from top and 80% from left edge of a screen. Custom size Choose custom size by passing 2 space separated values. For example `div 800 600` will resize your window to 800px width and 600px height and place the window on the middle of a screen. Hotkeys Use predefined settings and bind custom hotkeys to them to place window in common locations: - ⌃ ⌥ 1 Full - ⌃ ⌥ 2 Medium - ⌃ ⌥ 3 Small - ⌃ ⌥ ← Left - ⌃ ⌥ → Right - ⌃ ⌥ ↑ Top - ⌃ ⌥ ↓ Bottom
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    Upload to a myriad of file hosts directly from Alfred. Pick paths to upload via the Upload file File Action. Directories and multiple paths will be zipped prior to upload. You can check your upload progress with ufp. It will auto-refresh the progress. Press ⌘↵ to cancel the transfer. You’ll get notifications of the various phases, with a sound when it’s complete (or canceled). The download URL will be copied to your clipboard. You can change the upload host in the upload_file_to Workflow Environment Variable. By default it uses transfer.sh. Other supported hosts are: bayfiles.com, anonfile.com, megaupload.nz, and forumfiles.com. Donwload | Source
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    Material Design Theme For Material Design lovers Note: I have not tested it yet on Alfred 2 Download All Themes https://goo.gl/3g9uef Download Single Theme Click the download link below the theme name Save as the file (keep the extension to be .alfredappeareance) Light Themes Material Tosca Download https://goo.gl/Zfq1oy Material Purple Download https://goo.gl/Keffj2 Material Green Download https://goo.gl/x46hAh Material Blue Grey Download https://goo.gl/7hJEuA Material Brown Download https://goo.gl/UJT1TG Material Red Download https://goo.gl/BzS657 Material Blue Download https://goo.gl/rbrnZ5 Material Yellow Download https://goo.gl/NgvVna Material Pink Download https://goo.gl/CKB8M1 Dark Themes Material Tosca Dark Download https://goo.gl/rjY8NF Material Blue Dark Download https://goo.gl/ZepPZ9 Material Blue Grey Dark Download https://goo.gl/sjeNPD Material Red Dark Download https://goo.gl/mjHefJ Hope you like it!
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    Mark files added to buffer

    Hi, as far as I understand, the only option to perform operations on multiple files now in Alfred is to add them to buffer first. If would be helpful, especially for folders containing a lot of files, if files already added to buffer would be marked with colour in the file browser.
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    True it doesn't have formatting, it's plain text (which is what I want anyway). I use Markdown in my note taking so plain text works great. If I'm on a call, and need to whip out some meeting notes, I've got text templates with Markdown tags ready to go. Makes my life so much easier. I used to use text, but ran into issues where I found myself relaunching it, or wouldn't work. Thus far Alfred snippets are pretty reliable. - I do run into some lag issues occasionally, but for now, I'm rolling with the assumption that I've got too many things open and not much free memory. My $.02
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    Install the minimal Alfred theme and Github repo with options setup.
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    Multi-line regex replace issue

    Not sure this isn't the expected behaviour, tbh. As a workaround, you can use a capture group to keep the newline from the input:
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    @robdbirch Go to Alfred's preferences, under Appearance > Options (bottom left), you can set "Show Alfred on..." and choose from the dropdown menu either default screen, mouse screen or active screen. Set it to your preferred one for the behaviour you'd like Cheers, Vero
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    Apple Music workflow with Love

    create a trigger that connects to the following applescript: tell application "iTunes" set loved of current track to true end tell This didn't used to work with Apple Music, but it does now. Adding an Apple Music track throws up error "iTunes got an error: current track doesn’t understand the “add” message." number -1708 from current track So that's not easily possible at the moment.
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