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    Alfred 4 is coming in June! :D

    In case you haven't seen our tweet from a few days ago... Prepare your keyboards and stretch those finger muscles, Alfred 4 is coming in June! We've posted a very high-level list of just some of the features and improvements you can look forward to here: https://www.alfredapp.com/v4/ You'll answer find answers to questions about upgrades, and an email signup if you'd like to hear about Alfred 4 as soon as it's available!
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    Welcome @wuast94, You can try OmniTube, though that was made for Alfred 2, so I have no idea if it works still. All Youtube Account Workflows Iā€™m aware of are outdated. But you can use Searchio! to search for Youtube videos from inside Alfred, and DownVid to download them. Both those Workflows are up-to-date and maintained.
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    Hello everyone, it would be pretty cool if it would be possible to select multiple Files, Clips or whatever from the Clipboard history and paste it. For instance: I would have copied a few files and wanna paste them. Here is an example: If i could now just press Shift+Arrow down to select multiple items and then just paste them that would be awesome If there is another way then lemme know, but else this would be decent to have. Another addition to that would be the ability to change the Shortcut for adding files to the file buffer. Something like āŒ˜+C and āŒ˜+V would make the file Buffer/Navigation even better Cheers, Frozen
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