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    This snippet will give you today's date: {date:EEEE, MMMM d, YYYY} You can use the native snippets feature for this, you don't need a workflow. The docs are a little lacking, though ( https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/dynamic-placeholders/#date-time ) - I had to dig around a bit in the incomprehensible Unicode docs to figure out how to get the day of the week (EEEE). Getting the next business day is trickier. It wouldn't be hard to get tomorrow except on Fridays, then get Monday, but if you want to take into account local holidays then you'll need to pull in calendar data from somewhere.
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    @robdbirch Go to Alfred's preferences, under Appearance > Options (bottom left), you can set "Show Alfred on..." and choose from the dropdown menu either default screen, mouse screen or active screen. Set it to your preferred one for the behaviour you'd like Cheers, Vero
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    Applescript. Create an 'external' trigger in the workflow you're interested in. Give it some name and Alfred will show you the Applescript to run to invoke the trigger. Connect the trigger to whatever you want it to run in the workflow.
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    Colors v2.0.0 Get it from Packal (Recommended) Quick Summary: This workflow can process and convert all CSS color formats and several Objective-C formats, namely NSColor (calibrated and device) and UIColor. It also provides an interface to the OS X color panel for easier color manipulations. It's written in native code (i.e. it's really fast). Quick Preview: You can find a full description on Packal. Direct download • source code on Github
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    Awesome! Please let me know if you have suggestions
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