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  1. mike_h

    firefox bookmark search

    Please - add Firefox to web bookmark search options, alongside Safari and Chrome. Support users of open-code apps? This is such a useful function, lightning fast browser access. Thanks
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  2. Gareth

    firefox bookmark search

    > If it's as straightforward as you claim, then why don't you write a workflow that does work? Because I bought and paid for software that not only does it for 2 other browsers - one of which is less popular than the browser in question - and which takes feature requests from its customers. As the saying goes, "You don't get a dog and then bark yourself". Also, I'm far from the only customer you have who wants this feature. > I'm sure other Firefox users would be very grateful. I'm sure they would indeed. But they didn't buy my software to help support me with its future development - they bought yours.
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