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    It would be great that setting the Alfred Hotkey would distinguish between the left and right keys. Some applications do, in my case I'm using Emacs and a default key binding is assigned to CTRL+SPACE (which I currently use for Alfred), I can set my Emacs binding as RIGHT_CTRL+SPACE, and setting Alfred's shortcut to LEFT_CTRL+SPACE would be ideal.
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    @nikivi if you update to Alfred's latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, you should get the behaviour you're after. Could you let me know?
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    @deivuh Opened this as a feature request. Marking this one as solved so we can focus on that one.
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    @AlexMartinFR Thank you for your work, this is absolutely lovely
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    Thanks great work! 🤩 I hope that the Alfred-Creator will implement a automatic solution soon into Alfred.app for Mojave. Workflows will help for now but this is not what it should like to be on macOS 🤔
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    Hey Alex, Toogle workflow is great. Thank you for that :)
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