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    Vim Navigation Binding

    Would be great there's an option to turn on vim navigation (h,j,k,l). This would probably replace ctrl + n / ctrl + p.
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    Add support for mailmate email client

    The mailmate emails client (http://freron.com) is gaining a lot of traction recently. I use it as my primary email client and would love to see support added in Alfred.
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    When creating a workflow, the default "script" option points to "/bin/bash" but why not just run on the default terminal option (which could be "/bin/zsh" for me and bash for other people)?
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    Hi, Latest version can be downloaded from: https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred https://jhartman.pl/tag/alfred/ http://www.packal.org/workflow/timezones-2 At time of writing, v2.6 is the latest. Best regards, Jarek
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    Script Filter ordering

    I guess you're setting a UID on your result items? Alfred intelligently orders your results based on your past behaviour. So if you select "Safari" a few times for the query "s", Alfred will show "Safari" as the top result. It identifies results based on their UID. As long as you don't give your items a UID, Alfred should show them in the same order you emit them. If you do specify a UID, Alfred will take over ordering results.
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