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    Apple Music search with Alfred

    Sure thing! I've added Artist search to both iTunes Music Store and Apple Music workflows. Downloads: https://www.gingerbeardman.com/alfred/ If you find this useful, please leave a donation via the button on my site. Support open-source software ❤️ cheers, matt
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    How to manage open with dialog?

    Is there any way to do that other than by editing the application's info.plist? I mean, you can tell macOS to always open a specific filetype with an application, but you can't do that with folders AFAIK.
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    How to manage open with dialog?

    Welcome @ErBlack, If you type in that box, Alfred will filter from all apps, not just the ones you see on the list. If you want to make the app a permanent in the list, you need to tell macOS itself to open with the app, as that’s where Alfred takes the information from.
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    Word Search is an Alfred 2/3 workflow which exposes powerful word searching utilities. Ultimately, the workflow can be leveraged to widen your vocabulary and make you a better writer. Quick Reference syn [word] - Broadly searches for words related to a word/phrase. dsyn [word] - Searches for a word’s exact synonyms. ant [word] - Searches for a word’s antonyms. rhyme [word] - Searches a word’s rhymes. describing [word] - Searches for words that describe another word Usage Simply type in a command. Selecting a result will copy that word to your clipboard and automatically paste it in the front most app. Installation Simply download the latest .alfredworkflow file and double click it to import it to Alfred. Word Search will update on its own. Demonstration Searching for words that describe “dog” This forum doesn't like many images. If you want to see more screenshots, checkout the github page.
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