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    Lock doesn't work in Catalina 10.15.4

    @octothorpe if you manually use the macOS lock combo of control+command+Q does this lock your Mac? If so, try quitting Alfred, then removing him from the macOS Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility preferences, and re-adding him back again. If there is an underlying mismatch in the macOS privacy prefs, Alfred may have been blocked from simulating a lock. If this combo doesn't work, then you can check what combo is expected under the Apple logo in the top right of your screen for "Lock Screen". This is the combo you'll need to manually configure in a workflow. Cheers, Andrew
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    Because it looks like the right way to run an AppleScript if you don't already know it isn't. And sometimes, you want to run code within Alfred (e.g. calling display notification in Run NSAppleScript shows Alfred’s icon; calling it from a Run Script shows Script Editor’s icon).
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    Version 0.2 now out. Probably the most useful part is that you can toggle use of the desktop client or the web app. + returns 9 search items from notion to match the number that can be displayed at once in Alfred + refactored into a separate python script to allow for easier diffs and version control. Now using the releases feature in GitHub. + Option to change the 'isNavigableOnly' search filter via the 'isNavigableOnly' env variable. I personally prefer only to search notion objects that can be navigated to, as I have a large workspace which would clutter the results, but the default search in notion has this option as false, so including this as an env variable. + Option to switch support to the notion web app or the notion desktop app using the useDesktopClient env variable. https://github.com/wrjlewis/notion-search-alfred-workflow/releases/latest/download/Notion.Search.alfredworkflow
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    @raguay.customct I've converted your post above to BBCode. The forum doesn't support Markdown, remember
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    Request: Google Meet Workflow

    @richardsison, wow, that's great news! Just when I started to think how can I hack the Web UI via injecting JS and inspecting DOM Here's what I came up with: GDrive Link. It also should handle cases when the Chrome isn't opened or when multiple windows of Chrome are present. That's my first Alfred Workflow though, so let me know if something is wrong or can be improved! Now I'm bashing my head against the following issue: I want to have more control over windows focus. In particular, I'd like to be able to open Chrome (if needed) and then open URL in it without losing focus of the current window. Scenario: I chat with my colleague in Slack, we decide that we should have a quick call in Meet, I invoke Alfred Workflow, everything is opened in background, URL is copied into clipboard, I immediately paste it into the chat box. Currently, workflow calls `activate`, so after invoking it you're switched to Chrome window, then URL is copied into the clipboard, and then I'd need to switch back to Slack. Yes, that's like one keystroke, but we're automating things here, right? I'd appreciate any tips here -- I've found that I can launch application in background through shell invocation `open -ga "Google Chrome"`, but it still steals the focus for me. This seems to be a Chrome(-ium) specific thing though, some of my applications (say, Sublime Text) launch in background perfectly with `-ga`.
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    That you cannot do, as it would slow down Alfred’s default results without most users understanding why. You can simply change the keyword that is there.
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