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    Note Taker — Keep small bits of text

    Only issue is when I select cmd+enter, it gets copied but I don't see it being deleted till I retype nview. Other than that it looks good.
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    alfred-cheat: manage your own cheat sheets

    Hey @Wayne Yao With great pleasure. Note that I took some liberty in some parts (the README file, comments in the code, etc.), because I thought you did no longer work on the workflow. Of course you are absolutely free to reverse these changes! I am just happy to contribute to your workflow (that I like very much!)
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    @odapg Hey man . I'm not monitoring this site .... but somehow it pushes your update to my mailbox but not the suggestion.. Thanks for the great improvement! I'll check it out later. Would you mind make a PR to me? so that I can integrate to the original code base. And of course kudos will be yours. Thanks, Wayne
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    First party sync service

    That's good to hear. It would be a huge win if iCloud Drive improved to the point that it works well enough to sync Alfred's preferences. Especially as Dropbox has been going downhill for some time now.
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    First party sync service

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I've been using iCloud Drive to sync Alfred preferences for maybe six months and it's working just fine for me. The "pinning" feature doesn't seem to exist in Catalina but I've found that once I right-clicked the Alfred Preferences folder and picking "Download Now" the folder has stayed reliably synced -- even though I don't have room on this Mac to turn off Optimize Storage. The one thing I do miss from Dropbox was the selective sync controls. It's become bloatware otherwise, though, and I'm glad to be rid of it. I'll add here that I also keep my Sublime Text preferences synced through iCloud Drive (using some symlinking of folders) and that, too, works reliably and quickly. Yep. I got that feeling too. It's not just this thread either. Kind of offputting!
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    Alfred Not Searching Apple Mail

    Catalina blocks all third party searches from access to Mail.
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    DEVONthink Browser & File Action

    @dgbeecher thanks for your feedback!
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    Bruno Scheele

    First party sync service

    Looks like macOS Catalina allows this functionality without having to resort to Dropbox. You can now 'Pin' files and folders in iCloud, which presumably keeps them local, regardless of your Mac optimisation. Just have to mention that the "expert" answers in this thread are probably on the mark, but felt hostile and like gatekeeping. Throwing that critique out there, do with it what you will.
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