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    Just updated my workflow as @deanishe suggested. A huge thanks! It should now be Go-free and self contained. If you have any other suggestions, it's more than welcome. Also, feel free to contribute directly on Github too.
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    Hello, I use the dictionary feature a lot, and I think it would be great to have the option to view the full definition right in Alfred, instead of a single line which rarely ever provides useful insights. This makes me open the Dictionary app every time, which is very inefficient. This is the default Spotlight behavior (phrases using the word and etymology are also included, and it's really useful) and it works well. Lacona does this too. Thanks!
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    I use Alfred for almost everything except when I look up word definitions because of the useless layout that Alfred provides (without opening the dictionary app). If this was implemented, another useful feature would be the option to set up the dictionary as a fallback search if the word is in the dictionary (like Spotlight).
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    Hi @jackchuka, welcome to the forum. Workflow looks good, but there are a couple of issues. The packaged workflow contains multiple nested copies of itself. It looks like you're putting the exported workflow in the same directory as the source code, and then exporting it again. Also, would you consider including the jira executable with your workflow? A lot of users don’t have a clue how to install Go, build go binaries, or figure out where GOBIN is.
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    One other note re Pacmax - the design could be tightened up a lot - there’s quite a lot of white space e.g. on every page there’s a big open area with a horizontal line and then the page title in a huge font, and only below that is the actual content. I’d also prefer one workflow per line in results, rather than needing to read down newspaper columns. And it would be nice to keep the search box in view even when you scroll down (an issue currently exacerbated by the multi column format).
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    Introducing Pacmax.org

    Discussion continuing in
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    I think my alfred workflow list is a bit cleaner than Dave's but thats my opinion. The tool I wanted to build was also what Dean had in mind. It should be automated to get info from GitHub first and foremost with additional submit ability. I wanted to build some hook in system to map a workflow to github releases and have the site update from that. Although not all distribute workflows via github releases and some dont distribute via github at all.
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