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  1. Mr Pennyworth

    Better Dictionaries

    Better Dictionaries Better search and live previews for built-in macOS dictionaries. This post might be outdated, link to up-to-date README Download the latest version: Better.Dictionaries.alfredworkflow Features IPA (phonetic) pronunciations: Press ⌘↩ to hear the pronunciation.In-Alfred live previews with colors that automatically adapt to Alfred's theme: Reverse search: More relevant search results: left: macOS/Alfred built-in search, right: BetterDict If one word has multiple, unrelated meanings with different origin, they are showed as diffrent entries (in the above example, see "arm" has two entries at the top)Import any compatible dictionary Setup After importing the workflow, first type .setup-better-dictionaries into Alfred and follow the instructions for granting permissions. Importing a Dictionary After setup, type .dict-import into Alfred. Select the dictionary you want to import. Dictionary-specific Keywords and Hotkeys After a dictionary is imported, a script filter and a hotkey trigger is automatically created into the workflow editor. Freshly-installed workflow without any imported dictionaries: Two hotkeys and keyword triggers each automatically added after importing two dictionaries. They come pre-labeled with dictionary names: This allows you to assign hotkeys and keywords for specific dictionaries. For example, below you can see how I have manually assigned keywords thesaurus and defn to the thesaurus and dictionary respectively. In addition, I can trigger the dictionary search using ⌃⌥⌘D. Word Lookup You can use the hotkeys/keywords created above for directly searhcing specific dictionaries. That's the recommended way for dictionaries that you use frequently. For the infrequently used dictionaries for which you haven't assigned any hotkeys/keywords, follow this: 1. Type lookup into Alfred. You'll see a list of all dictionaries imported into BetterDict. 2. Select the dictionary to search, and type the search query. Notes and Warnings [*]Importing a dictionary could take as much as 30 minutes on old machines or if there's significant CPU activity from other apps.[*]After each mac restart, for the first time when you run the workflow, expect a comparatively slower search. Subsequent searches should be instant.[*]This workflow takes a LOT of space on disk. Take a look at the comparison: # Built-in dictionaries Oxford Thesaurus: 7 MB Oxford Dictionary: 36 MB # After importing into BetterDict Oxford Thesaurus: 101 MB (html files) Oxford Dictionary: 442 MB (html files) Search index for two: 730 MB (apart from html) Known IssuesThe workflow doeesn't work if the theme is Alfred Classic. If you must use that theme, duplicate that theme and use the duplicated one.
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  2. Hi Chris, it's been a while since I touched this workflow, but I think this should be my last version: https://d.pr/f/iAt51A Hope this helps!
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  3. marlon

    Super clean dark theme

    Hey, sorry about that. I'm new to this and I thought by sharing it to Alfred, it gives everyone access to download it as well. Can you let me know if this works: Vendra ?
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  4. @evanfuchs, sorry for the delay, I needed to go... but I've found that you were maybe talking about the Capitalize action which I didn't modify before. I've found that it did what you said (it strips existing line breaks), so I fixed it (now using a simple python "capitalize()" function) Here is the updated workflow: https://nofile.io/f/0j4Gjdxwoby/Funnel.alfredworkflow Best!
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