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  1. Alfred GIF Search Download: Gif.Search.alfredworkflow Up-to-date README (this post is outdated) This workflow lets you search GIFs on Tenor from Alfred. Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc: Installation Download the latest release. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search. Usage In Alfred, enter gif keyword followed by search query. Press ↩. Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs. To copy the selected GIF to clipboard: either ⌘↩ or ⌘-click To drop the GIF into apps
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  2. Alfred 4.3 is now in pre-release with gorgeous improvements to theming. We've added the ability to choose a native macOS Visual Effect view to back Alfred's window, which makes it easy to create native-looking themes, as well as more control over rounded corners. We've created a couple of themes as examples, but I'm sure you'll create some fabulous themes too! Light Experimental theme Dark Experimental theme Below are the key things to check out when creating themes in 4.3. Please read all the way to the end of this post for a few important notes!
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