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    Calculate Anything

    A new update has beed released 3.0.0 New: Now the Workflow settings are saved in the workflow variables.. New: Added support for data storage: Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte, Yottabyte, bit, Kibibyte, Mebibyte, Gibibyte, Tebibyte, Pebibyte, Exbibyte, Zebibyte, Yobibyte. New: Added US Gallon in Volume conversions New: Added Fluid Ounces in Volume conversions New: Gallon now defaults to US Gallon (3.78541 Liters) to mimic the same results as other converters. You can sill type `1 uk gal in liter` or `1 ukgal in liter` `1 uk gallon in liter` or `1 us gal in liter` New: Pint now defaults to US Pint (0.473176 Liters) to mimic the same results as other converters. You can sill type `1 uk pint in liter` or `1 uk pint in liter` `1 uk pt in liter` or `1 us pint in liter` New: Added stopword `as` so you can type `1 kilometer as meters` or `1km as m`, etc. New: Added stopword `en` (spanish) so you can type `1 kilometro en metros` or `1km en m`, etc. New: When downloading rates the workflow will rerun it's query to update the results New: The workflow was restructured and some parts were rewritten New: Added millas, milla, miles, mile, keywords so you can type `4 miles in feet` New: Updated documentation and examples Improved: Updater, now displays notifications using alfred and will also notify you in the results Improved: Updated translations Improved: Added space between number and unit/currency for better readability Improved: Removed some dependencies Fixed: Subtitle not formatted according the currency locale in crypto conversions Fixed: Error in subtitle for time conversions (milliseconds) Fixed: Incorrect Time Unit Conversion Fixed: Incorrect crypto conversion when downloading updated currency rates Fixed: crypto currencies result now displays default workflow icon instead of an empty space Update directly from the workflow or download the latest version from https://github.com/biati-digital/alfred-calculate-anything/releases
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