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    Instagram Search Query

    Had to remake it from scratch. Ugly but it works. Here you go.
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    Alfred 4.1 Is Now in Pre-Release

    A few moments ago, we popped Alfred 4.1 on the pre-release channel. It's a big release with lots of tasty stuff for you to sink your teeth into. New workflow objects for integrating with files and the File Buffer Shared Hotkeys for workflows Embedded Snippets Contact Actions Built-in File Search Troubleshooting from the Help preferences And loads more! Take a look at the Update tab for a complete change log, as there's a lot in this release, which is free to all Alfred 4 Powerpack license holders. We'd love to get your help in testing out the new features before the general release! To get started, launch Alfred's preferences to the Update tab, choose the "pre-releases" option and grab the latest build Cheers, Vero
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    For anyone landing on this thread: the previous iTerm scripts have changed ownership (disclaimer: I’m the new author) and have been rewritten from scratch, so if you have any issues try the newer versions. You can find them on the new repository, or by using the old links as they will redirect to the new one.
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    macOS Big Sur

    Hi, currently using the macOS Big Sur Beta and was styling Alfred for the upcoming makeover of the macOS UI. I prefer a look as close to the system UI as possible. Light: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/eHfgpMFvON/ Dark Mode: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/NWnuAKel02/ A little unfortunate, that there is no option to round the corners on the selection background elements, they appear very pointy in the new environment of even more rounded corners in macOS Big Sur. Hope you enjoy!
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    Microsoft Teams

    Has anyone created a workflow to work Microsoft Teams? Would love to see one that allows you to message from Alfred. Thank you
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    Note Taker — Keep small bits of text

    Call nadd, type a name, and press ↵. Your clipboard contents will be saved to a txt file of the chosen name. Retrieve your notes with nview. ⇧ or ⌘Y will quicklook its contents; ↵ will copy them; ⌘↵ copies and deletes; ⌥↵ opens the note in your text editor. To keep notes synced between machines, use the notes_dir Workflow Environment Variable to pick a custom save location. Download | Source
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    The upcoming Alfred 4.1 has a new Buffer workflow object to both place files into the buffer, and get files back out again, so you'll have quite a bit of flexibility with what you do
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    Pssst, just to let you know, Alfred 4.1 will be getting a {snippet:} placeholder to nest a snippet
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    Dash Docset for Alfred

    You download it in Dash. Go to the home page in your Dash program, click 'Download Docsets', and search 'User Contributed' for Alfred. Then click download. Very simple.
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    When you do cp -a /Users/, the shell knows that cp, -a, and /Users are different arguments because they have spaces between them. So how is the shell supposed to know that Dropbox (Personal) is part of the same argument, and not Dropbox and (Personal)? The answer is quoting: cp -a '/Users/aaronriddle/Dropbox (Personal)/Aaron Riddle Photography/Video/Virginia Elope Video Template' '/Users/aaronriddle/Desktop/'
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    Alan He

    Statistics how many workflow and display

    I think show display how many workflow installed Such as shown here `10 installed `
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    Run NSAppleScript executes your code in Alfred's own process, on its main thread, so it shares Alfred's own environment. Run Script executes your code in a separate subprocess, so Alfred can manipulate the environment it runs in (i.e. adding workflow variables to the environment). Basically, just don't use Run NSAppleScript. Because it runs on Alfred's main thread, it blocks Alfred while the code is running (Run Script doesn't). And it behaves weirdly, too.
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    AirPod Connector

    @vitor Done...implemented and released Thank you for the tip!
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    Yeah, that searches all filetypes. What sometimes happens is that different files of the same type actually have different UTIs assigned to them, so they aren’t found when looking by filetype.
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    If you have this script filter block: It would be nice if Alfred would automatically create a note for the user with the placeholder subtext instead of leaving it empty as it is now. So it will look like this: I often add such a note myself to script filters as it provides context but it's annoying to have to do it every time + having to keep it in sync. Perhaps Alfred can color it in a different color to signify that the note is 'generated'. Perhaps also some other blocks can make use of this 'generated' notes from meta data already provided. Will make managing and understanding workflows easier and remove the burden. Thank you and I hope you consider adding it. ❤️
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    set browser_list to {"Safari", "Safari Technology Preview", "Google Chrome", "Opera"} set default_browser to "Safari" set web_address to "https://example.com" tell application "System Events" to set front_app to name of first process whose frontmost is true if browser_list contains front_app then tell application front_app to open location web_address else tell application default_browser activate open location web_address end tell end if
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    Instagram Search Query

    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you a lot! (sent you a beer)
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    Version 0.3.1 now out + Support for custom icons + Shows all Notion page icons in Alfred search results natively, resulting in a better design and experience.
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    Alfred on macOS Big Sur 11.0 beta

    @Andrew Just confirming for me at least that it runs fine on Big Sur
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    Thank you. I've sent a bug report to Apple.
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    I suspect it’s because Alfred already has a persistent connection to the shared NSWorkspace, whereas your command/script needs to establish a new one every time it's run. I don’t understand much about the way the whole macOS application runtime works, but when scripting applications, establishing the initial connection typically takes quite a long time, and the subsequent commands execute very quickly in comparison. Perhaps @Andrew could explain it better/correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Alfred 4.1 Is Now in Pre-Release

    Change the dropdown at the bottom to "pre-releases".
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    That's not the reason. It's not possible to build a snippet expansion app for iOS due to the way the system works. It might be possible. Do you know where the system snippets are stored?
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    Alfred workflow for The Archive

    Download the latest release here: https://github.com/pryley/alfred-the-archive/releases This workflow was inspired by Alfred Markdown Notes. There is no documentation at the moment, but it should be fairly self-explanatory once you have installed the workflow in Alfred. As you can see, each of the available actions are on the same column in the screenshot above. For example, type ar to search your notes, arrandom to open a random note, arnew to create a new note from a template (templates are existing notes that are tagged as such), search all TODOs in notes and toggle them on/off, search for all existing tags, etc. I have included empty Hotkeys for each of the actions so you can set these yourself if desired. Here is an example note template: --- Title: {title} Date: {date} ID: {zettel_id} Keywords: {tags} #template --- {content} The {content} tag is where the clipboard content goes if you have selected to paste the clipboard into the new note. There are a few options that you can set, use the arconfig keyword to change them. Holding down shift will open the Help file in Quickview for each option. You won't need to set the path to your notes as the workflow automatically gets the path saved in The Archive preferences. The workflow uses OneUpdater for updates, so you will need to install that workflow to make use of it.
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    I’ve rewritten the workflow to show you how to handle input and output. The workflow only shows the generated reference in a Large Type output because I wasn't sure what you want to do with it. That's trivial to replace, though. Basically, you print to STDOUT to pass output to the next action, and to STDERR to write to Alfred's debugger. I've tidied up your parsing code a bit (the author name handling is a lot cleaner), but mostly I've added a bunch of "features" to show you how to handle various kinds of input and output. There's now a Script Filter to show you live feedback on the validity of your input (i.e. you have to enter a valid DOI, or it won't proceed). And if there's no input, it will check if there's a DOI on the clipboard and use that instead. The script_filter.py file shows how to send results for Alfred to show, and how to pass input to following elements. And the lookup.py file also shows how to set workflow variables to pass to downstream elements (see the notify() function). Both scripts log to Alfred's debugger (via STDERR), and they both catch errors and show them to the user instead of dying silently (which is Alfred's default behaviour). That’s important because urlopen raises an exception if you get a 404, so checking the response code isn’t enough (that code will never run).
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    Power Thesaurus Search

    I just installed this and got the following error. Help is appreciated. Thanks in advace.
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    Snippets and input cursor

    @chris If you create a workflow, you can configure a Hotkey Trigger to take the currently selected text in macOS, then you can connect this into a "Copy to Clipboard" object set to automatically paste. Put your snippet content in that second object, and use {query} for the scooped in selected text.
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    First party sync service

    That's good to hear. It would be a huge win if iCloud Drive improved to the point that it works well enough to sync Alfred's preferences. Especially as Dropbox has been going downhill for some time now.
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    Alfred Not Searching Apple Mail

    Catalina blocks all third party searches from access to Mail.
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    1Password not working

    Here is the URL scheme info: https://support.1password.com/integration-mac/#open-a-1password-metadata-file At this point, Alfred only officially supports reading metadata from the native 1Password Mac app with its 3rd party integration enabled. If 1Password X had a 3rd party integration output (I don't believe it does), and places it in the same location as the native Mac app, it's likely Alfred will be happy with this too. This page does say that 1Password X integrates with 1Password Beta for Mac though, so this is how I assume you would get the integration working: https://support.1password.com/getting-started-1password-x/
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    In case the Workflow stops working for you today, no need to open a bug report. The problem is on Pinboard’s API side. As soon as that’s fixed, the Workflow should start working again.
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    I used the Accessibility Inspector to see what iStats widgets are called. If you paste this AppleScript into Script Editor and run it, it will show you the name of every iStats widget: set _names to "" tell application "System Events" tell process "iStat Menus Status" repeat with _bar in every menu bar repeat with _item in _bar's every menu bar item log (name of _item) as text if _names = "" then set _names to (name of _item) as text else set _names to _names & "\n" & (name of _item) as text end if end repeat end repeat end tell display dialog _names end tell You’ll have to change the regular expression to match the title, with some items being easier than others. If you can’t figure some out, post the titles shown, and I’ll try to help. For time, you might need something like \d\d:\d\d, for example.
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    [SOLVED] Reset Usage Statistics

    Welcome @alfredwayne, Delete the file ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/usage.data (~ means your home directory).
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    Problems with macOS 10.14/Mojave

    Agree. There's no need to ask me about unpinning my posts: I trust your judgement entirely.
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    Not possible. There’s already a feature request for it:
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    Embedding snippets for reference

    @Palma511 The {snippet:} placeholder is coming in 4.1
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    You can also take the opposite approach of having your directory and packaging that as a .alfredworkflow. That’s a (considerably) simplified approach of what I use for keeping all Workflows in the same repo, as @deanishe linked above. All I need is be inside the Workflow’s directory, run alfred-workflow-update <commit message>, and I’m done. It packages the workflow correctly; bumps the version; updates the README, source, and download file; pushes everything; copies a standard message to the clipboard; and opens the forum to a search of the Workflow’s name so I can post the update notice. That’s practical for me, but as is should not be for you. Still, as @deanishe mentioned, there’s no single best practice so more examples should give you more ideas.
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    Working like a charm so far, and I appreciate the customization. You're a boss, @vitor!
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    Alfred Wifi Speedtest

    Alfred Wifi Speedtest Alfred Wifi Speedtest is a workflow for Alfred 4, that uses speedtest-cli and reports back in a notification the upload/download speeds of the current wifi you're on. Why? Since COVID hit, my wifi speeds have plummeted (Verizon cap/bottleneck maybe?). I hate needing to google for a wifi speedtest every time I have to check if my wifi speed will be good enough for the call I'm about to join. I have to open another tab, ads clutter my screen while running the speedtest, and it's one more thing cluttering my screen. This workflow makes a wifi speedtest just an alfred keyword away. Important You will always find the latest version, changelog and updated documentation on GitHub as is difficult to use the forum to keep track of updates and support. Download Download directly from Github releases page, make sure to download the latest release. Download here. Installation Instructions After downloading the workflow from the release page, be sure to install the wifi speedtest-cli using the command below brew install speedtest-cli Then, simply run the Alfred workflow by summoning Alfred and typing speedtest. This is my first real contribution to any sort of open source community so suggestions are welcome! I thought about adding automatic updates, but figured something is better than nothing to start and I can iterate on this if people have suggestions/feature requests. Thanks in advance for any suggestions to improve this workflow!
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    I don't know if you're still active on this forum, but if so, I've just released a workflow that can quickly turn off/on Night Shift:
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    NightShift Quickly turn on/off Night Shift or set it to a custom value between 0 - 100. Installation To download, visit the latest release at GitHub. All further updates are handled automatically. Description Quickly turn on/off Night Shift or set it to a value between 0-100. No more fiddling with deep settings when you either want to save your eyes or need to work with accurate colors! In Alfred, type night followed by either off, on or a number between 0 - 100. Credits The workflow makes use of the following: nshift by leberwurstsaft as the backend for setting the values. OneUpdater by vitorgalvao for handling automatic updates.
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    Whenever you have this question, the answer is, “When Mozilla adds AppleScript support to Firefox.” The reason so few workflows support Firefox is because Mozilla makes it extremely difficult to do so. You need to go tell them to fix Firefox at the link below if you ever want that to change. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125419
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    Hi @Carlos-Sz. I absolutely love your workflow and, having just upgraded to Mojave, find that it no longer works 😕 Was wondering if the workflow is supported on Mojave and, if so, if there is anything I need to do to get it to work again. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, the workflow suddenly started working again after running preload! I had run it earlier but somehow it came through now. Super glad 🙂
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    Update. Use cache dir instead of data dir. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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    Case Converter (including Title Case)

    Updated August 24, 2018 This is now a single workflow -- there are hotkeys for the following five actions: Uppercase Lowercase Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows) Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows) Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case All of these are set to Copy to Clipboard and Paste by default. There's also a script filter cc which lets you view the query converted and select your choice (like the Code Case workflow). You can also connect a hot key directly to the cc script filter directly to view the output options without typing the cc command and pasting your text. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k2lh21g5wnqrkp/Case Converter 2.alfredworkflow?dl=0 2018-02-09: updated link and updated workflow with fix to python workflow library The old version is described below and still available, if anyone prefers it. Workflow Version: This workflow converts the case of the text on the clipboard. http://dfay.fastmail.fm/alfred/Case%20Converter.alfredworkflow There are two workflows which display the following five options: Uppercase Lowercase Capitalize - capitalizes all words (e.g. Posting A New Topic In Share Your Workflows) Title Case - capitalizes word except for "the", "in", "of" etc. according to American English title conventions (e.g. Posting a New Topic in Share Your Workflows) Sentence Case - capitalizes only the first letter of the first word & converts the rest to lower case The keyword case will transform the text on the clipboard without pasting the result. The keyword casep will transform the text on the clipboard and paste (using Applescript System Events) Hotkey Version: Here is a version for use with hotkeys which will operate on the active selection in OS X and paste it with the converted text. These all have a half second delay prior to pasting, which is necessary for Applescript to be able to paste. http://dfay.fastmail.fm/alfred/Case%20Hotkeys.alfredworkflow Notes and Revision History: These use the Title Case perl script found at https://raw.github.com/ap/titlecase/master/titlecase . If you manage academic citations with BibDesk, Zotero, Papers, Mendeley, etc., Title Case conversion is especially useful for cleaning up downloaded citations. Updated May 3, 2013 with nicer colored icon thanks to mjv ( http://www.alfredforum.com/user/4384-mjv/ ) Updated February 5, 2014 to handle Sentence Case and to add a second keyword to paste after conversion. Updated May 20, 2014 with hotkeys
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    Update. Update video download to new DownMedia. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
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    Call nf followed by a file name (if you don’t give it an extension, it’ll be .txt) to make a new file. If you type nfo instead the files will open after creation. If you have a Finder or Path Finder window as your frontmost window, the file will be created there, otherwise it will be created on your Desktop. Download | Source
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    Simon A

    Workflows that respond to Function key?

    Here is a way to get access to your F5 and F6 keys, and any other functions keys you want, as Hotkeys. It uses the keyboard remapping application Karabiner Elements. 1) In keyboard preferences, click "Use F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys" 2) Download and install Karabiner Elements. https://github.com/tekezo/Karabiner-Elements The main application Karabiner does not yet have a version for Sierra. Karabiner Elements provides some of its functionality, including control of the Function keys. If you are running an earlier OS, you might find an older Karabiner application will work. 3) Using Karabiner Elements, set any function keys that you use for Mac things back to their original function. I use the media keys F7 F8 F9, as well as the brightness keys F2, F3 and volume keys F10, F11, F12, which leaves F3, F4, F5, F6 open for use as Hotkeys in Alfred. 4) Any function keys you haven't re-enabled using Karabiner Elements are available as Hotkeys in Alfred. For instance, here I use the F3 key to toggle the wifi.
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    Ted Wise's Running workflow (http://tedwise.com) works great for that.
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