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    I have something in the works which I think will make you very happy with regards to this. That's all I'm saying for now
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    Just saying thanks!

    Hey all! 😁 I only found Alfred yesterday, thanks to a YouTube video where the guy mentioned it as a 'must have' Mac OS app. Thank you all for the work on Alfred, workflows and everything else I am finding on this forum. forums are so damn good when ppl get together like this and share the good stuff 😃 Thanks folks! These workflows and stuff are incredible.
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    Speed and compiled workflows

    The thing with Python is the startup time. If you’re using my library, for example, it takes ~0.05s to load Python and import the libraries. 0.05s is definitely perceptible. As far as optimising Python workflows goes, I focus on caching and lazy imports. They're always going to be noticeably slower than compiled workflows, though. I mostly use Go these days. It’s somewhat more effort to write than Python, but 20x faster.
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    No need to tell me ;-) You should better tell frankysea haha
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    adding to list filters via Alfred

    It only does the conversion if the json file doesn’t exist or if the modification date of the csv is newer. The files I use it with only have 80-100 entries but I haven’t noticed any performance issues when I have changed the csv.
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    adding to list filters via Alfred

    you could use the technique here and add a mechanism to update the csv
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    Improving Script Filter performance

    There are plenty of faster alternatives. But there's about zero chance of Alfred supporting anything but JSON because JSON is so ubiquitous. OTOH, there are plenty of JSON libraries for Go that are way faster than the built-in one (IIRC, Python's standard JSON library is—or at least was—faster than Go's). Presumably. It's an AppleScript error, after all. I haven't bothered trying to track it down because I hate AppleScript and I don't actually need the workflow. If you're running it via a Hotkey, it would be. You're wasting ~0.2s by saving a variable you don't actually want to save and then another ~0.2s deleting it again later: tell application "Alfred 3" set configuration "JNANA_FILE" to value (quoted form of theFile) in workflow system attribute "alfred_workflow_bundleid" end tell Calling Alfred's set configuration method is not the right way to set a workflow variable, and as I said in the other thread, tell application "..." is slow as hell. This is why I said you need to benchmark code before you start optimising it. If you'd properly benchmarked the workflow's code, you'd know that the workflow is wasting a few tenths of a second with tell application "Alfred 3" calls it shouldn't be making. I'd put money on those two unneeded tell application ... calls taking more time to run than you've saved by rewriting in Go EDIT: Here's the section on setting variables. You've followed the section on saving variables, which is not what you want. If you only need to set one variable via AppleScript, you can return the value and use an Args & Vars to set a variable. If you need more than one, I'd recommend trying to rewrite the script in JXA. It's just as crazy as AppleScript in its own way, but it at least has perfect support for JSON.
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    Scott Stilson

    Search Salesforce Lightning

    Great idea. Done. Thank you for helping me learn by doing.
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    Search Salesforce Lightning

    Welcome @Scott Stilson, Instead, make it a Workflow Environment Variable (that‘s what they’re for) and read them like this.
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    Bumping this. Is there a way?
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    Welcome @Eno, ⌘, isn’t a global shortcut, but a common way to show the preferences in most macOS apps. To open Alfred’s Preferences with the shortcut, you need to have Alfred’s window as the frontmost window before pressing it. Alternatively, you can invoke Alfred and type preferences. If that is what you’re doing and it still doesn’t work, can you post a video? You can record your screen with QuickTime Player.
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    Web Search without HTTP links

    FWIW, Safari requires the same option to be set under "Develop > Allow Javascript from Apple Events".
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    Wow, that was a lot easier than I was thinking. I was making it too hard in my head. Appreciate the simple and quick response!
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    First, tell your browser to handle mailto: links in Gmail. Then, connect a Keyword Input to a Run Script Action with bin/bash as the Language and code: open "mailto://YOUR_EMAIL_HERE?subject=Reminder: ${1}". Whatever you pass through to the Keyword Input will be in the subject.
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    Hey guys, I've created my very first workflow based on the NodeJS framework provided by @tungdang (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5488-alfred-workflow-nodejs/). It's a very simple german-english dictionary based on linguee.de. It features autocompletion, auto detection of the input language (german or english) and phrases. Installed NodeJS is a precondition Download link, description and source can be found here: https://github.com/zusatzstoff/linguee-alfred-workflow Feedback for improvement is appreciated
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    I got this to work the way I wanted. This workflow uses bash scripts. However, one of the bash scripts adds osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to activate' at the end to bring Finder to the front. I added this to others, like "fo" and "rf" and it works perfectly! thanks
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    @Bhishan I've implemented this in a much larger workflow, so I'd recommend downloading @Andrew's posted above (July 18, 2018) - which fixes the original workflow: I just checked, and his Dropbox upload still works.
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    It's not a valid workflow. See the GitHub thread for details.
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    Ha! Thanks. I didn't realize the environment variable was with Alfred. I was looking for a way to set it system wide on MacOS. No wonder I didn't find this. Works perfectly the way I want now.
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    Python 3 Support?

    Nothing material has changed. Until Apple starts shipping Python 3 with macOS, I personally won't consider adding Py3 support. If someone else wants to do it and submit a pull request, that's a different matter. There are two related reasons for that: Firstly, it's a lot of work just to end up with a library that works exactly the same as it did before. Secondly, the net result of Py3 support would be to increase developer convenience (no more UnicodeDecodeError) but at significant cost to users (Py3 workflows can't run out-of-the-box on a vanilla macOS—users must first get their hands dirty installing developer tools). That is antithetical to the way I approach workflow development. When faced with the choice of using a preferred language/tool that isn't pre-installed or using one I don't know or don't like that is pre-installed, I have always chosen the latter. Developers having to mess around with development tools they don't like is (almost) always preferable to workflow users having to mess around with development tools at all. That's not just a philosophical position. Look in the threads belonging to Node-based workflows and they're full of users asking for help with getting the damn things running. I don't really want to be the guy who turns Python workflow development into a similar tragicomedy. All that said, I imagine Apple's next OS will have Python 3 and the above becomes largely moot.
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    Alfred AirPlay / AirPlay Spreader

    Hello! If you need to share your screen with an AirPlay device easily, there's a workflow. It's been updated recently to even remove its iTunes dependency! Can be downloaded on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases Or Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/airplay-spreader Have fun.
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    That’s the old Alfred application you want to replace. Don’t worry, all your settings are stored elsewhere and won’t be touched.
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    Brave Browser History Search

    Added Brave Bookmarks Search....
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    Web Bookmarks support for Brave

    @mattbovett Just implemented Bookmark Search Since I am not using Browser Bookmarks please test and let me know if there are issues.
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    Bear workflow - search and create notes

    Not easily, no. The reason is that the workflow uses SQLite's search, but SQLite doesn't support case-insensitive search of non-ASCII.
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    I guess that mostly explains why no such workflow currently exists… For my part, I'd very much like such a workflow. Perhaps @Andrew can weight in regarding how feasible it is.
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    How to disable command+option+minus (-)

    Lol. The reward for a job well done is more work… 🙂
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    Send to Dropshelf

    I’m not the original author of this thread, but here’s a version of this, based on the one I built for myself.
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    Hi guys! The bug is as in the title. I have no other text-expanders installed. A reboot fixes the issue, but it gradually re-appears over the next day. I've tried increasing the clipboard delay to 0,9 seconds to no avail. Running alfred 3.7 on 10.14 on a 13" MBA 2012. Any tips? ? Thanks! Martin
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    Bluetooth Connect Connect/Disconnect paired bluetooth device THIS IS WHAT AIRPODS OWNERS ARE WAITING FOR! LOL Usage bt : Connect/Disconnect to favorite device bt <device name or alias> : Connect/Disconnect to any paired device Command + Enter / Command + Click to mark/unmark as favorite device btset <alias> > <device name> : Set an alias for a bluetooth device btset <alias> <device name> : Set an alias for a bluetooth device (short syntax, alias must not included space) btunset <alias>: Unset an alias Features Connect/Disconnect paired bluetooth device using macOS UI (AppleScript) Set an alias for a bluetooth device Mark a bluetooth device as your favorite device for easily access Todo Load device list from system profiler Detect which one should connect or disconnect to use as text in items Turn on automatic toggle when mark as favorite and only connect to device Connect bluetooth device without using UI GitHub earthpyy/alfred-bluetooth-connect Notes For latest feature and other information please visit GitHub Repository
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    Bookmark File System Folders?

    You’re asking how to set up a specified keyword to launch a specified folder, right? That does require customisation, exactly as @vitordescribed.
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    Date-snippets bananas

    @hecate Alfred evaluates dates based on unicode tr35: So you'll need to use the following for your initial example: {date:yyyy-MM-dd, HH:mm} For the full current month name, use: {date:LLLL} This link covers all other formatting you'll need: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr35/tr35-31/tr35-dates.html#Date_Format_Patterns Cheers, Andrew
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    oh sorry! i was on 3.2 🙈 just updated to 3.8 and it works perfectly. big thanks! have a nice day
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    I see. You want what I originally posted. Copy this and paste it into Alfred: alfred://customsearch/searx.me/searx/utf8/%2B/https%3A%2F%2Fsearx.me%2F%3Fq%3D%7Bquery%7D It tells Alfred to create a search for this URL https://searx.me/?q={query} with the keyword "searx". The {query} is hard to find because searx.me uses POST by default (the query isn't shown in the URL). It also supports GET, though. To find the right URL, I did "Inspect Element" on the search box in Safari to find the name of the search query parameter:
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    Just sharing my own experience: I had "no results and fallback to default search" until I granted "Full Disk Access" rights to Alfred. You can do that in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Full Disk Access. Click the padlock icon to allow changes, then drag Alfred to the app list on the right. Make sure it's checked, restart Alfred, done. Voila, work like charm. This is MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 and Alfred v3.8 Thanks for the great wf, @Vero
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    Mark files added to buffer

    Hi, as far as I understand, the only option to perform operations on multiple files now in Alfred is to add them to buffer first. If would be helpful, especially for folders containing a lot of files, if files already added to buffer would be marked with colour in the file browser.
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    Hi guys, here's the cause of the bug. It's a known issue and the fix is trivial. They've just been sitting on it for six months.
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    Hello, I don't use Alfred currently to manage my clipboard (I use the app Paste) for one single reason : In Paste, I can select multiple results (with the shift key) to paste all the results at the same time, which seems to be impossible in Alfred. Is there any solution to do that in Alfred, or is it planned in a future release ? This topic is about the clipboard, but I have exactly the same issue with Chrome bookmarks results in Alfred : I would like to be able to select more than one result to open the selection in several tabs (my workaround today is to create workflows, but it would be way more efficient to just be able to select multiple results for your search, like selecting multiple files in Finder). Anyway, thanks for this great app that I use everyday. Edit : Added a video
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    True it doesn't have formatting, it's plain text (which is what I want anyway). I use Markdown in my note taking so plain text works great. If I'm on a call, and need to whip out some meeting notes, I've got text templates with Markdown tags ready to go. Makes my life so much easier. I used to use text, but ran into issues where I found myself relaunching it, or wouldn't work. Thus far Alfred snippets are pretty reliable. - I do run into some lag issues occasionally, but for now, I'm rolling with the assumption that I've got too many things open and not much free memory. My $.02
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    EggTimer v2 [updated to 2.0 final]

    Download the zip file from the repo (Clone or download > Download ZIP) and extract it. Go into the new directory, select all the files, right-click and choose "Compress 11 Items". That will create Archive.zip. change the name to Archive.alfredworkflow and double-click it.
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    Alfred pre-releases?

    Then you’re not really the target for pre-releases and betas. Most improvements are for Powerpack-features, as the free ones are mostly complete. Workflows alone are worth the price of Alfred. If Alfred were nothing more than an interface for Workflows, I’d still be happy. To put it in perspective, the majority of my actions in Alfred are for features that are Powerpack-exclusive, and my stats say I call Alfred over 140 timer per day.
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    Hello Deanishe, Yes, Alfred's clipboard merging feature is great, but you need to decide what you want to paste before to copy your text, which is not always easy.
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    # fuzzylist Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow for Alfred 3 This is a workflow template - it does nothing as is. ## Usage: - create a csv file like you would for an Alfred List Filter - name the file *list.csv* and add it to the workflow directory On the initial run, the workflow will create a file list.json for output to the fuzzy search. If list.csv is modified, it will update list.json . ## Credits - uses fuzzy.py by @deanishe - https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzy ## Download workflow at https://github.com/derickfay/fuzzylist/blob/master/Fuzzy List Filter.alfredworkflow
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    Using my Python library for workflows, you'd use a Script Filter and the code would look something like the below. You haven't provided enough information to actually test it, though (such as the actual API you're using), so this is an untested guess. import sys from workflow import Workflow3, web log = None def main(wf): query = wf.args[0] url = 'https://api.website.com/?domain={}&apikey={}&output=json'.format(query, apikey) r = web.get(url) r.raise_for_status() data = r.json() wf.add_item('DNS test of ' + query) wf.add_item('Expected response: ' + data['expectedresponse']) for i, d in enumerate(data['response']['server']): title = '{} {} - {} - {}'.format( i + 1, d['location'], d['resultvalue'], d['resultstatus']) wf.add_item(title) wf.send_feedback() if __name__ == '__main__': wf = Workflow3() log = wf.logger sys.exit(wf.run(main))
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    Minimal Theme

    Thanks. I really like it
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    @deanishe thanks for spotting - just fixed this if you update to b849 pre-release
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    @AXLr80r What are you expecting to find with the last keyword? What kind of file type? Is it in your default results? Have you checked the metadata for the relevant files/folders to make sure the metadata is there? What's the path of the file you're searching for, and is it in your Default Results' Search Scope? (Please provide that screenshot too) Cheers, Vero
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