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    Thank you for the offer, but I won’t accept it. Having an Apple Developer Account and being able to justify paying for one aren’t the same thing. $100 are more useful to me than the account (which would be convenient but I don’t really need). When someone pays me to code, I’m committed to an agreement and will do as much or more than was decided, because I’m being compensated for my time. When I code for free, even if I build something I will never use (common), I have the freedom to decide how committed I want to be and can abandon the project at any time. When someone sends me a tip as a way of thanks, it’s for things I’ve already done, so I retain the freedom to continue sharing or stop. But if you paid for one year of an Apple Developer Account, I would get no compensation (all the money would be spent on something I care little about) and I’d be beholden to you (or worse, a group of people) to work on features. It’s the worse of both worlds. While I know that’s not in any way your intention, it sounds like a recipe for an unhappy time. No, thank you.
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    Hotkeys & Results of Past Queries

    I don't think Andrew intentionally chose this behaviour. I'd submit a feature request for your suggested behaviour if I were you.
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    Yoooooo, thank you so much for this! Not sure how I missed your reply, but just saw this now. Works perfect!
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    This is a workflow for searching your bookmarks on Raindrop.io. - Trigger it by typing r in Alfred, and then type to search your bookmarks - Select a bookmark and press enter to open it in your web browser (with multi-browser support, see below) - Hold down the cmd-key while a bookmark is selected to view it's URL - Press enter before you have started to type your search query to open Raindrop.io itself in your browser - If you are not authenticated to Raindrop.io when you initiate the workflow, the authentication process will start automatically One special thing with this workflow is that it detects if the topmost window is a browser window, and then opens the search results in that browser. So, if you are currently working in Firefox, your bookmark will open in a new tab there, and if you are currently working in Safari, or in Chrome, the bookmark will open there instead. If the topmost application is not a browser, the bookmark will be opened in your default browser. This makes this extension perfect for those who use more than one browser. You can always open bookmarks in the exact same way, and still have them displayed in the browser you are currently using. The supported browsers are: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Chrome Canary, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari Technology Preview and Seamonkey (Why Seamonkey? Yeah, good question, but it's there anyway) Other browsers that you might use (whatever that would be?) will simply not be detected as a browser, and the search results will show up in your default browser. (You could add another browser to the Workflow yourself of course, if you would want to) Download at Packal here: https://www.packal.org/workflow/search-raindropio Download old version that opens Raindrop.io with your search query instead of opening bookmarks directly: https://d.pr/f/Ml4lH4+ Changelog: 1.1: Implemented a proper authentication mechanism, so that this is now handled in a simple to use way that is initiated directly from the workflow if it senses that you are not authenticated yet. 1.0: Uses Raindrop's new public API to make the search inside Alfred, so that you can open the bookmarks right from Alfred without having to ho through the Raindrop.io website first. 0.9: First version. Could only open the Raindrop.io website to view the results of your query, as Raindrop's public API was not released yet
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    Alfred Markdown Notes

    Yeah, sorry. My stupid fault for guessing at performance without testing. os.walk is slow because it calls os.stat (repeatedly) on every file to see if it's a directory or not. Python 3 is 3x faster on my machine because it uses scandir under the hood. A propos of not very much, I've been using MeiliSearch in quite few workflows. It's great for cases like this because it's really smart, extremely fast, and very easy to use.
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    Alfred Markdown Notes

    Yep I will look into add additional folders readonly
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    Hey, I've made my own translation workflow, as the existing ones which I could find didn't quite suit my needs or lacked in some aspects. Features: "Natural language" input Text auto correction, language auto correction Easy setup Configurable 100% free Preview: Dependencies: node.js >=7.6 Installation: Just run the following command in your terminal: $ npm i -g alfred-polyglot ...or (not recommended) you can download it directly from the GitHub releases page if you don't want to use npm. Note that if you would like to use the npm way in the future you will have to uninstall the workflow completely first. You can also go through the easy, but optional setup. Have fun! GitHub
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    type “trans” in alfred not the console bud
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    I've missed having you use my workflows, tbh. Whenever I released one, I always hoped you'd start using it, change all the icons to better ones and then give them to me to add to the next version
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    I was trying to strip out parts of the workflow that I didn't want. I guess I 'stripped out' too much 😊
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    Allow 'Only Show Disabled' Display Option

    Ah I missed this first time it was posted, totally useful. I'll sneak it in for the next 4.0.9 build
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    Thanks Deanishe, makes sense. I wonder if there's an alternative search engine that's more stable to build an in-line search workflow from. I'm honestly surprised this isn't at the top of everyone's lists, it seems like one of the most obvious and effective uses of alfred!
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    It's an unsigned binary. You need to grant it permission to run. https://github.com/deanishe/awgo/wiki/Catalina
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    OK, I understand. Well the workflow is very useful as is, this was just a wish, thanks for all the time you have put in for it.
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    Fantastical 3

    The issue is that the original post doesn’t say which workflow it refers to. It should be posted on the thread for that workflow. Then someone may be able to help with the specific case.
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    You don't need double filters: you can use regular expression groups. You want something like Replace .+wvideo=([^"]+)" with http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/$1
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    Free up unused RAM?

    @aduco macOS is extremely clever with the way it manages memory, and force "freeing" ram on your Mac will undo all the benefits which come for free (no pun intended) Essentially, macOS will hold things you'll likely need in caches and fill up as much unused ram as necessary to keep things running as fast as possible. When this ram is needed, it will be made available if it's being used by these caches. By force freeing the memory (e.g. using purge in Terminal), you'll likely slow your Mac down.
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    Preferences folder for Alfred 4

    To add, you can find what that is by either looking in Alfred Preferences → Advanced → Syncing, or by looking at the contents of the ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/prefs.json file.
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    Preferences folder for Alfred 4

    The default folder is ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred, with all your important preferences stored in the bundle ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences. However, if you'd set Alfred up to sync your preferences, the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle would be stored in the folder you told Alfred to use as its sync folder.
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    Add event to Apple Calendar

    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to add a Calendar event using Alfred, and I'm disappointed this is not a native function of this app, considering Alfred's integration with other native os x apps. Can anyone recommend a current workflow for this action, suitable for the latest versions of Alfred and OS X? Workflows which I have found for this action (from hamiseixas for example) are several years old and no longer function correctly. Quicksilver has long had this feature. Thank you for any advise.
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    Follow up, I updated to the supplemental catalina update and I noticed that I could not revoke the accessibility permission for Alfred. I was able to fix everything by manually resetting the permissions with the following: tccutil reset Accessibility sudo tccutil reset Accessibility Laptop froze after the first command, after a reboot and running the second, everything is working again. Both my clipboard manager + snippets are now working, so I'm pretty sure this isn't an Alfred bug, just macOS. Thanks for the help!
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    Homekit workflow

    A workflow to trigger Homekit scenes and accessories. https://twitter.com/foogywoo/status/1121606023679229953/photo/1 Download: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred/raw/master/distribution/HomeKit.alfredworkflow Github: https://github.com/foogywoo/HKAlfred Downside: Homekit still being a private framework on macos SIP needs to be disabled for it to work.
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    Fallback results in script filter

    Like David said, change your keyword and you're golden. If your keyword matches default results (or other keywords), they'll be shown until you dive down into that specific workflow. Because I prefer short keywords, I tend to prefix them with ".", e.g. ".st" or ".sf" (and in your case, ".hue"). Using a period/full stop is particularly effective, as Spotlight (and therefore Alfred) doesn't index any files beginning with a period/full stop (they're hidden files).
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