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    I added /System/Applications to the Search Scope list in Preferences -> Features -> Default Results and now the Apple installed apps show up in Alfred
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    Search Alfred Workflows Alfred Workflows help to search in Title, Keyword, Description of a workflow and open it in various actions. Requires Alfred 4! Github: https://github.com/Acidham/search-alfred-workflows Options ENTER - Shows a list of keywords in the workflow and starts the workflow with a keyword CMD - For addtional Actions: Copy path to Clipboard Open WF Folder in Terminal (cd ) Reveal in Finder Open in ForkLift (requires ForkLift installed) Config exclude_disabled: True - ignore disabled workflow in search terminal_path: EMPTY opens in macOS shell or path to custom terminal
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    Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)

    Done and released on Git!
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    What is a 'Legendary Licence'?

    It should be an option on the Power Pack page of the Preferences program so that we can really use it as a tip jar at any time!
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    Wrong shortcut

    Alfred uses Spotlight’s metadata. If you “Get Info” on iTunes, you’ll see it has the following keywords: “Music, Radio, Apple Music, Apple Radio, iTunes Radio, Beats 1, Beats One, B1, iCloud Music Library, Apple Music Connect, My Music”. The “L” in “iCloud Music Library” is the likely culprit.
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    Interacting with certain folders

    Two quick ways are 1) type ~ (the Unix abbreviation for the user home directory) and it'll bring you into your home dir and you can use ⌘ & number keys to navigate to Desktop, Downloads etc. 2) type 'Downloads or 'Desktop (typing the single quote before the folder name). This assumes you have turned on Features > File Search > Quick Search
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    It would be great that setting the Alfred Hotkey would distinguish between the left and right keys. Some applications do, in my case I'm using Emacs and a default key binding is assigned to CTRL+SPACE (which I currently use for Alfred), I can set my Emacs binding as RIGHT_CTRL+SPACE, and setting Alfred's shortcut to LEFT_CTRL+SPACE would be ideal.
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    Yeah, those are rather developer instructions, and not very clear if you don't already have a good idea what to do. I've built you a version of the workflow that supports Vivaldi bookmarks. It builds with support for every Chromium-based browser. After you install the workflow, you can delete the ones you don't want. I guess @Jakub Sypiański might like to have the workflow, too.
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    Alfred KAT

    Because rather than testing for the value of the variable, I check for the variable existence. Again, no point confusing users that don't need it with an empty variable. New release is out! Thanks for the comment guys. Glad you helped the workflow get better.
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    Are you using macOS 10.15 beta now? I think you have the same problem as me. You need to manually add /System/Applications to the Search Scope list in Preferences - > Features -> Default Results (thanks to scaba).
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    Alfred KAT

    Yes, definitely going to the "it's the user's problem" route. Although, I don't like this idea that much because of that need to edit the workflow again after an update, on the user's side. As a developer I want to be able to push an update every day if needed. As a user, I want my workflow to get broken as less as possible. If I make a change myself and I need to do it again after an update, that's a lot of cognitive load (at least for me). Small stuff to remember that are not worth the pain. So currently, it seems that the best idea would be a global variable like `cli`, if those variables don't get erased by an update (I guess the "migrate settings" when an updated a workflow allows for that).
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    Apps Not Shown in Search Results in 10.15

    Thank you for the info, @scaba. The kind of links you mention seem to be something new, discussed in a WWDC talk. If you see the presentation slides, they are referred on page 21 as firmlinks.
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    Who cares as long as it works, right?
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    At $999 for the stand, I'd just tape it to the front of my old monitor 🤣
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    duffkiligan (bin)$ pwd /usr/local/bin duffkiligan (bin)$ ls 2to3 apollo fuzzy_match lzcmp nettle-pbkdf2 pkcs1-conv pyvenv-3.7 xzdec 2to3-3.7 asn1Coding gdbm_dump lzdiff node pod sandbox-pod xzdiff ansible asn1Decoding gdbm_load lzegrep npm psktool sexp-conv xzegrep ansible-config asn1Parser gdbmtool lzfgrep npx pydoc3 srptool xzfgrep ansible-connection brew gnutls-certtool lzgrep ocsptool pydoc3.7 terraform xzgrep ansible-console cask gnutls-cli lzless op python3 unlzma xzless ansible-doc easy_install-3.7 gnutls-cli-debug lzma p11-kit python3-config unxz xzmore ansible-galaxy ebrowse gnutls-serv lzmadec p11tool python3.7 wheel3 ansible-inventory emacs goldin lzmainfo packagesbuild python3.7-config xcodeproj ansible-playbook emacs-26.1 idle3 lzmore packagesutil python3.7m xz ansible-pull emacsclient idle3.7 nettle-hash pip3 python3.7m-config xzcat ansible-vault etags lzcat nettle-lfib-stream pip3.7 pyvenv xzcmp duffkiligan (bin)$ sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.15 BuildVersion: 19A471t /usr/local/bin is there after the upgrade, it even contains things I have installed in it before the upgrade.
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    Version 8.0 is out and is now compatible with Alfred 3 and Alfred 4.
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    create new folder

    I've posted updated workflow to github with permission from Carlos. Link to repository Direct link to the Workflow file
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    I wasn't very clear. I meant in Alfred itself. It only has File Actions. There's no equivalent action panel for any other type (text, URL, email address, etc.) and the buffer doesn't work with anything but files. Similarly, your workflow can only return items with no type (implicitly text, I suppose) or with type "file" (in which case you can use File Actions on workflow items or add them to the buffer). macOS Services support a lot more types than just files, so I think it would be sensible to expand Alfred's supported types at the same time. Not only would you get much more complete support for Services, but it would also make workflows much more powerful if they could put their own stuff in the buffer and add their own URL Actions or Text Actions.
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    This is a rather bad argument, as they're both using the same mechanisms under the hood. It's a question of quality of implementation. Certainly, I don't see why you would need AppleScript for that. Yes, it is. This is largely a result of the fact that Alfred's "native" format is lists and LB's is trees—a much better fit for navigating a filesystem. A such, you're always going to be able to implement better filesystem navigation in LB than in Alfred. That said, it'd be nice if Alfred were more inclined to copying good ideas from other launchers. Hopefully, Alfred 4 will go like Alfred 3, and Andrew will add a bunch of significant new features with dot releases.
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    Chris W.

    Mega supporter and "free" update???

    Hi @antil, Relax, no need to get angry and come up with "misleading", "consumer protection laws", etc. Just follow the instructions on the screen and it'll work. It might not be the most obvious thing, but as @Andrew already stated, just enter your existing supporter license into the upgrade page and you'll receive your v4 upgrade license. You also have the chance to spend some additional money if you want to support the development of a brilliant tool like Alfred even if you've bought a Mega Supporter license in the past. I happily did that, because Alfred is one of the greatest tools ever and I wouldn't miss it on any Mac I own. Best, Chris
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    Make PopClip Appear

    now I got it to work Unsigned Extension Warning By default, PopClip will display a warning dialog when you try to install your own extension, because it is not digitally signed by Pilotmoon Software. If you find this gets annoying while you are testing your work, you can turn off the warning. Run the following command at the Terminal, then Quit and restart PopClip: defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip LoadUnsignedExtensions -bool YES Please be aware that PopClip extensions can contain arbitrary executable scripts. Be careful about the extensions you create, and be wary about loading extensions you get from someone else. Proceed at your own risk.
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    About This Mac

    I was just going to ask if I could link to it ... DONE!
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    Make PopClip Appear

    Hey, I've just built it! https://jmp.sh/osn6dHr
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    About This Mac

    Not that I know of. The model names are contained in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ServerInformation.framework/Versions/A/Resources/English.lproj/SIMachineAttributes.plist, and I found some code that the author says can convert a model name into its icon, so perhaps you could read the model names from the plist and feed them to that code to get the right icons?
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    Output of Failed Script

    Only by writing simple wrapper scripts as you’ve done there. You probably only need to do “echo $?; exit 0” (no need for “echo ok”). Downstream you can do “if {query} = 0”.
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    @nikivi if you update to Alfred's latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, you should get the behaviour you're after. Could you let me know?
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    I haven't installed Catalina yet (I also generally recommend against anybody installing a beta OS this early if it's their main Mac), but I have made a few tweaks for the next 4.0.2 build which should get these icons back again. I'll likely out this build tomorrow. Cheers, Andrew
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    Sharing on GitHub

    I have one workflow per repo so I can use GitHub releases for updates. Fundamentally, I have a subdirectory with the actual workflow contents (that I can symlink or copy to Alfred’s workflow directory). In the case of scripting languages, this is called “src”, and I have the README, licence and probably the built workflow in the repo root. In the case of compiled languages (Go in my case), the “build” subdirectory is what gets linked to Alfred’s workflow directory. The top-level contains code and build scripts (as is normal with Go).
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    Alfred KAT

    Hello! I've updated Alfred KAT, and it's now wayyyyyyy faster (like 5 times). You can download torrents easily while avoiding all the popups. It's on Packal and GitHub. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-kat GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-kat/releases Have fun!
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    Alfred KAT

    @xilopaint can you try this version? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bdtphtve5vfr1dh/KAT.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Add a `cli` global variable. It should contain the command and a `{magnet}` variable that will be replaced by the magnet link chosen through Alfred. There' also a possibility to copy the magnet with the cmd modifier. (It's version 3.0.0 because I've updated some of the workflow's objects and I should work only with Alfred 4 from now on.) Let me know if it works well. If it does I will release an official update.
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    Jakub Sypiański

    firefox bookmark search

    @Gareth I don't like the way you present your arguments (also, you have no data to claim that people don't want themes, do you?), but you have a good point: the statistics of active browser users are potentially strongly biased. The impossibility to use the browser of choice due to Alfred's limitations definitely influences statistics. It would be interesting to find out which browsers Alfred users USE, but which they WOULD LIKE to use. However, I don't think that "Firefox: 5%" would suddenly become "People who'd love to use Firefox, but can't: 25%". Just because of the bookmarks? @deanishe Thank you for the answer. I can't wait to learn to make my own workflows, especially after discovering how supportive and dynamic is the the community here. But for now, I will try to forget how great it would be to have my Vivaldi bookmarks accessible through Alfred.
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    @Jasondm007 I've taken a quick look at this - you're missing the query field in your fields, so Alfred doesn't know you want to narrow things down. In both Alfred 3 and Alfred 4, your JSON would need to look a bit more like this (note there are normal brackets around the query value to tell Alfred to use the typed {query} instead of the fixed {query} passed into the JSON config😞 { "alfredworkflow" : { "arg" : "*", "config" : { "fields" : [ { "not" : false, "split" : true, "field" : "kMDItemDisplayName", "value" : "(query)", "words" : true }, { "field" : "kMDItemUserTags", "split" : false, "not" : false, "value" : "{var:tag}", "words" : true, }, ] } } } It's also worth noting that I'm making a couple of tweaks in Alfred 4.0.2 which will make using {var:} much more robust within the "Fields" prefs directly (this was added as a v4 feature), so you won't need to use the JSON config at all. I'll be getting 4.0.2 in pre-release today. Cheers, Andrew
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    @Jakub Sypiański got it! You mean you would like to see the icon of the workflow instead of the "hat" icon? Good idea, I will take a look at it...
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    Alfred KAT

    Now IPB has had a look, I've fixed the borked posts.
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    Alfred KAT

    Thanks! I achieved to do it by changing this: public static function download($magnetLink = '') { $crawler = (new Client())->request('GET', getenv('url') . $magnetLink); $magnetLink = $crawler->filter('#tab-technical a.siteButton.giantButton')->attr('href'); return exec("open $magnetLink 2>&1", $result); } to this: public static function download($magnetLink = '') { $crawler = (new Client())->request('GET', getenv('url') . $magnetLink); $magnetLink = $crawler->filter('#tab-technical a.siteButton.giantButton')->attr('href'); return exec("/usr/local/bin/transmission-remote -a \"$magnetLink\" 2>&1", $result); } Still I think this integration would be a nice improvement to the workflow.
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    Blurry corners on Alfred 4

    I'm going to get this looked at in the next build, I talk about it here: Cheers, Andrew
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    Send currently selected item to Alfred

    In that case, here's a File Action that moves the selected files to a new folder.
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    Thank you for the advice. I have never used GitHub but I'll try it eventually.
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    I hear you. I am a LaunchBar user myself and use its Instant Send heavily. My guess is that 80% of Alfred users do not know what they are missing if they have not experienced LB's Insant Send. Anyway, for now, I have decided to make Alfred the primary launcher (⌘ + Space) and LB secondary (running in the background) just for its Instant Send. The issue with the KM workaround is that it only works for files, not text.
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    How to keep workflow updated ?

    Yeah. Every other app that makes heavy use of plugins also has a mechanism for updating them. People often have dozens or scores of workflows. You can't manage that by hand. It's tedious to implement the user interface around library update mechanisms in every workflow, and OneUpdater doesn't have the smoothest UX. There's a new Export Metadata… feature that exports a JSON file containing description etc. and a downloadurl. Hopefully, this is the start of a move towards a real, built-in updater. It should certainly help with building indexers for workflow discovery.
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    Insert Text Into Workflow

    You can use a show alfred workflow object for this
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    You can replace the spaces and quotes easily using regular expressions. The regex “ +” (space plus) matches one or more spaces. Replace that with a single space.
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    To get the value of "e" you may want to type =exp(1) The imaginary number "i" is not supported in Alfred 4. You can visit the calculator settings here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/calculator/ If you want to use the math libraries of python (math, numpy) you can use this workflow: http://www.packal.org/workflow/python-interpreter Then, pt e**(1j*pi) Gives: (-1+1.2246467991473532e-16j) pt real(e**(1j*pi)) Gives -1. NOTE: 1. In python 1j is imaginary number 1i. 2. In python power operation is **
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    I saw this has been asked a few times before (e.g. here) but there wasn't a clear answer. Since Alfred 4 is coming soon, I would like to throw this into the pot to see if it might be possible. My brain is getting old. It's hard to remember all the different keywords and hotkeys I've set up. To aid myself I like to be able to use multiple keywords to trigger the same workflow step. Example, I have a workflow for connecting Bluetooth devices, that I trigger using `bt` instead of just "bt" I'd like to add a few more keywords, e.g. "blue", "connect", "audio" etc. I know I can duplicate the script filter opject and connect its Output to the same step—it's a poor man's workaround, but it'd be cleaner and better to allow multiple keywords, such as this:
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    Alfred KAT

    Hello! The Workflow doesn't enforce any app. It's opening through the app on your Mac that has been put as default for magnet links. You can change this in several ways, but the easier is probably to go through the Transmissions preferences window. Have a look at the screenshot attached! Then all your magnets links will open through Transmission.
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    The new snippet feature is great. Would be even greater to have fill-ins in snippets. Especially since Text-expander has become very expensive; this will be the perfect textexpander replacer!
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    Add event to Apple Calendar

    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to add a Calendar event using Alfred, and I'm disappointed this is not a native function of this app, considering Alfred's integration with other native os x apps. Can anyone recommend a current workflow for this action, suitable for the latest versions of Alfred and OS X? Workflows which I have found for this action (from hamiseixas for example) are several years old and no longer function correctly. Quicksilver has long had this feature. Thank you for any advise.
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    Multi-line regex replace issue

    Not sure this isn't the expected behaviour, tbh. As a workaround, you can use a capture group to keep the newline from the input:
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    Transmit 4 Workflow for Alfred app Workflow for searching and opening Favorites in Transmit 4 App. It's really fast, because it reads the SQLite Database or XML datasource in latests releases of Transmit 4. There are already at least 2 Transmit workflows, but one is incompatible with latests Transmit 4 and the other, although very good, uses AppleScript to do the searching, and thus you need to wait for Transmit to open to get feedback. This is particulary slow on non SSD machines. Usage Type the keyword (default ftp) and start typing the name of the favorite to search; dead simple. Installation For OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. For Previous OS X Versions, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. Source Code Clone or Fork the Workflow: https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-transmit-workflow Changelog 2013-12-16 - Released 2014-01-02 - Added support for previous OS versions, using System Ruby 1.8, tested up to Lion 2014-01-03 - Search in both Favorite name and host 2014-01-20 - Added support for Favorites.xml 2014-01-30 - Rebuilt XML search to use different Ruby xml parser Note: I updated the original description to match the project readme file
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    Add to Instapaper

    Created a quick workflow this morning to add a URL or the current browser URL to Instapaper. I like this approach because it keeps me from having to install extensions in every browser I use. Github Repo Download I started to add interaction with your Instapaper account (like listing bookmarks, opening in browser, etc), but didn't want to get distracted from actual work. ? If this interests you, let me know and I'll continue working on it.
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