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    At the moment, when you assign a key combination to a particular hotkey in Alfred, it keeps you from using the same key combination with a different hotkey. While this make sense in most scenarios, when the hotkey is assigned to a particular app - as specified in the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that limits the hotkey to when the app takes focus - it seems unnecessary to restrict the user from using the same key combination with other apps that might have focus. As a result, I'd like to request this feature be added to Alfred. Without this ability, it causes users to have to come up with increasingly ridiculous key combinations that they can never remember (OK ... that I can never remember 😉). Or, to rely on another intermediary app - like the Better Touch Tool - to assign app-specific shortcuts that are attached to External Triggers in Alfred. BTT is great, but let's cut out the middleman and keep Alfred's shortcuts in Alfred!! Thanks for your consideration! PS - This request comes from a previous that can be found here:
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    Goodreads Search

    Search Goodreads.com from Alfred. Download from GitHub. Search by book/author List books by author Open details on Goodreads.com Add custom hotkeys to pass title/author etc. to your own URLs See the documentation on GitHub for more information. You need to get a Goodreads API key from here. Add it to the workflow with grconf > API Key Not Set.
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    Congratulations, you have won a body part! The rump is very good, sir.
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    I would bet a body part that it does. @deanishe cares about correctness and that’s too important a detail to leave out.
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    Workflow that alternates by Day/Week

    My bad. I should have tested it instead of guessing… Try this version. The problem is actually that Alfred doesn't expand placeholders in the field Terminal used them in. {date:e} and {date:c} won't work without other changes. But they return the day as a number, so they're locale-independent.
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    That's a good point. That's the best way then, I guess. Clarity with no breakage.
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    What’s the behaviour now? Presumably that situation is already possible, except that with the current system it would happen more often because having the same shortcut is always a conflict, while with the suggested change it might not be (if they focus on different apps).
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    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)

    @lammers01 Evernote needs to be running for the workflow to work as expected, but once launched, you can close the Evernote window - the app just needs to be running. Cheers, Vero
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    I'm open to implementing this. One of the reasons this hasn't been a thing so far is it is much easier for users to accidentally get themselves into a confusing situation. What would you consider to be the desired behaviour if there were a hotkey conflict? (e.g. set same hotkey on two different synced macs in different workflows, which when the sync merges, they are both "valid").
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    Is it possible to use the same key combination in different hotkeys when they're assigned to different apps? In other words, can I assign the same combination of keys to different apps (by adding the app to the Related Apps panel of the hotkey, and selecting the option that only activates it when the app has focus)? This is something that has always confused me about Alfred, so I wanted to check to see if I was doing something wrong. From what I can tell, Alfred won’t let you assign the same key combination to more than one hotkey - even when they only operate when different apps have focus. To get around this issue, a long time ago, I stopped adding hotkeys directly in Alfred and started adding External Triggers that I assign to a keyboard shortcut in the Better Touch Tool app. But this has always struck me as odd. Am I doing something wrong here? Is this possible in Alfred? Thanks for your help!
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    Alfred-Man This workflow was inspired by Unix man page workflow A Unix man page search workflow that supports opening it with the default application (Terminal.app, iTerm2.app), Generating a PDF or HTML and opening them with your default application. PDF and HTML files are generated once when you request them, and then are updated if you open them and their timestamp is 30 day or older. Features Fast PDF, Terminal, HTML Support Auto Update, Thanks deanishe Usage Keyword: ;man Enter defaults to opening in terminal CMD + Enter opens as PDF Option + Enter opens as HTML Updates Version 1.2.1 - Resolved a issue where random symbols weren't stripped from the description. Thanks @gingerbeardman for reporting this issue. Version 1.2.0 - Moved pdf/html storage to the workflow cache directory Download Github Repo Direct Download Notes PDF and HTML file update mechanisms may be revisited to determine a better solution. Right now, they are generated and then kept in the workflow directory. Perhaps they should use the cache directory. Looking to add searching just as Unix man workflow. Such as section specific searches.
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    Workflow Library for Python

    V2 will be a Python 3-only rewrite. The question is when I'll get round to writing it. Motivation is currently zero. I'm one of the many people who looked at the catastrophic Py2 to Py3 transition and moved to Go instead. I still use Python, but rarely for workflows: Go is just so much better-suited to Alfred workflows (and a lot of other stuff I would have normally used Py2 for). I also don't have Catalina (the only version of macOS with Python 3), and don't see myself installing it any time soon. I'm planning to buy a new Mac, but when I do, I'll be installing Mavericks on it. I will try to do it sometime this year, but that's literally my time horizon: "sometime this year". And I make no promises on that. Py3 is, in my eyes, largely stupid.
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    Workflow that alternates by Day/Week

    You are fantastic! Thanks!
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    Sure will upload the python script shortly.
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    Google Drive Messed Up My Workflows

    We can’t tell you how Google Drive has messed up your workflows without seeing at least one of the messed-up workflows. There are many things it might have done, including simply adding “.zip” to the filename (workflows are ZIP files, just with a different extension).
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    Workflow that alternates by Day/Week

    The attached should work. Modify as needed. Using Alfreds dynamic placeholders and if/else statement Development Mode Launcher
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    Hmm, very interesting requirement, I am not sure it would be easily feasible with Alfred. Franz I believe is a electron app and doesn't have built-in AppleScript support. I am guessing what would really be required is to simulate actually mouse clicks and go through the motions. And if that was the case, Keyboard Maestro would be a more appropriate solution. Update Checked, doesn't appear to be a great way to go about this. Hopefully someone else here as a better answer. Sorry
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    Search IMDB

    Thank you so much. I've wanted this functionality back ever since the old one stopped working, but I don't know how to code. It's easily my most-used workflow, and it just wasn't the same without the integration. Thank you!
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    Search IMDB

    Because the previously shared workflows for IMDB-integration didn't work anymore I made my own. This is my first publicly shared workflow and this is also my first python-script. Probably things could have been programmed better, but it works for now. So its not really fancy, but I think its workable, as long as IMDB doesn't change the API. Hope this workflow is some use for you all. https://github.com/wotell/alfred-workflow-imdb/blob/master/bin/Search%20IMDB.alfredworkflow
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    Firefox Assistant

    I think I’ve commented this before, but I’m pretty sure the “right-click and pick Open” method also works for binaries. It’s way faster and more straightforward than having to tun off Gatekeeper and going into System Preferences, and it’s an official method.
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    @Jasondm007 I'm not sure you'll ever see Alfred as a frontmost app, as he is configured as an LSUIElement. That focus mode changes Alfred's underlying window style mask, making the window non-activating. You can see the effect of this option as soon as you change the option without even closing Alfred Preferences, or the Appearance > Options sheet. Show and hide Alfred, and when in Standard Mode, showing Alfred doesn't make Alfred Preferences lose focus. Switch to compatibility, and showing Alfred makes the Alfred Preferences window lose focus (fade out). Cheers, Andrew
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    Asana Quick Task

    Great help and insight @tmschltn . To add to the the comment above the steps to get this working with Alfred 4 are as follows. 1. From @deanishe - Download the zipped repo, extract it, then drag the folder into your workflows directory. To quickly get to your workflows directory, open Alfred Preferences, right-click on any workflow and choose Open in Finder. Then go up one level to the directory named "workflows". 2. If you have Alfred 4, Open the workflows.php folder and modify lines 41 and 42 to change Alfred-3 and Alfred 3 to just say Alfred (or whatever the path of your Alfred directory is in /Library/Application Support) : $this->cache = $this->home. "/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/".$this->bundle; $this->data = $this->home. "/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/".$this->bundle; 3. Modify the asana.php file in your text editor of choice. Go to asana.php line 440 (in version 2.2) and change $workspace['id'] into $workspace['gid']. If you use a specific project instead of a space, probably the same happens on line 466 and 469. Change id to gid. 4. While logged in to asana, create a personal access token - label it what every you'd like "Alfred Workflow" is fine : https://app.asana.com/0/developer-console 5. set your api key in the Alfred workflow by typing akey and pasting the personal access token code that you will copy when you create it. Everything should work after that.
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    New Bear Alfred Workflow

    I've created a new Bear Alfred workflow here: https://github.com/drgrib/alfred-bear It is faster compared to the current Bear Alfred workflow because it is written in Go instead of Python and has optimized SQL queries. It also adds tag searching and autocompletion, link pasting, and clipboard content to note on creation. I do appreciate the author of the original Bear Alfred workflow because I started mine from his design.
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    Hi, Folks! What is the best way (or possible) to add quick events to Mac calendar (or maybe to Google one) by using Alfred? I meant, using natural language... (e.g., meet with John tomorrow at 5 pm) I've found some old workflows, but they seem not to be working properly. Thanks a lot, Fabio.
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    Ah sorry @vitor, I read your post too fast and thought you suggested System Preferences -> Dock -> Prefer tabs when opening document -> Always I now remember why this particular setting was a no-go for me: If I have multiple SublimeText windows open, and I relaunch the app, all windows are combined within one, meaning that I have two levels of tabs open. This is actually a really cool feature, if it was supported by SublimeText, but it isn't. This means that I have no way of recombining separate windows except for relaunching the app, cause *all* windows to recombine. As for: Finder Preferences → General → (tick) Open folders in tabs instead of new windows. - unfortunately, this doesn't even work for me. It makes no difference how this setting is set; Finder will always open folders in a new windows, regardless of whether I use Spotlight search or Alfred. Does it work for you?
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    # fuzzylist Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow for Alfred 3 This is a workflow template - it does nothing as is. ## Usage: - create a csv file like you would for an Alfred List Filter - name the file *list.csv* and add it to the workflow directory On the initial run, the workflow will create a file list.json for output to the fuzzy search. If list.csv is modified, it will update list.json . ## Credits - uses fuzzy.py by @deanishe - https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzy ## Download workflow at https://github.com/derickfay/fuzzylist/blob/master/Fuzzy List Filter.alfredworkflow
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    Keyboard maestro has a basic implementation for regex snippets and I was thinking it might be cool for Alfred to take it on. If I could be in whatever text editor/chatroom/whatever and have code shorthand to write something I useful, it opens up some interesting productivity opportunities. Currently with KM I use (⌥a) å.fill(text,count) to make text repeat a certain number of times. Useful when spamming texts haha! Anyway, let me know what you think.
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    ASCII Converter

    perhaps this is the link http://blog.kudusch.de/?post=6
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    ASCII Converter

    Hey girls and guys, I just finished the rewrite of my old ASCII Converter extension. With this workflow you can convert a string of characters into their ASCII code values and vice versa. You can convert from and to hexadecimal, binary and decimal. The results will be displayed as soon as you run the workflow and copied to your clipboard when you press enter. You can either enter a string or just use your clipboard content. You can download it here: http://blog.kudusch.de/post/45752933020 Changelog: Version 1.1 -fixes a rather stupid bug where the conversion for hex would not be in hexadecimal, but in hexal Version 1.0 -rewritten as an Alfred 2 workflow -detection of input
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    To allow Unicode characters: set the clipboard to "{query}" as text tell application "Calendar" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "n" using {command down} keystroke "v" using {command down} keystroke return end tell Note that we're side-stepping the text entry by simply pasting the Unicode string into the field that is already selected.
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