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    Interacting with certain folders

    Two quick ways are 1) type ~ (the Unix abbreviation for the user home directory) and it'll bring you into your home dir and you can use ⌘ & number keys to navigate to Desktop, Downloads etc. 2) type 'Downloads or 'Desktop (typing the single quote before the folder name). This assumes you have turned on Features > File Search > Quick Search
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    It would be great that setting the Alfred Hotkey would distinguish between the left and right keys. Some applications do, in my case I'm using Emacs and a default key binding is assigned to CTRL+SPACE (which I currently use for Alfred), I can set my Emacs binding as RIGHT_CTRL+SPACE, and setting Alfred's shortcut to LEFT_CTRL+SPACE would be ideal.
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    Make PopClip Appear

    now I got it to work Unsigned Extension Warning By default, PopClip will display a warning dialog when you try to install your own extension, because it is not digitally signed by Pilotmoon Software. If you find this gets annoying while you are testing your work, you can turn off the warning. Run the following command at the Terminal, then Quit and restart PopClip: defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip LoadUnsignedExtensions -bool YES Please be aware that PopClip extensions can contain arbitrary executable scripts. Be careful about the extensions you create, and be wary about loading extensions you get from someone else. Proceed at your own risk.
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    Case Converter (including Title Case)

    Of course not, but why are you asking for a LaunchBar plugin here? I mean, of all the Mac-related forums you could ask on, can you think of one that has fewer LaunchBar users than the Alfred forum?
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    About This Mac

    I was just going to ask if I could link to it ... DONE!
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    Make PopClip Appear

    Hey, I've just built it! https://jmp.sh/osn6dHr
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    @Koinseb if you update to Alfred's 4.0.2 pre-release, there is already a fix for this. Cheers, Andrew
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    About This Mac

    Not that I know of. The model names are contained in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ServerInformation.framework/Versions/A/Resources/English.lproj/SIMachineAttributes.plist, and I found some code that the author says can convert a model name into its icon, so perhaps you could read the model names from the plist and feed them to that code to get the right icons?
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    Yeah I’m actually working on a workflow that will do this, with any app that supports Applescript including preview. Might be a week before i can get it done.
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    Output of Failed Script

    Only by writing simple wrapper scripts as you’ve done there. You probably only need to do “echo $?; exit 0” (no need for “echo ok”). Downstream you can do “if {query} = 0”.
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    [SOLVED] Alfred 3 vs 4 compatibility

    @xilopaint It's not quite that simple, many of the workflow objects have had updates adding additional features which make them no longer compatible with Alfred 3. Alfred 4 can happily load Alfred 3 workflows, so if there is an absolute need for a workflow to work in Alfred 3 and Alfred 4, you'll need to create it in Alfred 3. Cheers, Andrew
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    @nikivi if you update to Alfred's latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, you should get the behaviour you're after. Could you let me know?
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    Soulver 3, which was just released a week or two ago, include a Alfred workflow to do just what you wanted .. it works beautifully !
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    I haven't installed Catalina yet (I also generally recommend against anybody installing a beta OS this early if it's their main Mac), but I have made a few tweaks for the next 4.0.2 build which should get these icons back again. I'll likely out this build tomorrow. Cheers, Andrew
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    @deivuh Opened this as a feature request. Marking this one as solved so we can focus on that one.
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    Issues with syncing using OneDrive?

    @giovanni If you set your sync folder temporarily to be a local path (e.g. a folder on your Desktop), do preferences behave normally? Usually, there are two reasons why preferences may not be preserved after setting them: The preferences file isn't always-available (e.g. not available at startup) and stored locally. If Alfred doesn't see a file in the expected path, he'll create a new one, which can create a file conflict or a new set of preferences. Permissions issue on your Mac: If macOS isn't allowing Alfred to write to file in a particular path, preferences may not be saved. As such, testing with a new sync location like your Desktop, will allow you to check your preferences are saving normally. You'll then be able to try again (ensuring you always keep a backup) with OneDrive, and work out whether there are issues with that particular location. As far as OneDrive goes, you'd need to ensure it's available at startup, before Alfred launches, in order for the preferences to be available as soon as Alfred needs them. Cheers, Vero
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    firefox bookmark search

    The workflow above should suffice, then, assuming it works for you…
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    @AlexMartinFR Thank you for your work, this is absolutely lovely
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    Are you using macOS 10.15 beta now? I think you have the same problem as me. You need to manually add /System/Applications to the Search Scope list in Preferences - > Features -> Default Results (thanks to scaba).
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    I'd like to show more results. Makes it much easier to find relevant files without scrolling. ALSO, some indication of the number of items the search retrieved.
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    Apps Not Shown in Search Results in 10.15

    Thank you for the info, @scaba. The kind of links you mention seem to be something new, discussed in a WWDC talk. If you see the presentation slides, they are referred on page 21 as firmlinks.
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    I added /System/Applications to the Search Scope list in Preferences -> Features -> Default Results and now the Apple installed apps show up in Alfred
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    Blurry corners on Alfred 4

    I'm going to get this looked at in the next build, I talk about it here: Cheers, Andrew
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    Smart calculations with Numi

    Have you seen the post immediately above yours?
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    What is a 'Legendary Licence'?

    It should be an option on the Power Pack page of the Preferences program so that we can really use it as a tip jar at any time!
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    Smart calculations with Numi

    Is this supposed to work on Alfred 4? I checked the box, it's recognized by workflow, aka if I type "n" then I'll see the numi icon... but if I start entering anything after then nothing happens Edit: Fixed by replacing 'Alfred 3' by 'Alfred 4' in the script
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    Night VS Light

    Themes for Alfred 3 Night VS Light
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    The new snippet feature is great. Would be even greater to have fill-ins in snippets. Especially since Text-expander has become very expensive; this will be the perfect textexpander replacer!
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    Add event to Apple Calendar

    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to add a Calendar event using Alfred, and I'm disappointed this is not a native function of this app, considering Alfred's integration with other native os x apps. Can anyone recommend a current workflow for this action, suitable for the latest versions of Alfred and OS X? Workflows which I have found for this action (from hamiseixas for example) are several years old and no longer function correctly. Quicksilver has long had this feature. Thank you for any advise.
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    Thanks great work! 🤩 I hope that the Alfred-Creator will implement a automatic solution soon into Alfred.app for Mojave. Workflows will help for now but this is not what it should like to be on macOS 🤔
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    Hey Alex, Toogle workflow is great. Thank you for that :)
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    I was just working on a workflow that looks like this snippet trigger > run script > copy to clipboard and paste I discovered that (although the Copy to Clipboard object only mentions {date} {time} & {clipboard}) I can have the script generate text containing the {cursor} snippet & Alfred will move the cursor after pasting. ?
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    Just to let you know, {cursor} will be making it into Alfred 3, possibly even the next release Cheers, Andrew
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    +1 for that I used to use TextExpander for snippet expansion, and the one expansion I use the most is for git commit short messages, like: git commit -m "" Would love to have a way to place the cursor between the quotes after expansion
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