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    Microsoft Teams

    Has anyone created a workflow to work Microsoft Teams? Would love to see one that allows you to message from Alfred. Thank you
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    AirPod Connector

    @vitor Done...implemented and released Thank you for the tip!
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    Alfred Markdown Notes

    Markdown Notes help to manage Markdown files in a directory with powerful full text search (supports & and |), tag search or search for todos ( - [ ] or * [ ]) . It also allows to quickly create new notes based on custom templates. I started to write this to replace the ton of Note taking apps that I used a while ago. I spent a lot of time to get this to work and the setup is a bit complex but once you went thru the steps it can indeed replace your note taking app. The best MD Editor for this purpose is Typora but any other MD editor works as well. Download at Git as usual: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-markdown-notes/releases/latest
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    Yeah, that searches all filetypes. What sometimes happens is that different files of the same type actually have different UTIs assigned to them, so they aren’t found when looking by filetype.
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    Notion.so Instant Search Workflow

    Version 0.3.2 now out+ Pre-configured support for OneUpdater Automatic version updates 🙌
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    If you have this script filter block: It would be nice if Alfred would automatically create a note for the user with the placeholder subtext instead of leaving it empty as it is now. So it will look like this: I often add such a note myself to script filters as it provides context but it's annoying to have to do it every time + having to keep it in sync. Perhaps Alfred can color it in a different color to signify that the note is 'generated'. Perhaps also some other blocks can make use of this 'generated' notes from meta data already provided. Will make managing and understanding workflows easier and remove the burden. Thank you and I hope you consider adding it. ❤️
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    set browser_list to {"Safari", "Safari Technology Preview", "Google Chrome", "Opera"} set default_browser to "Safari" set web_address to "https://example.com" tell application "System Events" to set front_app to name of first process whose frontmost is true if browser_list contains front_app then tell application front_app to open location web_address else tell application default_browser activate open location web_address end tell end if
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    Instagram Search Query

    Had to remake it from scratch. Ugly but it works. Here you go.
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    Alfred 4.1 Is Now in Pre-Release

    A few moments ago, we popped Alfred 4.1 on the pre-release channel. It's a big release with lots of tasty stuff for you to sink your teeth into. New workflow objects for integrating with files and the File Buffer Shared Hotkeys for workflows Embedded Snippets Contact Actions Built-in File Search Troubleshooting from the Help preferences And loads more! Take a look at the Update tab for a complete change log, as there's a lot in this release, which is free to all Alfred 4 Powerpack license holders. We'd love to get your help in testing out the new features before the general release! To get started, launch Alfred's preferences to the Update tab, choose the "pre-releases" option and grab the latest build Cheers, Vero
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    Alfred 4.1 Is Now in Pre-Release

    Day--mhn... ! Alfred 4.1 Pre-release Build 1163, Monday 22nd June 2020 Workflow Changes • Workflow editor rendering tweaks to significantly improve the UI performance with very large and complex workflows • Updated Workflow Objects • Hotkey Trigger • The same hotkey combination can now be shared across multiple triggers matching different conditions • Added navigation to related hotkeys on the contextual popup menu for a hotkey trigger in the workflow editor • Prioritisation of shared hotkey to run, with the following priority: • In Focus match takes highest priority, e.g. Hotkey only when Safari in focus • Not in Focus takes secondary priority, e.g. Hotkey only when Spotify not in focus • Falls back to hotkey with no app specific focus configured • Hints shown in orange if a shared hotkey combination is in use • Hotkey Trigger object key combo background changes • Subtext under the hotkey field updates with warning • Show subtle grey background behind application icons on Hotkey Object in workflow editor where hotkey focus mode is set to "don't have focus" • Copy and Paste of object (or object configuration) now also retains the hotkey combo • Note that this will naturally create a conflict which you will have to manually resolve • Script Filter Input • Fix Run Behaviour sheet "Reset to Defaults" button to also reset the "Argument" section • Copy to Clipboard Output • Fixed to now correctly use clipboardtextrtf property from passed-in JSON config • Reorganise internal logic to enable plain text clipboard output to be derived from passed-in RTF from JSON config • Only save either clipboardtext or clipboardtextrtf into the configuration • Fixes automatic {cursor} positioning with mismatching rtf / plain text • Arg / Var Utility • Fix the Arg/Var Utility to correctly pass through array of strings if argument is set to {query}, e.g. a list of files • New Workflow Objects • File Buffer Action • Added new workflow action to interact with Alfred's File Buffer • Action in Alfred Action • Added new workflow action to show Alfred's actions panel for the passed in file • File Utility • Tests if file exists and outputs on one of two outputs accordingly • Option to also output the UTI for the file as a variable • This could be useful for subsequent branching using a Conditional • New Workflow Object Inbound Configuration • Access using the "Inbound Configuration..." popup menu for the selected object • External trigger identifiers can now be directly set on external objects • Conflicts are now checked between the External Trigger object, and any external identifiers set • You now have control over how a downstream input object presents its results between Direct and Keyword modes • Direct mode is the previous behaviour, where the input icon is placed to the right hand side and you see no keyword • Keyword mode places the input into Alfred's default results and sets it as unique (same as pressing return on a placeholder) • Workflow objects represent the presence of an external identifier with small hint on object input in Workflow editor • Double click the hint for faster subsequent access to the inbound configuration • The icon for both External Trigger and Call External have been tweaked to match the new hint • Fix internal variable types in workflow editor framework • Added "Filter Workflows by..." on the popup menu for workflow objects in the canvas for hotkeys and keywords • Makes it easier to find workflows with similar hotkeys and keywords • Standardise how an array of arguments is shown in the workflow debugger • Improve various subtexts throughout the workflow object configuration sheets Snippets and Clipboard • Snippets can now embed other snippets using the {snippets:} placeholder • Placeholder works in all expected places, for example, the Copy to Clipboard workflow output object • Note that nesting is only one level deep • Added a "Copy Placeholder" on the popup menu for a selected snippet to copy the relevant {snippet:} placeholder • Improve text placeholder framework • Improved processing efficiency by deriving plain text content from already-processed rich text content where applicable • more consistent behaviour between clipboard objects • Fixes issue where the snip keyword wasn't correctly processing rich text placeholders • Fix Snippet keyword to correctly respect the "Auto-paste on Return" option • Option to ignore org.nspasteboard.AutoGeneratedType in the Clipboard History Advanced preferences, enabled by default Contacts • Multiple Contact Actions can now be configured with modifier keys • Contact Actions editor sheet now correctly shows "Add" or "Save" button instead of just "Add" • Set the Add / Save button shortcut to be ⌘S • Action text at bottom of Contact Viewer now updates on mod key change to provide action hint • Improve the "type to search" in the Contacts Viewer • You can now press up and down to select the previous or next match for the typed filter 1Password • Added alternative ⌘↩︎ action to open the selected 1Password bookmark in 1Password instead of Open and Fill Troubleshooting • Start process of adding interactive troubleshooting built into Alfred's Help preferences to aid fixing common issues • Also add help links to key troubleshooting help pages • Troubleshooting is written to a Report file, for easy emailing and subsequent support • File Search • Run a number of diagnostic checks on a dragged in file to work out why it isn't being found General fixes and improvements • Fix Alfred using (and consuming) up/down key events when IME panel is showing (e.g. Pinyin selection panel) • Note that this fix is more of a "workaround" to a lack of Public API to officially support this • Recognise full width space U+3000 as an activator for Alfred's quick file search mode • Show Base32 decoded data wherever dyn.a UTI types are seen, to give better idea of content • Fix making selected result unique in Alfred's default results if input is configured to be "no space" • Alfred was immediately disassociating the unique result due to incorrect logic • Fix Music feature description text in Catalina to correctly say Music.app instead of iTunes • Fix Dark / Light mode appearance of descriptive text in macOS Rebuild Metadata sheet • Make the snip keyword's subtext more succinct for Copy or Paste text, showing more of the snippet content • Fully resolve [local] symlinks and aliases when using Quick Look, to see the file contents instead of the file icon • Fix twitter web search icon colour • File Buffer Improvements • Show "x+ items" to top left of Buffer when the number of visible items exceeds the available visible space • Correctly re-draw the buffer when additional items are added and removed beyond the visible window width • Add a - button to delete selected custom web searches in the Web Search preferences • Show version number for Application bundles in preview panels (e.g. file system navigation, action panel) • Improve VoiceOver accessibility for hotkey fields, now correctly reads newly inputted hotkey
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    alfred-cheat: manage your own cheat sheets

    Well, I could not reach Wayne Yao, so I decided to modify this workflow myself 🙂 So here is a new version of Alfred-Cheat! You can download it and find detailed explanations on github. What's new: Main new feature : a Quicklook view. Just hit ⇧ or ⌘Y after opening a cheatsheet, and a page as shown below appears. Small improvements : Open your cheatsheet in your text editor by hitting ⌘↵ Slight syntax changes for cheatsheets (to put sections for the Quicklook view or hidden lines) Open the large type view by hitting ⌘L I changed wx-Yao's cheat keyword into cht because I find it quicker. But it is easy to reverse this change. Comments, suggestions or bugs reports are most welcome!
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    [SOLVED] Reset Usage Statistics

    Welcome @alfredwayne, Delete the file ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/usage.data (~ means your home directory).
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    Whenever you have this question, the answer is, “When Mozilla adds AppleScript support to Firefox.” The reason so few workflows support Firefox is because Mozilla makes it extremely difficult to do so. You need to go tell them to fix Firefox at the link below if you ever want that to change. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125419
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    See also https://github.com/jdberry/tag But the really great idea is setting the file action (not file filter, correct?) to toggle, not just add. FWIW I use Finder for almost all my tagging -- using a keyboard shortcut as Dean suggests -- auto-completion is super fast.
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