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  1. Hi @rms1 Welcome to the forum We have had a number of reports where users who select the Dropbox/Apps/ folder for syncing have experienced odd behaviour (e.g. preferences not saving correctly). We believe this is due to this folder being reserved for applications using the Dropbox API (which Alfred doesn't use) and have not been able to resolve this with the help of the Dropbox team. As a result, we have excluded the Apps folder from the available syncing locations and do not recommend that you choose it as your sync folder. You can force using the folder, but if
  2. @jonnylawrence What's your hotkey? If it's Cmd + Space, please make sure that it isn't also used by another app (e.g. Spotlight, keyboard language switcher), as this interference can cause focus issues. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/cmd-space/ Let me know how you get on
  3. @pazu This is a false positive; a web shell isn't even a relevant type of issue with the type of app that Alfred. We've reported this false positive to Bkav in the past, and they're completely unresponsive. Alfred is built and signed on a completely isolated machine, then both developer signed and notarised by Apple. As a further assurance, always download Alfred from our website https://www.alfredapp.com and never from third-party websites. Cheers, Vero
  4. @jy364398 There are three ways to access your snippets; 1. Text auto-expansion, which is the quickest and most efficient but requires that you remember your keyword 2. The Snippet Viewer This is a great way to learn your snippet keywords for next time, as you can search for the snippet by title, keyword or content, and you'll see the keyword at the bottom of the preview. This is also convenient if you need to browse by collection when you're not sure of the snippet itself. Hit return to paste it. 3. The "snip" keyword
  5. @bin31 Thanks for filling in your details. Alfred won't double-expand your snippets, so it's likely that something else on your Mac is causing this duplication. You've already done a good job identifying that the issue is only happening in Chrome, so the next step is to establish what makes Chrome different to your other apps. Do you have any browser plugins active in Chrome? If you disable the plugins, does text expansion happen normally? Do you have any other text expansion apps running? Make sure these are quit (and also check that their invisible "helpers" that may
  6. @bin31 Welcome to the forum. Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile first? This is only visible to admins and allows us to confirm your Powerpack details. We'll then be happy to help you further. Cheers, Vero
  7. @TheTalkingStove Are you seeing this issue in a particular app? It's not unusual for non-native macOS app to be marginally slower to react than native ones, but we're talking milliseconds here. A 10 seconds delay is unheard of. Is your Mac under unusually high load at the time where snippets paste a long time to be replaced? If you switch to TextEdit, which is a very basic native app, does your snippet paste normally and at a normal speed? The Snippets feature is a pretty straightforward one, so if you can provide more details about your Mac, the snippets you're using a
  8. @PPete Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile? Next, please provide more details when reporting an issue. If there's an actual crash, please provide the crash log. If there are other issues, take a look at the Workflow debugger to provide useful information. Cheers, Vero
  9. @Yonair has also emailed for support, so we'll aim to resolve this by email so as to not duplicate discussions. I'll pop a response here once we establish what the issue, in case it's useful to anyone else. Thanks for your help so far @deanishe
  10. @monaco Could you please confirm which version of Alfred you're using? Take a look at the Web Searches preferences, and familiarise yourself with the keywords, e.g. by default, it's "maps", not "map" though you're welcome to adjust the keywords as you wish. If you're still having issues, please include a screenshot of your web searches preferences, as well as exactly what you're typing into Alfred. We're all happy to help but it would make it easier if we knew exactly what you're doing Cheers, Vero
  11. @Tethys Which version of Alfred are you using? Please make sure you're on Alfred 4.3+ first, as both the Move to action and finding the Applications folder should work normally. Could you pop an email to info@ with your Diagnostics file? You can get this file by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred, and can then attach it to your email. Could you also try using the built-in troubleshooting tool (under Alfred's Preferences > Help > Troubleshooting > File Search Troubleshooting, and provide the output from a few files or folders you're unable to find when searching
  12. @BretonTom There are various ways you could do this, but just for fun I tried one where I used a list filter to choose whether I want the time or the date and time, then the macOS Alex voice reads it out via Terminal. You can grab it here as a starting point: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txtzjwv6ynv0t3d/Say the time.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Play around with time and date formatting if you want to hear something more specific: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/advanced/placeholders/#date-time Having said that, as @Alan He says, I find it quicker to j
  13. @JasonMark As suggested by @deanishe Alfred will need Full Disk Access permissions. I've just added a little note on the Bookmarks preferences page as a reminder that Full Disk Access is needed, as I realised that wasn't made obvious there https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/bookmarks/ Let us know how you get on. Cheers, Vero
  14. @dansherman Do you use any other third-party tools that may be manipulating your index? Some "app cleaners" that claim to run background processes to keep your Mac lean? If so, disable these as they're likely messing with your index, as you definitely shouldn't have to reindex your Mac every few days. Nothing is changing in Alfred during these few days between your searches; the only thing that changes is the macOS metadata index either returning files to Alfred, or not returning files. If they are being returned to Alfred, he shows them, otherwise he doesn't know that the files ex
  15. @dansherman Did you grant Terminal Full Disk Access as per my first reply?
  16. @dansherman Did you ensure you deleted the Spotlight V100 before starting your reindex? Looks like your index might still be incomplete or corrupted, as opening files essentially reindexes them individually, which would explain why you only see these previously-opened files. Did you see any indexing errors in Terminal while going through the process of reindexing?
  17. After nearly a year of chasing, I've received a response from Airmail, simply stating that "Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the Applescript as it is the external part of the Airmail app. Users with good knowledge of Applescript can create a script for this action at their end." They did not provide any feedback on the script examples we provided or error messages users have experienced, and solely advised that users should update to the latest version of Airmail from the App Store.
  18. @renforter If Alfred is merging items, you're likely either pressing Cmd + C + C (double-tapping C while holding Command) or might have another Clipboard app also installed that's causing this perceived double Cmd + C action. Merging isn't on by default, and can be disabled in Alfred's Preferences > Features > Clipboard > Meging. More info about merging here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/#merging Cheers, Vero
  19. @dansherman Have you rebuilt your Mac's index? First, please pop open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access and add Terminal Once you've done this, go to Alfred's Advanced preferences, choose "Rebuild macOS Metadata" Ensure that you check "Delete .Spotlight-V100 before reindex" Follow the steps in Terminal, and keep a close eye for any error messages relating to your index. Please let me know if there are any errors. Otherwise, if it proceeds smoothly, you may need to wait up to an hour for the reindex to complete.
  20. @robohit The string you can see in your 1Password is the UID for the item, and is how 1Password recommends using the 1Click Bookmarks integration. You should see the correct result for the bookmarks you searched for in 1Password when opening it. Having said that, in the next Alfred update (not yet in pre-release), we've made a change to the 1PW integration so you'll no longer see this in the search bar. Cheers, Vero
  21. @AymarM Please take a look at the rest of the troubleshooting page, which includes instructions on rebuilding your Mac's index so that files are found. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/#rebuild Cheers, Vero
  22. @ABC_A When choosing your Alfred 4 license, you can either opt for the Single User license, or the Mega Supporter. If you choose the Single User license, you'll be able to upgrade in the future when the next version of Alfred is released. If I've understood your question correctly, you'd be looking to upgrade from Single to Mega during the same version, which isn't possible. If you choose the Mega Supporter license now, you'll get all future updates to Alfred for Mac for free Cheers, Vero
  23. @Jeff_314 If you prefix your search with the spacebar (which broadens the file search), does the app appear in results? Even when the information appears to be correct in the metadata, it can be beneficial to rebuild your index (and solves the vast majority of index-related issues) To do this fully, please follow these steps carefully: - Grant Terminal Full Disk Access - Go to Alfred's Advanced preferences and click "Rebuild macOS Metadata" - Check the box to delete Spotlight-V100 - Go through to Terminal, enter your password then keep a close eye for any err
  24. @Jeff_314 First, make sure you're using Alfred 4.3. Then, could you please take a look at the Indexing troubleshooting page and run the troubleshooter? https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/ Cheers, Vero
  25. Impressive! That was within about 24 hours of us launching the Powerpack for the very first time
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