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  1. The 2.0.1 release is now live so you can update in-app or from the website. This Dictionary issue should be fixed
  2. We have just released v2.0.1, which provides an in-app way to import almost all of your settings - and explains why your workflows and themes need to be manually migrated. You can either download it from the homepage (http://www.alfredapp.com/#download) or you can update in-app from the General prefs tab. When you update to v2.0.1, you'll see an "Import settings" button on the General tab. You can select which setting groups you'd like to import, and web searches & clipboard snippets will respect any items you've already manually created in v2.
  3. Could you open Console and run those actions to see if there are any AppleScript errors? You should see something like "Running System Command 'empty trash'" in Console, or an error as the case may be. Edited to add: Apologies, I forgot I've got logging turned on, so you won't see the "Running System Command" message. However, if there are AppleScript errors, these should appear for you in Console.
  4. At the moment, you can export and re-import a workflow, if it's too complex to re-create from scratch, and the templates (found under the + button) are also useful for starting pre-populated workflows. Having said that, I know we have a ticket for duplicating, so it's likely you'll be able to duplicate them within Alfred at a later date. And don't forget you can have multiple actions on a single workflow canvas, so you can have 10 hotkeys connecting to 10 apps on a single workflow, rather than creating one for each. Moved to the "Feature Suggestions" forum
  5. This is a Safari preference, so open Safari's preferences to Tabs and change it to Open pages in tabs instead of windows "Automatically" or "Always" - though always means pop-ups open in another tab, which is pretty annoying so Automatically tends to be best!
  6. And here is a Things workflow created by another user: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/952-things-app-tasks/ Thanks for the QuickCal one, Ptujec
  7. Here's a workflow I created yesterday to allow you to search by author, subject line or content: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/916-mailapp-search-by-author-subject-or-content/
  8. Fresh data in v2 means you can most likely get your daily average even higher
  9. Does the "Empty Trash" command and its icon show up in Alfred when you type it "empty"? As R4z3r suggested, you need to ensure the box is checked in the preferences first If you can select the Empty Trash command but it doesn't fully empty your trash, check whether there are any files in use in Trash. OS X should present you with a warning that "x file cannot be deleted as it is in use" if that's the case. If you can confirm either way, I'll be able to either investigate further or close this bug
  10. Lee, Matt, Rick, Bill - In addition to what Andrew has already said above, here's the kind of feedback we have received from this quantifiable "vast majority" of users who have upgraded from v1 over the past few days: @alfredapp I spent the entire evening installing and setting up my new v2. I mean that in a good way. Love the workflows! I love the new @alfredapp 2.0. Very sleek and the possibilities of workflows keeps me awake at night trying to think of cool things to do. workflow feature from @alfredapp is just absolutely mind blowing ! with all these workflow, it make @alfredapp amazi
  11. Before you add a space, do you see "emsubj" show the "Search Mail.app by subject line" text with the Mail icon next to it?
  12. Hi Mike, sorry to hear you're frustrated about Alfred v2's upgrade price. Alfred v1 had been out for 2 1/2 years when we announced v2 in December. We set the price to ensure that users were able to upgrade at an affordable and fair price, and were generous with the grace period for those who had bought most recently (3.5 months up to release). We aren't funded by some big mega-corp or VC funding, so the Powerpack means that Andrew and I can ensure Alfred will live on and be there for a long time, rather than a flash-in-the-pan application that gets dropped like yesterday's socks because th
  13. Thought I should share this workflow to search Mail.app Use the following keywords to search: emfrom to search the sender's name and email address em for a general subject + content search emsubj to search specifically for a subject line You can download it here. Enjoy! This version is suitable for both Alfred 3 and Alfred 4. Compatible with macOS versions up to Mojave. Unfortunately, due to some changes made by Apple in macOS Catalina, it's no longer possible for third-party apps to access your Mail data. This may change in th
  14. Pop over to the Workflows tab, and you can create a workflow from the + button at the bottom of the sidebar. Choose Templates > iTunes and the iTunes action you want. Then set a hotkey or attach a keyword input to it to add a keyword for it
  15. Hi Bill, In addition to what Andrew and David have both said, it's worth adding that we deliberated for a long time and created numerous scenarios before coming to this decision. Eventually, we decided that importing extensions into workflows requires human intelligence to ensure that you make the most of the v2 workflows, which are significantly more advanced. Automatically importing old, often outdated scripts was tantamount to a bad patch-up job. For example, an old script probably had a Growl script rolled into it, making it difficult for you to change how notifications happen, wh
  16. As Alfred now works directly with the (more reliable) Contacts API, searching in this way would add significant noise to the results, so this won't be implemented at this time. I've added a note for Andrew to consider this, but for now, you'll need to search from the beginning of a name field, whether first, middle, last name or any of the other fields like nickname and company. You could always add a nickname if you often search for Mary Ann by the name Ann!
  17. Yes, you'll be able to search for Ann and Mary Ann will show up
  18. V2 doesn't yet search middle names in Contacts, but I've added a ticket so this will be added before v2 comes out of beta
  19. I've put a ticket in for us to investigate further, but I'm not sure whether this is a bug in Alfred so may not be something we can fix. I'll move this to Beta Discussion as you might get more help from other users, and we'll move it back to bugs if need be
  20. This is how NSTask works - the solution provided by CarlosNZ is the best one for you to use. I've moved this to Noted as Andrew always likes to consider options, so we'll keep a note on this one
  21. I'd try restarting then reindexing your Mac as this is almost always the issue when having file search quirks in version 1 of Alfred. I'm moving this to noted for now to keep the bugs forum focused
  22. We have just put out b137, which brings workflow updating and a few other improvements. Here's what's new: Hotkeys: When importing a workflow, hotkeys are stripped for your safety so you'll need to set these to a hotkey of your choice. Workflow updating: Bundle IDs are now meaningful, as these indicate to Alfred which workflow to replace when you import an update to one of your existing workflows. You'll see a notice in red telling you which workflow will be replaced. Enjoy the latest build
  23. Global hotkeys are now part of the workflows. What do you want to link your global hotkey to? Create a workflow, then choose a hotkey from the Triggers list in the top right + button and an action you want the hotkey to perform. Connect the two and you're done This is significantly more flexible than the v1 hotkeys, as the hotkey can trigger much more than just launching an app or file.
  24. You've found your answer but it's worth mentioning that if you open the Office files using Alfred, you'll see a list of these recent documents
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