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  1. In v1 I could call 'pause' and 'play' directly to pause and play iTunes. Now it appears those commands only work within the iTunes mini player. Is that correct?


    Pop over to the Workflows tab, and you can create a workflow from the + button at the bottom of the sidebar. Choose Templates > iTunes and the iTunes action you want. Then set a hotkey or attach a keyword input to it to add a keyword for it :)

  2. I've got 10 scripts, 8 AppleScripts, and 7 global hotkeys plus all of the settings customizations. I am going to have Alfred and Alfred 2 open simultaneously and visually go through each of these (plus test them out) to make them match assuming that I don't have to comb through your help or wait for forum support to find things that don't obviously match between versions. My usage data ("Since January 28, 2011, Alfred has been used 12,440 times. Average 16.0 times per day.") is gone.


    Hi Bill,


    In addition to what Andrew and David have both said, it's worth adding that we deliberated for a long time and created numerous scenarios before coming to this decision. Eventually, we decided that importing extensions into workflows requires human intelligence to ensure that you make the most of the v2 workflows, which are significantly more advanced.  Automatically importing old, often outdated scripts was tantamount to a bad patch-up job.


    For example, an old script probably had a Growl script rolled into it, making it difficult for you to change how notifications happen, while a new workflow allows you to use a much more modular Post Notification output.


    Remember that there's no rush as you can keep running Alfred v1 and v2 concurrently until you're ready to migrate your workflows or until the developers of particular extensions you love have been turned into workflows.


    Running with Crayons is still run by Andrew and myself, with the help of David Ferguson (jdfwarrior) who provides wonderful help with workflows and user questions, as well as our two cats Jack and Rose. We still absolutely love our users and care about them, and it's with this in mind that we decided to take the path we have. I hope this clarifies things.




  3. I don't think problem (2) was fixed. I have b150.


    As Alfred now works directly with the (more reliable) Contacts API, searching in this way would add significant noise to the results, so this won't be implemented at this time.


    I've added a note for Andrew to consider this, but for now, you'll need to search from the beginning of a name field, whether first, middle, last name or any of the other fields like nickname and company.


    You could always add a nickname if you often search for Mary Ann by the name Ann! :)

  4. (1) I can't search or display middle names.

    (2) I can't search for any but the first "word" (name) within a given or last name. Ie: if a person's given name is "Mary Ann", then Alfred won't display "Mary Ann" if I search for "Ann".


    Searching for "Mary" http://d.pr/i/iHGm/1de65Won

    Searching for "Ann" http://d.pr/i/99I5/1DLlPkU3


    I only use Google Account sync in Contacts.app in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

    I am using v2 b137


    Is it me? Anyone else?


    V2 doesn't yet search middle names in Contacts, but I've added a ticket so this will be added before v2 comes out of beta :)

  5. Hi.
    I'm having a problem when using Alfred's paste functionality to paste into Emacs.


    I've put a ticket in for us to investigate further, but I'm not sure whether this is a bug in Alfred so may not be something we can fix.


    I'll move this to Beta Discussion as you might get more help from other users, and we'll move it back to bugs if need be :)

  6. We have just put out b137, which brings workflow updating and a few other improvements.


    Here's what's new:

    • Hotkeys: When importing a workflow, hotkeys are stripped for your safety so you'll need to set these to a hotkey of your choice.
    • Workflow updating: Bundle IDs are now meaningful, as these indicate to Alfred which workflow to replace when you import an update to one of your existing workflows. You'll see a notice in red telling you which workflow will be replaced.

    Enjoy the latest build :)

  7. Global hotkeys are now part of the workflows. 


    What do you want to link your global hotkey to? Create a workflow, then choose a hotkey from the Triggers list in the top right + button and an action you want the hotkey to perform. Connect the two and you're done :)


    This is significantly more flexible than the v1 hotkeys, as the hotkey can trigger much more than just launching an app or file.

  8. After more investigation and experiments, it looks like the instances where users have had issues with syncing, they've been too quick at trying to set up their second Mac, causing Dropbox to get confused and create a corrupted file.


    In summary, when setting up syncing, start with your primary Mac and let it sync fully up to Dropbox then fully back down to your second Mac. Rushing this will almost inevitably result in conflicting data in Dropbox and can be quite tricky to fix, so waiting an extra minute to ensure Dropbox has completed its sync will save you a lot of time :)

  9. I just created a new Keyword to AppleScript workflow and tested it and everything works. BUT I don't see the workflow in the list of workflows in Alfred's preferences. Search doesn't find it either. And yet it still appears when I type in the keyword.


    Not sure if I'm missing something or if there's a bug here, but wanted to flag it.



    Could you restart Alfred and see whether this keyword still brings up unexpected results?


    Also, have you recently set up syncing?

  10. Unfortunately syncing seems to be buggy with my setup:


    Could you zip up the following:


    the preferences that were created in your ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2/



    ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/


    If you could email them to beta@alfredapp.com, we'll take a look to work out what could be going amiss :) Thanks!

  11. As stated in the announcement for this latest beta, if you've been using a cobbled-together hacked syncing method so far (there IS a reason we recommended against it ;) ), you'll need to first reset everything back to normal, remove any symlinking you had in place first.


    I've been using syncing for testing purposes for about a week, using Dropbox, and everything's been going very smoothly, so ensure that you:

    1. Reset all preferences so that they are found in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ and remove any previously used sym-linking
    2. On your first Mac, go to Advanced and click "Set preferences folder..." and choose your Dropbox location so that the top of the window says "Copy your preferences into this folder"
    3. Ensure that Dropbox has time to sync to your second Mac
    4. On your second Mac, go to "Set preferences folder..." and go to the same Dropbox folder so that the top of that window says "Use the preference file already in this folder".


    This should have you up and running with no problems :)

  12. We've just released b119 and spent most of the afternoon getting ridiculously excited over the latest additions. You can now create hotkey and keyword based iTunes actions.




    These include:

    • Hotkey to start playing a random album and post the details of it to Notification Centre
    • Rate track as ★★★★★ and post to Notification Centre
    • Clear the rating
    • And my favourite... "currenttrack" keyword to show what song's playing at the moment

    Update to b119 and you can create your own too :)

  13. Syncing is coming soon to the beta - it's code complete but needs some further testing before we release it. Any hacky syncing like what you describe is unsupported and could easily resolve in weird behaviour.


    In short, your best bet is to be patient and hold off just a little longer until we make syncing available baked into Alfred :)

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