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  1. This is how NSTask works - the solution provided by CarlosNZ is the best one for you to use. I've moved this to Noted as Andrew always likes to consider options, so we'll keep a note on this one
  2. I'd try restarting then reindexing your Mac as this is almost always the issue when having file search quirks in version 1 of Alfred. I'm moving this to noted for now to keep the bugs forum focused
  3. We have just put out b137, which brings workflow updating and a few other improvements. Here's what's new: Hotkeys: When importing a workflow, hotkeys are stripped for your safety so you'll need to set these to a hotkey of your choice. Workflow updating: Bundle IDs are now meaningful, as these indicate to Alfred which workflow to replace when you import an update to one of your existing workflows. You'll see a notice in red telling you which workflow will be replaced. Enjoy the latest build
  4. Global hotkeys are now part of the workflows. What do you want to link your global hotkey to? Create a workflow, then choose a hotkey from the Triggers list in the top right + button and an action you want the hotkey to perform. Connect the two and you're done This is significantly more flexible than the v1 hotkeys, as the hotkey can trigger much more than just launching an app or file.
  5. You've found your answer but it's worth mentioning that if you open the Office files using Alfred, you'll see a list of these recent documents
  6. After more investigation and experiments, it looks like the instances where users have had issues with syncing, they've been too quick at trying to set up their second Mac, causing Dropbox to get confused and create a corrupted file. In summary, when setting up syncing, start with your primary Mac and let it sync fully up to Dropbox then fully back down to your second Mac. Rushing this will almost inevitably result in conflicting data in Dropbox and can be quite tricky to fix, so waiting an extra minute to ensure Dropbox has completed its sync will save you a lot of time
  7. Could you restart Alfred and see whether this keyword still brings up unexpected results? Also, have you recently set up syncing?
  8. Exchange contacts seem to be stored differently. I'll move this to Noted and we'll keep an eye on this if there's a way to improve handling of Exchange contacts.
  9. OS X's Contacts API is doing the linking, so at this time, I'm not sure whether Exchange is fully compatible. From experience, Exchange has always been a little sketchy with regards to full Contacts integration. Are you on 10.8? This is required to use unified contacts.
  10. Could you zip up the following: the preferences that were created in your ~/Dropbox/Apps/Alfred 2/ ~/Library/Preferences/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2.plist ~/Library/Preferences/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-preferences.plist ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ If you could email them to beta@alfredapp.com, we'll take a look to work out what could be going amiss Thanks!
  11. This is something we are aware of but, in many ways, is a limitation of using AppleScript to control iTunes. The way Alfred interacts with iTunes allows us to keep the performance high for every other function, but does have minor downsides like this. I've made a note so that Andrew can look into this after v2.0 is released
  12. As stated in the announcement for this latest beta, if you've been using a cobbled-together hacked syncing method so far (there IS a reason we recommended against it ), you'll need to first reset everything back to normal, remove any symlinking you had in place first. I've been using syncing for testing purposes for about a week, using Dropbox, and everything's been going very smoothly, so ensure that you: Reset all preferences so that they are found in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/ and remove any previously used sym-linking On your first Mac, go to Advanced and click "Set pref
  13. I quite like the sound of this idea. Bump this thread up once v2 has been released so we can consider it for a future update
  14. We've just released b119 and spent most of the afternoon getting ridiculously excited over the latest additions. You can now create hotkey and keyword based iTunes actions. These include: Hotkey to start playing a random album and post the details of it to Notification Centre Rate track as ★★★★★ and post to Notification Centre Clear the rating And my favourite... "currenttrack" keyword to show what song's playing at the moment Update to b119 and you can create your own too
  15. Just a little heads-up to let you know that you can now change the colour of the selected text and the selected background. This means that rather than having the OS colour, you can make it match your theme. To edit these two colours, hold the Fn key and click the Alfred input field to edit either the text or the background colour.
  16. At this point, this is fairly unlikely as this would get to depths comparable to Text Expander and would be complex enough to be its own app. You could have a play around with scripts but for now, I'll say unlikely.
  17. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to achieve? Why not simply use returns and tabs in there?
  18. Syncing is coming soon to the beta - it's code complete but needs some further testing before we release it. Any hacky syncing like what you describe is unsupported and could easily resolve in weird behaviour. In short, your best bet is to be patient and hold off just a little longer until we make syncing available baked into Alfred
  19. Grab build 105 and have a look, you can now do this and pass the argument to the workflow or show Alfred with the current OS X selection (file, text, etc), current clipboard, and more
  20. Try "Get Info" on iTunes and renaming it. Wait a moment then rename it back to iTunes. This will force Spotlight to reindex the data about that app. I'm moving this to "Discussion" as this isn't a beta bug and I'd like to keep this forum as clear as possible to just v2 bugs.
  21. I moved your thread to the new "Workflow help & questions" forum I've just created, as you'll most likely get the help you need here
  22. Andrew's still adding features to the beta every day, so recent docs will be coming before v2 comes out of beta.
  23. I guess it doesn't check the forwarding URL and sees /X5GM72 - which doesn't end in .jpg, .png, etc... Sorry, not much we can do about this
  24. What were you trying to post? Let me know as I want to make sure the forum's running as smoothly as possible
  25. Thanks Carlos. By making workflows so flexible, there's inherently a bit more room for things like this to occur. I've marked this as noted and have put a ticket in to investigate at a later date.
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