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  1. Thanks for confirming your details. It's not possible to sync your clipboard entries as a whole to Remote at this point. However, for the snippets you use most frequently, I would suggest creating a page of clipboard snippet objects with these. To do this, follow the steps here and choose "Insert snippet" to use an existing text snippet: http://support.alfredapp.com/remote:clipboard
  2. Hi there, could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile before asking Powerpack-related questions? We'll then be happy to help you out If you're not sure how, drop us an email on info@alfredapp com and I'll add the details for you. Cheers, Vero
  3. It would have been helpful to mention your unusual keyboard setup in your first post As the File Buffer works as expected for you when using a standard keyboard and it's a stable feature that hasn't changed in many Alfred releases, the only variable that changes when you're seeing the File Buffer issue is the use of a remote keyboard via Synergy. It will almost certainly be the source of your issues and, as this is outside of Alfred's control, it's not something that can be fixed on our side as Synergy is most likely messing with the hotkeys. Cheers, Vero
  4. Just to let you know, your workflow was featured on the blog yesterday: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2014/11/17/getting-work-done-with-slack-github-and-pinboard/ Thanks for creating it
  5. If you want to create a custom search, go to Features > Web search and add a custom search. For more details on creating a custom search, take a look at this tutorial: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2011/04/14/alfred-productivity-tips-using-custom-searches/ To then use the custom search you've created as a fallback search, follow this guide: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2014/08/11/tutorial-setting-up-your-own-fallback-searches/
  6. You could create a number of different snippets with the keyword "emailopening", so that when you need to start an email, you can open your Snippets, type "emailopening" and choose one of the few options you've created. It won't be random, but will allow you to use a single keyword to bring up all of your varied options.
  7. If you ever have doubts, you can always post a link to the workflow before running it and fellow workflow creators and code-savvy forum members can take a look and help you decipher what a workflow is doing
  8. Here's a file filter workflow that will allow you to search all text content for Contacts: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5818788/Alfred/Contacts%20Filter%20for%20Text%20Content.alfredworkflow It's a handy workflow I created for the same purpose. Prefix your search term with the keyword "co" to search in depth in your contacts
  9. Ok, if I understand correctly, you want to be able to find a phrase like "wet weather" but not a file that happens to contain "wet" and "weather" as separate words. To do this, create a simple workflow with a "file filter" input attached to an "open file" action. Double-click your file filter and give it a name and keyword, then go to the Advanced tab. Click the + and add the kMDItemTextContent and uncheck the "split" box. Remove the other fields from the list. This will be a file filter that exclusively searches content of your files (not the file names) and specifically searches for
  10. I don't know about "Albert", but Alfred should find the results To be found with the "in" keyword, a file has to be: - within the search scope in Features > Default Results - a file type you've chosen to show in Features > File Search - indexed correctly by OS X By default, this covers most files on your Mac, but if it's in an unusual place, it might not be included in the default scope. If the file you're searching for is not within the scope, drag the appropriate enclosing folders to add them. Can you find the file if you type "open" followed by the file name? As for wo
  11. Hi Jonathan, to search inside files, prefix your search term with "in". This keyword searches inside files, allowing you to find files by content. Here's more information on Alfred's main few keywords for file search: http://support.alfredapp.com/features:file-search#feature If you're frequently searching for particular files or content, you may want to take a look at File Filters, which allow you to create your own keywords to search pre-set folders or file types. Here's a tutorial for this: http://support.alfredapp.com/tutorials:file-filter-workflow Cheers Vero
  12. Could you please fill in your registered Powerpack address in your forum profile before asking Powerpack-related questions? Once you've filled this in, we'll be happy to help you out (provided it's possible!)
  13. Alfred uses OS X's index, so adding paths to the search scope tells Alfred where you want him to look. Adding the external drive is the right way to include it in your Alfred search. You could also create a file filter workflow if you want to specifically search for files on your external drive without seeing anything from your main drive. Here's a tutorial on creating file filters: http://blog.alfredapp.com/2014/04/24/tutorial-creating-an-alfred-workflow-without-a-single-line-of-code/
  14. Could you please try your searches without quotes around them? These aren't necessary in Alfred so let me know if you get your results without quotes. Also, for avoidance of doubt and to confirm the file itself is being found, try pressing the spacebar (shortcut to the "open" keyword) and type "frankenmuth insurance" (without the quotes). This will at least confirm that the file itself can be found by Alfred based on file name.
  15. I've had a look at your screenshots and here's what I think is happening - keeping in mind I don't have access to your files to see their content. For efficiency and accuracy, Alfred separates the way he searches depending on the keyword you use; The "open"/"find" keywords search filenames while "in" searches inside files. Provided your metadata index is complete and healthy, which should be the case given the steps you've taken, my guess is that for this particular search, the word "auto" is in the file content but "insurance" is in the filename only. As such, if you use the "in" keyw
  16. Glad to see you're enjoying this one I've created a bunch for internal use, and frequently create various hotkey and file filter-based workflows for users that are certainly nowhere near as exciting as the fantastic ones you've all been creating! Please do keep bringing the best ones to my attention as I also love sharing them with users who are just beginning to discover how powerful workflows can be. In fact, my intention is to feature them more regularly on the Alfred blog, so expect to see more in the coming weeks! Cheers, Vero
  17. I highly doubt that information is available as part of the metadata relating to an email; The metadata contains information about that particular message, not about its relationship to other messages, so it wouldn't be possible (as far as I know) to find out whether an email has been answered or not.
  18. This is intentional, as a number of users have reported issues when using the Dropbox Apps folder. I'd recommend using another folder in Dropbox, e.g. create a ~/Dropbox/Alfred/ folder but if you really want to use the Dropbox Apps folder, here's how you can do so: http://support.alfredapp.com/kb:dropbox-apps-folder
  19. Hi there, Could you please fill in your Powerpack details on your forum profile before taking part in Powerpack-related topics? Cheers, Vero
  20. I appreciate your point of view and your input in two threads; English wasn't my first language either as I grew up raised in French, and I understand that not everyone is necessarily completely at ease with English. Regarding the 1Password comparison, the (very lovely) 1Password team consists of 40 people, while ours is a team of two (with the help of jdfwarrior in the US and our community, of course) so we simply do not have the bandwidth to manage translations. There are numerous translation services out there; I've used some of them, as well as managed a team of in-house translator
  21. First, I'd suggest checking in the Update tab that you're only set to get notified on "Updates" not "Pre-releases", as pre-releases are more frequent by nature. If you wait until the general updates are available, you'll see by looking at the dates in the change log that these happen on average once a month. Keep in mind that Mavericks was released a few weeks ago, so a second update was needed to make sure we provided users with the best compatibility possible, so last month included two updates instead of just one. The main reason we show some details about what the next update conta
  22. As far as I know, Thunderbird doesn't make its data available for searching, so I don't think it'll be possible (though if Thunderbird has evolved, I hope someone will pop their head in to help) As far as Mail goes, I'd suggest switching off things like "Store draft messages on server" (under Accounts > Mail Behaviour) for any accounts you have, which might ease things a bit as it won't connect every three seconds. You should then be ok to use the Mail workflow.
  23. It is significantly more efficient to use a workflow to search email than to add it to default results. If your email influx is anything like mine, I wouldn't recommend adding these thousands of emails adding noise to default results! I've created a workflow for searching Mail.app emails, which you can grab here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5h3djhw2thf8xjp/Mail.app Search 3.0.alfredworkflow?dl=0 In short, this workflow uses three keywords: emfrom to search the sender's name and email address em for a general subject + content search emsubj t
  24. There is no sorting as such as the workflow returns them in the order OS X feeds them back, but you can have a play with date ranges You can create additional keywords and go to the file filter's advanced tab, where you can add a date range, e.g. one for today's mail, one for mail within the past 30 days.
  25. Looks like there is a user-created workflow here to do this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1531-create-new-folder-version-10/ I'll move your question to the Workflows help & questions as you're more likely to find an answer there
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