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  1. Here's a small update to this thread, following an email exchange with another user who specifically had issues finding Adobe apps. First, it seems to be an issue that particularly affects Adobe apps when using the Creative Cloud subscription, which leads me to believe that their apps are treated differently by macOS, even though they appear identical on the surface, due to being cloud apps. A reasonable solution is to create a workflow with nicknames for these apps specifically. Scroll down to "Adding keywords as nicknames" here, in a similar way to how I use the keywo
  2. @Chris Spiegl Sorry to repeat my answer from November, but Brave doesn't currently make the bookmarks data readily available for third-parties to use, so there's no bookmarks integration for that particular browser. It would be a good idea to make your voice heard to the Brave developers, as it'll be significantly easier for workflows and integrations to work and be maintainable if the bookmarks data is more accessible. Cheers, Vero
  3. @Chris Messina It's working. This feature refers to popping up either the Clipboard Viewer or Snippet Viewer, select an individual snippet (not a collection) and press Cmd + S. If it was already a snippet, you'll be editing it, while if it was a clipboard item, you'll be creating a new snippet from it. It's not something you do when you're already in the preferences. Cheers, Vero
  4. @bob 2.0 As per the first post in this thread, this workflow is unfortunately only suitable for macOS Mojave and older. Due to some changes made by Apple in macOS Catalina, it's no longer possible for third-party apps to access your Mail data Cheers, Vero
  5. @Starkiller You'll also need to ensure you've enabled the Query History feature: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/keep-your-latest-query-handy/ Once you've typed a few things into Alfred, try the ⌃↑ and ⌃↓ keys - provided they're not bound to another feature, you'll see your history Cheers, Vero
  6. @lankysam If you take a look at the bottom right message in red, "Unable to find 1Password data", it's likely that you haven't told 1Password to share your bookmarks data. Take a look at step 1 here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/1password/ Once you've done this, you should see the big empty list fill up with all your bookmarks. Cheers, Vero
  7. @ThatTamyBot Customising fallback searches is a Powerpack only feature. With the free version, you can prefix your search term with the keyword for the web search you'd like to use, e.g. "duck cambridge" to search for the query "cambridge" using Duck Duck Go. Cheers, Vero
  8. @johnjoonso Alfred 2 snippets aren't automatically migrated as the snippets changed significantly between v2 and v4. However, if you drop an email to our info@ address from your registered email address, I'll provide a migration tool you can use to import your v2 snippets Cheers, Vero
  9. @brrrrrr Sounds very odd. When this happens, could you please pop up Activity Monitor, choose Alfred and click "Sample Process" so that we can see what Alfred is doing during that time. Also, could you email us your Diagnostics file? Type "?diagnostics" into Alfred to produce the file, and send it to our info@ address and I'll take a look. Cheers, Vero
  10. @Chris Messina May I ask how frequently you go back to the General tab of the preferences? Realistically, once you've set your country, your primary hotkey and requested permissions, you shouldn't need to return to that tab ever. Given we have numerous channels through which a user can subscribe to the newsletter (on that General tab, on the website, during their Powerpack purchase checkout process), it doesn't make sense to try to somehow divinate whether or not a user has previously signed up to the newsletter through one of these channels, and there would be a significant chance
  11. @DesignNatix Welcome to the forum Alfred is priced in British Pounds (GBP). You can either type "google 29 GBP in USD" into Alfred to find out the current exchange rate, or make your purchase using PayPal which will show you your final conversion before you complete your transaction. If you pay by card instead, you'll see the conversion rate on your next card statement. Cheers, Vero
  12. Don't worry about it This community is full of people from different backgrounds, different areas of interest, more or less technical skills, and that's what makes it so brilliant. The Features Suggestion section is perfectly suited for ideas and improvements, anything that would give community members a productivity boost. We're always happy to hear these ideas, I read every single thread, and it certainly does educate our future decisions. You sharing ideas that are most relevant to your immediate needs and interests is perfectly fine, and that's what the section is intended for
  13. @Jithesh Welcome to the forum! Could you please share a link to the workflow you're using, rather than a few cropped screenshots? This will allow us to help you more easily. Have you tried typing a query after the keyword? What happens if you type "maps cambridge" for example? From the first screenshot, the keyword appears to be "dir", not "maps" so take a look at the various keywords for the workflow and what each one does Cheers, Vero
  14. That's the first recommendation I made to @Goldberry, which according to their response, did not solve their issue. Indeed. Context-changing (switching to and from another app) causes LibreOffice's own clipboard to sync with the macOS one, but otherwise, it behaves pretty poorly on that level. @Goldberry There clearly is a way to make this work, as @deanishe is using these together perfectly, so do take a look at LibreOffice's own preferences to see whether there's a better compatibility mode. Cheers, Vero
  15. @Goldberry Welcome to the forum More specifically, I suggested that if you let us know your exact version and settings for LibreOffice and macOS, @deanishe may have some thoughts on what preferences you may need to change in LibreOffice for to allow clipboard history to work smoothly with Alfred and the clipboard in general. Any thoughts, deanishe?
  16. We're aware of this and have also investigated the possibilties earlier this year, but as this plugin solution relies on private APIs (which can stop working at any moment, as the goalposts may be constantly moving, changing or simply disappearing), we don't plan on adding this. I responded more fully in this thread: As TJ adds in his reply, "building a tool like this is like building a house on sand". Cheers, Vero
  17. This is because the Evernote workflow is not getting any relevant results from Evernote. This can be for a few reasons so check that: You're using Evernote 7 from the legacy page on Evernote's site (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote) as the new Evernote 10 is a black box and doesn't allow other apps to search its results Make sure you're using the right Evernote workflow version from the first post of this thread to match your version of Alfred and Evernote Once you've done this, when you type "ent" followe
  18. @emmabaker Could you please drop us an email to info@ with the following information? Your Diagnostics file, which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" in Alfred Launch Activity Monitor, then launch Alfred and select it in the list of Processes. Click the Cog in the top of Activity Monitor and choose "Sample Process". Include this output into your email too Let me know whether you sync your preferences, and if so, where you sync them to As this is a very unusual issue, the more information you're able to provide, the easier we'll be able to help you out
  19. @april Welcome to the forum You'll need to remove Visual Studio Code from the "Don't expand" apps list in the Snippets preferences in order for the workflow snippets to expand, as these respect the same list of excluded apps. If you're having issues with your snippets expanding where they shouldn't, take a look at our tips for better snippet keywords: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/snippets/#tips-expansion In particular, setting decent prefixes that you won't accidentally use in code, for example, is a good way to ensure your snippets w
  20. @luckman212 I've managed to replicate this; Do you have scroll bars set to always show in the macOS General preferences? Andrew will be taking a look at this soon, but if you could just confirm this disappears if you return the macOS General scroll bar preferences to the default "Automatically based on mouse or trackpad" option, it'd be helpful Cheers, Vero
  21. Alfred uses the macOS metadata index for file search, he doesn't create or maintain his own index of your Mac's files. When using the "Rebuild macOS metadata" button in Alfred's advanced preferences, Alfred instructs macOS to rebuild its index. Do keep in mind that Big Sur has just been released and while it's been far more reliable than Catalina was last year, it remains a very new OS and unless you've done a completely fresh install of Big Sur, it's possible that there are hangups or corruption from the OS upgrade. If you haven't done so yet, look back up a few post
  22. @jayelevy The fact that apps are found by Spotlight right now isn't an all-conclusive guarantee that the index is correct, complete or otherwise free from corruption; It just means that Spotlight's current caching contains those apps. Does Alfred find other, non-app files on your Mac? E.g. in your Documents or Downloads? When you have a moment, could you please open System Preferences to the Security & Privacy > Privacy tab, and drag Terminal into the Full Disk Access permissions. Once you've done this, go to Alfred's Advanced preferences, rebuild the macOS metad
  23. @boutwell As we don't use any of the Microsoft apps suite or that particular workflow, it's very tricky for us to make any suggestions beyond this. Hopefully other Outlook users will pop in and be able to provide more pointers.
  24. @jayelevy @verypleasant Could you please try using Alfred's file search to find the files? Press the spacebar first, which will show the "Open File..." prompt, then type the name of your app. This will allow you to establish whether the apps are indeed indexed correctly by macOS, in which case it should show up in the File Search mode. Next, can you both please create a new user account on your Mac temporarily, and run Alfred (don't need to activate your Powerpack) in the same File Search mode, then again with no prefix. Do your apps appear in File Search? Do they appe
  25. "Automatically expand snippets" in the top right is the global feature switch-on/switch-off, while "Auto expansion allowed" is on an individual basis. You may want to use the expansion feature, but not for all. I have entire collections of snippets saved which I don't intend to learn the auto-expansion keyword for, and just refer to via the Snippets Viewer. Prefixes and suffixes are completely optional: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/snippets/collections/#affix You can choose a prefix for an entire collection, or set them on an individual basis.
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