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  1. @agilefalcon If you've never synced your preferences, and use Time Machine, it should be very straightforward First pop Time Machine open, and go to the following location in your user directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfredl/ Within this folder, you'll find the Alfred.alfredpreferences file. Quit Alfred and restore this file. When you relaunch Alfred, you may need to re-enter your Powerpack license details (drop us an email if you need help finding your Powerpack license details - though it sounds like you've got that in hand) and your
  2. @jayelevy Moving the file around causes macOS to reindex them. This just confirms that the issue was caused by macOS not correctly indexing the files. @verypleasant Take a look at how @jayelevy resolved his issue above. Just move the apps to desktop and back, forcing macOS to reindex them. Let me know if that solves the issue for you too. (You might also want to type "reload" into Alfred afterwards to ensure Alfred's cache is as up to date as can be)
  3. @Gordon Firemark Which version of Alfred are you using? And which version of macOS? Have you taken a look at the File Troubleshooting tool? Ensuring you're using Alfred 4.2.1, go to Alfred's preferences > Help > Troubleshooting and run the File Search Troubleshooting, dragging in some of the files you can't locate. This will give you more information on whether the metadata for these files is complete, and if they're correctly included in Alfred's index. This will help you establish what might be happening on your Mac.
  4. @boutwell Does Outlook still make this information accessible to third-parties in Big Sur? Also, it may be worth checking where the messages library is stored in Big Sur vs the workflow's set search scope. It may be that Outlook messages have moved and you (or the workflow creator) to update the search scope.
  5. @jayelevy Looking back a few posts, you said that the app was found when moved the Desktop. Can I just confirm, was it then not-found again when returned to the Applications folder? If you move the app to be directly in the Applications folder rather than within the enclosing app's own named folder, what happens? Adobe have their own way of doing things, and I'm scratching my head at what non-standard setup could cause this behaviour.
  6. @agilefalcon Welcome to the forum Could you provide more details so I can help you further? Which version of Alfred are you using? Which version of macOS are you using? Did you recently update to Big Sur? Do you sync your Alfred preferences, and if so, which service have you been using? Do you use Time Machine to back up your Mac? Is this on a new Mac, or on a Mac where you've had everything installed for a while? Alfred updates don't modify the preferences, so your preferences wouldn't have disappeared because of an Alfred update. H
  7. @jayelevy @verypleasant It strikes me as very odd that you're both having the same issue with Adobe apps specifically. Could you please check the Adobe folder within the Applications folder and see whether the apps are indeed stored there? Or whether there's some funky symlinking going on, with the app actually being stored somewhere else? If the apps are symlinked, establish where the app is really stored and add that path to your Alfred search scope, so that Alfred knows to include it in your apps results. Let us know how you get on, as this will likely b
  8. Cmd + arrows navigates in and out of File Navigation, and Alt + arrows is used for the File Buffer, so those combos are very much in use already in Alfred. It's not just a case of what's comfortable, but also what's practical without affecting existing hotkeys and habits, so quite a bit of consideration and thought has gone into this.
  9. @apndavies Which version of macOS are you using? There was a direct link to the workflow higher up in this thread (which I've now removed, and added the caveat), so I'm guessing you haven't seen the notice in the original post here: Unfortunately, this workflow is only suitable for macOS Mojave and older, as Apple have removed access to Mail content for third-party apps from Catalina onwards. As such, if you're on Catalina or Big Sur, you won't see any results returned. Cheers, Vero
  10. @ordonezcrissss Alfred hasn't changed with regards to plain vs rich text snippets, so the best place to start is working out what has changed. Make sure your snippets are definitely set to rich text when you go into Alfred's snippets If you test this using TextEdit (a simple, native app) set to rich text on Big Sur, what behaviour do you see? Try a different text field in Chrome, other than your work website Try your work website in Safari This should allow you to narrow down where the issue lies, and make it easier to work out what's happening. If your snippets are
  11. @GrimlocK Alfred 4 on Big Sur works very well with 1Password. You can take a look at the setup steps for the 1Password 1Click bookmarks integration here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/1password/ If you're having any issues, the best place to start is the Troubleshooting page here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/1password/ If you still can't get the 1Password integration working, please provide more details and we'll be happy to help Cheers, Vero
  12. @AshR Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile first, as the 1Password feature is a Powerpack-specific feature? Once you've done this, please provide the preferences details we asked for from the user above; Your Features > 1PW prefs (feel free to crop out the content of your 1PW bookmarks, but let us know whether your bookmarks are showing correctly there) Exactly what you're typing into Alfred Cheers, Vero
  13. Also, feel free to share your new themes taking advantage of the Visual Effect here - we'd love to see them! If you share them as individual threads, please make sure that you mention that they require 4.3+ Cheers, Vero
  14. Vero

    macOS Big Sur

    Take a look at Alfred 4.3 and this thread for lovely updates on Big Sur theming: Cheers, Vero
  15. Take a look at Alfred 4.3 pre-release and this thread for Big Sur theming updates Cheers, Vero
  16. Take a look at the Alfred 4.3 pre-release and this thread for a lovely update on theming in Big Sur: Cheers, Vero
  17. Alfred 4.3 is now in pre-release with gorgeous improvements to theming. We've added the ability to choose a native macOS Visual Effect view to back Alfred's window, which makes it easy to create native-looking themes, as well as more control over rounded corners. We've created a couple of themes as examples, but I'm sure you'll create some fabulous themes too! Light Experimental theme Dark Experimental theme Below are the key things to check out when creating themes in 4.3. Please read all the way to the end of this post for a few important notes!
  18. Un-toggling and re-toggling won't have any effect. As I said, you need to remove and re-add Alfred by following these steps: - Quit Alfred 4 - Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility - Ensure the padlock in the bottom left is unlocked and you've authenticated with your password - Select Alfred 4, then click the minus button - Either use the + button to re-add Alfred 4 to the list - Relaunch Alfred 4 Cheers, Vero
  19. @lewgley The search bar not showing a full Google URL is just the way Safari works when Google is your default search engine. In Safari's prefs > Search > change your search engine to Duckduckgo temporarily, then pop up Alfred and type "google Alfred". Safari should pop up and fill a full URL in the browser menu bar. This may not solve your issue but it'll allow you to see a complete URL in the search bar. Do you have any browser plugins that may be intercepting the Google search? Or any other network settings that may be interfering with normal browser operation
  20. @Alan He Alfred can't override macOS's own text expansion, so your best bet is to change your macOS text expansion to something less likely to be accidentally triggered (e.g. replace "qq" with "!qq" with an exclamation mark prefix), or disable it altogether as you can create these as snippets in Alfred. Cheers, Vero
  21. @tdenson We've also been testing Alfred in Big Sur on an M1 Mac, and it's working as expected, so it's likely your issue is more of a permissions one. - Which version of Alfred are you using? - Have you granted Alfred all necessary permissions? https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/permissions/ (Try removing Alfred 4 altogether and re-adding, in case there's any corruption of permissions in macOS) - Are snippets enabled in Alfred's preferences? - Is the specific snippet you're trying to use enabled for expansion? - When you try to expand a snippet, at what stage d
  22. @jayhlee You have the box ticked for "Show in default results" so your bookmarks will only show in your default results. If you only want to see your bookmarks when typing "1p" first, then uncheck the "Show in default results". What you're seeing is "1p" bringing up the 1Password app in your results. If you uncheck "Show in default results" then type "1p", you'll also see the "1Password Bookmark '...'" prompt, with the subtext "Find and open a 1Password 1Click Bookmark". See the second result in my screenshot. Cheers, Vero
  23. @chris lord Welcome to the forum When you're in the "Move" view, start typing the name of any folder you want to move the file to, and a list of folders will start appearing. Keep typing to filter down, or use the down arrow to look through the list. As you start using that action more often, the list of your commonly used folders will grow, so they'll become increasingly quick to choose from. Cheers, Vero
  24. @Philip_D Are you running any third-party "app cleaners" that could be interfering with Alfred's normal operation by removing essential files? When you say the hotkey isn't working, is Alfred running in Activity Monitor? What is your hotkey set to? Have you checked whether Spotlight or another app is using the same hotkey? For example, if you change your Alfred hotkey to something more obscure that isn't used by a third-party, does Alfred show as expected? If you can be more specific/detailed in describing the problem you're seeing, I'll be able to help you more accura
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