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  1. @Nurou @Gad Could you please launch Alfred to the General preferences > Request Permissions... and check that Alfred has been granted Full Disk Access? If you've recently upgraded macOS to Catalina, please remove Alfred from the permissions and re-add, as Catalina seems to forget previously granted permissions upon upgrade. You will then need to run the reindex again from Alfred's Advanced preferences, ensuring that you keep a close eye on any error messages in Terminal. (Terminal will also need to be granted Full Disk Access as above). Let me know how yo
  2. To conclude this thread, the user worked out that there was some corruption in their preferences file downloaded from Dropbox. They deleted this version of the preferences, and took a new version of it from their Time Machine backup, which worked right away.
  3. @riaamp The symbols on the right are irrelevant at this point, and will only appear after a hotkey combo is set. (It's an advanced feature, and is only necessary in a small number of cases to change the behaviour of hotkeys, as per the Tips section at the bottom of this page: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/ ) Could you please let me know 1. what hotkey you're trying to set and 2. whether you're pressing all of the keys at the same time? In your original screenshot, the modifier keys (Shift, Option, Ctrl and Command) are there and greyed out awaiting your i
  4. @riaamp There shouldn't be anything more in the hotkey box than what is visible in your screenshot. What hotkey combination are you trying to set? And are you pressing all the keys at once?
  5. @mattselby If the location is set correctly in the preferences, Alfred will use these preferences. What location is set in Advanced > Sync? And where is that folder located in Finder? Are none of your collections listed in the Snippets preferences? And none of your workflows in the workflows tab? This seems odd, so could you type "?diagnostics" in Alfred and email the resulting file to our info@ address. Cheers, Vero
  6. @mattselby I'm wondering if you might've grabbed the wrong version of your preferences from your old Mac and the Alfred.alfredpreferences you chose could have contained the default preferences rather than your more recent workflows and snippets. Did you check on the old Mac what path you had set under Advanced > Sync? This is where you should find the right version of your file. If you navigate in Finder to the location of your preferences, right-click and choose Show Package Contents, then go into the Snippets folder, is there anything there? If you think you may ha
  7. @mattselby Welcome to the forum. Can you provide more details? Which Big Sur beta? Which version of Alfred? What is your sync service? Did you give it enough time to download all of your data to the new Mac BEFORE setting up sync as indicated in that page? When setting the sync location, did the location selection menu say new preferences would be created, or that it would use the existing preferences you pointed it to? Are your preferences still all in place on the original Mac? Please provide as much information as possible, as this is unlikely t
  8. @riaamp From where you are in that screenshot, you can see that the hotkey field is in focus. You now simply need to press all keys for your hotkey combo... for example, Cmd + Alt + T all at once. If you're unable to set it, it'll be because the hotkey combo you're trying to use is already reserved by another app or somewhere else in Alfred. Try setting an alternative hotkey combo, or disable it wherever it's been previously set. Cheers, Vero
  9. @Whiskey T.Could you provide more details as to what kind of file you're searching for, whether the file itself can be found when you search using "open" and the name of your file? Not all file types have their content fully indexed by macOS. If you use Spotlight (the bar that appears in the centre of your screen, not Finder's search box), do you find your results when searching for the contents? If you can provide more details on the type of file, its location, exactly what you're typing into Alfred, it'll be easier for us to guide you... Cheers, Vero
  10. @Whiskey T. Welcome to the forum Take a look at the beginner's guide to searching using Alfred, for the different ways of searching on your Mac and on the web: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/beginners-guide-to-alfred-searching-your-mac-and-the-web/ If you're still having trouble finding certain files, make sure you'reusing Alfred 4.1, then go to Alfred's preferences > Help > Troubleshooting and run the File Search Troubleshooting, dragging in some of the files you can't locate. This will give you more information on whether the metadata for t
  11. @Andi If you open Alfred's preferences to the Help tab > Troubleshooting > Run Troubleshooting and drag in files from your external drive, you'll see an analysis of whether the files are indexed, etc... Paste your results in your response and we can also take a look. Cheers, Vero
  12. @choc Andrew answered that question last month here: Cheers, Vero
  13. @rob213 This is not a default action, and is part of the Evernote workflow: Cheers, Vero
  14. @jerik I can't replicate the issue in Alfred 3 or Alfred 4 either. Could you please try to do this in TextEdit in plain text, and let me know whether a space is added there too? This is the best place to test things out, as it's the most native/basic app around Do you have any other clipboard managers or text manipulation tools that might be running at the same time? Sometimes another app interfering can result in extra/missing characters as two apps try to do text expansion at the same time. Cheers, Vero
  15. @rob213 As a further tip to @deanishe suggesting taking a look at the Workflow objects available, I wanted to point out that each object, and each Alfred feature has a question mark icon next to it in the preferences. Click this icon to be taken to the relevant documentation for that object. You'll then be able to learn what each object does, how it interacts with others, etc, which should answer many of your questions Cheers, Vero
  16. @jerik Welcome to the forum Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile before asking Powerpack-specific questions? Once you've confirmed your details, we'll be happy to help! Cheers, Vero
  17. @ChocolateMilk Welcome to the forum Provided these Macs are for your own use and not shared workstations, that's absolutely fine! Cheers, Vero
  18. @rob213 That's still a browser though, not an app that could allow AppleScript support, etc... Might want to take a look at the existing translation workflows, including one for dict.cc - they're not that recent, so might need to some adjustments, but would be a better starting point. And for DeepL, which I'm not familiar with personally but many people seem to really like: https://github.com/m9dfukc/deepl-alfred-workflow Cheers, Vero
  19. @rob213 If you share what translation app you're referring to, fellow users who know the app might be able to tell you whether there's a way to do it Cheers, Vero
  20. @rob213 This should work, so it would be useful to look at how you've set up the workflow. I've created quite a few dynamic file search workflows over the years, so could you share the specific one you're using? Cheers, Vero
  21. @ficus_89 If you pop open Alfred's preferences to Features > Snippets, do you see a red notice telling you that secure entry is locked during that time? It would look something like this (but with 1PW as the app preventing text expansion): Note that it can take a few seconds for this message to appear in Alfred once you go into a secure field. This is an intentional action from 1Password, as it aims to keep your data secure by not allowing third-party apps to read your keystrokes while in 1Password. This is sensible as you could be copying or creati
  22. @dncrews Did your IT people take a backup on BoxSync before migrating everyone's data? That would be your best starting point...
  23. @Avery Welcome to the forum Please go to Alfred's preferences > Help > Troubleshooting and run the File Search Troubleshooting, and drag in some of the files you can't locate. This will give you more information on whether the metadata for these files is complete, and if they're correctly included in Alfred's index. Please provide some of the outputs so that we can help you further. Cheers, Vero
  24. @John Studdard Welcome to the forum For fear of stating the obvious, please ensure you're using the latest Alfred 4 update (4.1 as of right now), and try what's been described above. You'll then be able to establish whether the issue you're getting is the same, where Catalina miscalculates the screen dimensions and shows Alfred off-screen, or something else. Let us know how you get on. Cheers, Vero
  25. @rascalroots Thanks for filling in your Powerpack details. Could you please provide more information? - Which version of Alfred are you using? - Which version of macOS? - Have you tried re-downloading the workflow in case your download was corrupted the first time? I've imported this workflow into Alfred 4 with no error message, so please provide more details as to your specific scenario Cheers, Vero
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